So listen up lovely people we're gonna make themost delicious creamed spinach with a cheesy oat crumble topping, it is the ultimate sidedish that I think you're gonna love. Any time of year it's good but especially when the weathercloses in and you want something really gorgeous, this will get people that are frightened ofanything green going crazy. And the great thing about this recipe is it's heroing a reallyreally humble ingredient – frozen spinach. I always have frozen spinach in my freezer, 500grams, and these little beauties are fantastic they're so convenient to help you get more ofthe good stuff into your food your cooking, into stir fries pasta sauces you name it. Andof course like this amount of spinach if it was fresh would need like a pillowcase-worth right?So freezing is brilliant the nutrition is there,.

It saves you having to cook down a whole load ofspinach and actually I think frozen spinach works better in this recipe actually than freshspinach. So a little bit of oil in a pan. Let's get the garlic starting the story sotwo cloves of garlic just finely sliced. That's the beginning so let's get those intothe oil like this. Let's get some nice oregano. And then we've got some nutmegabout half a nutmeg goes in. The smell already is phenomenal, so thatlittle trilogy: oregano, garlic and nutmeg, will be best friends with any greensokay? So we'll go in with one onion and that'll give us a little sweetness whichwill be lovely. So give them a little toss. So just fry that for a couple of minutes justto soften it up. What I'm also trying to do is.

Create textures so I'm going to cream the spinachso it's actually quite smooth and quite spoonable but then on the top make a beautiful cheesyoat crumble. So crunch, softness, sweetness and garlic and cheesiness and loveliness, so yeahI'm very excited about this as you can tell. We'll get some seasoning happening, some salt,sea salt and some pepper for sure, mix that in. So let's talk about frozen veg, what haveI got in my freezer all the time? I have spinach, peas, sweetcorn, French beans,cauliflower, edamame beans, broad beans… that's pretty much it right but they're brilliant,they're brilliant, and of course you can just take a little handful a tiny bit if I'm making like alittle minestrone soup or a casserole I can just grab little bits and just pump up the colourthe texture the flavour, and of course the.

Nutrition. Let that thaw out and cook down forabout 10 – 15 minutes until it's quite deep, green and dark, and then we'll season itup and then I'll show you what to do next. So look this has had about 12 or so minutes,can you see how lovely and deep that is? Now if you were using this in a curry, in flatbreads,on pizzas, in quiches, like little crostinis, through scrambled eggs like through omeletteslike this would be amazing look at the texture, dark deep irony gorgeousness. Right, I'm gonnause the food processor because I want to cream the spinach, you don't have to but I want to okay?Let's get onto the cheesy crumbly topping. So first up 50 grams each of porridge oats, any onesyou like really really nice, and some lovely plain flour. 50 grams of lovely cheese. I suggesta nice cheddar: Wensleydale, Red Leicester,.

Something like that. So about 50 grams goes in.And then 50 grams of butter. So a little buzz. When it comes together like that, that is whenI like it so I'll put that onto the board here like that. And then I'm going to take thislovely spinach and put it back in here. Now you can go chunky or you can go really smooth orsomewhere in the middle. Smells absolutely lovely. So to give it that richness we're going touse some lovely crème fraîche, good couple of heaped tablespoons go in. Now look guysyou could use single cream, double cream, no trouble at all. Just enough to kind of bindit and enrichen it and if you want to put a little bit of Parmesan or cheddar in thereyou could, but I've got that in the topping. So look at that. It's not baby foodbut it's quite elegant, look at that,.

Beautiful colour. So I'm very happy with that. Sojust put the spinach into a nice dish like that. All of that spinach out. Look at the colour. Really really nice. And then the crumbly topping, justbreak up like that on the top. So just press it down like that now the great thingabout this incredible side is you can double it, treble it, quadruple it, you can do it asa get ahead recipe so you can do it the day before and then all you have to do is bangit in the oven for about 40 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius which is 350 Fahrenheit. SoI'm gonna have a little clean down and then.

I'll show you what it looks like whenit's done, it's going to be amazing. So it's done, and let's have a look. You cansee it's settled down really nicely, it smells incredible, really really good. But let me showyou the cross-section when you get in there. Come on! Look at that. It's so blooming rich and gorgeous.Creamed spinach, crunchy golden topping. So good. So good. Whether you have that with aroast dinner, Christmas dinner, have it with a nice steak night dinner, you know have it as alovely lunch with a little salad really really nice. You can make a bunch up and put them inthe freezer knock them out it's a brilliant side, people love it. So there you go, get therecipe, get shopping, get cooking, and enjoy.


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