Let's just think summer puddingbut it's not summer it's winter, right, mixed with an Arctic roll. I'm gonna basically use this panettone to stopme having to go through the effort and pain of making a sponge and you want about five slices.They've got three sheets of the cling film, I'm just going to use my hand and just loosen thecling film and just push it inside. I'm gonna lay the sponge in like that, or the panettone. You'rekind of making one nice single layer all the way around, you don't want it to be too thick atthe bottom so feel free to sort of pinch bits out from the bottom where it all doubles up.And then I'm going to use some raspberry jam, let's say about three or four tablespoonsmaybe half a jar. So if I just show you this,.

That's what I've done thereokay nice thick layer of jam, looks really good. And then get one potof ice cream, you can see it's kind of pretty much pliable and that's your first layerokay? Got some pistachios going in. A handful of sour tinned cherries here, like that.And what I'm going to do now is just use the spoon just to push y'know the pistachios andthe cherries in. You want a bit of a layer but you also want them to move around a little bit aswell. And then over here I've got some glacé fruit you can buy bags of glacé fruit, I've got thewhole ones here so these are clementines. Really nice. It's quite nice to work fairly quicklybecause you don't want the ice cream to completely y'know melt. This is a glacé melon. Any of thatglacé fruit has that lovely tutti frutti sort of.

Chewy quality which is really nice in the middleof this. Get your clementines in, then go for your last batch of ice cream okay. I'm just going toslice the bottom just like that. Put the half in. And at this point I'm just going to put a littlebit of the Vin Santo or a lovely sweet sherry just around the edge because that will drip downyou know, at least halfway down which is good. A little bit over the bit of sponge there. Butall I do now is bring up the edge so you're really looking after everything that's in there,and then I'll just cling film it one last time. And then what I normally do is get like aplate of some description and just press down. Just like that. And that'll just squash everythinginto a fairly good position, and then whack that in the freezer for at least four hours this is oneI did y'know a few days ago. Now here's the thing.

You can make this weeks before, right, and youcan put that in the freezer just sitting there. And then whenever you want to have it you justtake it out the freezer and put it in the fridge about an hour before. Then I unwrap it. You wantthe cling film because you can really yank it out. That is the shape of a classic old-fashioned sortof Victorian ice cream bomb. All I'm gonna do to finish it is heat up a little bit of good qualitysort of 60 – 70% chocolate, then just pour it. And anytime within the next fiveminutes this will be at its best, after five minutes the temperature from insidewill sort of set the chocolate hard which isn't a bad thing it just doesn't look as beautiful.Look at that. I mean I just think it's it's retro beauty. And then just get yourselfa little bit of holly and just plonk that.

On the top like that. Brilliant. Youcan see it starting to go hard now see? The chill sorta go up it. Get that knife in there. Firstone's always a little awkward, but there you go look at that little baby. Nowto me that is Christmassy. I mean it's kind of got everything it's got the chocolate, it's gotthe spongy, it's got the sherry, it's got the ice cream, it's creamy, it's chewy, it's sweet,it's sour, and people will go mad for it. And it is easy to put together, it kind of makes you feelhappy when you've done it because ultimately it's a glorified sand castle innit that you can eat.It's good, what more do you want? Happy Christmas. Let me introduce clementine jelly!.

It's very good. These are my littlenephews and I'm their uncle. In the holiday to take the kids away from sitting watching telly, all you need's these magic words, “come andmake some jelly!” Why am I the best uncle? You went to Cambridge and you chucked a stinkbomb in the middle of people and they went mad. All right we're making clementine jelly, you canmake any flavour you like: clementine, orange, apple juice, pear juice you name it, apart fromkiwi or pineapple. Why is that kids? The acid in the um thing makes it go slushy. Oooh, who taughtyou that? You? Oh yeah, well that's why… Five little sheets of gelatin. Yes. Put your fivesheets of gelatin in some cold water and in about two minutes they'll soften up. Just gonna juicea few clems you want to do that kids? Yeah sure..

Juice it in here. 600 ml of clementines that'sabout 20 in number but you just got to measure it and see how you go. About half the juice weput into a pan, and if you want to sweeten that with a little sugar just a little bit to take theedge off of it because it's a little sour you can just sort of mix in to taste. And then gingerI'm going to take the smallest little piece, just going to do about half of that and thattiny little squeezing of ginger will just give it a little kick. So look literally in two minutescan you see what's happened to the gelatin there, it's softened up. Oh sorry! I'm so sorry Ididn't mean to do that. And then the lovely Henry is going to pick that up and put it in tothe juice. One at a time… pass that to James. And then stir it James. He said James!.

Rest of the juice goes in. And the thing is youcan put a jelly in anything a big jelly mold, into like a glass bowl, a bunnyrabbit-shaped mold. I'm just going to do these in glasses because us boys arequite cool aren't we boys? And we don't really we don't need… We don't need little bunnyrabbits! No. How much do you like cooking? 100% 100%? One of my favourite things to do. Yeah?What's your favorite food in the world? Oh… spare ribs. Spare ribs? Yours? Gnocchi. Gnocchi!And yours? Christmas pudding. Ohh. A few pieces of clementine in the bottom of the glass, go onyou plop them in guys. Plop plop plop plop… So here we are we've got our lovely jellies,what I want you to do is put equal amounts of the jelly in each glass so you hold this overeach one. Good, that's a nice confident pour..

Oh, very confident! Yeah well done mate,and then go back and make them all even. Oh James! That's it, it's good. Y'know you'realways going to make a bit of mess with the kids that's what it's all about you can't bescared of it – that's enough. That's really good, really really good, and what we're going todo now is just pop them into the fridge and then after about two hours they're goingto be nice and firm and wibbly and wobbly, so let me show you some that I did earlierboys. I'll hold the fridge. Thank you Billy. After about two hours these will chill nice likethat look at the frost on those little babies. And then we're going to put yoghurt on top. You likeyoghurt boys? Yes. Live yoghurt. And then I've.

Got here a new thing that I've never seen before,it's like a vanilla sort of syrup in a little jar and you can get it in decent supermarkets,but also you could use vanilla extract. And you could sweeten it if you want but definitely my missus would say notto. And then I'm just going to put a nice little dollop of this in the middle,just a little gesture you don't want loads. Do you like the look of this boys? Yeah. Yes. CanI finish off the spoon after you've done… Yeah why am I doing it you should be doing it I'mtaking up more I shouldn't… bad uncle Jamie. Yes! So right in the middle about the same amount,there you go. That's it, a little bit more. Good boy. There you go. Yeah. And then another thingto do which is really really good is open a packet.

Of chocolate, put it sort of next to my thighhere, get a knife and just shave it like that. And once you've done that you can just put a wholeload like that on there. Do you like the look of that boys? Yes! It's hardly any chocolatethat's the reality. If you can't do that just get yourself a little grater andyou could just grate it like that. Best bit now boys, you run roundthere and get in the sleigh. There you go. Take your nicelittle clementine jelly. And see how slowly you caneat it. And I was joking when I said that. Slowly? Oh, man… Anddo you know the way to do it? Yes slurp it. Yes slurp it so try and suck it all up andthat's the correct way to eat jelly. Oh yes!.

The thing about that clementine juicethey're so good at this time of year. Turn it into a jelly… they'll go mad for it. Kids do you like that? Yes!Best dessert I've ever had. No one can resist itit's such wibbly wobbly fun, shaking on the plate just likesome big fat ladies rum pum pum We like making jelly, it reallymakes us giggly. It starts off sort of runny but it turns out really wiggly!


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