– Hello. It's me, Dan Pelosi. I'm here in my beautifulbackyard in Brooklyn. And today, we're makinggrilled steak nachos with chili lime crema. I'm so excited. Let's get started. So the first thing I'mgonna do is I'm gonna take about a pound and a half of steak.

And I'm gonna get it marinated in this delicious Sir Kensington's Chili Lime Crema everything sauce. It really is everything. The reason why I love marinating my steak for my grilled nachos in the crema is that it has everything youneed in terms of flavor. It's got chilies, it's got lime, it's got all of the spices.

That you would want in yoursteak marinade in one bottle. It just doesn't get better. So I'm gonna use about a half a cup. I'm gonna give it a nice toss, make sure it's well-coated. Perfect for grilled nachos. And we're also gonna tosssome on top of the nachos at the end, so it's gonna be perfect.

I've got my steak perfectly coated. I'm so excited to letthose flavors seep in. We're gonna take an onion, cut it into some nice wedges. These are gonna get putinto a nice foil pouch and they're gonna cookand get nice and smokey. They're gonna have anice time on the grill, but they won't be alone. We've got a few friends joining them.

We've got some of thesechipotle and adobo, which are gonna add a really great flavor to the onions as they cook. And then I'm gonna add a little bit of oil to get things nice and juicy. So I'm gonna take this foil and fold it up niceand tight into a pouch. You wanna make sure that no air escapes. And perfect.

So that's gonna go on the grill along with I have two whole jalapenos. They're prepped, they're ready to go. No work here. I'm gonna take these ears of corn and give them a really good shuck. That's my favorite activity in summer. I always love the drama of the reveal. See how beautiful these are.

Oh yeah, that's a gorgeous,gorgeous piece of corn. You're gonna let these go for about 15 to 20 minutes on the grill. Keep an eye on them, pull them off when you feellike they're nice and charred. Nothing better than grilled corn. And my steak is fullymarinated and ready to go. If you've had it in the fridge overnight, make sure you bring itup to room temperature.

Before you put it on the grill. You don't ever wanna grill cold meat. All right, perfect. I'm gonna let these go, the steak for about three minutes and then I'm gonna flip it. You can go three minutes tofive minutes on each side going from about medium to medium well. And I'm gonna give these a flip.

I love using skirt steakbecause it cooks nice and fast. It also is the perfectthickness for nachos, so you don't have to cut it too much and you get to have a nicebite without chewing too hard. These look gorgeous. Look at that. I'm gonna give these a fewmore minutes on this side. So my steak is ready. I'm gonna pull it off thegrill and let it rest.

You always wanna letyour meat rest for a bit, let the juices get back into the meat, and then we'll kind ofstart assembling the nachos. While the meat is resting, I'm going to let the veggies keep going. Again, I like them extra charred, but you pull them offwhenever they feel good. My veggies are nice and cool and I'm going to get them all chopped up.

And ready for our dream grilled nachos. I'm gonna chop thejalapenos into thin pieces. Don't forget, the seeds are extra spicy so if you're not interested in those, I'm gonna show you areally easy way to chop it to get the seeds out. So that was sort ofcutting it into circles. You can slice it down the middle and then take a spoon andjust get rid of those seeds,.

But I like a little spice,so we're gonna keep it. Next thing I'm gonna do is reveal how beautiful these onions are. They've been steamingwith those chipotles. They're gonna be nice andsoft and cooked through. Those will cool off a little bit more and then when I put them on the nachos, they're just gonna fall apart into pieces. And I'm actually gonnakeep my corn on my tray.

Because when I go to cut the kernels off, the tray is gonna help catch them. Otherwise, they willfly all over the place, especially when you're me and you cut and make a mess always. So, this really helps and you just kind ofslowly go down the cob. Gorgeous. Now, it's time to cut the steak.

Properly rested, the juices are back in, and we can cut it without itlosing all of that juiciness. And then I'm just gonna cut it. Let's see. I'm gonna cut it thisway into thin strips. You don't want the pieces to be too big. You can cut the steakdown the center as well so that you get even smaller chunks. Now, you want to cut it against the grain.

Okay, I have to have a taste of this because I'm so excitedabout that chili lime crema and the way that it hasflavored this steak. It made it extra juicy and delicious. That's exactly what I want on my nachos. I've got a sheet pan, I've got my chips, I've got some of my Oaxacacheese spread on the bottom here 'cause you wanna make sure that you get cheeseover all of your chips.

Then I'm gonna do a nice layer of steak. Make sure you get any pieces broken apart if you didn't get all theway through with your knife. And then we have allthese great grilled veg. So we have corn. Then I'm gonna take these onions and I'm gonna make sure thatI pull them apart a bit. They sort of fall apart anyways, but get those spread across.

The onions are gonnaadd a nice hit of spicy and sweet to your nachos. And then we have our grilled jalapenos. I like to do those on top for color. And then to finish it off on the top before we put it back on the grill is a final layer of more cheese. Great. So now, we're gonna graba little piece of foil,.

Cover this so that it gets extra melty, and then we're gonnatoss it onto the grill and let it grill forabout five to 10 minutes. Give it a peek as you go, make sure that your cheese is melting. I love when things areextra charred, extra crispy. And so this is like awhole new take on nachos because they just getsmokey and delicious. They've been on for,.

I like to go closer to 10 minutes. Let's see how they look. Are you ready? Oh, so good. I could not be happier. And we have the meltiest, creamiest. Oh my gosh, and look how dark that got. Okay, I gotta get to the toppings. So, we're gonna take some raw onion.

I'm gonna give a littlebit of crunch to the top, a little bit of that oniony flavor. Sliced avocado, some cilantro. And then the last thing we'regonna drizzle all over the top is Sir Kensington's ChiliLime Crema everything sauce, which we already havemarinated into our steak. And for extra flavor, it's going on top. And it really is so creamy. And I love the way.

That it just drizzlesright out of this bottle. It's like they knew Ineeded it for my nachos. I've been known to addit onto every single chip that I eat off of this tray. Add a few slices of lime. Tuck them in to the corners for everyone to maketheir nachos extra limey. All right, I'm going in for a taste. I have to find the perfect piece.

They're all perfect. This one looks delicious. It has everything I want on it except I have to add, as promised, some more of the chili lime crema. ♪ Do, do, do, do ♪ Okay, let's do this. Mm, there's a dance party in my mouth. The way that all theflavors come together,.

It's nice and smoky. The crunch mixed with the creaminess of the Sir Kensington's ChiliLime Crema is giving you all the flavors you need in one bottle to perfectly complete your nachos. I can't wait to hear youcrunching from my backyard. Let's see. Delicious.


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