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DABI FINALLY DIES!? SHOTO’S SAD GOODBYE! – My Hero Academia Chapter 352


This was such an important chapter of might here academia that would begin with our young heroes in the dormitory on the night before departure with it being decided that shout out be the one to face his villainous older brother dobby deku had his concerns and very much felt bad for his friend however shoto had expressed that there was no.

Need to worry about him as this was something he was prepared for and was ultimately his choice at the same time eda as per usual was making sure his classmates remained on task and here he was ensuring that they would be ready in 30 minutes time chateau knew very well that endeavour would be bothered by the fact that he wouldn't be able to live up.

To his obligations as the father of the villain but the way shoto saw it such a thing was a fitting punishment for him he furthermore believed the decision-making of hawks and company to be rather wise and i'd have to agree as has been established previously endeavour is the only hero available to them that can stand any chance against.

All for one in this conflict if they don't pin that guy down forget his quirks the biggest issue for them would be all for one's mind as he begins to break down evaluate and ultimately find flaws in their operations the heroes do in fact have a pretty sound plan however it is very clearly already deviated quite a bit from what was originally.

Intended and if you intend to see more my hero academia content from us be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on dabi was a byproduct of his father's sins choto saw this as his responsibility and if he ever wanted to become a hero then this was the one thing he couldn't possibly ever run from and i completely agree from there we.

Would have the explanation of shozo's new move this was the power he had cultivated for the sake of bridging the gap between his brother and himself allowing him to overcome these insurmountable odds this power being something that shot alluded to a few chapters back when everyone was training for the big battle and as deku would.

Point out this new move of his looked pretty similar to endeavour's signature flash fire fist but with a twist and this is how you really know the old deck who is back as he is really excited to talk about quirks oshiro from over the shoulder would mention how deku missed the associated process of cultivating the power during the time he was rogue.

As kaminari would commonly point out that shoto's flames in this stage actually aren't hot at all as he could just touch them without issue also while in this stage chosen's hair stands on end which is pretty cool johto would then let it be known just how hard training and maintaining it has been which is why even after all that time he.

Was still getting the hang of it and man these kids have been certainly cultivated by strenuous circumstances because in just around a year's time chouteau seems to have realized these shining potential his father tends to force out of him for the entirety of his life and then some but to all this vakago would then shout out that he is.

Still the strongest but listen by the end of this chapter i highly doubt that is the case oh and again ido is being a good class president chota would then elaborate that by using his ice and fire halves in tandem with his heart as the central focus he could manifest his power the circulation of which hurricane his entire body resulted in a state of.

Thermal equilibrium shoto had effectively created a cold fire and truly with this sort of power at such a young age jyoto is bound to be ridiculously powerful as a pro hero endeavour's intention was to have ice merely act as a coolant for the sake of grinder firepower yet shoto here having primarily used his ice for so long has.

Been able to bring it up to a degree of capability that was on par with the fire aspect of his quirk using the two in conjunction as opposed to leaning heavily into one side shoutout has accepted his flames as his own and furthermore deviated from the expectations of his father and undergone an even greater path of progression.

Johto recognized that only he could find validation in his own existence a concept that had first been brought to the forefront of his mind by deku until even now he was immensely grateful and would thank the kid which would then bring us to the use of said power against his eldest brother this was freezing impact burning ice blade he.

Strike the villain directly urging him to cool down for once the attack would see dobby hurdle backwards from the sheer power of it you regained his footing by way of his own flames being used as a propellant and this is a whole lot of fire mind you the inhuman appearance of dobby was the only chilling aspect of him as he'd.

Recognized that shosto's body was able to hold out against his flash fire not to mention shoto also had ice capable of suppressing his flames he had to admit it shoto was perfectly suited to fight him dobby would then do a quick backflip while bringing attention to the morality of his little brother stating that despite being connected by blood ties.

They were nothing alike and as he forced his hand onto the ground managed to neutralize choto's power yet all shoto really needed was a solid opening dobby whose visits now really emphasized the fact that his body had been tinkered by the doctor like a nomu would melt the ground and let me know that this was all the byproduct of their superhuman.

