Hunter Hunter is back and with a violent display to boot it didn't pull any punches jumping right into the events that had started in chapter 390. sure it's exciting to start off with some heads being blown off but it can be a bit confusing seeing as we haven't had a chapter in such a long time so before we get into what's happening now let's take.

A moment to remember what happened previously I'm sure we all need the refresher let's dive in previously henrig began duffno working for the XI Yu family announced to his team that they would be starting a feud to crush rival family hiale their family is headed by Morena nasubi the current ruler of kakin Empire's mistress so not.

Only should she be uninvolved considering the battle is meant to be between the princes trying to win the succession but she's also known for using underhanded tactics as Lynch and zakuro are told to question a man at the bar clearly looking out for the highly family they're immediately attacked meanwhile the story switches over to.

Their boss henrig goes after an unnamed woman from the high Lee group offering to spare her life so long as she leads him to her boss unfortunately she's able to get away due to a loophole Marina didn't register them as members of the mafia so they're considered civilians who will be defended by the military if fighting goes on for more than five.

Minutes if you consider how many people even civilians could be able to use nen and the Damage that could be caused in just five minutes I feel like they're asking for lots of death on the ship but anyway that's not my call to make sakuro using his blood manipulation technique called it's a bloody small world counters the member from the Ohio League.

While his partner Lynch uses her power to question him by beating his inner voice out of him her technique is an emission type called Body and Soul now I know it sounds strange but literally every time she hits the person they're forced to reveal their inner thoughts to her so even someone who wouldn't break under torture wouldn't have a choice but.

To fess up everything they know it's pretty useful and could come more in handy if perhaps she were an investigator but oh well but because of the loophole mentioned earlier henrig pulls them both away and says it's over we're going back the military tells them the confrontation can be ignored this time because it wasn't self-defense but.

If they returned to tier 3 of the ship they'll be arrested on site at that Henrik thanks them and offers them bribe money for their trouble of course that's not all it is if the highly family is allowed to play dirty so are they as he begins to leave having touched their guns to emphasize that they won't need to be used they suddenly turn into.

Snakes and fire themselves at the two military guards blowing their brains out that's why and how the new chapter begins with that same violent shot that no pun intended before that it might be good to check out hinrig's profile he's a conjurer and the underboss of the shiyu family his ability is called All Creatures Great and Small biohazard what.

This means is that he can turn any weapon or equipment he touches into an animal under his control but it can still do the same thing it did as an inanimate object simple enough right oh and the benefactor for his group is Zhang Li the third Prince of the kakin Empire let's move forward now the dub double shots and deaths leave everyone.

Around shocked by the sudden violence wondering what happened out of nowhere especially since it looks like the two men decided to kill each other while the people hurry to find more soldiers and medical help henrig tells his two teammates that they need to focus on their real goal locating hisoka since that's what was asked of them Henry does.

Point out however that they shouldn't make any moves against him if they find him first that sounds like a pretty kind thing for a team leader to say or maybe he knows how tough it would be for anyone regardless of their net abilities to take hisoka down besides Henrik also has his own goal involving getting his hands on more highly members and finding.

That mystery woman that got away earlier but before we get into more exciting confrontations don't forget to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on and smash that like button if you want more Hunter Hunter content from us Lynch hands akuro go down a quiet Hall preparing and searching for anyone they can find the blood inside zakuro's IV.

Bags which he uses for his net ability is splattered on the nearby wall but then it begins to move as if pulled by something like a magnet walking on its own it moves down the hall and up to the ceiling with Lynch commenting about how gross it is to be fair it could be cute if it had faces but just seeing droplets of blood moving across walls and.

Ceilings is kind of freaky or so I thought as Lynch takes one of them feeling bad about what they said they inspect the drop feeling even more disgusted it turns out they actually have eyes on them she also squishes it between her fingers dissipating it but the droplet still goes back to its original form and of course Lynch.

Continues to say ew considering that it can reform itself it would be hard to fully destroy them since they're both sentient and liquid Lynch asks zakuro how someone could kill a droplet which makes him perplexed why would anyone want to kill them those are parts of him kind of like his babies so it makes sense that it would be an odd question.

For him who created them in the first place regardless he reveals to us that the nen in the droplets runs out after 30 to 40 minutes which then makes them turn back into normal blood drops as if ignoring that response Lynch points out that the plan is for him to find a shady guy with his ability and then she would punch him until they know if they're.

Hiding something apparently that's their usual plan so zakuro seems unimpressed by it or at least wanting to switch it up a bit I guess back to henrig we see him walking through a crowd of people down a hall as he looks around we're shown that he has pigeons around him helping him scout out the large area for the most part people look busy and like.

They're not hiding anything he walks silently through the people no one commenting on his pigeons which is interesting I'd certainly walk up to him and ask if I could pet one eventually he sees a group that seemed like tourists smiling and taking pictures of each other this gives hinrig the idea to ask a guard for some help the guard asked.

The people if he can see their photos Henrik likely looking for either highly members or any hints of hisoka hiding out unfortunately the first photos seem perfectly normal he continues on with his hunt though asking other people next eventually an older couple shares their footage on a camcorder and at last there's some hope the mystery woman is.

In the background of one of their shots walking down a dark Hall henrig admits that he wanted to check the area leading to the general passenger area because it's the only way that connects the two sections either way he has no choice but to continue on with his plan because he needs to identify the 23 members of morena's group The Hialeah family with.

That in mind he takes the camera from the couple offering them some money in exchange for it and also in case it gets damaged for any reason you never know when he's facing other nen users for safety purposes he transforms the camcorder into a spotted cat but also uses it as a subtle means for recording anything he might see that looks.

