I wanna thank Trade Coffee for sponsoring this video, they wanna give you 30% off some really great coffee, so stick around to find out more. Potato chips come from potatoes :0 You can make them by smashing a potato against the wall, or by smashing a potato against a potato. You can roll a potato across your cutting board, or if you're really stuck, you can buy them in a bag.

If you're making these in the middle of the night, you can put your noise-canceling headphones on the chip bag to keep it quiet. [bag wrinkling stops] There's many kinds of chocolate you can use. I'm using semi-sweet baking chocolate, which is named that because it has similar sweetness to a semi-truck. [rumbles] [honking].

To melt the chocolate you can make a double boiler by putting one pan or heat-safe bowl inside another pan with some heated water. This keeps your chocolate from burning because your water will only heat up to around a thousand degrees, or whatever, which is less than the burning point of chocolate, which is like two thousand degrees, or something. Keep it to a low simmer,.

Because if any water gets in the chocolate you'll ruin it. If you have extra delicate chocolate, feel free to make a quadruple boiler instead or you can just heat your chocolate on low while continually stirring because you're a smart person who pays attention, and you don't need a bowl of water regulating the temperature of your life You can also melt chocolate with a hairdryer while simultaneously getting ready for a hot date.

Or you can live in a hot as f**k apartment and put the chocolate in a bowl and watch it melt away along with all your ambition. While you're at it put your bed in a double boiler to keep the temperature down. Once the chocolate's melted, you can go ahead and dip those chips. Feel free to use a pair of tweezers if you don't want to contaminate them,.

Or use a pair of pliers if you wanna take the sensitive touch challenge Certified Sensitive. Yesss Feel free to load your chips up with chocolate or do a light graze if you prefer boring things. You can also work that rim, or if you have an extra sensitive palette, just waft chocolate fumes towards the chip.

Lay them on some parchment paper then put them in the heat remover to cool and harden or if you want to be professional about it, hang them from your heat subtractor clothesline with care. But if you want to do this the easiest way possible, build a rube goldberg machine to dip the chips automatically. Only do that if you wanna really save a lot of time.

Dipping strawberries in chocolate has its own set of challenges mainly in the grip department. You might think you can just grab the stem and dip but many stems aren't strong enough. In which case you should give your strawberries a set of barbells to do some strength training. But a better approach is to get it in the chocolate then use your strawberry harpoon to retrieve it.

Now throw those strawberries on your temperature reducer drying rack until they cool and harden. Power stone crush some almonds with love and wangjangle them into some chocolate to create choco-almond clusters. While you're at it power stone crush some espresso beans to create almond coffee chocolate clusters.

Use a chopstick to make them into a specific shape, such as the shape of a clump. Those are some nice looking cluster stuffed nuts. If you don't have a lot of room in your fridge you can cut your parchment paper to a size that will fit or put them inside an arctic ice castle. Then combine a chocolate dipped chip, strawberry and coffee nut stuffed cluster to make a choco-[a]lmond coffee 'tato berry crunch surprise.

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