– [SliceofOtaku] For me right now My Hero Academia is all about that villain supremacy. The heroes simply cannot and do not compare to the allure of these villains. From absurdly fascinating quirks to tragic stories and ironclad convictions. These villains are really special, and with this latest chapter Horikoshi has continued to bless us with yet another fantastic villain.

In the previous chapter, we opened up to Endeavor taking down some criminals before being berated by the nearby populace in regard to their failure and stopping Shigaraki and furthermore the withholding of information in regards to Shigaraki's actual target. From here however, we would have a bit of conversation amongst our top three heroes in regards to keeping Deku's secret and furthermore.

All for One's ability to claim One for All. Now with the fan translations last time around, we were bound received some inaccuracies on account of the sheer volume of dialogue in this instance. However with the official release, yet again, Plot Armour continues to predict the story of My Hero Academia. I have been telling you guys to check out our All for One master plan video.

One of the most overlooked theories we've had in a while as it continues to be corroborated by the story. On the subject of why Shigaraki rage is such a necessity, the conclusion the ever clever Hawk was able to come to was that All for One himself possesses no hatred which is precisely what we hypothesized nearly four months ago. So yeah, Plot Armor has you covered, anyways our perspective would shift to that.

Of All Might who, after reminiscing about his late sidekicks, Sir Nighteye, would notice Deku's GPS signal disappear just before his car was bombed. Just then Deku's communicator would be shot right out of his hand, by an assassin sent by All for One. It was the female villain we saw escape from Tartarus along with Overhaul. With this latest chapter,.

We open up to Hawk speaking to Deku just before he was discharged from the hospital. He contemplate Deku safety saying that with the power of his quirk, he should be fine, but he did have his concerns. Taking all factors into account. The most probable course of action for the villains would be to capture Deku alive. However, with how formidable Deku has now become.

Such a thing would be next to impossible for the inmates of Tartarus. Which isn't something to simply gloss over guys. We are not talking about simple prison escapees. We are talking about the worst of the worst the cream of the crop, the strongest and most dangerous villains in the entire country. And listen Hawks is not one to exaggerate either and so from his perspective, a Deku who has yet.

To even reach a 50% threshold of his power is beyond the scope of any of the country's worst villains. That is absurd. However, there is one person that is exempt from this consideration. This villain being the female villain we saw towards the end of the last chapter. Someone that Hawks considers to be his senior. Someone whose defeat was to be their.

Top priority for the moment. However, he would warn Deku that if he ever finds himself in her line of sight he should do everything he possibly can to run away. That is insane for Hawks to put that much weight on her name really says something and only makes me wonder who it was that took her down. The easy answer being All Might, because he could take down just about anyone back in the day.

But I'm hoping it might be a bit deeper than that. However, we would finally receive the name of our new favorite villain. This is the former public safety hero Lady Nagant over here, putting the bad in baddie. And her name seems to come from the Russian rifle known as the Mosin-Nagant, she would fire off another shot as Deku, who would do everything in his power to flee.

His communicator was destroyed and so he couldn't contact the others but at the very least they should be now aware that something has happened. Although he won't be able to convey the severity of the threat, he would also think to himself that if you were to go to All Might they might target him as well. Not knowing that his mentor has already been attacked.

Deku would then begin to contemplate the best course of action, but the lady was not giving him any time at all. As Deku's Danger Sense would flare and a bullet would curve towards him. He couldn't escape this one and instead he had to take it head on. The force of this impact was so substantial that it propelled Deku backwards in an incredible distance. It was clear to him now just how dangerous she really was.

Not to mention, the recently acquired support item on one of his arms has now been destroyed by her shot. However, she was not done and would fire off once more now to herself acknowledging All for One's desire to take him down as Deku is pretty remarkable, just then we would shift to an old television broadcast that had an interview from the gun hero, Snipe he'd explained that if not for Lady Nagant, he would be the country's best long distance sniper.

And we haven't really seen this character beyond the early U.A days, but he is one of Horikoshi's oldest characters that was taken from the original, My Hero one-shot and repurposed. And if you haven't seen it already we do have a video covering that one shot and some Horikoshi's other previous works. So check it out if you'd like, but yeah Snipe would go on to explain his quirk, Homing.

With it he can lock onto anyone he can see within a range of 600 meters. It's not so precise that he can decide what part of the target it hits, and it's not all too powerful. However, Lady Nagant was in an entirely different league as she can do what his quirk does by way of pure skill alone at a range five times that of his. And let me just say, it's kind of embarrassing.

To be interviewed and only speaking about the accomplishments of someone superior too but, whatever. According to snipe, the secret behind this ability of hers was all in the bullets. As it turns out, she forms them from her hair and is able to mold them into any shape she desires. The name of her quirk being, Rifle. One that apparently all long range.

