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DABI’S PAST! How Shoto’s Brother Touya “Died” – My Hero Academia


Right now my hero academia has me wanting to see the end of this war for a whole new reason the aftermath of all this is likely to be even worse than we previously imagined the fall of heroic society that we've been hearing about for so long is more likely than ever before and it.

Remains a mystery what sort of ramifications that'll have on the world as we know it in ways both big and small i mean if heroism is to be looked at with a far more critical lens what then is to become of not only ua but the countless hero schools littered across the country.

Heroics are so deeply ingrained in their society that to suddenly remove it would be like a bad turn of jenga and this chapter made sure to make that very clear to us while also tugging at the heartstrings really hard by opening up with the story of toya.

Todoroki's believed to be unfortunate demise a day of cold winds and dry air perfect for the spread of a fire would claim the life of endeavour's firstborn child in a blazing inferno the flames were extreme to the point of leaving nobody behind that it had taken the poor child to such.

An extent that not even his bones would remain all that was left was a piece of his lower jaw bone and what a horrendous way to go out they say that burning to death is one of the most painful ways to die and especially with toyah being just a kid at the time.

Makes a story so much worse but before any of this would be the case a younger endeavor would question what was up with his son toyah's hair just like the rest of us and really this guy's hair has been so confusing because with certain shots of him in the manga his hair was completely white but then with the very same shots.

Presented in the anime was completely red and so for ages now the anime onlys and manga folk myself included have been super confused all around i'm not sure if this was the same phenomenon that happened to shigaraki as a kid and if so i'd be willing to also attribute it to being the same thing.

That happened to all for one and his brother's hair and at that point i'd just say that it may be tied to quirks in general somehow bit too early to say definitively but i'd like to throw it out there anyways but yeah endeavour would tell the young toya like we could see that a portion of his hair had turned.

White questioning if he had dyed it but toyo would more so attribute it to age saying that he would never dye his hair meanwhile fast forward to the present with dabi who has apparently been doing so daily keeping up a disguise that would put clark kent to shame now toya did not possess.

The ice quirk of his mother and although it wasn't what he really wanted endeavour would actually accept this as toy's fire was to him clearly superior to his own and at this time toya was eager to learn from his father a stark contrast from shoto who'd only ever done so reluctantly.

And here endeavour was pretty much the equivalent of a former athlete forcing his dreams of stardom onto his kid which is kinda bad but debatable as a terrible act as at least at this time toya was excited to do so and enjoyed it but just like himself.

Endeavour knew that toyo would have a hard time controlling his own heat but chose to raise toya to be a hero regardless which makes sense because even if his quirk wasn't the perfect resultant it's still better than the quirk of the number 2 hero so that has to be something right but.

Even still endeavour wasn't entirely satisfied and still sought that perfect balance of ice and fire at the time receiving consent from his wife to conceive another baby under the belief that siblings would be able to encourage.

One another which to me just goes to show that things hadn't gotten bad between them at this point sure it was an arranged marriage but it probably wasn't a toxic one yet and with that their daughter fuyumi would be born ultimately she only possessed an ice.

Quirk and once again these were simpler times and endeavour was alright with it because he had such high hopes for his son and in theory had it been just the two of them they could have made quite the dynamic duo i'm sure offsetting one another's.

Weaknesses but i suppose in the mind of endeavor there can only ever be one number one hero toya would soon become the embodiment of endeavour's hopes and ambitions and now this was most certainly toxic toya had amazing firepower but in the.

Process as a result beyond just overheating would end up harming and burning himself endeavour truly believed that if he could mold toya to become a hero capable of surpassing all might that he could do away with all the negatives in his life.

Very very toxic but of course with the self-harming nature of toya's quirk this wouldn't work out and endeavor would move on and that is just so scummy oh my goodness imagine being trained by your father to be an amazing hero all your life for him to suddenly brand you as a.

Failure and drop you to have more kids and prepare them for everything that he had promised you that is actually horrible and that's not even accounting for the fact that things probably got gradually worse as opposed to a sudden cut off endeavour probably pushed toya heavily.

Before discarding him of course the kid went crazy his entire reason for existence was taken from him and even then that reasoning was for his father's dream not his so at that point who the hell would he even be and you best believe heroism was the.

Only thing endeavor looked to his kids for there is no way that he's ever been a semblance of a proper father to them and once again remember the toyah was the oldest child and so when it comes to the failure department he must have felt it the hardest the weight must have been.

Heaviest on his shoulders the age differential between each of endeavour's children in chronological order is only ever enough for their quirk to have manifested so that he would be able to assess whether or not it was what he desired and by the fourth.

Toyah was long forgotten that's probably why he even had the potential to quote unquote die but anyways now being made to face this endeavor would look up to dobby atop the back of giganto gigantomachia and oh man grief would take him immediately as he would firstly deny these words by.

Saying that toya is dead and that dobby's lies are unforgivable but dabi would quickly correct him by saying that his truth is unforgivable taunting his father by saying that it's a shame he was never invited to his hero agency so filled with firebase quirks which would have actually been a very.

