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Deku Breaks Time and Reality! His Final Quirk Revealed! – My Hero Academia Chapter 368


This week continues the very anticipated Deku vs shikaraki fight and at long last we get information on the second user Square there is a lot of good stuff in the chapter so let's dive into chapter 368 of my hero Academia titled one for all Unleashed right away we are still in the UA floating Fortress after controlling his heart and focusing his.

Rage Deku asks if shikaraki is still in shigaraki all for one his expression is determined which shows a different side of Deku I must admit his new look has really grown on me his scarf writes around his neck reminds me of azawa hopefully that's intentional Muriel is beside him but is confused by deku's question the monster that Asian Rocky.

Offer one then answers Deku he tells the young hero that he shigaraki is no more however this simply isn't true a few chapters back we suddenly brief from versions of tenko within shigaraki's Consciousness that alone proves he hasn't fully murdered shigarak heel for one is merely bluffing after all he is still fighting Court glass he wouldn't.

Want another handicap on top of that either way is important despite his intense anger he probably still wants to save tenko maybe rescuing tanko will involve separating him from shigaraki and all for one Speaking of tenko he is seen inside shigaraki's Consciousness there we see how tormented he looks tenko's.

Face has not changed at all it is the same broken down boy we saw in chapter 361. there is a difference though instead of being surrounded by fingers tenko is in all for one's grasp it looks like he's trying to break free from All For One all the while the cork stealing villain seems to be trying to become one with tenko which makes sense if he is.

Able to fully absorb this Rogue part of stick Rocky the new merge entity would be unstoppable stopping that merge should be a priority for the heroes but as we see tanko and all for one she could rock it all for one lies he says it too it fully merged not only that but all for one is the one in control then he tells Deku don't think you're getting.

A happy ending is this foreshadowing right now Deku is making a dent in shigaraki all for one's armor but this is the biggest fight I doubt we will come to a resolution so soon maybe there will be another twist that says the heroes back again despite shigaraki all for one's harsh words Deku was undeterred the villain's words mean.

Nothing to him like so many others have told Deca before he needs to focus his anger he cannot give in to the rage like he did last war that being said mirio does disagree with shikaraka for one he remembers a split from earlier it was uncharacteristic of shigaraki in fact Mira describes chicken Rocky's reaction as that of a child throwing a fish his.

Response was unlike Rocky or offer one so clearly she could rock you for one hasn't fully merged which means there is still a chance to say Denko Muriel goes on to say that the more stressed sugar I can offer one experience the less daily he was again it's a true statement recently shikarakyo from one did lose control.

When bakugou was blitzing him perhaps she could rock you all for one being unstable means his finger armor is in his final form personally I'm hoping we've seen several other Transformations he is the poster child for the Doomsday Theory so seeing his body become you men were further that point but let's get back to the chapter Sega Rocky out for.

One isn't impressed by murio's speech he doesn't even look bothered meanwhile Deku does look a bit shocked it's likely he believes he was too late to help tenko all for one himself was even being on Deku making that assumption then Shimmer and Anna appears behind Deku I will say it is good to see her again orikoshi always draws her so amazingly.

And thankfully she isn't just here for decoration she notices a face Melt from shikaraki's hand unfortunately it is familiar to her then goes dad makes an appearance yet again as a meat puppet this fleshy mimic looks like Shimmer and Anna before she calls her to Deku she confirms that shiguraki is still inside shigurakio for one too right after she.

Tells Deku shiguration for one goes into attack the smash is enough to damage the ground around them though Deku is unaffected by it neither party seems to really take damage so this may end up as a battle of stamina even if Deku and shigarakao for one don't get hurt eventually someone will run out of steam however that may not be Chicago for one.

Immediately after hitting Deco with a smash he leaps into the air once again he forces enough to damage the battlefield actually it goes beyond that she could rock you over one's jump cause of the floating UA Fortress to literally Shake we see the momentum has also affected others underneath several people react to each other movement.

However hatsume is unresponsive she's too focused on fixing something maybe more plates for the arena at this rate it is possible shikiraki Al for one could destroy the battlefield before Deku can defeat him but hopefully that isn't the case considering I think the Fortress is a really interesting backdrop after leaping to the air she.

Could rock you out for one's arm grows insanely large as he Source towards Deku the villain exclaims enough talk I'm taking back my brother's Quirk bold words coming from a man covered in fingers either way it's obvious shikarak you all for one is frustrated that could receive a head-on attack yet remained uninjured it is not something she could.

Rock you all for one anticipated after all that whose body was more Fragile the last time they fought now he is just as sturdy as shigaraki in fact Deku tanks another hit which is a feat the attack itself caused massive damage around them it even destroyed the reinforced plating plus it caused the crater shigaraki all for one is giving his all right now to.

Wound yet that may not be enough regardless of the insanely powerful smash beku is just fine then the young hero says that it is all for one who won't have a happy ending despite his face being covered by the blackbook scarf we can see the determination coming from deku's eyes he is just as desperate to win as all for one that.

Aside Deku also debuts a new technique the chicken Rocky offer one in range beku combines black whip with fajin truthfully I have been waiting for this moment with so many quirks it was a no-brainer deck would integrate them together but with this merge comes a totally new ability using both Quirk causes black whip to function more like.

