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DEKU GETS EXPOSED! Lady Nagant’s DARK BACKSTORY – My Hero Academia


Guys the story of my hero academia just keeps getting crazier and crazier and this week's chapter is no exception i can hardly contain my excitement at this point and as i continue to say it is an incredible time to be a fan of this series in the previous chapter after having his car hercules.

Bombed all might would call for the top three heroes to come to the aid of deku as he would swiftly jump out just in the nick of time these two villains would have recognized him to be almight but wouldn't be too perturbed considering his now almost skeletal disposition however all might like a skinny shooter.

Would come out ready for that action and they were not ready for it elsewhere deku was going from building to building as fast as he could to avoid the shots of lady nagan and avoid her line of sights but she was way too crafty as she was further more able to pierce into him much to his surprise.

As by weight of her secondary quirk air walk which was bestowed to her by all for one she was able to continue to shift her trajectory and get closer and closer or further and further away from deku these two quirks in conjunction making her maneuverability rather impressive as well and if things.

Continued on in this way deku would certainly be in some big trouble as the fourth user's quirk danger sense would no longer be able to aid him and so he decided to rely on the six wielder's quirk smokescreen and use it full throttle all the way as the smoke would billow out and consume.

A large portion of this cityscape but this wasn't all as for the very first time he would make use of the third wielder's quirk which he has recently acquired one of the oldest quirks in existence that we actually covered in a video of its own known as fodjin and by throwing out bits of his.

Attire from the smoke by weight of black whip he was able to distract lady nagan enough to be able to pierce through the roof of a building and grip onto her with this latest chapter we'd pick up right from there as deku was certainly satisfied by his decision making here considering all the extenuating factors.

Such as the reign inhibiting his smokescreen whereas lady nagan was recognizing just how dangerous this kid really is with all the quirks at his disposal somehow he was a whole lot faster than he was just moments ago and with this deku would declare that he was ready to question her about.

All for one but she would tell him hey kid don't get ahead of yourself don't get too excited because the battle is not over as she would then retract her rifle arm and then turn it towards deku's position extending it once more and repelling him elsewhere and recognize at the below from this the.

Extension of this rifle was enough to deal a sizable blow to deku all its own as he would be bleeding from this and without wasting any time at all lady nagan will pull out some of her hair and form a bullet of fire but thankfully deku got out of the way just in the nick of time.

And as he began to fall downwards he would ask her why she decided to side with all for one he's planning to take over the world weren't you supposed to be a hero why would you be on the side of a villain a villain such as him no less and in response lady nagan would simply say that some just can't see.

Passy justice the false justice that has been perpetuated and crafted by this heroic society that people who follow it blindly could never possibly understand her reasoning the mention of which deku didn't really understand but simultaneously he would think of the warning of the third how his parallel processes are all.

Messed up they are not going right he is not using his quirks as they should be used because he's just not ready yet but the bullets would not stop and were coming from all directions one of them in fact would begin to convey her message further she would say that she's tired and this.

Message of hers this sentiment would be conveyed by these many bullets that would all just swirl around deku from all angles as he was just cowering and just trying to evade them to the best of his abilities as she would say that she has killed enough for the sake of this fake society.

Of theirs she would begin to speak of the horrific task that she had been provided by the public safety commission from the silent assassination of terrorist organizations to the slaughtering of whole hero groups on account of their unsavory business practices.

And pursuits she was made to deliver the death penalty to many before they were even tried in a court of law she was forced to murder these people before they even committed their crimes these were things that she would do for the preservation of heroic society secret orders provided to her by the.

Public safety commission then speaking of the periodic shift from vigilantism to heroism heroes were publicly accepted for their many virtues and their willingness to save and help the people and the general populace and from there heroic society as we know it was founded within that trust.

And in using that trust to their benefit more nefarious minds were able to put on a front a facade thanks to operatives like lady nagan and to preserve this false reality certain heroes were made to walk in the light whereas others were made to work in the shadows such as lady nagan and at that.

She was a very very efficient killer and as terrible as it all was she was willing to shoulder this burden for the sake of the whole and so she continuously obeyed without question but one day while out and about a group of young children would come up to her saying that they were all her.

Biggest fans and would come to her eager to shake her hand which she would agree to but as she extended it she would just consider how filthy her hands truly are how bloody they are how much blood is on her hands how many lives she has claimed and looking into the pure and.

Oblivious eyes of these children she pulled back their fragility it made her sick and that same night in her ever luxurious apartment she would sit by herself drinking as she overlooked the cityscape again she was tired she was just tired of it all.

