Listen to me this latest chapter of my hero academia was absolutely insane i truly adore information-based chapters and this one was just made that much sweeter considering the fact that we predicted all of this in what is virtually its entirety with a.

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Todoroki family and the likes of hawks and best genius with their main focus being the defeat of dobby hawks would enlighten endeavor as the current events of the situation before questioning what exactly one for all might be a question now frequently asked.

By the press and the public which would serve to shift their shared focus to deku who was currently in a comatose state almight however was at his bedside now saying that he can sense the version of himself within the power.

That currently deku was in the midst of a conversation with those who held the power before him with this chapter we'd come to know that almight can just barely sense the situation within as deku himself would then possess fleeting thoughts of others questioning their safety the mark of a.

Truly selfless hero someone who despite his own situation of decimated limbs and seemingly unending sleep thought of those he'd recently stood alongside and protected but with this we'd swiftly find ourselves elsewhere now surrounded by the many past users of the quirk.

As a conversation was to be had indeed the first user founder and originator of the quirk would start by apologizing for the timing of this conversation as oddly two of the former users would not be seated and instead would have their backs turned to all this without explanation now these two characters are theorized.

By many to be people we already know the likes of bakugou and kiroshima perhaps and you know for the time being i wouldn't rule it out but the notion of time travel is pretty insane in of itself so i can't say i am unfearing of the implications that may have.

However in seeing the sort of gauntlet situation the bakugou lookalike has going on that may further be seen throughout the chapter i suppose there is a bit of fuel to that fire huh the fourth user would then declare this to be fate followed by lariat claiming it to be.

More of a timing thing in actuality the fifth user would then confirm that it was lariat who spoke to deku last during his manifestation of black whip referring to him in a particularly familiar capacity seeing as he had inherited the power from him during his lifetime shimmering remained particularly quiet.

As the vestige of all might was wordless and only partially formed deku then looked back at them all somewhat amazed as the first user would again speak this time in reference to their time together saying that previously they were only able to interact with him.

When he was particularly shaken mentally now the reason the word interact is used here in place of communication or the like is that in the sense of his fight against shinso during the ua sports festival they didn't speak but they certainly assisted him when his mind was.

Compromised and he sought to resist but be this as it may i would therefore have to question the causation for their visitation just before the class 1a verse 1b exhibition matches content that is soon to be adapted by the anime later this month that we will of course be covering as.

Well in this instance deku did a bit of simple stamina training followed by a bit of one for all practice at the time he was so tired in fact that he fell asleep before taking a shower but it's not as if he was mentally exhausted but.

Rather physically so this instance too was also particularly elongated with an almost complete retelling of the past one that was followed by a bit of inadvertent destruction to deku's surroundings and so i wonder how this moment factors into this overall equation but perhaps this could simply be attributed to the.

Growth of the quirk as the first user does specify that within the last four months the power has been growing exponentially and with this being the case with this stockpiling of power so too would the spirits of these past users be collected to the point of a sort of communicable collective.

Consciousness which is ridiculously cool and further serves to explain all might's oversight when it came to the notion of deku being unable to interact with the past users but yeah following the invasion of all for one within the domain they may now appear before deku with.

Greater ease but just then lariat would make it clear that deku will still have privacy so no worries in that regard they won't exactly be attentive when he's using the bathroom or anything a clarification that is humorous but actually appreciated because we know that's where the minds of some fans can.

Go at times however again deku has yet to fully form a mouth what was previously a plot device to limit direct questions and emphasize the mystery of the whole thing a rather clever approach however in recounting his interaction with chikaraki and all for one in this.

Space deku would focus his efforts and recognize the gradual manifestation of his words he would then speak in a muffled manner asking them all what they meant about having to talk much the light of lariat who's very much proving himself to be the.

Comic relief of this collective and with this the fourth user would then arise to speak he would introduce himself properly to be shinomori hagake saying that in deku's latest fight it was his power that was brought forth by deku's will and in turn.

Deku then remembered the sensation of danger sense as shinomori made it clear how scary the situation was for him as he was alerted to be alert of deku's alertness manifesting this communication albeit rather convoluted definitely served to quickly illustrate the sort of.

Person this man happened to be now remember this is a past user with the dodgy history all might sought to avoid lariat being the one to inherit the power from shinomori would then elaborate by saying that shinomuri was a hermit.

Who lived in the woods alone because society was a bit too much for him shinomori then conveying that times were difficult during his lifetime that he wasn't the strange one that it was everyone else and as lariat said this he tried to wrap his arm around his late master but was entirely evaded this would.

