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CRAZY NEW POWER! Asta Fuses with His Devil Liebe – Black Clover


Guys we are quickly approaching the real meat and potatoes of this arc and so if nothing else now is probably the time for people to get caught up with the black clover manga where we go from here is going to be major on so many levels that i would just hate to miss out on.

All that weekly excitement with the last chapter asta and libe having recently forged a devil contract of friendship were then ready to begin their proper devil union training with this we got to see what is assumably one of not's many incredible forms and boy is it powerful.

Unleashing a devilish pack of shadowy hounds asta and libe were having a really hard time keeping up but now wielding the now named former sword of captain yami the demon slasher katana asta was at the very least able to pick not out from the crowd with.

This one we open up elsewhere to find yuno sweating profusely with massive indents along the surface of a mountain he's been doing a bit of training himself which is good considering it's apparently his overrun kingdom they're gearing up to fight and the fact.

That when the dark triad came through the clover kingdom they slaughtered half of his guild so the guy has plenty to avenge but as he was in the midst of his training would call out for someone to stop lurking about and come out of hiding and it was none other.

Than the former vice captain of the golden dawn and younger brother of finral of the black bulls longris now this guy if you remember was a complete jerk but one that was thoroughly possessed by the elves during the previous arc and it is very clear that these two do not exactly like.

One another as there's a bit of snarky banter between them however langris did bring up a good point questioning where yuno's wind spirit was now if you remember the last time we had seen sylph yuno was knocking at death's door with a puncture wound to the chest.

Courtesy of xenon of the dark triad at the time self was crying her eyes out and visibly fading away however thanks to the world tree recovery magic yuno's life was saved here yuna remarks that she's currently in his grimoire and i really don't think we should overlook this there's certainly a.

Reason she's being highlighted here and i have some speculation to share when it comes to that now firstly it could be that this was yuno's choice honing his own base magical power before adding her strength to it may be beneficial in the long run pretty much getting back to basics but.

If this were to be the case if it were that simple even if he isn't the biggest fan of longris i feel like he could have conveyed this easily enough my second train of thought would be that self is currently undergoing yet another growth spurt over the course of the series we have seen her.

Physicality mature and grow and as a spirit this isn't so far-fetched as we have seen the very same thing happen in the case of the fire spirit salamander and although we haven't seen her in a previous state i wouldn't be surprised if this were the same case when it comes to the water.

Spirit undyne and i say this because when it comes to the heart kingdom she has been passed down from princess to princess for generations and so it's not hard to imagine that that power was then able to grow and expand to the extent that we see her now at today and so when it comes to.

Self in seeing yuno fall like he did it could have motivated her to have grown more powerful herself to protect him which is really exciting because boy oh boy would that be a power up and a one reasonable enough to explain why yuno would be on par with asta.

After his ever so harrowing devil union training but getting back on track yuno would think to himself that he's figured out a way to defeat xenon however he can't properly confirm how effective it may be by his lonesome now verbally inquiring as to why langris was here and the.

Former vice captain would respond by saying that yuno probably needs an opponent with spatial magic and as a result is here to offer his assistance you know then saying that he prefer to train by his lonesome but recognizes that the need for his strength is beyond him.

It is a matter of the golden dawn and in assuming that language ii has gotten stronger accepts his help language being as cheeky as ever but currently finds yuno to be tolerable from there we shift back to our regularly scheduled training session with asta libay and not and asta and.

Libe have apparently been getting their asses handed to them as they have lost several times at this point assad then recognizing just how powerful not is even when he isn't really even trying and boy oh boy is this story trying to make me like not.

More and more the man is just too cool i'm telling you i am itching to see his full power and backstory explored in the coming weeks asta then questioned what exactly was keeping them from victory now realizing that libe is suffering damage just as he is which is really interesting i'm.

Assuming that's the friendship aspect of the whole thing not sure if there's any actual benefit to that maybe it lessens the pain or damage because it's shared between the two of them i don't really know but after this asa crawls towards a basket of sorts which then opened up to reveal a number of big treats.

The two then munching away at them libe brooding while asta is ecstatic with this all their wounds would heal and strength would return pretty much like senzu beans that actually taste good how convenient apparently the spade kingdom resistance.

Produced these with magic asta then saying that he will need to thank them at some point which i'm assuming is a bit of foreshadowing towards a future character of intrigue or something like that and asta then apparently being inspired by the sweet taste of the food.

Would call for libee's help to which libe worked out a bit of math that in such cases 10 of the time asta would have an idea that is actually brilliant however austin's idea was clearly ridiculous as he had placed libe up on his shoulders making it very very clear that this was the 90 probability that they were.

Dealing with the two then argue for a little while here and although it's not action action action i do appreciate these moments for what they are one because it's so different from their relationship prior feeling a whole lot more like a brotherly vibe.

Which i really love and two because it's that dash of humor that we may not get much of once the real fighting commences but not just looked at this and just like me he recognized the brotherly dynamic between the two as he thinks to his own brother it would.

Seem that at the time not was ascribed to be a very different person which is very interesting and intriguing as he previously did say that the man he formerly was is now dead i'm also wondering who his brother might have been or might be i don't really know but it's probably too early to tell.

Not would then say that it's time they rejoined with the others as apparently the two days were up not then saying if they can't handle it they're better off just dying which is a bit of a jump in logic to me but hey man you're in charge here don't let me tell you how to do your job.

Asta would then immediately call out to libe as the entirety of the room would shift the black the dark prison hunting ground would commence hands would sprawl out from all over as asta would immediately take a hit to the face by an unseen assailant even worse than.

Before as opposed to not being able to pick nat's key out from the crowd asta can't sense the key of the crowd at all not then saying that asta had potential and so it's a shame that things didn't work out as yet another blow would hit his front as.

Another just hit his back right after he was in trouble now bleeding excessively death was approaching unseen in the pitch black darkness the two then questioning what's keeping them from becoming one why can't they unite as they would then individually remember.

The reasons they're doing all this remembering that they can't afford to die here and furthermore then they can't let each other die and it was then that a new power would illuminate this space as a singular eye would emerge and that is the chapter.

Boys and girls lays and dems we have a new devilish fusion on our hands and i couldn't be any more excited honestly with each chapter that focuses on this training i fear we may get played and not get to see certain aspects and so i really hope we don't have to wait to see this one properly.

Because this is hype black clover is really playing no games right now just like my hero academia lately and i am here for it and you can be too by making sure you're subscribed to the channel and ringing the bell for notifications i have a deep love and appreciation for black clover that i am so happy i get.

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