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Chrollo’s Secret Past Finally Revealed! Why The Phantom Troupe Exist – Hunter x Hunter Chapter 395


The last thing anyone expected from this chapter was to get a glimpse of the Phantom troops early days we've got some Forward Motion in the hunt for the high league but actually seeing meteor City and its people including one very surprising face no wasting time let's get to it we open Hunter Hunter 395 on Henry began Duff now finishing up his.

Cat-based surveillance of the passenger area from last time he's sure at this point that the highly are warping to reach their Hideout he's been studying the area for a while and spotted two members of the highly acting strangely Henrik witnessed a pair who seemed to be the now deceased padai and disappointed Kondra belay keep entering the passenger.

Section but somehow the two never walk out of it despite that portion of the boat only having one way in or out they don't even seem to be trying to hide it for a bunch of serial killers the highly family isn't that great at stealth now that henrik's seen it firsthand he's satisfied enough to draw a firm conclusion technically this could be a.

Secret tunnel but the underboss has a basic grasp of pattern recognition he remembers the nend trap in room 3101 he's confident that the highly headquarters is accessed via some kind of net ability too he's already off to report as much to the shiyu cha R kill the highway meeting that his fellow underboss Kenny Wang is already cheering.

Kenny checks on the current state of affairs as henrig walks in the military have located the hiale's main base on tier 3 and the room where the prince's militia found the shopkeeper's corpse that one's now sealed off as one of the mafia goons confirms unfortunately the high Lee weren't at their official base they don't have an easy point to Target.

For wiping out the killers Kenny isn't deterred however they're already aware of the likely hidden room behind room 3101 he already has the spiders looking into it led by Nobunaga in the meantime the two families will stalk the pair henrig found if possible they'll bring them in alive it'll avoid more police involvement if they just extract.

Information directly like that zakuro and Lynch from the shiyu chime in at that they can't help with covertly hunting the hiale since their faces are known thanks to that last fight still they're down to take the blame if the surveillance team ends up killing the other Mobsters Henrik checks that Wang filled the troop in on the hidden door.

The second underboss responds dismissively of course you passed that on but that didn't matter to Nobunaga the Phantom troop don't care one bit if there's a trap we cut to the spiders already standing outside the cabin door phaetan is knocking politely while Nobunaga and Finks hang back a poorly shaven High Lee goon stumbles towards.

The door yelling out complaints at the intrusion he's just opened the door a crack before fightan's blade is resting just in front of his nose the Phantom gives the gangster a glare full of murderous intent the two others follow fly into the cabin nobunagas turned to the door suggesting they start by checking that Finks however suggest they.

Should look into the toilet first instead the hidden chamber is supposed to connect to all of these rooms so it has to be something in common between them all the outer door may be a trap Nobunaga snarks that he doesn't give a damn about some minor teleportation trickery thinks agrees that it wouldn't be a problem for the samurai if they.

Could be sure it just teleported him somewhere on board but it could just as easily dump the spiders beneath the ocean there's no way to know so for now they should take care Nobunaga remains skeptical dubious that their targets would waste the chance at a kill but he accepts Sphinx words as basically right it makes sense to stay as safe as.

Possible as such he draws his sword and uses it to slowly open the toilet door from across the room at first there's nothing seeing no immediate signs of a trap Nobunaga steps forward and swiftly cuts a square out of the wall with one smooth pass of his Blade the section of paneling Falls away revealing a dark chamber behind the toilet stall they.

Found it 510 gestures of the highly goon ordering him to go ahead of them into the darkness the gangster protests not wanting to risk his neck against whatever's lurking back there but unfortunately for him Fightin wasn't asking the spider brings his blade closer to the luckless mook's neck making his point clear with a glum.

Expression the former Sentry crawls over the toilet and into the darkened chamber beyond the man seems as surprised as the truth by what he finds nothing a few lights are still burning and there's clear signs of habitation but it's clear whoever was here has bailed out faitan notes the water and supplies left out whoever had been here must have left in.

A hurry Finks agrees but notes that something strange is going on if their targets bailed out of a lair this quickly they must have been able to detect the the spiders before they arrived if the highly are that competent how come the last guy they killed was a rookie with powerful men but no skill The Troop are starting to piece together.

