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Deku Finds Bakugo Dead and Fights All For One Shigaraki! – My Hero Academia Chapter 366


Horikoshi always produces heat after a break and this chapter is no different it has amazing art a funny moment and at long last deku so today we'll be breaking down chapter 366 of my hero academia titled peach right away we are still in the midst of our sugar rocky fight last we saw he was creating meat puppets out of his family.

And although that seemed to be a big deal at the end of the last chapter that has yet to go anywhere in this one the narration begins by stating shakaraki's body will evolve into the most effective form once again we're reminded of garaki's doomsday quirk theory it appears shikaraki is a poster child for this without quirks his body will.

Continue to modify itself to the environment and stimuli i wasn't expecting garaki's theory to be so important now but it does fit the decay villain either way the fleshy clones of his relatives are shigaraki's new fingers it is revealed that they act as a shield for him very fitting considering they were born from.

Chikaraki's own hatred for not being saved he's continuing to take a beating from the heroes mentally and physically i must admit i love this setup he can struggle and be reduced to more of a human status has been an interesting point so far chigaraki has had a big advantage in the fight he has been able to force heroes to fight him even if.

That means miriko running around on all fours that being said the ultimate evil has something up his sleeve before we continue i just gotta say this has been one of my favorite chapters purely due to the art this panel goes hard with that by the way shakaraki devised a way to protect himself at least physically there isn't much he can do about the.

Mental split with tenko anyhow shikaraki develops his ultimate form a mass of fingers protect his face and torso with special attention to the burn back go left in a way the finger helmet reminds me of a knight i'm not sure if that was intentional but it is certainly an intriguing parallel i also just can't get over shigaraki's armor seeing him.

Actually try and counter the heroes goes to show this fight will be extraordinary plus i didn't think we'd see shiguraki have to go on the defensive anyway he's been absolutely mauling the heroes until recently the fact that he has to be somewhat protective means he's tired of this fight may change which it does but we'll guess that later on what matters.

Right now is miracle's resolve despite the bizarre armor shigaraki has created she still rushes him her face shows a crazy expression as she tells the villain she is tired of him miraco's determination is something to be admired unfortunately her stubbornness does not pay off instead of landing a swift kick miraco is hit with a smash by shigaraki.

Truthfully the act itself reminds me of all might in his smash moves last war shigaraki mocked the heroes so i can see this attack as another malicious mimic the love tap sends miracle flying which mirio sees it is a sight that upsets him but to be fair mirio has been going through it recently he is the only hero who can get close to shigaraki yet he.

Lacks the power to damage him it's a miserable affair all around miriah calls out for midiko but it is too late she's gotta be out of the fight for now it's amazing she has held him for so long originally i wouldn't have been surprised if she was out of the fight once she lost her other arm however muruko is seriously a wild card in that.

Respect though the misery for mario does not end there tamaki attempts to take on shigeraki which is a bad idea right now why well just before he meets shigeraki's attack sun eater calls out for mirio then he too receives a smash its force is enough to kick up dirt and debris sadly it does not end there for the big three as much as many of us.

Wanted them to be significant forces in this fight this chapter only disproves that not only is tamaki taken out but so is nedrade she finally got back up in spite of her own stamina being drained for a refresher last we saw of nigeria she was still struggling to get up not to mention she received a torso wound several chapters back so she isn't doing.

So hot but like everyone else there nedra is hell-bent on stalling shikaraki they have to there is no other choice until deco arrives the heroes continue to take l's as nature's assault is in vain mira calls out for her to stop but it is too late shigaraki effortlessly sends her airborne like miraco that isn't all either besides the funky.

Finger armor it appeared sugar rocky has also grown in size maybe his new muscular big form is meant to remind us of spinner's monstrous transformation after all spinner is dedicated to chicago enough that he was willing to alter his own body now it is he decay villain's turn speaking of after he blew away nejere shiguraki turned his back on.

Muriel all the while chicaraki tells a permeation hero he knows just how ineffective he is talk about adding insult to injury we just talked about it but miriam is literally the only hero who can close in on shigaraki and yet he cannot damage him all he can really do is avoid getting hurt and watch his comrades fall in fact we can see exactly.

How set muriel is by all of this he thinks that if it's just him shigaraki won't pay him any mind and from there we see an uncharacteristically upset lamillion muriel curses his own inability to stop shigeraki meanwhile the decay villain continues to gloat he once again tells the heroes to not fix something that is broken after all all.

This action is happening as headshot is giving his life for bakugou will the explosive due to rageness wake up soon only time will tell personally i hope so the heroes need all the help they can get right now on top of that genus may be injured but he isn't out of the fight he charges that shikaraki with his cables the denim hero realizes that.

Shigaraki is protecting his body now but more importantly he asks aloud if this is the villain's final form i like the idea of shiguraki having a final form but i doubt that this is it i think we will see several other forms this may be the apex right now but the apex may have to shift when there is a whole new predator involved as we now know.

Shigaraki represents the doomsday theory seeing him go through multiple evolutions would only bolster that but anyways let's get back to the chapter bashiness prepares a wired cage around chicaraki the million sees this as an opportunity so he uses his cork to assist he is able to land a punch we all know that is simply a love tap to decay.

Villain now as with everything so far it does absolutely nothing to shigaraki he pushes miria off of him and breaks free of the cables he runs towards vaccines as miriam is confronted by the images of his fallen allies nedrae is laying on the grass with blood coming from her head the practically unstoppable bunny hero is in a tree i wasn't expecting her.

To literally be stuck in one but here we are hopefully she isn't dead i don't think anyone is but anything is possible with shigeraki right now meanwhile messiness is still coughing the blood and tamaki can't even stand not to mention his manifestation was broken and is thrown around him it looks like tamaki may be clutching his torso so.

