We ended off the last action-packed jjk chapter with cho so angered as he began to activate a new technique flowing red scale stack chapter 142 picks up right from that moment with choso glowing in rage as he again made it clear that he's the eldest of 10 siblings nauya was of course not satisfied by.

This answer after all he was talking about chozo's cursed technique and trying to figure out how he could be so tough nawya would notice that while he hasn't explained his curse technique chosen was beginning to adapt to it the flowing red scale stack was concentrating chozo's power to his extraocular muscles to increase.

His dynamic visual acuity but no matter nauya would still manage to land a devastating blow responding to this technique by saying unfortunately for chozo he just needs to make his move without allowing the opportunity for a counter chosu would not create distance between the two but the damage was already done.

He was bleeding out heavily this would be somewhat of a compliment but nawya would then explain that chozo is so tough that he had to resort to using a special weapon making it two fights in a row where weapons were drawn then with his usual snarky tone nariya would continue saying that since.

Chozo is a blood manipulation user it should be easy to stop the bleeding issuing somewhat of a challenge to see if chosu could focus on that while fighting him pretty tough challenge now while feeling some pressure chosen would reply to this by saying nauya came well prepared.

To this nauya would say something pretty interesting frankly he feels like it's lame for a sorcerer to bring along a special weapon but he realizes he can't win this fight against choso without one he'd then elaborate and say that his elder brothers would go around swinging their special weapons disgracefully.

And this is just wild because he feels like it's lame to even carry one and yet he is here using one and then to judge his elders so strongly for being less reserved about their weapon usage is just all around very strange chosen would respond to all this nonsense by asking if nauya hates his siblings.

And nauya would confirm he does in fact hate them because what's the point of an elder sibling if they're inferior to the younger one they would be in his own words better off chopping off their own heads and dying yikes with what seems like a look of disappointment chosen would respond to this by saying that perhaps.

Nauya is who he is today because of his siblings this threw off nauya and led to honestly a pretty weird response referring to those statements as a turn-off toso would then continue going though and this time he was spitting essentially saying that it doesn't matter whether an elder.

Brother's abilities are good or bad because an elder brother is a model for the younger one if he makes a mistake then the younger one knows to just not make that same mistake if he goes down the right path then the younger brother knows to follow this one now finally answering naya's question jose would say that the reason he's.

Tough is he doesn't have any models that he makes a lot of mistakes but even so he still has to walk in front of his younger brothers and that is why he's strong abruptly then blood would spill out everywhere in insane amounts i don't even know if the human body has this much blood this threw off nauya.

Because with this much blood loss one should be dead a big reveal would then come chozo has a special physical constitution that can convert cursed energy into blood he won't die because of blood loss unless he runs out of cursed energy cho so would now with a look of.

Determination control the blood and lead it forward with speed towards nauga naoyo was now panicked because he lost sight of chozo because of this insane amount of blood nauya was also unaware of the facts behind why chozo could lose so much blood and stably alive so in his mind chozo.

Must be dying at this point just then while the blood flew towards him on his blind side came chozo sending more blood flying towards him from the other side but now he would flex here because he managed to somehow dodge this anyway and the blood from the other direction.

At the same time but the blood did reach his feet he was in trouble and blood quickly made his way to his clothes his feet felt heavy and his clothes were soaked and seemed to harden it was over at that moment checkmate nawya still didn't believe it was over though.

Knowing his ability to trace movement he was confident he could dodge it but just then things didn't go his way it was not what he expected this attack is something chouso developed over the course of 150 years supernova causing severe damage to nauya adding to his savagery chosen would add that he couldn't understand why.

Nauya couldn't love his siblings but the joy wouldn't last dragging yuji behind him it was yuta chosu would take some casual blows from yuta and fall still chilling yuta would say to nalia that he looks miserable the end things are not looking good chozo.

And itadori are both down and yuta is virtually undamaged still no update on what's going on with sukuna in the last chapter but i'm excited to see what's coming next this is now our third week covering the jjk manga and i hope you enjoyed the videos if you did as usual drop a like and subscribe.

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