A bit of how the highly family works and how sharply their skill levels vary Nobunaga suggests their last fight could have been a sacrificial Ploy on the mafia's part send out a guy to get killed in order to keep the others in line he studies one of the glow spheres remarking that the highly aren't that dissimilar to the Phantom troop they're.

A family losing one member of the team has a big impact on the rest of them Finks looks annoyed by that idea he's not going to let Nobunaga slander their group's good name as far as he's concerned the troop and the highly are nothing alike the spiders don't take rookies sorry kaluto and they don't want to destroy the world nobunanga however.

Still doesn't quite agree that may be how things are for the Phantom troop now but he can remember in the beginning back when the group was starting out they were just a bunch of kids fueled by anger and despair looking for a purpose wanting to tear everything down comes naturally when you're born with nothing we go from nobunaga's musing to a.

Gorgeous splash page of the scrapyard around meteor City there's a handful of visible houses in the foreground but the piles of trash stretch as far as you can see dominating everything there's a mountain range in the distance and the garbage seems to reach up towards it little Hills of rubbish that you could climb up to reach the peak of the world.

This is the place most of the Phantom troop grew up in and in the midst of this dump beneath plumes of smoke from trash fires a young scavenger has found a rare treasure a VHS tape the kid who picked the cassette out of the garbage throws it over to Franklin Bordeaux who is happy to see this amazing find foreign media is a rare prize the young.

Boy hopes out loud that this tape holds anime or something else with easy to follow action they'd found a tape before but it was some kind of lecture in a foreign language a fair-haired kid pipes up perhaps a young shellmark he explains that the last video had been part 20 of a lengthy series all about how to translate germa into Jonna and these.

Kids didn't know either of those languages it was ultimately both boring and useless for them the scruffy kids pretty philosophical about the loss though as far as he's concerned the suspense of not knowing what's on the tape is half the fun it's like their version of gambling he just wishes they had longer to search before UVO kicked.

Them out and speak of the devil a young crolo joins his friends anxious they're all in trouble now uvo's Watcher Machi has spotted them and sure enough we see a familiar figure standing atop a nearby pile of trash yelling that the other kids have guts for invading his kingdom he's younger a bit scrawnier than before but there's no mistaking uvajin and yes.

The young girl hunched over at his side is clearly matchy the two glare down of the other kids annoyed at this line of trespassing in their domain UVO has a simple offer for the three Interlopers if they hand the tape over now he'll only kill them once refuse and he'll kill them 10 times even this young he goes all in the.

Blonde kid takes off with a Grin Calling uvajina if they're dying either way why not run unfortunately a well-thrown iron bar clocks him right across the head the luckless urchin falls to the ground as UVO snarls that's one Death Down nine still to go uvajin jumps off of his Mountain heading right for The Interlopers Franklin passes the.

Tape to crolo telling him to check what's on it as far as the two of them are concerned whatever this is belongs to everyone UVO shouldn't be allowed to hoard it crolo is already running as Franklin turns back to their attacker he's not remotely scared of vuvajin in fact he fires off a few lines of snark what kind of considers a trash.

Heap like this their Kingdom UVO is not ruffled by the put down as far as he's concerned only a dumbass lets their surroundings Define them if he says this is his kingdom that's good enough the two muscle heads start beating the hell out of each other both Landing a strong blow right off the bat crolo isn't sticking around to see who wins he's.

Already running for the edge of the dump trying to get back to town and relative safety but even as he reaches the edge of the dump a motorbike Zooms in with two more familiar faces aboard the driver with his puffed up hair is obviously Fink's mag Cub he's got a partner with him however one with frizzy dark hair and a hefty looking Club is.

That fight hand shizuku thinks knows both pretty well he's even shared his clothes with shizuku in the past crolo cradles the tape as Finks fixes him with a rictus grin the biker tries to sound reasonable he just wants to borrow the tape he'll give it back crolo doesn't look convinced but the Reedy boy doesn't have much of a choice slowly he passes.

It over to Finks the biker grins reminding crolo not to tell uvajin what happened before zooming off laughing thinks calls to krillo Hill gave the tape back in a hundred years time he's so proud of himself Crow awaits until the big guy is gone before checking his shirt the real VHS tape is still inside the one Fink's left with the foreign.

Language lecture they'd found last time even without his Nan Powers crolo's still quite the schemer now that he has his prize the young Lucifer makes his way deeper into the city the building he heads towards is far grander than the tumble down shacks and flimsy wooden buildings Crowell when passed on his way this Temple is grandiose massive and.