Maybe there is a flesh wound there either way the situation for lomilian looks almost hopeless his expression is nothing but anguish as he thinks back to sir night eye what is being referenced happened quite a few chapters ago so let's have a quick refresher during the overhaul arc a dinosaur knight i told muriel he would be a great hero.

Finally we see that moment well what leads up to that moment as he thinks about his mentor the permeation hero wonders if this is how it truly ends and before we go on i gotta say i have been waiting for this callback to see it happen is certainly a dream come true for lamellian fans all over we all knew that myrial would get a moment to shine.

Due to cernai's quirk so it is delightful we finally get that though before that mandalay relays an odd message she tells the heroes that they need to lift the electromagnetic barrier but for a short amount of time somehow someway the heroes will have to hold shigeraki for 2 seconds now 2 seconds may not sound like too much here but.

Remember we are talking about anime time not only but also the fact that these are superheroes or super villains as well so shigaraki could just catapult itself out of there in an instant and as such he tasks feels almost impossible he's been bodying them without a quirk plus his body has adapted to a lack of quirks as it stands shigaraki is the.

Unstoppable big bad he's like a natural disaster how can you stall that regardless this does not stop the heroes instead bet she is prepares to use his cables again i cannot get over how determined they are gigaraki easily broke out of the wires of first time yet best genius is willing to try again they will stop at nothing and honestly.

Despite how capable competent and powerful the villains have proven themselves to be the heroes are still managing to sway me a bit considering how resolute they have been in their convictions and this whole underdog narrative but alaska cables are ripped by shigaraki once more he is giant and imposing quite frankly his physique.

Alone is intimidating even best genius believes two seconds is too long to hold a decay villain he isn't wrong but lowering the barrier can only mean one thing deku is coming back it has been a long wait but this setup is worth it speaking of miro's expression does not change he looks.

Scared now again it is very much unlike a million regardless it just goes to show how dire the situation is even someone who is an eternal optimist like mario is in turmoil he begins to think about shigeraki's words the young hero feels useless and wonders what he can even do it is a moment that shows all hope may be lost he is racking his brain.

For a weight to stop shakiraki knowing he doesn't have enough power to stall him conventionally then he remembers knight again and what he said knight i told lamillion to keep smiling which is he perfect juxtaposition as shigaraki charges him it appears as if he may die to stop shigeraki he's right in the villain's path plus any hero there would.

Give their life if he meant stalling shigaraki even a little bit bacago's death only cements that however muriel also remembers sir knight i telling him a world without humor will not have a bright future and personally i had forgotten about this a notion which for some may have been easily forgotten it is something that happened a while back.

And it wasn't referenced until now that being said it is important to have these callbacks especially for mario he molded his entire cheerful personality after the belief of the world needs laughter which is exactly what mario provides and boy let me tell you this moment was something that caught me completely off guard when i first saw the leaks i must.

Admit that i found it a bit silly regardless it does fit mirio's character and provides some relief from the tension these last few chapters have been disaster after disaster from miracles lost arm bakugo deciding to up and die the heroes have been consistently taking elves as he thinks back to his mentor muriel pulls off the.

Most silly desperate move we have seen thus far it has been a running gag for muriel to show people his peach but now shigaraki gets that view too what i imagine may be a reference to the mcu version of captain america having quote america's ass the permeation hero has worked out the only way he can stall shigeraki enough which is to show his.

Backside saying hey you check out this peach at least we know why this chapter is titled peach while it is a completely goofy move for mirio you can see he is still crying and afraid to the long time anime and manga fans correct me if i'm wrong but i think that crying while showing a villain your ass has to be a new one for shonen that being said it.

Does show how mirio sees shigaraki everyone views a decay villain as inhuman and the ultimate evil yet in another instance over the course of this fight muriel appealed to his humanity in this situation laughter is human it is something we all do see mira utilize this and show he still sees shigaraki as human is a testament to his character.

Shigaraki is surprised if not amused by miro's action he lets out a little laugh and we are treated to one of the two page spreads as shigaraki laughs we see deku finally arrive he is in the background and there is a strange aura around him it's reminiscent of smoke screen but perhaps it is too solid for that quirk neko is also using black whip.

As a slingshot so he can hit shaker rocky with all of his momentum though i will say it will be interesting to find out how deku made his way back right now the assumption is that star and stripes jets gave him a ride and if that is the case star's relevance persists we then see both protagonists and antagonists coldly stare each other down his two.

Pages of just a close-up of deku and shigaraki but man the art is fantastic deku is determined yes the anger from the villain hunt is still there but it is controlled and focused he is going to use his anguish as fuel and not a hindrance seeing deku like this shows how much he has grown meanwhile shigaraki's expression is hidden by his.

Finger helmet all we can see is the intensity of his stair which i am looking forward to color is bringing to life then we are treated to the last two page spread deku follows through with his slingshot as he launches himself at shigaraki he delivers a shoot style smash the strength of it is enough to knock sugar rocky off his feet which is.

Kind of a big deal all this time the heroes have struggled to damage him let alone make him fall finally the tides of the fight may actually be changing in fact the flavor text says as much our hero comes out swinging will he turn the tables i'd hope so the heroes really need some w's at this point dekker.

Arriving is almost like a beacon of hope though i am under the impression that deku's a rifle may mean that we will be switching to a different fight there are so many other battles we haven't seen yet all we've been focused on so far has been shigaraki and all for one while deku's bombastic entrance is a welcome scene it is a satisfying enough.

Cliffhanger for me and so i do think it is only fair that we see some other action and if so which fight would you guys want to see besides the shikaraki versus deku one be sure to let us know down below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.