Suspicious since it retains the same function as the machine it used to be following the order the kitty makes its way to a wide open area where a beautiful statue was displayed in the center it places itself exactly where the couple had been when they pose together and it stares at the hall recording any and all movement even with.

That in place Henrik has little confidence in all the members gathering in that one area he even reminds us that the thug of a fourth Prince is gone which makes the Hialeah free to do more than they could previously another thought strikes him what if they're planning a rebellion from the second class which has a lot of resentment.

Towards the higher classes hinrig points out that it wouldn't make sense considering this senseless Massacre is some kind of training from the side some people discuss him knowing exactly who he is and that he worked for the shiyu family we don't see their faces right away as we get a good view of them we're not given any names or a sense of how.

Strong they might be however one of them is annoyed that henrig is on his own and clearly underestimating them one of the other guys says that henrig's end is stretched to a five meter radius so if they step anywhere near that he'll immediately notice at that the last dude announces he'll trigger it first and provide a distraction while the other.

Two finish hinrig off they continue to discuss the plan saying how it's very straightforward but at the same time telling us that if they flash their pieces it will not only grab his attention but if they succeed they'd be getting a level boost of 10 from his death of course they can't agree on who gets the Boost and how to split it.

Already trying to plan for an outcome that's not assured but you know how some people can be eventually they decide to let the boss make the choices on who gets what since it's her power that allows for it in the first place the guy who was planning to go in first admits he doesn't care what happens after as long as he can get the kill easier said.

Than done and finally we're given names to the faces after much longer than needed pad we is a conjurer he's a demolition laborer and he's level 29. Karol is a level 22 mechanic who uses emitting techniques and devarai is a level 24 civil engineer enhancer good to see we've got some variety among them at least how do we says I always like to.

Imagine that I could be reborn as a living weapon with that statement he conjures a weapon from within turning his hand into something like a larger and sharper ax than we're normally used to it might also be combined with a hammer for extra Effectiveness as we see it how do we talks about how much he loves the feeling of killing and blood.

And it's revealed that his technique is called Lethal Weapon disorder and it was made possible for him to feel it directly through a weapon while becoming one with it because of his boss Morena because of that he's focused on doing what she asks and also continuing to feel those things through accomplishing the tasks Mr weapon hand walks towards.

Hinrich who still has his pigeons flying around him by the way and as mentioned if anyone gets within five meters he'll know which is exactly what happens as even before padui swings he's aware of him suddenly a handcuff latches around padui's weapon hand surprising him when the other part of it is one of the pigeon friends henrig had nearby with a.

Confident look Henrik says did you think a power like that would help the other part of the pigeon reverts to its original form handcuffs trapping padui's hands behind him with the metal cuffs not even trying to attack Henrik tells the other two to come at him as well so they can be done with this and even go so far as saying may as well call your.

Back up too ominously he reminds them there's still many pigeons around for him to use against them and none of us have any idea what form they were before his power changed them at that Corolla and devarai take their guns out getting ready for the confrontation without hesitation they start shooting off their guns aiming partly at the pigeons around.

Hinrich and the rest at the man directly at that he can't help but laugh sure they look alive now but they're handcuffs but not just that they're reinforced with henrig's net due to their minor distraction padui was able to cut himself free of the cuffs and rushes towards Henrik with a blatantly shocked expression hinrig's eyes bulge.

And he raises his hand to try and avert the attack having turned his weapon into a drill how do we manages to break through hinrig's hand trying to attack more deadly areas although I and all us other readers were given the information beforehand Henrik didn't know padawi could change into any weapon he wants not just that hammer ax thing he had.

Before with a psychotic grin how do we ignores him and says there are many ways to die Different Strokes for different folks in other words he can kill him or anyone else in any way he likes using a different weapon each time but Hinrich isn't just going to allow that he kicks at padui's Lex which he isn't focusing on since he's using his hand weapon to.

Attack as he loses his balance Henrik gets another pigeon cuff attached to padu's leg dragging it backwards to Cuff to his non-weaponized hand curiously or confidently I can't tell by his Blank Stare Henrik asks him what he'll do now unfortunately for padui the two other men start backing away from the fight not wanting to pursue Henrik anymore but.

Padui is too involved overcome with the need to continue fighting and probably trying to win he decides he'll free himself if he needs to and figures he can chop off the handcuffs with his accent but instead hinrig is behind him pushing the ax to the back of his head forcing it against his neck with a devious smile he says not everyone gets.

To be both predator and prey all padawi can respond to that is uh as his eyes bleed and life begins to drain from his body the fight and of course the death starts to draw a crowd Henrik complains that he was trying to keep a low profile which is now not possible he thinks to himself that he's leaving the rest of Misha now while the two men with padui.

Rush off to report what happened to their boss Morena they can both report about how dangerous he is as well as his pigeons and their usage the final text reads Henrik kills two birds with one stone what domination and I have to agree he did so well just on his own and using some minor investigative skills just a note though I believe Misha is.

Referring to the cat that Henrik created from the camcorder he borrowed if it's not that then it's someone we haven't met yet and we'll get to know very soon but in terms of logic it seems like the Perpetual recording device watching the hall for the mystery woman would be a candidate for who henrig is relying on no anyway that's all we have for now.

What did you think of the chapter do you think henrig Will Survive another fight with members of the highly family do you think hisoka has been discovered yet by zarako and Lynch let us know in the comments below as always I'm Jack Stansbury thanks for watching and have a great day