Everything it was all fake at a later point she would be summoned by the head of the public safety commission who would order her to make two heroes in particular disappear as much to his surprise she would question these orders and ask if she does kill these two will that genuinely.

Make society any better as she would furthermore say that if they only present to the people the niceties of this society how is that any different from brainwashing them he looked at her a bit more seriously now and say that what she does is a necessity that this is a job that needs to be done.

For the sake of maintaining the public's hope in the heroes at the forefront of society but this would only further her questioning beyond maintaining what is there and at this point things were becoming rather clear to the commissioner as he would begin to reach into a pocket.

Of his and say that i'm sure you understand what will happen if you resign and from there she would then express her respect for him as she would raise her weapon and kill him and this revelation was much of the surprise of deku who had never heard the.

Truth they would have never presented this sort of reality to the people that a hero lady nagan of all people killed the chairman least of all her reasoning for doing so as lady nagan saw it the hero society they all put their faith and trust in was truly weak and fragile and.

Furthermore that there is no point in regaining such a system as history will simply repeat itself in the end to the populace they will present the bright side of things whereas someone else will be made to take on the burden of the truth and here we get to see a younger lady nagan.

She was approached by the commissioner that she would kill at a later point who was accompanied by a woman who would later become his successor the commissioner that we know in the modern day and you have to understand the sort of shining opportunity this would seem to be to such a young girl this is just a.

Life-changing opportunity wherein she gets to be a hero and serve the people at least that's what she thought but in reality she was serving those who were corrupt and willing to hide things from the people and she feels so strongly about all this.

That even a future in which all for one were to rule the world that would be a clearer reality than what they currently have now she is just sick and tired of the lies of the deception of the deceit and as she did so deku would do the same with his black whip this time.

With a move he calls one point strike now i'm not gonna pretend like this is the most remarkable thing ever what's interesting is that deku sort of concentrated his black whip into one single tendril that was able to be outstretched a rather far distance away and he knew exactly where to target as he had.

Analyzed the pattern of her trajectory which i'm assuming was on account of danger sense at this point deku was turning himself into a bullet and was rushing towards her very rapidly he would tell her that yeah he had no idea about all this he was entranced by heroic society in general but now he's.

Starting to understand that things aren't just black and white it's not just villains and heroes there is a lot of gray area everywhere all around but to him that is the very reason why he needs to be able to extend a helping hand and do his part a sort of wishful thinking.

And seemingly blissful ignorance that lady gaga wanted no part of and now with deku being so concentrated on predicting and avoiding the projectiles of late nagan she decided to change things up a bit by taking advantage of him mentally and would finally make use of jasaki shiasaki who is now at the top of a.

Building yelling out to her that he wanted to go to the boss and in this moment deku would recognize shisaki as lady nagan would ready her rifle in his direction and that was the chapter guys this chapter was incredible this is what we asked for.

This is what we were talking about with the last chapter discussion lady and god's reasoning for turning to quote-unquote vility is very understandable it makes a whole lot of sense it's a better reasoning than a whole lot of characters that we have thus far her conviction is incredibly strong and it was not.

Quirk and stability that led her down this path it was people taking advantage of her quirk lethality that led her down this path and with this information alone i would go as far as to say the lady nagan is by default one of the best villains.

In the story period now in regards to deku for as strong as he is if nothing else this chapter to me does exemplify that he is not ready for all for one or shigaraki at all he's capable yes but he still has a ways to go that's not to say that he's weak or anything because.

To follow this to follow his fight against lady nagan when it comes to facing off against just about anyone besides the top dogs i don't imagine anyone can handle him fellaini got to even be pushed to this extent to where she needs to use shiasaki as a pawn should make it clear how dangerous deku.

Is but to be fair one might argue that there are mind games at play here beyond her knowledge as she had no idea that could possess multiple quirks prior to a few moments ago and so she furthermore wouldn't be privy to the reality that these abilities have yet to reach her apex and.

That he can only do so in tandem for so long and so if she were to elongate this fight further the likelihood of her victory would increase substantially but then again time isn't exactly in her favor considering the top three heroes are probably on their way.

To confront her in this situation as well and back up deku so in a way both of their backs are against the wall i don't think lady nagan wants to kill shiasaki but if his death here means her victory and a step towards the complete destruction of hero society i don't imagine she will be holding back.

And if you're at all curious what we have in mind for the future of jasaki in the series and his relation to deku then you'll be delighted to know that we made a video on that very topic this was a great chapter of my hero academia and i cannot wait for the next one and hopefully you guys will be joining us for that one.

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