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We Begin this latest chapter of my hero Academia with a brilliant color page featuring the Two hot-headed Heroes mutuko and dynamite which of course is just an approximation of his name I can't really say that bakugou does much for this shot in particular but mitico is probably my favorite character design in the whole series and horikoshi never.

Disappoints when it comes to featuring her with such Dynamic shots here we also receive an especially good look at her Prosthetics now the more intro happens to be that of a prosthetic arm which I'd have to say I am moderately disappointed by and that's because for as cool as this thing happens to be seemingly possessing rifle.

Like capabilities it is not the first when Miracle appeared with the others to back of Deku when he was cornered by All For One the prosthetic she had at the time was rather different and certainly eye-catching visually it was more of a gauntlet and I was very excited to see how she would go about using it however on a count of sugar Rocky so suddenly is.

Selling her with his virtually endless overflow of fleshy growth the support item was destroyed and later replaced yet replaced with an entirely different item after the first never had the chance to display its capabilities it's not really a big deal at all but from this I now know to curb my enthusiasm as despite the technological capabilities.

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Manscape.com to get 20 off of all this with free international shipping when you use code plot armor at checkout manscapes always use a right tools for the job but now after having been urged by his classmates to lead toga to them Deku blasted off elsewhere headed towards the battlefield of UA where he was intended to be from the very.

Beginning now Deku was going extremely fast to the point where he would catch a nearby bird completely off guard a nicotini look of determination written all over his face an expression which was soon shipped to be one of frustration and this was because despite using the various quirks of his predecessors that of shimanana's flow.

Quirk and the third spot gin Quirk along with the propulsion and Dallas aspects provided by weight of his Air Force technique he was still too slow and I think it's kind of interesting that when referring to his master's Master Deco addresses her as a seventh as opposed to anything too familiar perhaps he could have gone a bit faster if he had used.

Black whip but obviously since he was out at Sea there wasn't exactly anything for him to latch onto an issue even Spider-Man would be faced by in such a situation that could recall his use of foe 100 during his fight against lady nagan and believed that he could make it there much faster if he could do so again however the instance of of course.

Incorporated black whip into the mix and so in its absence he decided he needed to push himself and listen to do that would be exceedingly strenuous for him to offset the need for black whip entirely by making up the difference by way of his base power is insane after the conclusion of the first war our latest update on deku's upper threshold.

Of stable usage was 45 which is to say that for the sake of achieving a pseudo 100 these three quirks were making up for a remaining 55 split that up three ways and round it up to the nearest ten and we are looking at an extra 20 of power required of Deku to pull this off which is insane and precisely why the second wielder intervened just in time.

To stop him telling Deku to remain calm and his decision-making skills were being compromised by his sentimentality and here the second user begins to scold Deku in the Eternal absence of the boy's father he'd questioned deku's consideration of his own gear and whether or not they would be able to handle such an outburst of power from.

Him furthermore questioning if he intended to ruin all of his equipment before even making it to the battlefield and seriously deck response to these questions would be reminiscent of a child in trouble with their parent as he said no and things would get even more interesting as after that the second user would also question if Deku tried.

To activate his meta ability now mind you this guy is an old head so he calls Powers meta abilities instead of quirks and although adamantly Deku would honestly admit that yes he did from which point the second would remind him of his previous warning that his quirk in particular was to be a last resort and this was on account of the fact that.

After becoming a part of one for all all their abilities have been strengthened exponentially and I'd imagine his most of all considering it was the very first meta ability to be housed within the power and thanks to this his had transformed into a very useful yet highly specific type of power it was now well beyond what it was originally and.

Fascinatingly enough was something well beyond their control now speculation as to what exactly this guy's Quirk might just be is all fine and well and made all the more enticing by these words but what I'm mostly Gathering from all this is that his Quirk has exceeded the points of Singularity for the court to no longer be controlled that's doomsday.

Right there and so even though Deku as a formerly quirkless person is not going to explode from possessing one for all as someone else would there is still a facet of the power as it is grown to be that is uncontrollable and that is pretty interesting to me and you know what consider the transformation Trope that is shown in stories in a Chokehold.

This could be deku's version of something like that one last epic change for the end of the series the second would then tell Deku not to lose hope reminding him that this is a battle that will determine the fate of the world and its future that he must Trust and Believe in his friends and comrades as everyone was doing their part and all he.

Needed to do was focus on his this is a great bit of guidance for a bleeding heart like Deku who would otherwise be prone to leaping into every situation trying to shoulder the whole thing by his Lonesome which by virtue of the current narrative does not seem to be the answer to the problems in the slightest to rectify their issues will.

Take a united front from everyone meanwhile uraka and Sue were up against toga and it would appear the two was actually able to get the knife with uracus blood on it back from toga somehow so it expressed that Deku would have a hard time ignoring toga's words she would also touch upon just how awkward listening to that sort of.

Confession really is and at this point hoga was fed up she had enough of Deku uraka and Sue despite loving them she was done with them she planned on being whatever she wanted to be and would carve her own path forward to do it and say all this as she thought of the late twice and the blood of his that she now possesses of course unbeknownst to.

Everyone else Togo would then proudly Proclaim her name as she yet again assumed a battle-ready stands letting me know that she had no need for Heroes so they should all just disappear and to this oraca 2 would State her name and refuse to take a man as she was going to do as she pleased just the same however we would then leave this battlefield in.

