How we teach you how to make fried fishtacos today with a Cajun Mayo corn salsa and avocado mousse and then there wasred snap we're gonna fillet this fish nice incision that way when a fillet itcomes off nice and easy which is close to that bone as you humanly possibly can you take it out foreign so now I'm going to cut intostrips cut this piece off nice size strips remembering when we breadthese up that they will get bigger with the fry remember also on this size of your fish willdictate how long it takes to cook your fish that's a good thing to rememberit's a fish going in here.

Now we're going on to our marinade take a cup of hot sauce a cup ofDijon mustard oh I love hot sauce two tablespoons of Cajun seasoning we'regonna mix this up I look good this is our dry mix we got one cup of cornstarch inone and a half cups all-purpose flour go nice and easy one and a half cups oneand a half tablespoons of Cajun seasoning and then we got some salt andpepper going in there as well a couple paintches salt andpepper nice and easy easy so we're gonna add two eggs to our wet mix now it's on to our aioli the one eggyolk absolutely not doing that now.

Got my egg yolk going in there youwant to get a little juice going Juiced nice and beautiful so go ahead andstart getting your egg yolks a little foamy and then we're gonna do one cup of olive oil so I'm getting my emulsification to happen in here see it's starting to thicken up therefinishing this bad boy oh and there we go look at that oh I want three cloves of garlic Mash in a pool oh so it's almost like a paste I'm gonna rug a half a tablespoon of Cajunseasoning quarter tablespoon of garlic salt.

Going in here garlic salt yep and then Ihave three tablespoons of hot sauce a little fresh cracked black peppergoing in there a little bit of salt now we're going to take our avocado cut down tothe seed and just let the knife keep going around before you know it you'll end up at the other side two avocados take a spoon and I want you torub it right against the skin and just get that avocado to come out nice and easy justlike this so I'm gonna cut them in half just to make them easier to bloom all rightwe got half a cup of chili sauce all right this is a couple tablespoonsolive oil now it's time to blend .

It needs a little salt here we go so I'm gonna go ahead and turn on my grill now so I'm gonna put this inside of a Piping Bag so I'm gonna use a whole bell pepper so I'm goingto cut the top off of it some Act Right some don't act right your knife needs to be sharp cut thebottom off give me a nice little slit open it up we'll just cut into a piece right there so we'regoing to want to take the inside out this little rib right here so I'm going to slice it outwith my knife against the right against it cut it on the flesh side it'll give you aneasier more crisp remember you don't need the back of your knife at all you see the fronthalf of your knife cutting through the pepper.

See my grill is hot when I put my corn on simple all right here we go put my red peppers in herenow I'm going to cut my onion onions always take the top off of your tomato put a piece of the bottom off now you're going to slice it okay yeah okay yeah yeah and we're going todice it one way back the other very simple all right I'm gonna add a little cilantroand parsley to this about a quarter cup each.

Go my corn is grilling fantasticallynow all I need to do is cut up my herbs well the cumin salt pepper all wegotta do now is wait on our corn so we're chipping on this Romaine one thingthat's smart to do take the bottom out cut out the middle a littlebit it's very hard to follow all right let that core sit righthere so now I can actually roll it up it's just a knot nice ribbon cut that off nice and simple there you go I am going to lightly toast off my tortillas two seconds itwon't take long press them down.

Got the bottom off my corn stand it upjust gonna shave right on down there simple nice and fresh adding somethingdifferent another element to our salsa all right so one little element I like to addto my tacos have you ever had fried Capers before this will get loud because thereis moisture inside of it but don't worry don't know they're done or you don'thear the sound anymore one of the keys of probably Capers is cool them offcorrectly not on top of each other so now we're going to fry our fish off very simpleprocess keep one hand wet and one hand dry holding your fish fully nice coating on thereyou want to get it fully covered dredged ready to go to work so justtry to cover up any color you see on.

It but then you want to knock thatexcess flour and stuff off almost there fish is finished take this fish outto the right on the train this is what I want your fish to come out looking like first thing I wantto do is put a little bit of my Asian Mayo down I'm gonna put them on my taco modes Ihave my fish going right down putting that shifting outof lettuce on there a little bit of My Salsa now I have my avocado mousse going on the other little fried capers.

and we pan fried fish tacos blue team


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