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DEKU JUST BROKE HIS OWN STORY! His 7 Deadly One For All Quirks Explained


We have them all we now know every Court contained within one for all and wow it is quite a roster all for one may have more abilities stockpiled but these six quirks of one for all are strong we've got utility quirks offensive quirks and Mobility quirks too this Legacy of Heroes has created a tapestry with these six Powers each one growing stronger.

Generation after generation and now it has finally come to fruition one for all with every Quirk awakened is more than equal to All For One well guys it is time to celebrate in this video we'll be going over every Quirk contained within one for all we'll look at how they work what Deku can do with them and how they can work together individually these are.

Cool powers that could make for a skill Pro Hero but combined they've turned Deku into something greater than his peers one combo may even let Deku counter rakshikaraki's Infamous the cake work if you can work out how to combine his powers properly izuka midoriya may end up becoming the greatest hero ever let's get in to it but before we go any.

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For a heroic powersat and a baseline is not too impressive it doesn't let the wielder simply soar through the air they just don't fall a field of force holds them Aloft you can't gain rapid height or velocity with it it should have been a very mundane Quirk something like inco midorias limited telekinesis a low power version of full-on flight compared to.

Gran Torino or Hawks who have extremely fast aerial movement Works flow seems distinctly lacking however as we will see with other quirks on this list it has been pushed Beyond we have seen dekugo all out with float now and his top speed looks insane this goes beyond simply standing on air Flo is one of the abilities most clearly enhanced by one.

For all there is more output created than he needs to stay aloft it gives Deku the power to fly at significant speeds even without extra boost from his environment at this point the name seems misleading however this port gives Deku an additional Edge unlike most flight Heroes who need to manage your momentum to stay aloft Deku can simply hold his.

Ground float lets him stand there in midair it's extremely hard to get him to crash or make mistakes in mid-flight he can't maneuver with as much speed as Gran Torino but is going to be tough to knock Deku out of the sky the only real option for that is Brute Force which would work just the same on those stats or Heroes but before we go any further.

Be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on and hit the like button for some plumber today black whip the first additional Quirk Deco unlock Black whip still stands out with this ability the user throws out lines of energy that allow them to manipulate things at range it is a highly varied useful ability that deku's shown a lot of creativity.

With black whip helps our hero with traversal functioning like a grapple line it could be used to incapacitate confining villains temporarily it even works as a straight-up attack lacking the full force of a proper smash but buying Deku enough time to be able to close the distance interestingly black whip gets stronger based on deco's.

Emotional state rage and fear both give it a significant power boost and Deku has gotten better at controlling that over time the first time he awaken it however The Quirk went full on berserk erupting over a massive area and it's worth thinking back to that imagine what that could do if Deku was able to get it properly under control blackweb.

Certainly has real potential to work as a direct attack should that could be able to focus that level of power more than combat use however blackweb's True Value is its utility it expands deku's reach letting him rescue people at a distance even while pulling himself away if he splits the whip line it can help him save a ton of people at once Deku.

Can even use to reinforce his arms helping him deal with the full power of one for all there is a lot of creative potential here imagine tying up your opponent only to throw them through a wall or missing only to pull a heavy object forward to hit a villain from behind the only limit on black whip is deku's creativity and the kid has proven.

Himself consistently imaginative so really there is no need to underestimate what he can do with it smoke screen the most utility focused Quirk on this list smokescreen is simple to explain it generates well a smokescreen the user creates a large amount of smoke enough to conceal in nearby area the this is a mixed bag in regular flights it is.

Highly useful either allowing you a chance to escape or Dodge a powerful attack minor league of villains member mustard has a similar Quirk and proves its utility during his fight with Kendo and tattoo tattoo one dork with a gun was able to take on two battle ready hero students by himself this just shows you a limiting your opponent's.

Visibility can really do and hey Smoke screen can more than keep up with Mustard's Quirk at full power Neko can fill a city street with fog enough to cover a wide area however there is a catchier while useful against most opponents small screen doesn't seem likely to do much Against All For One the ultimate villain spent most of his.

Time collecting quirks some variety of night vision or infrared has to have been one of them and even if that's not the case search will enable him to locate Deku extremely quickly it may not be precise enough to aim with but that's not a problem that just means he has to use a big enough attack to make sure he doesn't mess furthermore Deku doesn't.

Have a clear way to see through his own smoke and that drastically limits its viability in combat even if your opponent can't see you if you can't see them you can punch back it has potential but it hasn't been a major Quirk so far could it become important again somewhere down the line well we'll see a good support item might help Deco with.

