you may be wondering where the coconut pecan frosting went for this german chocolate bundt cake well guess what it's a secret and it's hiding out right in the center and you won't believe how easy it is to make just watch i'm greg and you're watching the slice this unique take on german chocolate cake.

Flips the script on the classic the frosting becomes a surprise filling inside preheat your oven to 350 degrees spread one cup pecans onto a rimmed baking sheet in a single layer and toast until nutty and fragrant these toasted pecans are now cooled and you can see they've darkened.

Beautifully and in this case we want to give this a very fine chop since this is going to be folded into our frosting filling it's important not to have any big chunks you could certainly do this in a food processor i like to do just about as much as i possibly can by.

Hand as you know if you've been watching this series and wow you really get the fragrance of them as you chop them here that's looking pretty good so we can set these aside and now it's time to cook our filling in a saucepan stir together one cup sweetened cream of coconut one and a.

Quarter cups shredded unsweetened coconut and two tablespoons of flour we want this to come to a boil and we need to activate that flour that flour is what's going to help keep this filling homogenous and together as it sinks down into our gorgeous chocolate cake i'm going to actually crank this up you really want this to come to a boil you.

Can see that's happening very fast like i said it's easy easy easy and those chopped nuts can go in see how many i spill i'm really good at that game and all that nut dust there i want too that's a lot of flavor in that okay.

Give that a quick stir that is done see how that's tightened up and it's mounting and holding its shape you can turn that off now and we want this to cool down completely before we use it so i'm going to transfer it out of this pot and into a bowl scrape out every last.

Bit of that beautiful filling yum i could just eat that with a spoon but i guess i have to use it later so hold tight on this and then we'll make the cake batter up but first we have to prepare our pan so you can use softened or melted butter.

And brush it all in the insides of the pan all the way to the very top because this cake is going to rise quite a bit as it bakes you should also have your oven preheating at this point you certainly don't want to have batter sitting around in a pan while you're waiting for your oven to get hot i can hear mine now.

Doing its thing very important too when you're prepping a pan like this no clumps of butter any butter clumps are going to leave holes in your cake and they're not so attractive so just a thin film in every nook and cranny now the flour you might be wondering why flour.

Instead of cocoa powder for a chocolate cake there's a very important reason in this case and it's really only aesthetic but these are the things that we care about at martha we wanted a nice contrast with the dark chocolate glaze that goes over the finished cake so if you use flour you have a.

Lighter colored chocolate cake to contrast with the dark fudgy ganache frosting and same with the flower just really bang it out you don't want any excess flour disrupting your beautiful cake so that's ready to go and now for the batter stir together two tablespoons.

Distilled white vinegar and three quarters cup room temperature milk you could certainly use buttermilk i never have it so i always just make my own it's the same concept this needs to sit for about five minutes until it thickens and curdles you can see it's already starting to happen but in the meantime we can combine our dry ingredients whisk.

Together two cups unbleached all-purpose flour three tablespoons of dutch processed cocoa powder one and a quarter teaspoons kosher salt and one teaspoon of baking soda baking soda is going to react with the acidity in our soured milk and we're just whisking these vigorously for about 20 to 30 seconds you really.

Want to aerate this flour mixture and combine everything evenly we used to do this with a sieve or a sifter but we changed to whisking several years ago in the test kitchen we found that this was an easier and more effective way to do it.

Sometimes cocoa powder can tend to clump a little bit particularly if you're in a slightly humid environment so that's another reason to very thoroughly whisk this that is looking good now for the mixer i'm using a stand mixer but if you're old school and you have the handheld with the beaters that works just as well and it's a little.

Cold in here today so i want to really make sure that butter is soft the machine will actually soften the butter more and in this case it's particularly important because you want a really light fluffy aerated batter so that the filling sinks into the middle combine one and a half sticks of unsalted butter.

At room temperature with one and a quarter cups sugar on medium speed until pale and fluffy that'll take about two to three minutes now this is a good moment to show you see how this butter is sort of clumpy right now this butter and sugar mixture that's because it is a little cold but it will incorporate it.

Will get paler in color and probably about double in volume whenever you're mixing a rubber spatula like this is your best friend scrape everything back into the bottom of the bowl because we want all of it to be thoroughly incorporated for the cake and we'll just carry on doing this this could take one minute five minutes it.

Really just depends on the speed and power of your mixer and also the temperature of your ingredients okay and then with the motor on medium low speed i'm going to add the eggs one at a time you don't want to add them all at once and i'm notorious for getting shell into everything so i always like to crack the.