Society that they were the utmost limit the pot that boiled over that once you deviate from the path of righteousness there is no return but dobby was done talking he was about that action as he made this location look like an active volcano he had effectively sent in shoto to death but again choto was not alone in this fight as endeavour's sidekicks.

Would come to his aid taking the attack into stead choto would then thank them for saving him as that attack would have definitely done him in but burning would dismiss his appreciation as wasted energy again but this would only prompt shelters to thank them even more profusely a minor inclusion that just goes to show how different shoutout is.

From his father i mean these heroes have been sidekicks of endeavors for years aren't the sort that need any amount of praise i mean they certainly would not get it from endeavor they're the kinds of heroes that are satisfied by being able to deliver results and make a difference sure endeavor was egotistical and pretty sick in the head but he did.

Save a lot of people and by being with him even if they didn't support his ideals and the things he did behind closed doors they were able to save an innumerable amount of people and to be completely honest in our own world even despite not being involved just by being associated with him they'd probably get cancelled but despite not being.

Powerhouses themselves these are true heroes and i think that for the most part aside from those who are atoning that can be said for everyone that is involved in this conflict against the villains if you're still fighting the good fight in this trash heap of a society then you're probably a good guy from there shoto reflect on his life his.

Blood and his past made his existence especially lonely with pretty much nothing to look forward to but when deku opened his eyes it suddenly seemed like all his peers were so far ahead of him but in actuality this was not the case at all they were all standing with him blast one a was always there for shoto they gave him a place where he could.

Feel safe zelto may have been born into a horrible household but home is where the heart is and shozo's heart was with class 1a it's not the family you're born with it is the family you choose and as he built up all the power he could muster shots would recall the words of mount lady a few months prior speaking of the importance of a super move that.

This is a triumphant declaration as to the sort of hero that you are if chota were to simply just take endeavor super move and just take it to that next level then he wouldn't be much more than a carbon copy of endeavor which really truly is what he was raised to be but he is so much more than that and his super moves should be able to encapsulate that.

Shoutout in an instant would just move forward and meet his brother at point blank range and although i may find it hard to believe in the case of dobby as he has gone to crazy extremes he believed that you could turn back even if it was by force and so he would ask his brother to please stop as shoto would let off one of the most insane.

Attacks we have ever seen in the series this was giant arctic tsunami a sprawling spew of chilled flames reminiscent of a watery natural disaster that would strike dobby directly we would get a shot of the two brothers as children as he fall out of shelter's attack could be seen to be massive freezing over several skyscrapers in the.

Distance i mean this makes dobby's melting of the ground and the all my statue look like child's play and even more than that even grander than that shoto has finally won dabi has been defeated and i'm unsure of this but it appears as though dobby may have lost his legs after taking this attack which is absolutely insane now with the end of.

The series inching closer and closer it is pretty reasonable to conclude that this is the end of shoto's development this chapter being the effective closing of his personal journey and story i for one am very satisfied with him as a character and have gradually come to appreciate him more and more as time has gone on which i have definitely spoken.

About as time has gone on and at this point i must admit that he may challenge hiroshima for the position of my favorite character in the series but i'm not so sure yet i just really hope that the anime does this fight justice when the time comes because good lord was this epic and with the conclusion of this i now know the position eda is.

Meant to play in this fight or correction in the aftermath of this fight seeing as vernon the other sidekicks are spent as well as shoto of course i'd imagine that ida is just going to be transportation he's going to be the fast one who is able to bring them to safety bring them to potentially recovery girl and get them patched up.

Now as many of you have come to understand over the course of us covering this series i am not the biggest eat a fan of the world but previously i have stated that i wanted him to actually have a part in this fight to actually do something but although he isn't fulfilling a katara role in like a zooka versus azula fight.

He is going to end up doing something in the aftermath at least he is contributing which if you remember to munima black king did state is a major thing just contributing at all is a major thing everyone is a hero everyone is the main character then yeah it gets his participation trophy and i don't know how much chapstick recovery girl.

May have but potentially if a bunch of heroes are able to close out their fights and heal up then perhaps the issue of them having inferior numbers could be surmounted but we'll just have to wait and see as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.