A chain it wraps around shikarakial for one's arm it can't just be me but the panel reminds me by zao's capture weapon which is a nice touch it just goes to show that we are all mosaics of our loved ones Deku manages to use blockchain and throw shigaraka all for one and I must say it is refreshing to see sugar Rocky take.

Some damage or at least be Ragdoll himself up until Deccan showed up he had been an absolute Menace unfortunately this does not last long shigaraki is able to break free he then tells Deku I won't fall for the same move again it just goes to show that regardless of the situation she could rock you all for one we'll talk trash honestly I was hoping.

This would be the moment she could rock it out for one would start to get hurt but I suppose that is yet to come even if he stopped black chain there's still the issue of Deku he's a Powerhouse now and can keep up which wasn't something she could rock you all for one prepared for his goal was to unnerve Deku enough for a rematch in the last war thankfully.

That isn't the case at all instead it seems like she could Rocky and Z1 losing his cool on the topic of that the second user appears behind Deku before we jump into that I gotta say the panel is amazing we see this overpowered pupilus Deku with energy surging around him and Beyond that this young hero is none other than a one for all holder.

Regardless though he does tell Deku something rather important save my Quirk for last why does he say this because if they don't defeat Chicago for one in the next five minutes they are doomed when I first saw the leaks I thought it may have been related to shigarako for one but now I do not think that is the case the time limit must be related to the.

Second squirk which we'll get to shortly he did tell beku would have change within one for all so maybe five minutes is he limit for its use whilst II also said his court can be devastating if not used correctly could the time limit be how long Deku can use his seconds power before it's debilitating hopefully we'll find out soon although Deku isn't.

Waiting to find out about the five minute limit he agrees with the second saying that now is the time to end it then we finally learn what the second user's court is sadly it has nothing to do with light beams fun Theory but at least the Quirk has been revealed that who touches his own hand as he calls out second transmission just as he says that.

Shikiraki also 1 is hit by an unseen Force the hit sends him Airborne which means it was from Deku yet he moved so fast it was invisible to the ultimate Evil this is the power of the second Square the speed is what originally triggered shikarako for one bakugou may not have moved as fast but it was quick enough to throw shigaraki off and now we.

Are seeing that speed although this court does explain these seconds Gauntlet Cannon it's likely he manipulated the speed of the beam itself maybe it was an early support item because of that but at last Deku takes it into high gear pun intended he begins to punching rocket off for one with different gears for each punch it goes.

From second to third to Top Gear and of course the concept of Gears themselves makes me think of Luffy that being said there is a mechanism for this ability there are several modes for this Quirk which makes me wonder what it was originally was it simply a quirk that manipulated speed with touch or the second also have gears his Quirk has.

Been something I thought about a lot so I'm hoping we get a flashback soon showing exactly how it has changed but man wrong the punches Decker delivers immobilized shigaraki all he can do is take the damage it is even enough to sweep him off his feet all while energy surges around Deku once again it is a rather satisfying moment to see Shake a.

Rocky put in his place although that isn't all Deku does the impact of his Relentless attacks causes both hero and villain to become airborne not only that but it breaks the platform they were on beku has had so much growth from the last war he didn't dream of fighting sugar Rocky Toe to Toe like this and yet here he is on the ground Muriel can only.

Watch as Deku continues to smack around Chicago for one however he does make an interesting observation Deku is moving so fast that the sounds of his punches are delayed he is now faster than the speed of sound which says a whole lot this pyro for Deku is a game changer for the heroes following the theme shigaraki also costs up blood the injury does.

Confuse him he wonders how Deku could possibly hurt him and where he is now it's an uncharacteristic moment of worry which shows his fight may be physical and mental shigaraki l41 also realizes that deku's aura is different from fajin this combined with his inhuman speed causes a villain to put it all together but just before he does the second.

Appears again he explains that things are different now they can defeat All For One then we get a clear explanation of these seconds work it's a meta ability that allows the user to change his speed of whatever they touch it kind of reminds me of a flash in a way at least the quickness does now to say I will never Tire of the comic book.

References they're like Easter eggs and you know funny enough there is a video on this channel we made it a while ago we're predicted the future quirks of one for all and one of them happened to be a speed Quirk a super speed Quirk so I guess we're right that being said as Deku and Rocky soar through the air that could prepares to use gear.

Shift overdrive the raw power of it sends Deku flying above sugar Rocky offer one along with streaks of energy around Deku meanwhile she could rock you all for one is still stunned by The Barrage of attack attacks he hasn't had the time to think or defend himself it's obvious that by using transmission Deku wants to wear the villain down though.

The seconds Quirk isn't the final reveal a beautiful two-page spread acknowledges that Deku has gone plus Ultra well actually it shows the hero is beyond 100 with a combo of his quirks Deku has reached 120 percent big news because Deku could only manage 45 for a very long time but just as this realization comes the first.

User yoichi manifests he speaks to his brother all for one telling him that today is the day they finally stop him then Deku delivers a massive Detroit smash its impacts matches sugar Rocky into the ground and unleashes a burst of energy sadly this Izzy Cliffhanger we end off on this week but good news there is not a break fingers crossed we get to.

See shikaraka's reaction to this attack next week and listen now that we actually know it what do you guys think about the second user's Quirk are you impressed are you disappointed let us know in the comments down below as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.