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Guys my hero academia is now officially 300 chapters strong and it is pretty amazing with the last chapter we focus on the early childhood of the number two hero hawks a child raised in a highly abusive household with a villain for a father a father who would at some point be arrested by.

Endeavour changing hawks's world forever after living on the streets for some time because of this hawks and his mother would be approached by the public safety commission as he would be trained to be a hero of their making and abandon his previous identity.

In the present day hawks was still recovering from his encounter with dobby as we would also get a glimpse of the public animosity towards heroics now while attempting to check up on his mother hawks would discover that she was the one to leak his information to the villains but now having.

Indirectly been freed from the clutches of the public safety commission hawks can now simply be someone that helps people and with that he decided that endeavour is in need of his help right now to begin with this latest chapter we pretty much had the current events of.

The story wrapped up and directly addressed in the midst of coping with the horrendous atrocities they'd faced but days ago to add insult to injury swarms of previously incarcerated villains would flood the streets and incite further mayhem all while the very existence of the nomu start to.

Destabilize things even further again a recounting of information we should all know by now as we would then cut to a scene of current events wherein a villain was guiding several others on a raid for money and food this villain being one we may recognize from chapter 219.

As bakugou and shoto were the ones to take him down a scene which we will presumably be seeing animated with the release of the anime's fifth season but as this was taking place the shop owner would emerge in defense of his establishment with the use of a support item the likes.

Of which we may assume flooded the market thanks to the providence of the paranormal liberation front now this is interesting considering this very villain had employed the very same black market goods in the past but this civilian was not alone as.

Plenty more would back him up with weaponry of their own now taking their protection into their own hands it was then that one of the society's top heroes wash would converge on the scene having received an eyewitness report.

But by the time wash made it there the fighting was already over and there were a number of casualties on both sides these civilians were inexperienced and with that lack of training and caution runs the risk of even further destruction across the board a situation that was.

Not exclusive to this circumstance and instead could be seen across the country and remember guys only two days have passed these are still the early days of anarchy the beginning of the fall and at that if something isn't done soon we could be looking at even further.

Devastation but just then as wash overlooked the scene a frying pan would be lobbed at his head as the people were fed up he was too late and as a result innocent people who weren't even involved with the conflict got caught in the crossfire now this is.

Certainly a new dynamic for what was once such a beloved hero so much so that he actually cut the crap and spoke for once rather than running his gimmick which blew my mind because i didn't even know he could speak now i was having this conversation with kj just the other day but.

Even when it comes to the most self-centered and vain heroes we've seen in the story at the end of the day you can generally still count on them to be heroes mount lady was our first glimpse at a hero obsessed with the limelight but when it came down to it not only against all for one.

But against giganto machia she did her damnedest to make a difference there isn't exactly a hero i could point out to be reprehensibly corrupt when it comes to their profession not even the likes of endeavor as for the most part if it comes down to getting the job done he gets it done the current state of.

This world and the build up to it are horrible indeed but i don't think the heroes at large are as bad as they're now being made out to be however following this we would have a press conference from our number nine hero yeroy musha who would admit that the blow society had recently faced.

Deserved nothing lighter than one self-inflicted end as he would hang up the mantle and announce his retirement a decision that absolutely infuriated the populace for obvious reasons but aside from that i'd personally love to throw something at this baldi here because.

He's literally done nothing for the story we don't even know what the man's quirk is and at this point i doubt we ever will and at that with the exception of a few the top 10 heroes are such a big letdown for me personally but he wasn't the only one as plenty of.

Other heroes would follow suit so much so the people of the society had to question just what a hero truly was as we would then see a sign hung over the neck of almighty's visage i am not here now this is how you know hori koshi loves to play with our.

Emotions because with the very beginning of the war a child with an endeavor doll reminiscent of the one possessed by hawks as a child would look to this statue on the first day of school and be inspired to persevere because of it with hope in his eyes but.

In relation to that question of what a hero exactly is we would receive a look at the man who asked this question of society oh so long ago the infamous hero killer stain who'd enter a damaged storefront and unsheath a tattered katana which to me looks to be like the emergence of an.

Anti-hero here but i suppose we'll just have to wait and see but in the end more than anyone else the masses decided to place the blame on one man in particular their number one hero endeavor the doctor would tell endeavor that shoto is just fine.

And horikoshi must really think he's slick making the staff of this hospital a bunch of mario characters at this point endeavour was a shell of a man he would reflect on all that had transpired with dobby and such and concluded that even with the inconsistency of best genus being alive he couldn't deny that dobby is his son.

Toyah he'd reflect on the state of depravity and arrangement he had led his boy to concluding that although he was still alive endeavour the hero is dead because despite dobby being a mass murdering villain he can't bring himself to fight his own son.

An interesting concept considering he beat them so thoroughly as children but whatever he began to weep and do so just as choto opened the door a visual shoto was not at all prepared to deal with as he would shut the door back immediately and yeah i can see the.

Injection of humor here and there to somewhat lighten the mood but i'm sorry right now i'm just i'm just not there i'm not here for it his children would then begin to enter as natsua would question why he was crying and at this point endeavour was just a.

Sorry mess apologizing and deciding that it was too late beginning to speak of his heart as miss rey would check him immediately as shoto was standing there to support her endeavour is the last one who deserved to be crying at a time like this and in seeing her he was shocked as he.

Hasn't seen her in about a decade or so she came with a flower in hand to talk about their family and talk about toya and that was the chapter i am really enjoying our look at the worldly ramifications of this conflict and definitely look forward to covering more so if you'd like to be here for all.

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