This issue but he isn't exactly sure on options danger sense next up it is danger sense giving Deku a warning of every attack that is heading his way this is a strong combat focused work Beyond making Deku tough to Ambush it is so precise he can use it to help Dodge blows as shown in his fight with muscular with this Edge it is going to.

Be hard to hit this hero you feel every blow coming before you can even move your fist super strength gets way less impressive if you can't even land a punch danger sense does have some weak spots however firstly this power is limited by deku's own reaction time while her first few shots were intercepted lady nagan was able to shoot.

Deku too quickly for him to react along with that there is a fact that it works based on hostile intent any hostile intent an angry mob has been shown to overwhelm Deku their anger making him paralyzed it is going to make it tough for Deku to fight a large group of angry enemies even if he doesn't freeze up multiple sources of danger will be tough.

To read furthermore enemies without hostile intense can fool danger sense and that may seem like a weird issue at first glance how can you stab someone with that hostile intent well toga has demonstrated how that could be a problem her attacks once rooted in love wouldn't trigger danger sense the same thing would happen with a drone.

Strike whatever intent the operator may have the Drone is just a gun with no emotions to read Deca may have some issues detecting them through danger sense not to mention as far as we've seen it doesn't seem like Deku is able to stop using this work danger sense is more involuntary than most quirks especially the quirks at deku's disposal.

It is to the point where its original user had to isolate himself from all others so for as great as dangerous sense can be it can also be a huge weakness for Deku overall lines may lead you to more vulnerabilities and being overwhelmed may lead to you being more vulnerable it's imperfect but it is absolutely useful it's just not as.

Useful as the next entry on our list fajin Quirk of the third user fajin is an oddity the name alone makes it stand out a term so specific that the translators gave up it turns out this Quirk is rooted in Chinese martial arts the name is a technical term while Jin describes the idea of refining and releasing of power if you have ever.

Heard of Bruce Lee's Famous one-inch punch he uses the same concept of focus energy and since we don't know the identity of the third user could he have been one of the infamous clones of Bruce Lee nah probably not anyway fajin is basically the idea to turn into a quirk Deku can stop file energy by repeating a gesture then when the time is right he.

Can release it this essentially makes fajin a mini one for all it is a power accumulation Quirk inside a power accumulation Quirk very Inception like that could use this to replicate one for all's full strength more safely performing a faux 100 Manchester smash against later nagan interestingly we've seen that this isn't limited to punching.

Vajin is probably the most cumbersome quirk in deco's Arsenal sure it is cool but it is hard to use the setup required to use it takes time and once expended the power has to be replenished this is not something you want to rely on in a fight it simply takes too long to activate however it is also one of the more versatile abilities within one for.

All it provides additional strength to any action if you're able to develop a plan fajin will help you make it happen and we all know Deku loves to plan gear shift the seconds Quirk is he most recently revealed and wow of all the abilities locked within offer 1 this one may be the strongest I mean it is just plain ridiculous I know it is easy to.

Overlook it may seem to be underwhelming but trust me this is crazy stuff gear shift affects the speed of those touched by it we have seen Deku use it to slow Shake Rocky and boost him slowing down his enemy and making himself move faster it is a very specific form of super speed one that Stacks up to five times even at this point it should be clear.

How important gear shift will be for Deku super speed is a ridiculous power set at high levels it gets downright unbeatable faster reactions and the abilities of a Beyond an area can be enough to win a fight on their own no amount of strength or raw force can top speed even if you try to trick the user into crashing they can slow down just as.

Easily one of the very few weaknesses of super speed does not apply here given the phrasing used when describing gear shift however this ability may have even more applications than just personal movement if you can change the speed of someone you touch what about something imagine being able to touch a bullet and reduce its velocity to zero or touch a.

Speeding car and boost it to light speed this ability is similar to one that gets talked about occasionally in Western Comics specifically what's in comics fandom you ever wonder how Superman can hold a whole plane by just the wing wouldn't it tear or how Hulk can support a whole mountain range without it just crumbling around him even with their.

Super strength some of these speeds just don't work due to simple real world physics stuff like this is why the phrase comic book physics exists but if writers do feel like explaining it they do have an answer touch Telekinesis the idea is that when superheroes have to have something really big they create a bubble of force around it that way it.

Doesn't fall to pieces even if the angle is wrong for them to hold it like that the they went all in on this idea with the second Super Boy Connor Ken can basically fully control anything he touches manipulating it just with his thoughts and his super strength is rooted in this rapidly regular Kryptonian stuff and if you've been.