Exchange for another as a massive blue Inferno ignited by the villainous Dobby were consumed the now thoroughly destroyed common award the location of all might's final stand against all for one and as he hung around the all my statue the hobby would find the current predicament of the heroes to be comical pointing out the fact that despite.

Already being so outnumbered and low on Manpower this planet theirs required them to split up all their forces even more like budget cuts when the budget was already low to begin with and oh my goodness this scene was like hell on Earth as a sea of flames which surround the heroes as the fiendish nomu would actively seek out their destruction yet.

Despite the horror of it all Dobby will consider the visuals to actually be quite a nostalgic sight indeed after all he only began making his move after being inspired by the battle at hosu city which was when the nomu were unleash Into the Wild for the very first time amidst the flames and stain ultimately provided his major.

Declaration now as he Flames swirled Ida would cry out for Shoto the heat was Unreal so much so that Eda was sure that if he got any closer his engines would overheat which begs the question as to why they sent him here to begin with if that is the case and hopefully we'll be able to discern that point at some point during all this Dobby would then begin.

To Rock It upward is thanks to the flame jettisoning from his heels apologizing for going on such a personal rant and the fact that endeavor was not here to confront his son himself was not surprising to Dobby as it was rather typical at this point although he wouldn't admit to having a bit of difficulty getting fired up giving the.

Circumstances before him was endeavor's third son Shoto and three of his Sidekicks and so Dobby would have to wonder if this was all his father could manage to place against him with this he'd receive a bit of banter amongst the very Sidekicks present as onimo would advise keto to keep back on accounts of his body's composition as clearly he has.

A whole lot of cloth on his form however keto would Express that he was just fine and remind us of his Quirk by saying that he can control the trajectory of just about anything and so redirecting the heated air around him was nothing after all this was something he did all the time while working with Endeavor a quirk I'd say is very befitting of a.

Sidekick indeed as it lacks any real stopping power on its own as is and with these guys all having been Endeavor Sidekicks for so long even sticking with him despite the controversies you would think that onima would be well aware of this by now since they tend to be together but I guess not for whatever reason and keto is about that action.

He'd make it clear that he was quite experienced and was planning on going about this rather rationally and calmly as we would get a glimpse at his face for the first time which I wasn't all too sure he even had he'd furthermore say that he had been in the game for over a decade now and would continue to do so which is really admirable because.

I'm certain there are plenty of Veteran Heroes that quit when things got tough like they are now I mean even the old man number nine hero retired and Vernon did not really care about endeavor's family drama whatever the case he had been real and honest in every heroic job he had ever taken and that includes even now and so they were here to support and.

Back up Shoto with everything they had and I must say I really admire Endeavor Sidekicks or at least these three I mean when ishis the fan are you still a fan I can't say I necessarily fault anyone who refused to associate with him afterwards since he kind of got canceled and he did those things but I do respect these guys and their reasoning for sticking around.

And Shoto was rather appreciative of them all as well Shoto would then address his brother as Hoya and then as Dobby he would tell his older brother that he wasn't here on account of someone else's orders that instead he chose to be the one to stop him yet tadabi this only reinforced a reality that Shoto was nothing more than their.

Father's puppet but right now Shoto didn't really care if it meant Endeavor could do his job without having to think about Toya Dobby would hear this and respond with yet another rant he'd say how this war in particular was made up of individuals fighting one another they were not nameless grunts acting at the behest of another's orders that all of.

This was merely the result of everyone's feelings exploding simultaneously we would see toga spinner and shigaraki Adobe expresses someone to change the world and others want to destroy it which is very true I mean unlike these Heroes there's not really any cohesion amongst these villains they all just want to kind of mess things up and do so.

In different ways for their different agendas agendas that conveniently align at least for now and also let me just say that spinner looks really buff here I am very fascinated to see how things will go for him because he was not present during all the the warping and with him being poised by the villains to be this ever revolutionary Liberator I.

Am really curious what is up with him as he's even drooling with his demented look in his eyes but yeah Dobby would denote them to all be society's deviants that have been suppressed and have built up over time and with that this was superhuman Society at critical mass at its absolute limit and that's what he was what they both were Quark based test.

Subjects made at the behest of their father's Twisted ideology spawned from his own comparative ineptitude the various battlefields of this war are canonically structured with counters in mind yet narratively it is all parallel based all for one is of course often compared to all might as they are pretty much opposites yet Endeavor is all too.

Similar to All For One the Quark based manipulation of their own family adopted or otherwise in the pursuit of power they themselves cannot hold to possess and instead Force Upon A successor inshoto sought to get more personal than just that he'd pause for a moment before asking his big brother why he didn't come back home if he was alive all this.

Time and Dobby was actually willing to entertain the question as a large chunk of his own flesh fell off and burnt away after all he may be a villain now but he was still shoto's big brother so yeah he would tell Shoto all about how he became Dobby as just then we would see the mangled remains of his horrific face as just like some good chicken his flesh.

Was falling off the bone his face was scarred pierced torn and even skeletal from this point on he will tell Shoto why his flames never died and even how he manages to surpass he flames of his father's Masterpiece as the complete Origins of Dobby's Flames will finally be revealed so even more than we had already received before it is time for.

Dobby's full perspective and that is really exciting as always I'm supposed to otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you thank you.