Continue even as lariat began to incorporate his quirk into these pursuits but effortlessly shinomori was able to continuously dodge out of the way and i absolutely love danger sense which was another thing we predicted in its entirety by the way however shinomuri would question if deku.

Was aware of his age and cause of death deku would then confirm that he was 40 at the time however his cause of death appeared to be crossed out in all might's notes chinomori then became a bit more serious as he'd expressed.

That it was surprisingly due to old age deku was of course confused by this and it was something that perplexion amore 2 post mortem and so he discussed it with his successor but it wasn't until all might's findings that they were able to truly understand one for all may no longer be possessed.

By a normal person with the exception of all might shinomori possessed the power for the longest span of time you see for 18 long years he was able to avoid all for one all while training the power during his possession he aptly recognized that he'd be severely out of.

His depth against all for one and so he sought to cultivate the power during his time with it to better prepare those to come however in his final year the quirk broke him initially believing it to perhaps be a case of poor constitution on his part.

Or chronic disease during his lifetime only having his suspicions corrected by all might's very existence his death meant that one for all will gradually consume the life force of its possessor deku was baffled by these findings and would in turn turn to the case of all might once more as he had possessed the power.

For more than double the time the founder would then respond almight was fearful of his findings because he deduced that the inconsistency amongst life expectancies may be an inherent limitation that candidates may unknowingly possess the first user didn't have the power for very long.

And died in battle as many others did so there wasn't much of a sample size for any proper conclusions a sentiment that certainly corroborates all might's reluctance to divulge that which he was unsure of entirely however in all might's research shinomori's questions would again be answered.

That what all my possesses that he didn't was a lack of possession itself as all might was born corkless it was all thanks to the model of his subconscious relaying his findings that they were able to deduce as such the conventions of all for one.

Only serving to further this sentiment all for once spoke of consciousness being tied to one's quirk but seeing as all might was quirkless it makes the case of his vestige rather peculiar almighty alone was able to call them forth without being aware of it himself for 40 long years.

All might had this power metaphorically speaking those with quirks already have full cups inherently and so to add the power of one for all to an already full cup would of course lead to a sort of dangerous overflow and especially considering the fact that.

The quark only becomes more and more powerful as time goes on that becomes more and more power that cannot be handled however all might's metaphorical cup was empty to begin with and so it's likely that the quirk conformed to him in a sense becoming his true quirk and as the first.

Truly quirkless user of the power this would explain why he was so damn powerful during his time with it and in that sense having come to fit all might so perfectly it's understandable that the quirk needed a bit of time to allocate itself to deku's being and this is me speaking to the questions.

That yet remain to them in regard to this quirk's adaptation but ultimately the conclusion being that those with the least to offer those born without quirks have the greatest potential when it comes to inheriting the power and as such the risk of providing the.

Inherently blessed with the quirk is too great as time has progressed the percentile of people without quirks has diminished more and more making the list of potential applicants far shorter as such deku's holding of the quirk.

Is quite frankly a miracle seeing as nobody could have foreseen such a case or at least nobody outside of plot armor but as such they would regret having been unable to communicate with successors until now that perhaps many unfortunate circumstances.

Could have been avoided as a shot of sir night eye is provided lariat then goes on to clarify and confirm our theory from oh so long ago that deku may very well be the last user of one for all a sentiment that was clearly a lot for deku to bear.

However that was just a bit of insightful conversation as it was now time for the true topic at hand as shimmer and nana who'd remained entirely silent up until this point would speak up now asking if dekku will be able to kill her grandson shigaraki tomorrow for her and.

That was the chapter wow this is intense and i am all in from choto's story to that of one for all many fans have at times noticed similarities between this series and that of avatar the last airbender a series that i have personally covered at length on our cartoon channel.

And with this sentiment shimmerinana reminds me of avatar kyoshu's bluntness at the end of the series or perhaps the later guidance of avatar roku in regards to the handling of his great grandson firelord zuko for those of you familiar with the comic series i adore this and i cannot wait.

For deku's response the fact of the matter being that with the revelation of shigeru rocky being her grandson conveyed through almight's vistage during his fight against all for one this is something shimurana has known for some time and even so her outlook doesn't seem to be hopeful or.

Wishful at all but rather a bit cold and understandably so however it is fascinating that she conveys this as a far more personal matter speaking of it as a favor to her rather than the collective or the defeat of all for one now hopefully with deku being able to.

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