A fresh twist on a top Chinese classic, crispyduck. Okay one of my favourite things in the worldis lovely little pancakes, with roasted duck and all the little dips and the plum hoisinsauce, I love love love that. And of course we cannot do that in 15 minutes,but I have got a little kind of version of that that's quick, that's delicious, we'vegot duck breast here, they're gonna go crispy, we're gonna flavour 'em in the same kind offlavours. We got noodles, we're gonna make little cupsout of this, it's gonna be so, so good. Dips, sauces, it's gonna be proper finger-lickinggood. Roasting a whole Peking duck may take hours,but this mega platter is ready in minutes,.

And gives a warm salad vibe to my favouriteChinese dish. Gorgeous nuggets of crispy duck breast aretossed in aromatic spices and served in fresh crunchy salad cups loaded with noodles, tofu,and a magic hoisin dressing. An amazing 15 minutes party on a platter withmy crispy duck in lettuce parcels for four. So we got pans on as per usual with 15 minutemeals, we've got the kettle that has just boiled, we're gonna bang that in here, andwe are gonna cook off four nests of egg noodles. I've got it on full whack. So while these noodles cook away, let's cutup this duck. We got 400 grams here just get a sharp knifeand just slice it into one-centimetre slices.

Obviously by cutting it up small we're guaranteeingthat we're able to get it crispy and gorgeous in such a short amount of time. So once we've sliced it up like that, thenwe'll just gather up little bits of the duck like this, just do 'em in little batches. And go one centimetre across in the otherdirection. So this is the only real fiddly bit really,just lining up your meat. As you can see on the duck it's got a nicelayer of fat already, so I'm gonna put the tiniest amount of oil in the pan just to sortof encourage that out. And then when that fat does cook out of theduck I'll be pouring that away and putting.

New flavour in that's gonna be delicious. So we're gonna do usual, salt and pepper ok,we wanna get seasoning in there for sure. But the key flavouring is gonna be five-spice, Chinese five-spice, about a heaped teaspoon goes on and that's gonna be, y'know that's a blendof those beautiful Asian spices, things like cinnamon, cloves, star anise. So in this pan just put a little lug of oil,we're gonna go straight in with the duck, just sprinkle it in, break it up. And we'll keep that all moving. And we wanna get it like golden and crispyand delicious, so I'm just gonna wash my hands…

Now the noodles let's just check 'em, we donot wanna overcook these. Drain the noodles, and to help the cookingprocess fast give them a little rinse in cold water. And then what I wanna do is to stop this kindof sticking, I just wanna put a little bit of sesame oil – just a teaspoon – on the noodleslike that. And just toss them in the sesame oil. So that sesame oil will flavour it and stopit sticking, which is a good thing. So the noodles are done. The duck is looking beautiful we're just gonnakeep tossing it.

The pan's getting shiny now where the sortof natural fats are cooking out. And we just wanna keep loving it and tossingit, and over the kind of course of about five minutes on a sort of medium heat, y'know it'sgonna get golden and golden and more golden, and that's good. So while the duck sizzles, I can crack onwith the salad. To turn up the freshness, I'm swapping traditionalpancake for simple lettuce cups. Essentially a pancake is there to hold stuff,wrap it up, put it in your gob, and we can do that with this. So all I wanna do is get the iceberg, cutit through the stalk, then we can just remove.

That stalk like that to sort of unleash allof those lovely, lovely leaves. And then what I wanna do, I mean don't gettoo worked up about it, but try and un-click the lettuce, into like little cups. It's kind of, the way that these lettucesgrow, they're all kind of higgledy-piggledy. So just un-click them. We got a good cup there look at that we'regonna make up a whole army of these, right? So we're just gonna put that in there. I love pancakes but the nice thing about theiceberg is it's gonna crunch and it's gonna have that sweetness.

Y'know, what you can also do is if you gota bunch of mates coming round, you can just un-click one iceberg and put another one inhalf on the side, and let people un-click their own. But look I mean it is quite beautiful, I quitelike also just knocking out everything onto a big tray, y'know being quite boisterousabout it. Y'know, go on help yourself just take whatyou want, there we go, lettuce. So look, this is looking good. The duck is getting shiny and golden, thenoodles are really good. What I wanna do with the noodles now is justtake like little wads of them, and sort of.

