I just watched this movie called fleshand it's about cannibalism and a really weird erotic attachment to cannibalism soas I'm cutting up all this meat right now and talking about human flesh andpozole I'm kind of thinking about the eroticism of it too which is kindof weird and making me uncomfortable okay I'm Eric C I'm the chef and owner of Ursulain Brooklyn and I'm here to show you how to make pork sopapillas it's a fried dough that is inthe like diaspora of Tex-Mex food and some other Central and South American foods but in New Mexicospecifically it is stuffed with Savory ingredients we're going to start with some pork butt or porkshoulder it's a really nice wonderful fatty piece of meat that stews really well we'll trim a littlebit of the fat and skin off of this and we're.

Going to cut it into three inch pieces roughly soAlabama is really kind of like any sauce that has like a vinegary base this is a very traditionalNew Mexican preparation we're gonna take this pork that we've just cut up into a very roughthree inch cubes and we're going to marinate it in a little bit of new Mexican red chili powderspecifically if you're going to be authentic to this dish a little garlic powder and some saltmove that around a little bit coat it real nicely so our pork is marinating now we're gonna make thered chili sauce uh but what we need to start with is New Mexican red chilies you can order theseonline from a bunch of different New Mexican purveyors I've now de-stemmed and de-seeded theseand you want to do this because the seeds will cause a lot of bitterness to the sauce so we'regonna get rid of the seeds and obviously the stems.

Aren't very edible we're going to toast these ina you could do this in the oven you could do it in a cast iron pan but we're going to toast them justto make them a little aromatic and they'll blister just a little bit we'll leave these in a pan fora couple minutes on one side and then flip them over and toast the other side for this amount ofchili I'm gonna use like a quarter of this onion so we don't actually need to do much thisonion we're just going to peel it and cut it off and Reserve that and I can smell the chiligetting a little aromatic so we'll just flip it you can add other chilies to this I'm tryingto go very traditional and authentic and also I know that if I were to add anything other than aMexican chili to this recipe on camera that lives on the internet in perpetuity every new Mexicanwould come for me and tell me that I'm not doing.

It like their mom or their grandma or anyone elseand that this isn't a Mexican food so I'm trying to be very traditional so now we've toasted allof our chilies they're nice and aromatic it smells delicious in here and I'm gonna add them back tothe pan we're gonna add our quarter of an onion I'm gonna start with three cloves of garlic onthis and then we'll taste it and figure out where to go from there some salt and oregano and wejust need enough water to cover the top of it and you'll simmer this until the onionsare softened the chilies are softened they're really dark chilies right now butthey'll kind of brighten up as they soak up a bunch of water and that's when you'llyou know that they're ready at that point all right so these have simmered for 15 to 20minutes you'll see uh that these chilies are.

Like nice and plump and juicy and now we're gonnablend them I'm gonna try and figure out how to do this uh in the least messy way possible this isa big heavy stockpot but onions salt oregano all the chili is going to go in here I'm not going toput all the water in there immediately because the volume of your pot is going to be differentat home so we're going to start and see what the texture of this chili is like first before Iadd the rest of that water all right there we go spice Munchies you pick some good chili this isbeautiful this is so red uh this texture looks good I don't think we need to add any more waterbut we're gonna push it through a strainer to get all the pulp out I kind of want to go back in timeand not have chosen this and with not the recipe this tool all right we got most of the the liquidout of here scrape the bottom but you can see.

That it's a really beautiful velvety texture rightnow all right I'm just gonna check for additional seasoning needs actually it's good it's goodfollow the recipe all right so now we're gonna make the carne lavada that goes inside of the sofavia and we have our pork that was marinating over here in the corner we're gonna sear that give ita little bit of oil and then add this to the pot oh yeah here it's sizzle and likeI said we don't want a lot of Browning on on each side and we're not tryingto lock it all in so you can stir it a little bit Bailey if we can put the bay leaf in nowtoo since it's a dried bay leaf at this point I'm going to leave these onions in here it'snot getting blended again so I'm just gonna slice them but New Mexico is like the oldestsettled land area in the country and the cuisine.

