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DABI HAS A ZOMBIE QUIRK…!? SHOTO MAY DIE HERE! – My Hero Academia Chapter 353


This little chapter of mike here academia would open up with what is now my favorite shoto image of all time with it we now know exactly what shoutout looks like during his super move state and i love it a portion of his flames have now become blue like his brothers but more so due to a chilling effect and even more than that his hair standing up.

Looks to be on account of the white portion being jagged like glacial peaks while the red becomes especially fiery it is brilliant nabi's defeat and the next stage of my hero academia's final arc are here with a look of exhaustion and relief shoto said the victor holding an unconscious and defeated dobby the older brother born toyah had an.

Unrecognizable look as it was announced by burning to all heroes in the battlefield that choto the younger brother had officially won the other heroes on the battlefield would acknowledge shoto's success they knew they had to do their part and defeat the intimidating nomu that remained they had the numbers advantage and intended to.

Make the most of it after all they considered themselves lucky lucky that they were dealing with this battlefield instead of facing the tartarous escapees such as kuniera and gastly alluding to some pretty notorious villains we have never once heard of throughout the entirety of the story these are the sorts of things i really wish could have.

Been fleshed out more previously as i do feel this world of my hero academia has a lot of explorative potential but oh well no use crying over spilt milk right but before we go any further incredibly enough this video is sponsored by the official my hero academia collectible card game they have just recently released their latest set crimson.

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Chapter the news of dobby's defeat would rishi's center of operations where zuga uchi and all might were almighty here looked restless but upon hearing the news he felt a very visible wave of relief now knowing the battle was going in their favor but even beyond that this revelation made him very emotional as well likely imagining the pain shota.

Went through to end that fight with his own brother despite deku being sent to the wrong location things were off to a good start with that almighty would be told that he has to be the one to make the announcement that shoto has won the fight the chapter then takes us to the ruins of jiaku general hospital and if you forgot during the first war this is.

The location in which shigaraki woke up from his slumber and decayed everything it would be here that we would see meena mineta kodai yanaki and hononuki now on a kansas announcement mal lady would acknowledge shoto's victory saying that she worried about him because of his quirk difficulties saying this as she stomped and dominated the villains in.

The surrounding area and these villains were terrified and who can blame them at least right now it looks as though the heroes are dominating this war but suddenly we would then see the villain who killed midnight during the first war up here he'd call out the heroes for seemingly faking their weakness however in the end he made it clear that this.

Would be futile to end his speech off he would take a direct shot at them stating that they would burn in the ground like that ua teacher referring to midnight mina caught that and was visibly surprised to hear it and that shot of her right there is 10 out of 10. it's been years and i'm still not done appreciating how great horikoshi's art.

Style is mino would be snapped at that moment though by the arrival of red riot hiroshima here our boy would announce that the area was evacuated and that now was a time to go to work i really love this duo so much and i think we can all agree that whatever they do from here will be epic the sheer fact that they're the ones fighting here right outside of.

Where giganto maki is being detained is incredible considering their shared history the villain that killed midnight isn't especially interesting to me just yet or anything but hey at least they have their own personal stakes in this conflict that can't be said for everyone they were inspired by shoto's win just like everyone else and it was time to.

Use that energy it's interesting to see that previously unknown villain come back now and have a big role in the end it looks like horikoshi wanted to create some more connections and hey mission accomplished there i guess up next was the battlefield at taco bell stadium here we would see sato sero and ojiro also reacting to shoto's win and right.

After that we would get a shot of the ua school building in the sky bakuga will be the one person in the ua shot stating with a big smile that of course shoto won kunieda would be the next enemy shown in this chapter and he would be face to face with that gum and oyama at the location where all this began he would analyze the hero strategy to split.

Up the villains matching them with heroes with capable quirks however he'd have to wonder why they remained here with him and with a calm demeanor he would furthermore inquire as to whether or not this was trust or blind faith that gum and oyama weren't entertaining him too much and kunieda would reveal a final bit of information here dictator.

Was actually replaced by him and so kunieda was all for one's latest assassin oyama here would get lightly roasted for seemingly trying to juggle both sides but with a badass expression he'd simply say mercy elsewhere present mike would loudly echo shoto's victory to everyone around shoji was proud of his friend shoto for looking his cruel.

Destiny in the face and never wavering all while a super sized spinner would hulk out attempting to assail him and koda with his blade cluster sword with the verbal decorations to the collective masses that dobby lost spitter refused to believe the heroes whom he presumed to be spreading propaganda for the sake of a morale boost all the while spinner.

Was pretty much foaming at the mouth year with aggression as from there we would flash back to dobby walking away from spinner and offer one who with that height looks like he might need to lace up and get to hoopin if this world domination thing doesn't work out here spinner would think to himself that dobby has everything the very words.

Repeatedly expressed in regards to these children of endeavor toya and shoto he admired dobby as someone with a purpose and goal in life someone with power meanwhile he himself felt he had nothing that could compare as the opportunistic heinous hands of all for one would diabolically caress the front of his face and just like that we now know the.

Source behind spinach identification he's been bestowed additional quirks by all for one similarly to genanto machia for the sake of truly being this larger-than-life symbol for those of heteromorphic visages therefore be showing onto him not only power but a purpose and goal the likes of which makes him fat that these heteromorphic.