Interesting turn of events meanwhile the other members of the paranormal liberation front namely spinner and mr compress would question why it was that they were only just hearing of this to the point where compress would even question if shigaraki 2 was.

Part of this family reunion on account of his charred flesh and hair color and really can you blame him and funny enough at this point when it comes to the former members of the league of villains mr compress is the only character that we don't have a proper backstory on.

And i can't say that i'm all too excited to see where he comes from or anything like that at this point but hey if it hasn't even been teased to my knowledge at this point in the story then maybe it's the surprise factor that everyone desired from the dobby reveal and speaking of dobby would further go on to say that they can go ahead and.

Check his dna if they need to although his test results were already being broadcasted across the country and with that it comes across as dobby saying that he won't kill endeavour here as he'd much rather see him suffer by having to face all that he's done by way.

Of the public eye but yeah with some of endeavour's leftover blood the dna test results were clearly a match but dobby understood that coming from a villain such as himself this evidence too would be the subject of disbelief so he'd offer supporting evidence by way.

Of his siblings that after him endeavour wouldn't stop until he had the quirk that he wanted and on the fourth child choto he got what he desired but even still was physically abusive towards him now to the public the first question i imagine.

Would be aimed at his facial scarring but as we all know that was not endeavor at least not directly but what this does is force shoto in a position where he has to explain himself and tell his truth and even then choto was only emphasized because he is the trophy son and a.

Somewhat known young hero there is still the matter of endeavour's two other children who live more mundane lives dobby's broadcast will continue to speak poorly of endeavor by referring to him with a slew of insults insults that are not entirely baseless then questioning.

If that's the sort of person who should be considered the number one hero and you know i'm sure this will all be a big deal by the time it spreads and such but these shots of regular civilians feel weird to me they don't seem to be reacting to the news at all and it's just.

Strange i mean there at this point have been several documented terrorist attacks from city to city by way of giganto machia and an active kill order enacted by the liberation front you would think that if not by this sudden broadcast they would be terrified of it all.

But it's not a big deal i guess they trust heroes that much i really don't know but we would however receive a reaction from endeavour's biggest fan who would like his hero deny it all and question who would believe this sort of thing which to me says that when it's revealed.

To be true things will really be bad if even one of the few people that loved the guy would be disillusioned dabi would then present to the masses footage of twice being murdered in cold blood by a hero that most actually love and respect the.

Number two hero hawks and dabi is such an interesting guy here he plays the victim by saying that hawks killed twice with his back turned as he pleaded for his life and was running away while dobby himself tried to save him.

Skeptic then speaking like me about editing within a short time frame as i do pretty much every week dobby then actually thanked him as his cameras really did come in handy which should explain why the hell dobby was smiling so hard when twice died because ultimately it aligned with his.

Ultimate goal but you know with the mention of editing i wonder how intensive this was was this footage doctored to a certain extent because i don't really think it would need to be i just think you would need to cut it down to you know just the most.

Important parts the part of him killing twice and at that point it's not the most intensive work is it skeptic but you know what dobby is just the gift that keeps on giving as he expressed that he also has information on hawks that in order to spy on the league he.

Killed the number three hero best genius as he himself is no stranger to violence as his father was actually a murderer and a thief and for that reason the public safety commission kept his secret identity a secret and this furthermore would go on to explain.

How the commission was able to take him at such a young age and train him to be the man he is today and that additionally his father was a villain caught by endeavor which would explain why he is hawks's favorite hero and boy oh boy are these some crazy.

Contextual revelations that are really hard to ignore dabi would then go on to preach about the corruption of heroic society in general and this part felt really reminiscent of staying but as opposed to staying preaching with no avail.

Dabi has a message that will impact the masses and forever remain in their minds it is really and truly a brilliant plan with pretty interesting reasoning and with all this in mind davi would then thoroughly believe himself to be the victor as there is no coming back from this for them dabi has effectively dealt the biggest.

Blow to hero society that we have ever seen and with that having done a bit of bragging would leap from a top giganto machia down towards the heroes but endeavour wouldn't move he just stood there even when shoto would call out to him back then endeavour believed toya was.

Alive but to see him like this now he just couldn't move shoto would then plead with him to move with tears now flooding his eyes as just like we predicted with the last one endeavour would falter and chauto would step up to the plate.

Dobby would then begin to use the signature move of his father that he'd been taught so very long ago but before he could get it off both he and giganto machia would be pushed downwards as he would quickly be restrained by wires from above as with the end of the chapter.

We have the fashionably late return of the number three hero best genius who is very much alive with this i don't think horikoshi really needed to tease his return a few chapters ago as rather than being surprised we were just waiting for this to inevitably happen.

But then again i suppose the same could be said for the three year long dobby tease this was a damn good chapter and once again we have reason to care about dobby in fact he is probably the most justified villain in the entire story by far.

And man if at this point he did actually have the capacity to go beyond his father and be closer to or even rival the former power of all might that would be insane and make him all the more fascinating but we have seen the guy's capabilities to a great degree.

At this point and i just don't see it happening but even then i would love to see what you all have to say about this one do you sympathize with the story of toya and do you prefer to call him dabi or toya at this point let me know and if you'd like to know when we post our regular anime and manga.

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