Itself is the culmination of the history of like500 years of indigenous land stewardship and then Spanish colonialism and then Mexican Rule and thenindigenous rule again and then American Rule and so it's like 500 years of mixing of all of thesedifferent cultures and Cuisines and identities and it's created this really unique hyperRegional Cuisine that you can really only find in New Mexico and now we'll add all of our otherspices and herbs or some oregano Chipotle powder little salts what makes it the adoada sauce isthe addition of vinegar some kind of acid and I'm using some cider vinegar and a little bitof honey I'm gonna take two cups of that chili sauce because you're saving the rest of pourall over your sopapia coat the pork and the red chili I'm gonna add a little chicken stockyou can use water or any other flavorful stock.

But the chicken stock really helps give it a areally nice unique richness and depth of flavor at this point it's gonna like braise it's gonnasimmer for a couple hours until it's fork tender next up beans Pinto beans are the quintessentialBean to New Mexican Cuisine I do not want to see a black bean in any of these recipes at home pintobeans have to be used for this part I would take the time to find good pinto beans definitely makesa huge difference don't get the cheap ones we're going to take the beans put them into a stockpot oregano again garlic powder fresh garlic bay leaf another eighth of an onion you can leavethis whole if you want to now and then this one isn't super traditional but we'll put a littlebit of cilantro in there I just like the kind of brightness and herbaceousness of it add itinto there a ham hock if you want to make these.

Really rich my mom would always put a big hamhock or a piece of bacon in it some water cover it probably like an inch and a half over the topnow that it's at a a simmer where most of the way I cook through the the beans here they're prettytender now now we can add a little bit of the salt and that's so that these beans don't becometoo tough while they're cooking all the way up all right these beans have cooked they're nice andtender we're gonna take the ham hock out and the bay leaf and then we're gonna refry them and we'regonna get rid of most of this liquid not all of it we've got a little bit of The Bean liquid atthe bottom of the pan we're gonna refry the beans and that's just like it sounds put a halfa Cup's Worth or so of oil of lard whatever you want to use or Oils hot it's crackling I'm gonnabe a little safer and kind of unload these beans.

In there for yeah there we go and then you canuse a potato mash or a whisk and you're gonna fry these beans in this hot oil the point thatwe're looking for is that we've evaporated this liquid and it's starting to stick to the bottom alittle bit some people like a dryer Bean this is where I would stop it because I want a little bitof moisture left beans are forgiving all right so now we're gonna make the sopapilla which is likethe dress that we're wearing for this dish we're going to start with AP flour we have some bakingpowder and cornstarch a little sugar and salt mix all your dry ingredients together and thenyou'll cut in a little bit of shortening or fat for this we're using lard um because we're alreadyusing pork after we cut it in and break it into the flour a little bit add your water mix this inI've been in restaurants since I was like 11 years.

Old I used to work in a little diner in an airportbut my first real job was in a Mexican restaurant called Little Anita's where I was a busser andI worked the takeout counter and made stuff soap is that was like the first Mexican food that Iregularly made so it had to make its way onto the menu at Ursula we've got a nice smooth doughit's elastic it's not being too tenacious for 30 minutes to an hour we'll let this rest okay so oursoba Pia dough has been resting and we're gonna roll it out and fry it use a little bit of flouron your table so it doesn't stick I'd say maybe like a quarter to an eighth of an inch thick onthis you can trim it off if you'd like and get rid of this use a pizza cutter a knife a bent scraperand cut this into pieces we have a pot of oil over here that's 375 degrees 350 to 375 should be hotenough and sweetly and softly drop these into that.

Hot oil and we want it golden brown on both sidesyou can see it's starting to puff up I can see that the edges are golden over here so we'll giveit a little flip after these have puffed and are golden and gorgeous we'll put these aside while weget our ingredients all together to kind of build the stuff so right yeah has been simmeringit's super super tender falling apart this is beautiful it smells amazing I chose my favoritechild and this is the most beautiful child that I bore we're just going to slice this in halfand we'll start with the bottom piece here take some of our refried beans alittle bit of the carnival Meats we're gonna give it a little lid smother it inred chili sauce and then finish it off with the Holy Trinity of new Mexican garnishcheddar cheese lettuce and tomato.

All right I'm diving in let'ssee how let's see how we did I took a really big bite but that's good that'sreally good there's so much porkiness in the beans the carne Alabama is so tender and wellseasoned the heat of this red chili is on point if you want to make this recipe you can clickthe link below and you come see me at Ursula thanks for visiting your mom's lie to you my moms are liars my mom lied to me a lot a lotactually I have severe trust issues and traumas because my mom lied to me about onions thanks Mom