No! This year I've got loads of easy and excitingtips to get loads of extra flavour into your festive feast, from the most delicious turkey to abrilliant stuffing and a mind-boggling gravy. So, where do we start? Every good turkey needs a goodstuffing. So let's kick off with a traditional start, we've got the sage and we've got theonion. Get the pan on a medium-high heat. So I'll peel the onion, we'll halve it, finely chop it.We'll go in with a tablespoon or so of olive oil. Let that sizzle away. Then, sage. Roughlychop this. In we go, give it a little shake. Let's go untraditional I've got some driedapple and some cider, I want to use a nice little handful of this dried apple. So just runyour knife through it, very rough like this,.

And get that in the pan. Another littleingredient that I want to add is chestnuts, so I've got two packs. They're alreadypre-cooked, they're already peeled, ready and raring to go. I'm gonna take a quarter of thosechestnuts just to crumble in to this stuffing, so sweet onions, sage, the apple is goingto go really gorgeous and sweet and chewy, especially when they're hydrated with a little bitof… cider, you know just a little glass goes in, it's going to be amazing. When the onions havesoftened up and that cider is completely cooked away just sprinkle that in a tray and thenonce it's cool I can finish off the stuffing. So this is cooled down and now I'm gonna addone kilo of beautiful sausage meat from lovely free-range pigs and I'm just gonna massage thatlovely stuffing base into it. And now we need.

To stuff that turkey! Okay look at that, thisis a beautiful free-range turkey. So we've got the cavity here and then here at this end we'vegot the neck of turkey. So take little wadges in your hand, really get it deep in there. So getthree quarters of this stuffing into this gorgeous turkey, then pull this skin down, beautifullystuffed okay. Now with regards to the other cavity here, then I'm going to take little handfuls ofthis stuffing and Loosely push it down, don't just jam it in there and block up a hole because youwant the hot air to get through here. I'm gonna just wash my hands again. What we're going todo now is the best gravy ever. I'm going to take most of these chestnuts so I'm gonna save a littlehandful actually back for later, so I'm going to put the chestnuts in the bottom, I'm going to takea couple of red onions just cut into like eighths..

We're gonna take a little extra sage here, youcan put some in the tray no trouble at all, and then that little clementine, put that inthe cavity and that will steam and perfume the inside of that beautiful turkey. So lastbut not least the giblets. This is flavour, this is what's going to give you the most epicgravy ever ever ever. So put that in the bottom and then we can pick up our bird and placeher beautifully in like that, look at that. Let's talk about the final flourish,I'm gonna make now a sage oil. So get yourself a pestle and mortar and just takea few more bits of your sage like that. Gonna take a little pinch of sea saltand black pepper and get bashing. And then, with a little oliveoil and a little kiss of vinegar,.

We create this little rub that is going to bringout amazing flavour. So just muddle that in. And then pour that on top. Look at the colour! So rub that all over the bird. So wrap thisup in tin foil. So this is a five kilo bird I'm going to cook this for two and a halfhours at 180 degrees Celsius which is 350 Fahrenheit. In about 1 hour 20 minutes I'm goingto take that foil off, give it a good basting. You have to put her on thetop. On the very top? Yeah. You got it? Is she on? Yay! Dadcan we have a snowball fight now? Okay so we're two and a half hours in and this turkey is looking good! If youget your fork and just hold it like that,.

If the juices run clear you're good to go.Put it onto a platter. You want to let a five kilo turkey rest for an hour and a half. Let'slook at the tray because we want the drippings. Now you can put some herbs in this jam jar, and ifyou roast potatoes with this even today, amazing. So all I need to do now is put this onto a simmer.It can simmer away for 40 minutes, and we'll just top that up with stock or boiling water but reallyall your flavour is already there. And then if I just angle this little platter. Look at thatjuice! Then I'll push the chestnuts and onions through this sieve and you've got amazing gravy.I'm gonna do basically a honey, bacon and Chestnut crumb on the top of this turkey. So I've got a panon, we're going to put it on a medium-high heat, I want four rashers of lovely smoky bacon. So thisbacon will give this little crumb the most amazing.

Smokiness. We'll have a little bit of olive oil inthe pan. Go in with that little bit of chestnuts that I saved a little earlier, so just break itup. Then get yourself two slices of nice bread. Get some flavour in these breadcrumbs, can you seethe bacon just beginning to get golden? Let's go heavy on the black pepper, that'll be good. Reallyreally nice. That is basically the most incredible croutons and this is going to be gorgeousall I do is pour it in the food processor. Beautiful. So we can put the pan back on the heat.Lovely, fine, bacony, chestnutty breadcrumbs. We're going to pour some honey on here abouta tablespoon, it's probably all we need, and the turkey is now sticky. And allwe do now is Let It Rain breadcrumbs. So that's it, and look when you carve it ofcourse some are going to fall off but they're.

Going to go in all the juices at the bottom peopleare going to fight over it like the crispy skin, it's going to be absolutely delicious.But under there it's going to be succulent perfectly cooked juicy white turkey meat.So look that is done and dusted, literally! Come and sit down guys. Happy Christmaseveryone, so nice to see you all. Look at that. Oh wow. That looks gorgeous. Oh God this is so delicious, I can't tellyou. D'you know I can taste the onion, turkey, and the chestnuts. If you knowwhat you just said I'll give you a fiver.