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Alright so my hero academia has returned and with it we have another chapter targeting our emotions with the previous chapter we had the standoff between deku and class 1a as he refused to return with them deku would then kick things off with a use of smoke screen.

As bakugou would clear things up just as quickly with his land mine blast from here we would have several attempts at restraining deku to no avail he refused to lose them to all for one and so from his perspective he could not afford to go with them they would expend every resource.

Available to them and even new super moves we'd never seen before but even still deku would break free from every binding attempt however he would have his mask removed to reveal the flood of tears streaming down his filthy face as he would then crash into a pillar of ice erected by shoto.

That was bigger than even the neighboring skyscrapers in the end they refused to let him live like this alone anymore with this latest chapter nearby we had kiroshima invisible girl and oyama handing dictator off to endeavour as following bakugou todoroki and momo's.

Combined capture of him hiroshima broke him out of the ice for transport endeavour from here would immediately recognize the villain and make a point that he may not be by his lonesome here and that they furthermore needed to confirm that the anti-hero civilians were all safe alongside hawks and the.

Others as just then from his communicator it would be the voice of hawks telling him that leaving deku's capture to best genius would ultimately lead to a far quicker resolution and he wasn't wrong about that at all deku is so tired that if best genius could restrain a.

Drowsy giganto machia it is very likely that he would be able to do the very same with deku but with that kiroshima would remove his mask while saying that all of his friends have such flashy moves that his help may not be necessary however he couldn't help but feel a bit frustrated.

As there were plenty of things he still wanted to say to deku and the decision here to have him off with these two makes sense i suppose considering they are not straight up fighting him right now so in regards to cooperation moves he may not be able to do much for a capture mission like this but yeah they would run off as endeavour.

Would convey to hawks that from this point these students wouldn't be a hindrance to them so yeah as we answer mais back before the war arc had even begun the kids would take up the mantle as society's protectorate and that is certainly the case here with such a lack of professional heroes.

On call but again deku was partially encased in this massive pillar of ice shoto from above would then call out to deku and tell him that the way he is right now he could be playing right into all for one's hands which is definitely a possibility and that he could furthermore take this chance to attack yue.

That after all this time after all this searching deku has not been able to find the guy so perhaps a different plan is in order that instead of leaving completely he could stay by its side and defend it as he would then beg his friend to let them fight alongside him but oh man all for one was at this point.

Living in deku's mind rent free as his words about deku being next would just chime throughout his head causing deku to outright refuse this prospect once more then more than anything this was a battle between one for all and all for one as he straight up looked.

Like a monster here saying that the rest of them could not keep up and he's honestly not wrong and what's interesting to me is that shoto was literally born to compete with this power but is way out of his depth but as deku left away sue would swing her elongated.

Tongue which deku would manage to evade by jumping over it in mid-air mind you however this was not actually an attempt to grab deku but rather a misdirect with minetta on the end of it with a new super move grape chain as he would latch onto deku and tell him.

That he never thought his power was all that special that what actually made him admire deku and respect him was that even when he was covered in sweat and shaking in fear he still found a way to lead them to victory dating all the way back to the usj incident a sentiment.

Deku would have to close his eyes to as he would push menada off with black whip and place him elsewhere on a rooftop as he would apologize from there he would begin to kick up his feet and prepare a combination of ajin black whip and one for all 45 percent to once again achieve a foe one for all.

One hundred percent but before he could urak would fall downwards towards him she would yell out his name and say that things were not like before like when bakugou got captured and they weren't prepared to save him but before she could say anything else deku would close his eyes again.

And rush off cutting her off mid-sentence talk about cold uraco would then call out to everyone else as they were all prepared to give chase mina would make use of a new virtually non-corrosive version of acid man that could be provided to others and the rest of them all work together.

Like a bunch of six flags employees to get this crazy combination move going they all had so much they wanted to say to him and for me at least it's pretty crazy that they needed all of this just to keep up with the guy saying that he is in another league isn't even fair at this point they're.

Not even playing the same game but even still they weren't seeking to be protected by him and they couldn't deny that what he desired made sense they simply wanted to embark on this journey alongside him and at this point bakugou to himself as he soared upwards would think.

That there was just so much that he wanted to know that he needed to say to this guy which is interesting to me i'm wondering what bakugou could possibly want to say to deku here that is so pressing that he probably hasn't already heard and i mean maybe he wants to apologize.

For all the past times and what have you but is this exactly the right time i don't know but regardless of this he knew that the only one whose body could withstand this sort of speed among them was ida and again we would have a shot of the second possessor as ida would grab hold of deku's hand mid air.

And both of their costumes were absolutely falling apart at this point and i mean deku was just hysterical here telling eda to let him go but truthfully there was no way that he could as ido would have no way of sticking that landing so deku's pretty much stuck with him ito would then say that engenium is a.

Hero that will run anywhere to grab the hand of a lost child a sentiment that he had adopted from his older brother and idol but would then say that sticking your nose into other people's business is what makes a true hero a sentiment he.

Had received from deku when he had intervened and saved him from the hero killer as the tears would flood deku's eyes now and that was the chapter guys this was all so very touching as they all truly care about deku so deeply.

Making this a pretty good follow-up to the chapter prior however i must admit that although all these kids working together is cool seeing them do all these super moves together shows how far they have come as a group collectively it does actually also make them look a lot worse when it.

Comes to keeping up with deku i mean it has been made expressingly clear to us through this all that the entire class combined cannot even hold a candle to a thoroughly exhausted deku and imagine imagine if he was actually swinging on him it would be a whole different story this would be done.

In a couple of panels even at that so when they say that they would like to run alongside him it just sounds a little ridiculous and i'm not talking about story implications or necessities here just in regards to physical capabilities deku surely needs a bath and a bit of.

Rest but beyond mental comfort these guys aren't really ready for prime time i don't believe maybe in regards to the riff raff but certainly not when it comes to the apex of enemies but whatever the power of plot armor is greater than any quirk am i right so.

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