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DABI’S IDENTITY REVEALED! His Crazy Secret! – My Hero Academia


So this chapter of my hero academia was unreal coming off of the last chapter which i wasn't feeling all too much this is by and large as far as i'm concerned the biggest chapter jump has seen all year and is easily top five top three chapters of.

My hero academia ever this changes everything there is so much to talk about with this one so let's not delay any further we firstly open up with a shot of a hospital that is not the now completely destroyed jakku general hospital where people are rushing to turn.

A specific television in a specific room off from there we have the room of rey todoroki as she watches the television and we actually also see the flowers that endeavor regularly sends to her no coincidence but during her following of the news.

Which i'm sure was already concerning enough with the current villainous threat and the members of her family leaning towards heroics the signal will begin to shift until she would see him dobby sitting in front of the camera and now in front of the masses past that.

We have more of giganto machia committing the largest act of property damage in the nation's history as he called out two and approached his master shigaraki who was now engaging with a few heroes and lest we forget shigaraki is an.

Arachnid now with tendrils no longer extending from his hands but now his back as internally all for one is thankful for the timing of his ever loyal dog giganto machia furthermore applauding the fact that shiguraki's body can even function following how much physical punishment.

He's been made to endure between endeavor and deku alone then establishing to us that he had reallocated the pain receptors in rocky's body to the mutant type quirk within his spine as to reduce damage but even still logically he shouldn't be able to move and honestly that is the power of plot.

Armor baby sugar rocky like deku is one stubborn bastard and refuses to go down without going plus ultra but seeing as shigeraki refuses to fall back all for one is just hoping for a retreat thanks to giganto machia but continuing the fight shoto would propel himself.

Upwards toward shikaraki reeling back as he thought to himself how futile efforts against someone like giganto machia and shigaraki would be and so taking down an already severely injured sugaraki must take precedence but he isn't the only one thinking this.

As nedurey makes her move towards him as well and you know what i wonder if shigaraki is even mentally present anymore as all for one seems to assess the quirks in transit towards them our two young heroes then gave it their all with a combined strike and it is just incredible the power.

Outage of this is no doubt ridiculous but as they do this a bloodied endeavor would yell out for everyone to run as he now outstretched colossal hand of giganto machia would reach towards them swatting everything and everyone away.

With ease with this now holding onto bakugou having moved to safety ita calls out to his comrades but is told to release his grip and although he was relieved to see bakugou regain consciousness he admitted that he couldn't do that with how injured he is but bakugou being the badass that he is.

Would declare that they need a complete and decisive victory which is very true the heroes are not looking good here at all they're a bunch of kids and the number one hero facing off against a horde of capable villains.

Aiming to bring about society's end it is a bad look for sure machia would then size down certain parts of his body particularly on his back and on his fingers to look at shikaraki in his hand as he'd request his master's next order to no avail and in my mind if shigeraki.

Were to answer it's a 50 50 toss-up between it being his voice and all for once if it's all for once he's gonna tell them to retreat to fall back if it is shigaraki's then he is probably gonna say yo this is all at war you better take them down and capture that boy.

But spinner 2 would look to their leader eager to inform him of what they had been through but would cut himself short upon seeing the current state of the man endeavour now after checking up on deku physically and his beloved shoto verbally would think to himself how he's letting hawks.

Down by not having taken down shigaraki by now and at this point we can all see it the situation is just dreadful and so he wonders how in the world he'll be able to take out giganto machia and what sort of weaknesses he might have questions that we've had for weeks and weeks but even then his lungs.

Are shot i imagine it's like a chronic smoker trying to breathe after heavy physical exertion and with that he began to doubt himself before remembering his vow to the people then refusing to fail here reminding himself that he is the number one hero but just then.

The star of the show would emerge and finally oh finally horikoshi has officially given us a reason to care about dobby blissfully stepping from the back of giganto machia dabi would overlook them all comparing them to ants now even more excited to see shoto as well.

Endeavor and shoto would look to him unsure what to make of this appearance beyond the fact that the league of villains is here now too but dobby would further his taunting now saying that endeavour shouldn't be calling him by his villain name but rather by toyah.

As he poured a liquid over his head to reveal his natural hair color the two were stunned without words as toyo continued by saying that despite the current state of his face he at least hoped that his own family would recognize him which i can't argue with because at the very least you would have thought that.

The fire would be the red flag if nothing else but oh well and deku who is listening in on all this we conclude that this was in fact the believed to be deceased elder brother of shoto with that we shift back to the broadcast from earlier as toyah would speak his truth.