Put them inside these little cups like this. And this is where it kinda gets a bit messybut it's gonna kinda be messy in a lovely way. And make sure every cup has a load of noodles. It's quite good fun actually. So you might think this is a bit of a bonkersmeal, but the lovely thing is people love eating like this, y'know, sticky fingers gettingin there. And also what's really lovely about this,as soon as this hits the table people know exactly what to do.

Just fold it up and bang it in their gob haha,it's not hard is it? The platter is starting to take shape. Now, time to give the duck some va-va-voom. As these bits of duck get beautiful, I wannathink about just putting some stuff into this pan. So about four spring onions will be beautiful,and I'm gonna put some chilli in there as well. So I'm just gonna finely slice the chilli,just about half a chilli 'cos I'm gonna use a little other chilli element later.

The spring onions just about a centimetre,centimetre and a half y'know fairly chunky, can go in as well. What we can do now if you look in this pan,y'know just from a kinda health point of view, we don't have to be eating all that fat. And probably the easiest way is just get somekitchen paper and just let it soak up that excess like that. Trying to be a little bit more health-consciousis absolutely what we're trying to do in 15 minute meals. Going in with the spring onions and the chilli.

And then also some cashew nuts and some sesame,y'know just about 20 grams of cashews, a small handful. And the sesame here as well, really lovely. Give it a little shake! But we're not stopped yet. Leave the nuts to go golden for just a minuteor two, now's the perfect window to make the ultimate crispy duck ressing. So I've got hoisin sauce here. If you put about four heaped tablespoons inthere, right?.

Let's get a couple of limes here and justroll them. And I'm gonna just squeeze that juice intothat hoisin sauce. I'm also gonna spike it with a little garlic,just to give it a hum y'know, give it a nice bit of a pong. One clove of garlic, y'know raw, raw garlic'shot and it's really powerful. One amount like that is enough. So I'm gonna grab this spoon, mix that up. The reason it's good to use a hoisin sauce- you can make your own – but it's just there it's available it's in all the supermarkets,and it's quite nice just to sort of speed.

Through it and have another aspect of thesalad done. So, that goes to one side. So toss this up. We've got colour on the nuts now which isall we wanted to do, we have a heaped teaspoon of honey going in, that's gonna link all ofthese flavours. So by tossing it in the honey, can you seehow lovely and shiny that is now? And it's just going to look after it. So at this point in the story I turn the heatoff, we are done, I wanna introduce one other element that I'm quite excited about – tofu.

Oh no, not tofu! Right tofu in many parts of Asia is regardedas a really artisanal, incredible product. I've gone for the silken style which meansit's, y'know, presumably silky, and it comes out like this and you can just slice it upvery easily into little cubes, and then the other way. It's really really easy to use, and you caneven go in half like that. So it's very, very easy to slice up. I just wanna sprinkle this in and around mylittle cups here. Tofu, or beancurd, is made from soya beans.

It's already cooked and it's gonna give anotherdimension to this dish. We're messing with textures you got a crunchybit of nut and duck, next to this silken tofu which is just beautiful. And then I'm gonna go over with the duck. And all I'm gonna do is simply from a heightshake this, like that. So everyone kind of gets an equal share. Make sure every little cup kind of gets anice little portion up. There'll be a fight if you don't! There's a couple of little things that youcan do, just to put a little bit of brightness.

In here got some lovely radishes – think theycall these breakfast radishes – which are beautiful just stuff one in each right? It's slightly peppery and it's crunchy, andagain it's all about textures and I love love love all that. So we whack that in and around the whole story. Add the lovely fresh coriander on top, anddrizzle the delicious hoisin and lime dressing into every cup. Last but not least, this chilli sauce here. If you can just find those bits of tofu, andyou can be really rough about it just sort.

Of go like that. These little pops of sweet chilli sauce willreally bring the tofu to life. And just for fun add a final scatter of cress,and you've got a really exciting really delicious warm salad, in just 15 minutes. So not your everyday normal dinner I knowbut it's tapping into things that we love – crispy duck, hoisin sauce, noodles, thecool little iceberg pancakes and all those different flavours and crunches. That one has gotten my name written all overit. Now that is a heavenly, heavenly mouthful,absolutely gorgeous.


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