With this latest chapter of my hero academia we would have the quirk awakening of shinso dobby would face his family and all might's planned for victory would begin to move to begin the last one it would be brought to our attention that all for one cannot be lied to or rather he can be but he'll be aware of any sort of malicious intent no.

Matter how faint a quirk which he stole during the very beginning of the quirk era from an ancestor of detective sukauchi he couldn't exactly recall the original name of the quirk but it was one that had been further augmented and improved by way of the many other quirks within him which is why he felt so confident when it came to receiving.

Information from his followers so much so that when speaking to oyama's parents about their son delivering deku to him he felt very satisfied in knowing that they meant him no harm which he'd only further corroborate with a phone call to yoga himself later on which was the very same case from there deku would meet with oyama in an abandoned parking lot.

As apparently he'd been released thanks to his parents lawyer deku was pretty enthusiastic and was ready to let everyone else know but oyama would stop him as he wanted to talk beforehand from there ayamo would provide deku with a bit of insight into all for one's mentality and true aspirations with the current situation japan had been forced.

Into there came a major crash to the value of the japanese yen which by extension caused the overwhelming majority of japanese corporations into bankruptcy this on top of coordinated villain attacks caused the damage to spread across the world at this rate the world would be facing a great depression or something akin to the period around.

The initial advent of quirks we'd be looking at record unemployment and a loss in the fate of currencies the japanese government would lack the strength to establish long-term policies and stand on its own two feet as other countries prioritize their own situations from which point the world would be in the palm of all for one's.

Hands if the country were to lack drinkable water electricity gas or even power these were all things that he as an individual would be able to provide that could refute such a reality saying that the world would never go along with such a thing something i think is a very optimistic outlook but perhaps not all too realistic if things came down to it.

I think there would most definitely be a resistance for us but in the grand scheme of things especially with one for all in his clutches the guy would be unstoppable and things would go exactly as he envisions deku would also make it clear the world still has them the heroes which would cause ayama to apologize as from behind him all for one.

Would appear along with a brand new mask an absolutely unsettling appearance indeed all for one would then commend oyama for his hard work despite how painful it must have been for him he did also express the fact that some of the details about his ultimate goal were incorrect however that being said oyama would soon make it clear that he had no.

Intentions of following all for one as he shot his laser at him it was all a ploy and deku was in on it too yet all for one still had no idea how they managed to bypass his lie detector quirk but it didn't matter because even if this was a trap one for all was right in front of him and according to his search quirk none of the other heroes were.

Around and so he would then call forth the villainous cavalry as there seemed to be no one to stop them that was until modema using korogiri's warpgate quirk transported all of the available heroes onto the front lines like a scene straight out of end game which i'm sure horikoshi was inspired by to some extent with this latest chapter we'd flash back.

To all might tsugaouchi and principal nezu explain the plan to our young heroes in training for the up team time it would be established that uncovering offer one's location while they were doing their searches would be next to impossible however this was not necessarily a bad thing as it lined up with the racerhead's plan rather well in.

Order for them to lure offer one out they would need to give him a false sense of security with the assumption that all for one is using his search work he is likely to be monitoring their every move and the narrative they intended to feed him was that of deku's exhaustion and impatience by appearing to make one bad move after another he.

Would be inclined to believe everything was going according to plan the students would then receive confirmation that oyama was indeed on their side however momo being one of the more intelligent members of this collective would deduce that according to the words of oyama's father all for one has some means of distinguishing lies from the truth.

However they had this base covered already as according to the confession of oyama's parents their only means of contact with all for one is by way of audio and it was incredibly unlikely that offer one went to the trouble of confirming every small detail with his followers before making a move meaning it was more likely that he was able to.

Determine the truth in real time by way of a quirk and so if they were able to successfully deceive this quark based ability of his all for one would proceed with his guard down which would introduce another character to the equation shin so who now has his very own hero costume and it is most definitely one of the cooler ones we.

Already have the ninja hero headshot but it looks like he could end up being the shinobi hero shinso which does sound pretty cool everyone would be happy to see him but sue would mention how during the joint training battle it would be expressed that he could not make people talk with his quirk however on account of his impending transfer into the hero.

Course shinso very much desired to keep up with his peers which forced him to train incredibly hard allowing him to undergo a quirk evolution after pushing his limits by brainwashing the oyama family their intentions would be completely shrouded overall everyone was super happy to see shinso a part of everything as they would question what.

His hero name is and beg him to join class a and i'm sure we're all happy to see him here without seriously content to the series stand to be at this stage little moments of joy like these are such a pleasure however knowing the end of the series is near i can't say i'm all too excited about this sort of future talk because it just reminds me.