And he would begin by stating that he was the firstborn son of endeavor and has killed over 30 innocent people a number that he has actually kept track of keyword being innocent here as he's killed way more than that and if you want to go by association being in the league and all.

That so many and would furthermore go on to explain his villainy which included everything we already know about endeavor that in his pursuit of all might and recognition of his own inability he went to crazy extremes to produce a child with an even better quirk than his.

Own and toyah would say that he was made for his father's selfish dream but because he was a failure was tossed aside and forgotten and all the while we received some disturbing imagery of what this war really looks like decimated cities and.

Countless crushed beneath the rubble and if you recognize him the boy that was endeavour's biggest fan was watching this broadcast as well toya then saying that he could never forget what endeavor had done and has watched him from afar for quite some time that one's actions cannot free them of.

Their guilt that the fire he'd used to kill and hurt so many was sparked by the same fire that they celebrate and parade and now back to the battlefield toyo would tell them of the broadcast as skeptic.

Was delighted by this revelation to the masses the fall of endeavor had finally begun saying that ever since that day all he could think about was how to do the most damage he could to the end of endeavour's precious career and i really wonder what day he's.

Referring to here maybe the day he supposedly died and he would go on to say that every day he used to go to his brother natsu questioning why he existed with tears in his eyes and with this glimpse of the past his hair looks different again.

So i have no idea what is up with this guy's hair but continuing on he would say that originally the plan was to kill endeavour's precious choto once he had become a big deal which just goes to show that this man dobby or i guess toyah doesn't give a damn.

About his family in addition to endeavor but conveniently endeavour achieved his dream and became the number one hero and toyah just could not stand the idea the thought of endeavour enjoying that sort of title first he sent the hai and nomu hood then.

The emperor of fallen light then ending but endeavour prevailed each and every time and you know what i'm impressed that those two were a part of his plans as well but come on if hood couldn't do it there is no way that those sealist villains could have pulled it off but.

Nevertheless if this guy got anything from his mother's quirk it is him being so cold-blooded he would then speak of the pressure of being the number one hero wondering if endeavour had been purified by the praise of the public questioning if he feels like a proper father figure.

Now bonding with all his children and let me tell you i am so happy to see this flamboyant jubilee from dobby because we have needed this level of expression from him for so long his interactions with hawks following the death of twice was a glimpse towards this.

And i must say that it is magnificent and at this point he was just mocking the fact that endeavour truly believed that if he focused on the future the past would just all end up forgotten saying that he's here to teach him a lesson that he will never forget that the past never forgets that it is.

Time to dance with his son in the fires of hell and that is the chapter and oh man this chapter just left me as speechless as endeavour and shoutout but for the sake of the video i will do my best yet another white-haired antagonist has stolen the show and beyond all the death and destruction.

Brought on by sugar rocky even with a weaker quirk that hurts himself dabi has managed to deal the biggest blow to heroics in the history of the series and possibly even its canonical history this is a revelation.

And reveal we have all expected and have been waiting for for what like three years or so and now it is finally here and like dobby who's been waiting for the perfect opportunity our patience has been rewarded it's no secret that dobby did nothing for me beyond look cool.

And have a cool looking quirk but now it looks like that is all changing he claimed to be heavily inspired by stain but beyond grouping up with the league i wonder what else that influence may have changed in him with his mother being shown in this chapter as well i have to wonder.

Why it was the burning of shoto's face that finally broke her and not the death of her eldest son not to mention the question remains of why toya looks the way he does beyond the fact that his quirk runs the risk of hurting him and if i'm to expect a response from his.

Family here who are looking straight at him i'd imagine that endeavour is going to buckle this is him going face to face with all of his shame incarnate not to mention the fact that he has seen dobby multiple times over and has never put two and two together i.

Really and truly believe that this will break him maybe not forever but momentarily at least yes however i do feel that shoto will be the one to step up to the plate if anyone at this point what that'll look like i don't know.

And once again i gotta give dobby his praise because although he is not as powerful as shikaraki in shiguraki's case i am constantly afraid that he is going to turn over a new leaf and try to absolve himself of his crimes and realize that he shouldn't be a villain or what have you.

But dabi i feel like he is off the deep end this guy is actually insane and is not turning over any leaves unless he's burning them all to a crisp this man is deranged and he is full on ready to go and destroy everything in relation to endeavor and i love it.

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