Students are the ones who face him that much more intriguing this also seems to express a notion that dobby refused such providence from all for one which will be important for later so keep that in mind ultimately dobby desire to vanquish his father by way of the very flames he was cursed to bear but again spinner would rebuke the notion of his comrade.

Dobby having been defeated instead having complete and utter faith in him from which point spinner would command his legion of heteromorphs to retrieve korogiri from his captors and dismantle the status quo very big words from the now very big spinner and you know what with this presented objective of theirs i honestly expect spinner to win here at.

Least to the point of supposedly liberating the tanker geary from which point the warp gate user will have the freedom to do as he so pleases and considering we now know him to add his core be shirokumo along with the fact that he hasn't awoken from his slumber since her ability location of dr guraki's lab benijaku general hospital.

Prior to the first war i'd imagine he has been in the midst of an inner turmoil for quite some time now and will finally have the opportunity to either emerge as a hero or as a villain and if you're familiar with our previous series then you'll know we expect him to be a hero once again shouting at the top of his lungs spinner would urge his forces.

To complete this righteous task for his and shigaraki's sake fully leaning into his new messiah-like role it was up to the downtrodden folks to take power into their own hands and tear down everything that oppressed and persecuted them and you know what i must say horikoshi and mere moments has successfully invested me in the furtherance of spinner's story.

Truly these heteromorphs have more of a reason than most to side with the villains as once crisis struck and the country went into a state of anarchy many of them were falsely villainized and targeted anyways simply based on their outwardly appearances and i've said something similar before but even now i'm not sure if this is the subject.

Matter horikoshi is truly prepared to properly tackle but i sure hope he is and i will be following these developments very closely but to close out this ever fascinating scene would be the internal thought of shoji expressing that he is proud to be in the same class as shoto and i'd imagine that over the course of this bout the entirety of.

Shoji's face will be revealed and if i were to make a wild guess considering horiko's obsession with bodily scars coupled by the emphasis on his appreciation of shoto's efforts the lower portion of shochi's face will be heavily scarred revealing a tragic passive source on account of his own experiences with heteromorphic.

Persecution essentially providing the narrative of issuing change from within the system as opposed to outside of it to quote do it the right way because truly the only way to defeat and or kill a symbol an intangible concoction compounded by the projections of man is by way of another to take its place and historically that tends to be weaponized.

Against the downtrodden so again i'm somewhat concerned by the handling of this now this next part is a bit scary literally this could change everything we know about dobby johto would now be closer to ida and would apologize for freezing over his engine either being a true friend would shut that down and look over his classmate but then like.

The grim reaper himself trying to bring a body to the other side a hero would check dobby's vitals for life and be surprised to find out dabi was not dead his chest from the center was now beginning to glow oh my goodness what is happening davi has a history of surviving against all odds and looks like despite the mass declaration this.

Time may be no different like we pointed out on twitter this scene here is very reminiscent of xls checking shigaraki's vitals and being killed on the spot now dobby as we saw refused all for one's quirk-based advances but then again he was experimented upon by the doctor as a child so who knows if a happy surprise may have been installed in him as well.

Or perhaps this is merely the natural evolution of his quirk and let me just say that if dobby turns out to have ice powers as well you best believe we are going to be partying like crazy over here on plot armor the news of dobby's defeat would then reach endeavour who had an emotional look that he was in a way repressing as if he wanted to react.

More but in the face of his enemy he held it together and it's because of this that offer one would continue his mind games questioning endeavor's expression was it relief sorrow but hawks would be wise enough to tell endeavor to ignore this which i need to express to you all is important you have to recognize it all for one even if you.

Took away his quirks is still a very dangerous villain the ways in which he constructs his assembly of words the ways in which he is able to invoke certain emotions out of people it may as well be considered a superpower in and of itself overall when they keep on going as endeavour looked on stating that leaving shows as a fightoya and not.

Even facing his own villainous son was his own idea and all for one's mind basically hiding from the problem and justifying it by saying some generic statement about heroics and you know what guys we got an official my hero academia sponsorship so i'm feeling generous here's another bold expectation shoutout despite doing as incredibly as.

He has will begin to fail against whatever is to come from dobby and this time in refusal of the man he once was endeavor will deviate from the plan letting the words of all for one get to him as of course endeavour is historically a very insecure man effectively turning his back on his job to instead prioritize his family protect.

Shoto and face toya the very things he should have done for his sons a very long time ago what they expected him to do but failed to as a terrible parent and with that there will be no keeping all for one at bay and the narrative of the war going swimmingly will drastically turn for the worst and speaking of all for one he would end.

This statement by saying that this was why endeavour cannot be number one saying this as he coalesced a different quirk in each finger across his hand on his pink you would have the recognizable spike protrusions he'd used against all might during their final fight on his ring finger would be flames on his middle finger would be what i imagined.

To be like wind blades on his index would be a sickening expulsion of war flesh like that of a herrera from berserk and lastly on his thumb a sort of sludge that may be his somewhat limited warp work now the one on his index finger in particular intrigues me the most as i presume this may be the very quirky use in excess to kill all.

Might's master and sugar rocky's grandmother the late shimra nana as several fleshy constructs like this filthy space during the all my rising ova and with all this being the case i am really ready for this war to take a terrible turn because after all what is a war without fear and mayhem as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much.

For watching and have an awesome day i love you you.