Sprawling over the hilltop yet somehow it's a patchwork of various Styles minaret domes Church Steeples and regular sloped roofs the people of meteor City can clearly make something beautiful out of bits and pieces crolo enters the churchyard through the gate he makes his way up towards the temple passing slowly by a graveyard full of.

Tiny crosses the young spider pulls the Hefty wooden door open stepping into the church proper a priest is already waiting for him he's a merry looking older gentleman who will later learn is called father rizelle the old man recognizes Carlo at once even guessing that he's here to study a video the young boy remarks on the graves outside.

To the priest as they proceed deeper into the church together the Elder admits that there have been a large number of casualties as of late raiding parties from the outside world have been able to penetrate the inner city kidnapping children and mass the old priest cautions crolo against visiting the outskirts meteor city is not safe.

For a kid to walk through alone there are many graves outside as the narration reminds us of some local history the people of meteor City have no official staff status legally speaking they don't exist that makes them tempting targets for all kinds of villains there were hundreds of casualties every year prior to the natives negotiating a treaty with.

A mob and of every 10 casualties seven were young children eventually this would change meteor City's Elders developed nen Powers as a part of this partnership once the locals had access to Nan they established what was called the law of Retribution only life can pay for Life we'll accept anything you leave here but don't ever take anything away.

From us the spiders are growing up in the transition period between the two eras just as meteor city was starting to be able to defend itself however all of this isn't much of a worry for crolo yet the young boy has finally reached the video screening room and steps away from father Rozelle the old priest tells him not to rush but notes that the previous.

Visitor to the room is still inside and following crowlowin we see her pakunoda is sitting at one of the room's front desks unlike the other Phantom troop kids the young paku looks very different her hair almost clean shaven was she having some kind of health issue or was this more of a personal choice voice either way Paco and crolo already know.

Each other well pakunoda notes that no one else visits the church since most of the kids hate the father's sermons still Roselle had told her crolo studies his tapes in here crolo is adorably embarrassed by this he'd figured no one would ever think to find him in the church he pleads with paku not to tell Finks or uvajin about this thankfully.

She's got no plans to rat him out grinning Crowell brings out his tape putting it into the player while remarking to paku that she can read all of them like a book The shaven blonde replies that even she can't always tell what they're thinking staring at crolo for a second as the VHS starts to word a life the two kids stare at the.

Static-filled screen for a second not sure what to make of this crolo eventually begins to panic worrying that this could have been a completely blank VHS all that running and trickery for nothing pakunoda can't resist teasing him a little pointing out that this totally could be a completely new tape the two keep talking as Roselle listens.

From outside pakunoda is shocked to learn that crolo has already mastered both germa and Janna two highly complex languages crolo thinks it's no big deal German shares a a lot of its grammar structure with Janna learning one made the other easy for him leaving the kids to continue talking the old priest ascends to a lower level of the temple.

And a passage to the outside he's got a visit to make to a far bigger Temple than his once he reaches this new building rizelle doesn't hold his praise back as far as he's concerned crolo is a great Prospect he's smart skilled and extremely perceptive rizelle admits that krollo's ideas impress him pretty frequently that's why he's come here to.

The meteor City Elder he thinks that crolo might be able to give the elders advice on how to resolve some of the problems that are plaguing the city the old white-haired woman seems unsure of the idea for the moment while the two adults are plotting for the future crolo and pakunoda have made a startling Discovery their eyes are wide as they.

Gape at the TV screen transfixed in pure Awe by this Revelation hidden on this videotape is something strange mysterious yet alluring Sentai specifically it's a show called the cleanup Rangers popular all over the world there are seven Ranger teams sporting old school looking uniforms this is probably years out of date but.

To the meteor City kids this is the hottest new show ever crolo notes that their copy must have a recording error there's just 10 minutes of static at the start before the video begins paku is hyped about the as cool as she tended to act as an adult right now she's a kid who's been offered something truly fun for the first time in months she already.

Wants to get the other kids together to watch this tape it'll be like their very own Cinema screening even if they don't know the language it's gonna be fun to watch the action right crolo agrees but is pondering something surely they'd have an even better time if everyone could understand the story on the tape right Paco agrees though she's not sure.

