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Dabi’s REAL Quirk REVEALED! How Dabi REALLY Died – My Hero Academia


Okay wow this latest chapter of my hero academia was something fierce so much so that it is one of my favorite chapters that we have received in a while so let's believe that there is a whole lot to talk about with this one with the last one however we saw the union and.

Reunion of endeavour and rey along with the charred state of dobby and his bloody tears which transitioned us into the history of their family here we saw the strong desire of a young toya to be trained by his father but be continuously refused but even still.

There was no stopping the fire that burned from within and so toya continued to train on his own in a similar sense endeavour's burning envy of all my two could not be suppressed and so despite the pain it would inflict on their young son.

He intended to have more children until his dream was achieved a desire that would be fulfilled by the birth of shoto batoya by his lonesome in the bitter cold would continue to train his quirk as who not only surpass all might but his baby brother shoto.

No longer solely in pursuit of heroism but the attention of his father but despite his progress his father could not see beyond his shortcomings and urged him to relinquish his dream and look elsewhere elsewhere to things his father himself wasn't fascinated by in the slightest and the emotional.

Turmoil that toyo was going through was just unbearable until he would move to take out his frustration on shoto who he saw to be his father's perfect spawn and center of attention with this latest chapter we began with the knowledge that this incident was the reason shoto's siblings.

Were kept from him entirely a rather harsh punishment that ultimately served to do more harm than good now endeavor due to his work would not be able to keep an eye on toyah or take care of him and so he would hire a housekeeper but urged his wife to watch him.

Nevertheless rey would then say that all toya wants is to be acknowledged he longs for the acceptance and attention of his father it's as simple as that but endeavour would respond by saying that all he had to offer him was the world of a hero as.

Rey with a mean clap back would have to question this hero you yeah pretty heroic running away from your problems and i don't know man the way endeavor is drawn here this man looks like a damn fiend i'm here thinking he's about to give rey a two-piece for talking back and you know what endeavour never really.

Wanted to be a father what he wanted was a successor who happened to share his blood i mean this is like if a basketball player stop interacting with their kid because they're short and side note i am impressed that choto manifested his quirk at such a young age i mean he's an infant here but anyways five years would.

Pass with all this still being the case as we would finally receive the canon age of dabi as he is only a year older than fiumi five years older than natsuo and eight years older than shoto toya's siblings would ask him to play with them and they would providing us additional.

Context to a scene we saw oh so long ago shoto would overlook them all having fun but would be taken away by his father who refused to have the kid even look at them saying that he lives in a different world entirely and how that could ever be a healthy.

Outlook to provide a child is beyond me choto then begged his father to be allowed to play with them just once but endeavour would refuse telling the boy that he needed more endurance training a fascinating subject considering the downfall of toyah and despite this innocent play time toya.

Remained resentful at night toyo would speak to his younger brother natsuo explaining that he definitely was in the wrong five years ago when he lashed out at shoto now recognizing in hindsight that choto really didn't do anything wrong but even still their father's actions.

Were reprehensible as he refuses to even look at them as if they're all failures and has delicately abandoned them now natsuol attempting to sleep here would ask if toya couldn't just rant to his sister every now and again instead a comment which devastated toya he questioned if natsuwa would ignore him.

Too saying that he talks to him because he is the only one who can understand furthermore regarding the women of the house to be unapproachable pretty much tying into a previous point of mind that fuyumi is much like rey in the sense that she bottles up her feelings for the sake of the whole.

Now this scene made me really sad on multiple fronts not just because toya had nobody to turn to but the fact that i know natsuo must have regretted this response for the rest of his life we then flashed to a moment between toya and rey she knew that he was planning on.

Going to the hill for training again and questioned why he doesn't go play with his friends instead as he'd retort by saying that he doesn't need any friends that they're in different worlds effectively reciting the rhetoric of his father endeavor his mother then questioned if.

He really wants to be a hero that badly she expressed that to her it looked as if he was in pain due to an obsession with his father a sentiment that clearly triggered him she'd go on to say that the world holds endless possibilities and that he should look beyond just his.

Father and find the person he really wants to be as now angered he would question how she could possibly understand how he feels for the questioning if she thinks endeavour's the only person that led him to this stating that by being sold away into marriage she was made to fulfill the.

Desires of his father that this is why he was born to begin with that she is far from exempt and has just as much a part to play in all this as endeavour now toya was a small kid even at 13 he was shorter than his eight-year-old brother but things would change as he'd rapidly.