Of how much we'll never get to see at least not with the main story but yeah because shinso did not yet have his provisional license principal nezu had to call in a special favor from the chief of the public safety commission which i find to be such a odd thing in this state of anarchy we are still conforming to the rules of the public.

Safety commission i get desiring a sense of order to the madness but are we really going to simply dismiss the fact that the public safety commission is just as liable for the state of the country as the villains i must say the social commentary aspect of this series is seriously lacking for me in one instance it decides to point the finger.

At the system for its fostering of such an environment and the dismissal of those in genuine need of support and uplifting and in the other abides by an except said system on account of its resisting the result of the problem as opposed to the root i feel as though the public safety commission could have very well been its own antagonistic force it.

Provided the due diligence but ultimately because of how the battle of all for one versus one for all has been poised to be the end all be all for the series such things ended up being on the back burner and are more likely to be resolved by way of a block of text at the end of the series for as much as i enjoy my hero academia and i'm.

Fascinated by the current events the misuse of potential like this is a painful reality to face but i digress i could talk about this kind of thing for hours it would be established that having a ton of heroes lying in way to ambush all for one wouldn't work because they would immediately know and so the heroes would come up with a plan to.

Worthy villains couldn't possibly know which then brings us to arguably the most important role in this fight a role to be possessed by monama the phantom thief and to fulfill it he would need to be able to proficiently use corrigiri's warp gate quirk in a matter of days warp gate being a teleportation quirk meaning it is one of the rarest quirk types out.

There so this was absolutely unfamiliar territory for monument as it turns out izawa's voice can no longer reach her geary and it was unclear who or what he even was anymore and to make matters worse after having lost an eye eraserhead was nearly incapable of using his erasure quirk meaning that in this next war the one we're involved in right.

Now he would not be able to do anything monument would reply by saying that he had heard all that eraser had managed to do in the first war that without him they would have been completely and utterly destroyed all his life monama had been told that he couldn't be a hero with a quirk like his then it's the quirk of a side character from which.

Point vlad king would hold on to him expressing this plan of theirs would have never been able to work without everyone's help that there is no such thing as a side character he never was and he never will be which i honestly wish was the case considering we don't get the most side character emphasis with this series but oh well vlad would.

Then tell monima that he is the protagonist now quite a while ago with our quirk revolution series which i'm sure our plot army veterans know plenty about in our video from monument i expressed my belief that as a professional hero this kid could have one of the greatest hero agencies around selecting his sidekicks based on quark.

Compatibility and synergy he could cover all his bases and really do some incredible things so yeah whoever told him his quirk isn't that of a superhero they are dead wrong in the present tons of heroes were flooding out of the portals created by the maniacal monument and somewhat surprisingly despite the dirt thrown on endeavour's name all.

Three of his main sidekicks were present here and good lord does miracle's prosthetic arm look cool now this is a support item i am so hyped to see her fight again shigeraku would be one of the many villains to emerge and he was truly a mess here a very strange creature indeed he'd call out to dobby but dobby would respond to his leader by.

Telling him not to lead him that he would do as he pleases from which point he would be so delighted to see his father endeavor who he had been itching to punish for months now wondering if he should begin by cremating his dad's allies in front of him as he would launch a massive fiery attack which would be intercepted by an equally.

Strong eruption of ice to emerge from another warp gate would be several shards of ice followed by shoto and many of the other members of class 1a as he refused to let his elder brother toyah do as he pleased a sentiment which would be met by dobby's enthusiasm as he would call out to shoto in the very same fashion that endeavor does all for one.

Would then regard these forces to be insects crawling around just as all might would call out for the engagement of the troy system as suddenly to emerge from the ground beneath them would be a series of cages to encase everyone a transgression would surprise all for one considering they'd be able to break through such restraints in only a matter.

Of seconds but soon he would realize almight's true play here at which point all might and true man would hype one another up that this time this time things would be different this time they would win and finally put an end to all for one as suddenly motimo would open warp gates of even more staggering sizes and begin to transport the various cages.

To different locations effectively splitting up the villains leaving us with the question of whether or not they succeeded in doing so now for monama to have mastered this ever complicated quirk in only a week's time i must say he is a very special talent indeed like genuinely he is a prodigy among prodigies more than bakugou more than.

Shoto more than deku monama stands right now have bragging rights for life and yeah the arrogance of all for one is being used against him to the utmost right now my only hope is that his brilliance doesn't end up being discounted in the times to come for the sake of the heroes managing to win as so frequently is the case for a number of.

Series from this point onwards we are likely to see a number of individual battles to close things out and hopefully you'll be willing to join us for the entire ride by subscribing to plot armor with notifications on if you love these sorts of superhero stories you'll be happy to know that we have a brand new channel by the name of plot.

Armor comics where we aim to provide the very best western comic content possible but when it comes to bringing some of the best my here academia content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm celeste motaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.