Egg into a bowl first and then dump it into your machine and that way you're just taking that extra step to ensure that you're not gonna leave a surprise crunchy bite for anybody in your cake so let that first egg incorporate and tip in the next one.

And the last then beat in two teaspoons of pure vanilla extract and then the flour mixture is going to alternate with the soured milk and let me just show you how that has see how that's gotten nice and thick oh yeah.

Spoon a little bit at a time otherwise it's going to fly up into your face you should be on a medium-low speed here we also don't want to over beat this batter once the flour mixture is in that can inhibit rise okay tap that last bit in and i like to scrape down one more time.

Here oh i forgot the the buttermilk it's a-okay it'll still work just beautifully watch do this in batches if you're less forgetful than i am okay that'll be just fine now what i'm going to do is i want to really scrape down this paddle so i'm actually going to take it off for.

A second it's much easier that way i can anchor it better with my hands and again scrape down the side of the bowl all the way to the bottom because you can see there's unmixed butter mixture down at the very bottom there every stand mixer in the world does this i don't know why.

One of life's mysteries and then one more ingredient to go in of course that cocoa powder only gets us halfway to a chocolatey realness some melted and cool chocolate will get us all the way there feed in five ounces melted semi-sweet chocolate use my.

Scraper again get all of that out of the bowl oh yeah now that is a beautiful beautiful looking batter now we get to build and bake the batter is beautiful and fluffy and light we have our prepared pan and our cooled coconut pecan filling.

So let's get this batter in first you could certainly spoon this in i'm living on the edge as i like to do and just eyeball it once it's in the bundt pan just take your time get every last drop in there you can use your offset spatula to uh.

Flatten just like that and now the channel of frosting i love these ice cream scoops for this you could use two spoons the key is you really want the filling evenly distributed in a ring all the way.

Around the top center of that batter and as the bundt cake is in the oven it's going to bake up around that filling and the filling is going to sink right to the middle it's important that you keep that border of batter around the outside and center tube of the pan so that all of your filling is right.

There in the middle of the cake like a wonderful surprise when you cut into it now this bad boy is ready for the oven don't forget to set your timer let cool in the pan set on a wire rack for 20 minutes then invert the cake and let it cool completely our cake is cooled and ready to be.

Glazed and since this is chocolate on chocolate on chocolate we're going to glaze with what is a ganache and ganache may seem fancy sounding but really just good quality chocolate.

And heavy cream if you have a really good melting chocolate or coverture chocolate is the very best used by the pros that's what you want here you do not want to use chocolate chips or other kinds of chocolates that have waxes and gums and stabilizers in them because that's not going to give you that.

Luscious smooth portable ganache icing that we're looking for okay and i like to just lift this up with a bench scraper it makes it really fast and easy we're not actually cooking the chocolate good quality dark chocolate like this has a fairly low melting point so just.

The scalding hot cream is enough and a little bit of time is all it takes to make it happen so watch we pour that cream right over this isn't looking like much just yet gently stir working from the center why are we stirring here and not whisking for something like this if you whisk it you're going to incorporate air and that.

Air could create bubbles on your icing when it sets and it's not so attractive so for the sake of beauty which is important we eat with our eyes first just gently stir it and it's like magic look at that there it goes and just the heat of that cream was.

Enough to give this chocolate a melt now depending on the temperature of your cream and the kitchen you may need to let this sit for a minute or two or even up to 10 minutes this wants to be pourable but not too loose or it's just all gonna run right off your cake now if you're a.

Novice ganache pourer you could transfer this into a wet measure or other cup with a spout but that's just another dish for me to wash so i'm going to pour right from the bowl starting from one end just pour right over the top center and all the way around working quickly.

Scrape all that excess out of the bowl we don't want to waste any of this ganache and you can shake it you can pound it see that it all just smoothed out beautifully just like that not hard so tasty can't wait but first before we.

Cut into it we want this ganache frosting to set a bit 30 minutes if you can wait that long you could certainly leave it for several hours i'm just going to walk away from it or i'll be too tempted our gorgeous ganache icing is set and it's time.

For the big reveal are you ready i like to use a serrated knife here i find you get cleaner cuts and i always wipe my knife between every slice that just ensures that you get the cleanest possible piece of cake on every single plate oh yeah what more could you want in a cake we.

Have chewy sweet coconut crunchy pecans and a tender rich chocolatey cake with that luscious silky icing on top you are definitely going to want to make this one at home i promise wow.