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Deku DESTROYS His Dad’s Plans In Front of The Entire World


Chapter 384 of my hero Academia titled It's a Small World kicks off with the mighty giganto Makia releasing a deep guttural cry as he rushes forward with yet another mountain-sized landmass in his clutches protecting this big Behemoth was Mount lady with a brand new huge support item Mount lady is unironically one of my favorite.

Characters in the series in the beginning she seems to be just another influencer riding a trend in this case being a hero but at this point we've seen her get down and dirtier than most others just being a hero at all these days is impressive enough a flying tokoyami with Hawks on his back would point out how risky this plan to have.

Shinso brainwashing onto machia really is but despite the risk Hawks and the others figured it was worth betting on all for one who at this point has been turned into a teenager would resist his attempt to take him down faking to himself all for one wasn't sure how oyama's family was able to trick him until now the answer was shinso and his.

Court brainwashing now here's where things get a little silly here we see Hawks for some reason is absolutely flabbergasted he knows that Shinto's brainwashing will wear off if Makia gets hit hard enough all for one would admit that manipulating others with the power of quirks is exactly what a Villain Like Him would do and would you believe it.

All for one's first and only attempt to hit the big guy would easily land he blasted straight past Mount lady like she was nothing now smoldering from the attack gigantom machia whose eyes were currently shielded by the visor from his mole Quirk would confirm the identity of his master by way of smell he'd strongly Express how he'd been waiting for all.

For one's return as two truck-sized tears would fall from his covered eyes despairingly Maki would ask his master why did you abandon me this caught all for one off guard obviously he doesn't have the time to be this rock Monster's therapist Hawks didn't expect this either wondering if shin-so was forcing Makia to speak but that's not possible.

Since he hasn't had a chance to redo the brainwashing with a brief flashback we see all for one built like a Roblox character talking to the Shaquille O'Neal of the furry community that is giganto Makia the Demon Lord in a very sweet tone would explain to Makia that he needs to go into hiding but in due time his successor shigaraki would come.

Looking for him the memory of all for one's words that leaving Makia broke his heart to Pieces made the Goliath of SOB tears big enough to drown an elephant defiantly he'd yelled that although shigaraki's body was different he still had all for one smell and voice which I'm not sure I understand the issue here Makia would continue on that he trusted.

Offer one's words and awaited a very long time but despite this he was abandoned All For One never came back meanwhile Hiroshima was smoldering too after having protected himself and Shinzo from the hellish onslaught of offer one an impressive defensive feat for sure shinsel would then confirm that giganto Makia is now the only person.

Besides Deku who's managed to resist his brainwashing this is impressive too but considering Makia can handle as many quirks as he does despite never having his body be modified it shouldn't be too unbelievable Shinto would also reveal that even when he was controlling Makia the Titan never stopped crying and muttering about being betrayed so.

Although his hold wasn't that strong Shin so was willing to go through the plan but betting on makia's anger at this point he's just a safety precaution all for one's glare would be strong a trembling shinso would mention how plenty of people say that he acts like a villain but in reality his Quirk has no control over what goes on in someone's.

Heart at all and seeing that even giganto Makia turned against him Hawks would pretty much tell all for one that nobody likes him as our three legendary Giants would rush toward the fiend hoping to somehow keep him busy enough for Aries power to work its magic and turn him into nothing giganto Maki would go from a loyal dog to a filthy rat as.

They all unleash their vicious attacks shifting scenes we'd have a news helicopter hovering over the city as the occupants spoke about having their most expensive camera for its long range Zoom the camera person would question if their co-worker has lost their mind after all flying in a historic storm that's even being felt in the United.

States is pretty crazy but she turned this question back around before admitting that it's just something they have to do as a reporter and I feel like only the most hardcore might hear Academia fans will be able to recognize her so let me know and while you think on that she think back to her co-workers showing her something in the present.

She'd mentioned how Rogue Deku was actually a UA student all along with the visuals of gentle's livestream she thought he looked familiar and went through some of her old footage and that's when she remembered meeting him briefly at the sports festival did you remember back then Deku was really timid so to see a transformation in just a.

Year's time was a major shock that even brought her to tears everyone's actions are having a ripple effect the actions of the reform villain gentle criminal have begun to change the world which is even Crazier by the end of this chapter we then get a closer look at gentle stream which would be followed by this epic shot of Deku furiously gripping.

Shigaraki's hands which will be followed up by a maniacal shot of shigaraki looking like the Joker clearly enjoying their battle for Supremacy but listen for as insane as going out into a storm like this might be these guys weren't the only ones who felt the journalistic call to action yet another reporter from the Past who returned to the story as.

She solemnly apologized for placing her co-worker In Harm's Way like this but this heteromorphic cameraman had no complaints since he made the decision himself as a refresher this lady first appeared during the press conference to follow the end of the first war back then she scolded Endeavor and the heroes for their failure doing so especially.

Because her mother was severely injured during giganto makia's Rampage in the present she'd say that this went beyond journalism for her that she felt the need to undo the damage caused this was personal not professional now obviously she didn't help the situation back then but I don't think anyone would say she actually caused much damage but maybe.

You disagree here either way her partner would Express a similar sentiment that they owe this to themselves which this woman knew was the same for everyone fighting that this isn't like when all my thought offer won Deku isn't alone in this battle despite seeing many of their peers quit being a hero after the first war some have decided to continue.

Fighting and no hate but this panel is kinda funny to me and that's because as examples of the heroes that have quit we have a bunch of Silhouettes instead of actual characters the three characters that we do recognize are all super lame and have never actually been relevant yoroi mucho was a number nine hero but we've never seen him do anything we.

Don't even know what his Quirk is he's more designed than character death arms was one of Mount lady's friends but he's just a reoccurring background character that hasn't done anything important and lastly if you recognize this guy you are definitely in the top one percent of my hero Academia fans because he doesn't even have a name at the end of the first.

War raka saw this random guy quit we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here plenty of countries have reported that Japan's done for but there are still many who haven't given up hope and continue to fight that's the story they're here to tell even if it kills them regardless of the weather win or lose they believe that every day the.

World becomes smaller and more connected which is why recording what happens here is so important and just like that we see gentle's viewership Skyrocket from close to 8K all the way up to more than 20K this story needs to be shown to their small world as watching the stream on a tablet will be two young boys one of them would wonder where Japan even is.

And the other would recognize it to be all my's country and these boys were far from the only ones watching closely now there is a lot to dig in here that I don't want you guys to miss we have civilians who lost their homes in the first war we have the number one Egyptian hero salaam from the third movie two kids are looking back towards.

Two adults that are watching the stream there's not much to go off here but these adults might just be all for one civilian sleeper agents that we saw back at UA one deck who returned best believe that they will play a role in due time we'd have star and stripes for my friend Commander agbar watching even the commander-in-chief the president of the.

United States was watching too which could mean that some assistance could be on the way at some point besides some regular civilians we see death arms again watching as always former colleagues fought for their lives and the lives of others and I gotta say it must be really hard to press the Subscribe button when your fingers are.

That big so if you haven't already I'm just assume that you have hands like his we see elect plants and another hero listening to the communications devices in front of Big Ben this guy was there for the first and third my hero Academia movies but fun fact like all might elect plant was only in America temporarily he actually operates in England then.

There's the Shimano siblings from the second movie we've got some random old people Melissa shield from movie one and some guy with a cat deku's efforts won't be all these people see the combined efforts of Japan's Heroes will be sure to make them all the world's greatest heroes but let me know which of these cameos you like the most as always I'm.

Celesteobotaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you foreign.