Cream Cheese Pull-Apart Garlic Bread | Anything With Alvin

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  1. For those wondering about the inconclusive fresh-minced vs jarred garlic:

    The fresh-minced has a stronger flavor, but it can occasionally be overwhelming.

    The jarred is much milder, but is a lot easier to regulate flavor with.

  2. This is the day that if I had just happened to be walking past the studio….y'all would've had to call the cops to get rid of me. I just KNOW that smelled delicious for at least 5 miles in every direction.

  3. A small suggestion. You know one of the nice things about parchment paper? You can write on it… If, say, you wanted to label to distinguish two visually identical baked products on the same sheet, one with fresh garlic and the other with the jarred version.

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