Following our my hero Academia content on this channel for a very long time I'm talking about a long time now you know that we refer to Deku as baby Superman so yeah it kind of lines up gear shift should be able to pull off something like this touch telekinesis it lacks he find control of that ability but it still has many options available one.

Touch should either slow an object to a stop or make it Go Far Far faster imagine throwing say a car at your opponent then adding gear shift to it you can make it move too fast for them to counter A Simple Touch could let you slow down your enemies punch you almost nothing and this may be the court that has grown the most through one for all.

Without the raw power accumulated across past users gear shift was far less impressive a slight slowed down or speed up effect would not accomplish much the second may have used it primarily for tricks like temporarily slowing bullets rather than fighting all for one dismiss the ability as weak originally but now the tables have turned here's his power.

Increase allows you to affect every cell in someone's body individually as things currently stand this Quirk could be the key to stopping offer one at minimum it is really going to help but we need to remember Deku is stronger than any single Quirk now combo time the Final Smash back during his second fight with muscular the sixth user and advised Deku.

To see the quirks of one for all as Tools in his Arsenal before he was shifting between individual quirks fighting like one path user at a time and felt that that could be better at using multiple abilities at once stringing them together to create a unique fighting style the smokescreen user was harsh but he had a point deku's.

Full potential lies in his ability to use multiple quirks at once that not only puts him above the path users of one for all but also almost anyone else in the world of my hero Academia only all for one in garaka's experiments can do something like this his potential is what makes Deku truly the ultimate hero someone who can meet the greatest evil.

In the world head-on we got a taste of what combo abilities can do just recently at the beginning of deku's most recent fight with chickaraki black whip coupled with pajin created black chain a powered up confinement ability it is really interesting that Deku was able to use foji's output to boost black whip like this don't get me wrong black chain.

Itself was cool but what it means is even cooler this makes fajin a universal combo piece if it didn't boost non-physical force it can enhance almost all of deku's other quirks smokescreen could be weaponized into a smoke jet for an attack gear shifts speed up or speed down effect could become even more drastic float could supplement shoot.

Style expelling energy on a kick it would be something similar to Gentle criminal sandwich trick turning the force that holds you up into a weapon neku's creativity will help him get great use out of farjin the only Quirk that isn't held by explosive release would be danger sentence that ability doesn't come with physical output or.

Emotion that fajin enhance but even so the sensory Quirk has its own use in power combinations specifically it pairs very well with smoke screen these two quarts combined give Deku his best defensive option for now do we spot a smoke screen in the past has been deku's unlimited visibility he can't fight inside the screen without a way to see.

His opponent as such he's only used it to buy himself a few extra seconds so far it just helps him Dodge one blow danger sense allows Deku to get past that issue and fight from within the smokes green every incoming blow he will be aware of that doesn't necessarily help Deku Target his opponent but that should be enough if his attacker misses.

They'll be close enough for Deku to make them out and land a counter blow although there is a subtler combination that we have seen for a while that is worth keeping in mind black whip combined with float has given Deku amazing Mobility he can retrieve people while moving through the air freely swinging through the air like a certain.

Famous wall crawler this maneuverability pushes our hero to a level close to that of Gran Torino now add on a personal gear shift to that and we go go to the next level this brings deck into a ridiculous level of speed and gives him the ability to relocate a Crossing battle freely you can't easily defend against someone who can attack from any.

Angle now start to put those combinations together and you have an amazing battle plan Deku is able to relocate at rapid speeds he can make it hard to strike him but he knows when his villains are going to strike when he hits back every blow can be enhanced by farjin with black whip to allow Deca to use 100 relatively safely he is fully.

Realized the power of one for all in theory there's no way to hit him and there's no way to defend against him no matter how strong you are Deku has a way to take you down and end the threat you pose and when it comes to Decay the one Quirk that has kept the hero Community worried since the war broke out well one for all now has a counter to that as.

Well and it might surprise you what seemed to be the most underwhelming Quirk of them all smoke screen even shikaraki's enhanced contagious version of Decay needs something to spread through mostly it's gone with lots of dust blown across the wind that seemed near impossible to deal with but now we have an answer smoke screen coupled with.

Fajin provides Deku with a way to create a screening effect the smoke fills the air and the force of release blows it away so long as Deku keeps himself above ground level via float even this most devastating offensive Quirk is no match for one for all now that sounds like the greatest hero around what do you think do you see a weakness in Deku power set.

Or have you come up with an interesting combination of his quirks on your own let us know in the comments down below I'm very interested to hear about that as always I'm classical taku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you thanks again to Monster Legends for sponsoring the video and don't forget to.

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