Grow during puberty and with all these years of diligent training he'd learn about himself he discover that it all comes down to his body's composition that his fire is directly connected to intense emotions his flames from here would change from.

Red to blue as he doubly recognized that when he gets excited he can't help but cry profusely and i find this emotional aspect of his quirk to be so fascinating i mean think about it the fact that rey bottles up her emotions and such and then you put that with the.

Uncontrollable unbridled rage and envy and negativity that comes from endeavor and his passion behind what he does you put those two together and you get this and in the case of dobby shoto has described his flames to be full of rage and aggression and that sort of thing.

So you can see how it's all coming together now being excited to show his father the fruits of his labor that took years of training by his lonesome toyo would tell his dad to come to sekhoto hill during the upcoming holiday break and in hearing this.

Endeavour would swiftly lift up the child's shirt to reveal several burns he was infuriated by the fact that he was still training after all this time as toyah would tell him something incredible has happened and that he has to come see he then began to ramble with tears.

Filling his eyes as he'd say that shoto has some serious competition now but even still he wasn't exactly sure if it would be enough to compete with all might just yet but even still he really wanted his dad to see it that way he'd realize that he wasn't a mistake and.

Listen for years i didn't care for dobby in the slightest and i still stand by those feelings for the time because there really wasn't anything to care about but with all this dobby is incredible and between the chapter and the last horikoshi has outdone himself with the.

Convention of emotions goodness gracious endeavor would then make his way to rey and reprimand her he'd yell at her for not watching over toya and stopping him as shoto here with tears falling off his face would come to her defense and tell his father to stop bullying her and listen i don't believe horikoshi is.

Trying to highlight any domestic violence undertones here but with rey on the ground i feel like we're left to fill in some blanks their other children fuyumi and natsuo would huddle together and close their ears to it all while helplessly crying rey now recounting her own decisions.

Would recognize that despite her limited options she ultimately was the one to agree to marry endeavour for his wretched desires she was strong enough to smile through it but she involved children who were not now admitting that she cannot stop him and.

After all this endeavor didn't show up in the present endeavor would say that by doing so he would have only fanned the boy's flames then correcting himself to admit that he didn't know how to approach the kid as the tears of toya would burn hot into flames of blue as rey in the present.

Too would admit the same as suddenly toya would spontaneously combust incinerating himself and the forest around him endeavour would be the hero to respond to the fire recognizing it to be the location of his son in horror as he would make the trek himself and find nothing.

But a fragment of the child's jawbone and in the end the only thing endeavour managed to teach his son was how to turn up the heat the immense guilt of effectively killing his own son would propel endeavour to even further derangement.

After all this he felt he was in too deep to quit and began to obsess over shoto even more and as he got worse rey's fear of him grew ever more she saw him in her own children notsewa was a spitting image of him and the red half of shoto beared his likeness as well the part of.

Him that she burned fuyumi being the second oldest pretty much saw everything from the very beginning but was too afraid to approach or do anything more than talk natsuo certainly knew his father to be the root of all that was wrong with them but he couldn't help but wonder if maybe.

By facing his brother he could have knocked some sense into him effectively preventing dobby from ever coming to be providing toya an opportunity to be a proper big brother to shoto too rey would then say that the responsibility wasn't endeavors alone to bear.

But their entire families that even if their hearts have been broken it's still up to them to face dobby and seeing her like this endeavour had to question if this was truly the very same woman she would respond by saying that their child choto who had been put through so much pain and has every right to hate her.

Called her his mother once again that he'd grown tremendously with his time at ua and has become the hero of their family shoto now piping up would say that he didn't believe endeavour would be able to fight anymore at first and that he would have to handle the situation by his lonesome.

But after talking to his mother prior and being here for this conversation that doesn't seem to be the case that instead when his father is done crying they can all go stop toya together as he would extend a hand with the chapter then closing with hawks and best genius right outside the door this was.

Phenomenal horikoshi has managed to take me from indifferent and or disinterested to fully invested things didn't have to be this way there were so many opportunities for change and or recovery but in the end things are the way they.

Are and i cannot wait to see where this all goes there is still the matter of dealing with the public and all that but wow great chapter toya definitely lost his sanity at a certain point but at the end of the day he was a kid in a toxic environment.

The blame befalls appearance more than anyone else and certainly his decisions as an adult are a different story entirely but i'm sorry i cannot get behind that weirdo mentality of blaming a little kid for being broken by tragic circumstances but feel free to agree or disagree in the.

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