– Hello everyone, I'm Dan Pelosi. I'm here in my backyard in Brooklyn and I'm so excited to showyou how to make my mayo cake. That's right, mayo cake, withgrilled peaches and cream. Let's get started. The first thing you wanna dois grab a cast iron skillet. Now, if you don't havea cast iron skillet, you can totally use a 13 by nine cake pan, but I love a cast iron skillet.

Because it makes the edges of this cake so, so crispy and delicious. So I'm gonna grab a littlebit of softened butter. It's hot today, so thisbutter is nice and soft. And I'm just gonna givethe pan a nice coating. A little bit of flour and I'm gonna get it all around the pan. You kind of wanna hit it a little bit. I'm outside, so I'm notafraid to make a mess.

This is my cardio for today. This is gonna help yourcake not sick to the pan while it bakes. I have a little secret weapon for you and it's called mayonnaise. In fact, it's Sir Kensington'sAvocado Oil Mayonnaise, which gives the cake areally delicious flavor. I combine it with alittle bit of olive oil into the cake as well and itgives you this really gorgeous,.

Moist cake that takes prettymuch any topping you give it. But I find that grilledpeaches and whipped cream just make it absolutely sing. I'm gonna take two cups of sugar. This is granulated sugar. I've got three eggs. Give those a nice crack. Whisk it all together untilit's nice and combined. The olive oil adds a nice hit of flavor.

A bit of moisture as well. I'm gonna give that alittle bit of a head start and then I'm going to zestin the zest of one lemon. I love lemon, I think itgives it a great flavor. And then the last ingredient, which I'm calling our secret weapon, is Sir Kensington'sAvocado Oil Mayonnaise. We're gonna do a full cup of it. You might be wondering,.

“I've never seen mayonnaiseadded to baked goods before.” It really is just a great way to add a level of moistureand flavor to your cakes. And I think that because thisis avocado oil mayonnaise, the flavor of the avocado oil is a fresh take on usingmayonnaise in your baked goods. I put some lemon zest in this, which I really lovebecause this mayonnaise has a bit of citrus in it as well,.

So the flavors really do a good job of complimenting each other. So I've got my wetingredients nicely mixed and I'm gonna grab mybowl of dry ingredients. This is two cups of flour, a little bit of bakingpowder and a pinch of salt. We're gonna add it into hereand then mix it just gently. It's okay if there's stilla couple dry streaks. We don't wanna over mix at this point.

Let me get that in there. This is nicely combined, not over mixed. I'm gonna pour it rightinto this cast iron skillet. And this is where it's gonna bake. It's going to make the cakeso crispy around the edges. The cast iron's gonna get extra hot and that butter that we put into the pan, the flour combined withthe mayo and the olive oil really does a great job.

Of making a deliciouslymoist on the inside and nice and crispy on the outside cake. I'm really proud of this one. I'm just gonna smooth that over. You're gonna bake yourcake in a 350 degree oven for about 55 minutes or untila toothpick comes out clean. You can bake your cake justbefore you're gonna eat it or you can bake it the day before. It's great either way.

I'm super excited to showyou how delicious it is with those grilled peaches and cream. But for now, I'm gonnago stick this in my oven. I've got the grill on. We're gonna grab ourpeaches, they should be ripe. We're gonna cut them around the center. Not from top to bottom,but through the middle. It'll make pitting them a bit easier. So I'm gonna grab the peach.

And just gently roll myknife around the center and then turn it. There you go. And then you can grab thispit and just twist it out. Perfect. If you end up breaking a peach or it doesn't come outperfectly, please don't stress. This is all gonna tastethe same, no matter what. So if you're wondering how many peaches,.

You probably want half a peach per guest. And then of course you canalways make a few extra, but I like to do half apeach with a slice of cake and then we'll have somewhipped cream on top. Just give them each a quick brush. I'm gonna throw this on the grill. I'm gonna put it down cut side down. We're gonna grill them forabout eight to 10 minutes and we're gonna flip them halfway through,.

But we don't wanna get them too mushy, so make sure that you keepan eye on them as they grill. Perfect. Gorgeous. I'm gonna let these go and then we'll revisitthem in about four minutes. (whistle music) While the peaches werefinishing up grilling, I went in and grabbed my gorgeouscake and my whipped cream.

And now I'm going to takethe peaches off the grill and then I'm gonna cut myselfa slice 'cause I deserve it. Look at these beauties. Woo, oh my gosh. So pretty. Look at that. Let's take a moment to appreciate these. As promised, the edges ofthis cake are extra crispy. I'm so, so happy about that.

I'm gonna give it one cut across. Look at this gorgeous slice. It's so moist and delicious. So excited about it. Now I get to add a grilled peach. I'm gonna pick this one. It's the prettiest. So pretty. And then I'm gonna do a nicedollop of whipped cream on top.

Maybe two. Oh my gosh. Okay, let see. (whistle music) I always get whipped cream everywhere. That was just the perfect, perfect bite. It had everything I wanted. The cake, the combo of the olive oil and Sir Kensington's Avocado Oil Mayo.

Those two flavors combined are giving you such a beautiful taste as well as just themost moist cake possible along with the crispiest bottom and sides. So happy. We've got grilled peaches. Those little grill marksare caramelized, sweet. And then there's whipped cream and no one's ever complainedabout whipped cream.

If you want this recipe,it's at I hope you make it. I have to go eat all of this because I forgot to invite anyone over. (laughs) Bye. (upbeat music)


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