What crolo's got in mind it's not like he can teach everyone to speak a foreign language right young lucilfer ejects the tape as he explains his plan they're going to dub the Sentai that's right we have the group's name wrong this whole time the Phantom troop were actually the fan dub Troop All Along crolo volunteers to write the script he's the only one.

Fluent in the language it has to fall to him he wants paku to play the pink cleanup Ranger Baku acts disinterested but gives ground immediately claiming she can't say no to her little bro crolo objects to that claiming he's older than her Paco responds that he sure doesn't act like it it's clear these two have been squabbling like this for a while.

Family or not still they blatantly care for one another too soon enough the moment passes and crolo has one more favor to ask of pakunoda this time Paco can guess what her little brother has in mind he wants her to recruit a couple of other girls Sheila and sarasa to play the purple and orange cleanup Rangers apparently the three female cleanup.

Rangers have a fun Dynamic so the dub needs each of them to have a distinct voice to work crowlo is briefly struck silent by this once he does find the words he's beaming paku has it exactly right Crowell loves her dearly paku seems a bit surprised to hear that somehow those words are hard for her to process ultimately she walks off telling.

Crolo not to sweet talk her the young boy follows behind her confused and protesting that he totally meant what he said were these two literal family or was pakunoda young crolo's Crush it's hard to tell with just this brief glimpse into their lives either way soon enough Sheila and sarasa have been located sarasa is hyped up for this.

Balling her hands into fists and proclaiming that this sounds awesome she looks like she's ready to fist bump the sky in celebration of this chance to be a cleanup Ranger Sheila is less enthusiastic but happy to join in if sarasa is going to play a part pakunoda shushes the pair the final screenings on Sunday at the church Auditorium but they.

Can't let uvajin thinks and the others find out the sudden shushing has caused Sheila to drop her prize book as she tries to retrieve it from the ground sarasa ruthfully notes that uvajin tends to lash out at things when he's not allowed to be the center of attention plus he's a chatterbox it'll just lead to someone else showing up to steal the.

Treasure tape as the trio returned to the church to record the dub pakunoda asks what Sheila is reading she cheerily responds that it's Dino Hunter and while this moment is seemingly innocuous this is the chapter's deepest cut that simple reference to a book confirms that this Sheila is the same person who would much later meet Kurapika on the outskirts of.

Kurta Clan territory she was almost dying of dehydration when Kurapika and his friend found her and it's Sheila and her Hunter D book that taught the pair about the outside world in isolation she just seemed like a random traveler but now we know a friend of crolo and pakunoda went missing near kurta Clan territory grepika remarked that she left.

The area without saying goodbye to them there might have been more to what happened between the fans some troop and the red-eyed Clan than we thought for now though the three meteor city girls have made it back to the church crowlo is waiting for them dub scripts already prepared in the time it took pakunoda to walk to town and back he's fully.

Translated the VHS and made three copies of the script for the rest of his cast he also plans to play all the other characters reasoning that if they brought in more voice actors there'd be more risk of War getting out to the rest of meteor City sarasa calls quick tips on playing the Orange Ranger much to corolla's Amusement as they start to get.

Hyped together Sheila remarks to pakunoda that crolo's an incredible person it feels like he couldn't have been born in a place as messed up as meteor City not too far away behind one of the mountainous trash piles a black people carrier has parked to give the drivers a chance for a smoke break the men in suits disembark sharing.

Cigarettes in a few quiet words within the car we see four figures their hands tied and heads covered by hemp backs the people driving this vehicle are human traffickers but who are their captives the future Phantom crew members we saw at uvajin scrapyard other meteor City kids dressed like this it's near impossible to tell hell for sure the car.

Drives off away from the city of trash over in all Faith's Church Crowell and his friends have already started working on their job oblivious to the outside world they've all assembled around a microphone script in hand ready to start recording their version of cleanup Ranger as dark as things will get for these kids later at this moment their.

Innocent kids having a good time if only this moment of cheer could have lasted through the years to come and it's on that note that we end chapter 395 looks like we're getting an extended look at the backstory of the Phantom Troupe who were those figures the men in the black truck kidnapped where's Nobunaga in all this for the narrator of this flashback.

He's been oddly absent so far let us know your thoughts about where the samurai is hiding in the comments below thanks for watching I've been Jack Stansbury and have an awesome day