Quirk wielders are jealous of. Her precision is no joke and she can even go into rapid fire mode, which is ridiculous for a sniper it's to the point where Deku would have to admit that if it weren't for his Danger Sense, this fight, if you can even call it that would have been over a long time ago. However, because of the shots that she's let off Deku.

Now knew exactly where she was positioned. Despite the incredible distance, this was still only a third of her maximum range. And so rather than running to no avail, Deku decided to close the distance on her. Now, this to me is a bit bizarre considering the fact that he does have a Smokescreen quirk, why not use that? I mean, you would think that this is the actual best opportunity to.

Use that quirk it's been able to fill entire blocks. So why not? The only reasoning I can imagine would be that it's raining and so the Smokescreen would not be all too effective or at least not as effective as it should be. I mean, En did warn him about his use of the quirk and if you were using it improperly he might just be highlighting his position all the more for her shots, but Lady Nagant would then retract her rifle.

Now admitting, that this was the first time someone has deflected two of her bullets. But just then Overhaul would speak up. And again, like in the prison, he would speak of the old man, his former boss, who he had placed in an eternal comatose state. Nagant would then help him to his feet and agree that they would go to the old man once the job was finished.

That he needs to hide for now and within being such a liability at this point she would wonder if she should have left him behind instead. With this, we would then receive a flashback to the fall of Tartarus. As Lady Nagant would meet All for One for the very first time. As it turns out, she had at one point hunted him down to no avail back when she was still a hero.

All for One would then ask a favor of her as she was well beyond the capabilities of all the other inmates, just as Hawk expected. He'd speak of how Deku would be leaving U.A and acting independently in due time. A chilling prediction due to the sheer accuracy of it. And mind you, this is All for One proper. Perhaps he may have converse with the spirit of himself within Shigaraki upon his release,.

But what a prediction either way And at that point, perhaps this was his intention all along he'd furthermore say that Deku would be followed by many big name heroes and so it would be best to separate them prior to engagement suggesting that she do so when it rains. Again, to know that this would be the point where One for All would be shared with others and bet on that so entirely is insane.

The foresight of this man is out of this world, but despite this Nagant would have no intentions of following his orders because of this All for One would then give her proper reasoning. He'd firstly say, that she has slaughtered a number of her fellow heroes and that's so long as Deku lives, the fall of the professional Shirow Mecha she longs for will never come to pass. With that in mind, Lady Nagant was the.

Hero Killer before the Hero Killer. If you notice her hair is a whole lot shorter than it was back when she was a hero. I wonder why that is. If it were simply a matter of her hair being cut for prison I imagine it would be a whole lot shorter than his right now, perhaps when she was killing off heroes she was just going on a rampage from long range like Curry from the three.

But during the conversation, the now broken Overhaul would call out for his old man once again, causing All for One to take notice of his presence, and he immediately knew who he was at a literal blind glance, which is goes to show how in the know All for One is, despite having already been incarcerated by the time Shigaraki and the League began to affiliate with the guy.

He questioned if the two were friends but Negant would deny this as he was just a broken man, who she thought would prove to be useful later on. Just another victim of the evil pro hero society. Now, this too is just so fascinating to me her pity on Overhaul here this goes to show that there is still a bit of heroism within her if even just the care for the weak and vulnerable.

But then the question becomes, why? Why is she so against hero society? What could have happened that was so terrible that she not only became a villain but also killed several of her fellow heroes. Well, I have a feeling she's the other side of the villainous spectrum. One branded by the public by way of emotion rather than quirk and or mental instability.

You could argue that as someone may to be a human sniper rifle by her quirk she is a lethal weapon inherently, but I just don't get that vibe from her. It's not like Dabi or Stain who desired to be heroes and shifted, she was really living that life and was incredibly accomplished at that. From what I imagine it was likely her ties to the public safety commission.

We've come to know of the dark and shady decisions they have made and had Hawk do. Heroes hired by the commission are more like hired guns than heroes, and in her case, it was quite literal. They took advantage of Hawk home situation and took him in as a child. So it's clear that they don't have much in the way of boundaries and I love this,.

Not the taking advantage of him thing but we need more reasons why hero society is corrupt. Sure we had Stain, but if I'm being honest with you although his conviction was strong his argument really wasn't. At least not from what we'd been provided with the story at that point and to an extent, even now. His issue was that most heroes were only about publicity, fame and fortune.

Which was pretty accurate and shows with how many of them retired once the glamor of the job dissipated but even still, it wasn't so egregious that people were left to die or anything like that. We weren't made to see heroes favoring money over lives or anything of the sort, even Mount Lady who was intended to be our first look at a hero fixated on the limelight has put her life on the line.

For the protection of others, on more than one occasion. So if the story wants to provide further justification for today's anarchy, perhaps we should have gotten that a lot sooner, but hey, better late than never in this case. And so to put an end to hero society, the two would make a deal that Nagant would agree to hunt Deku as All for One would bestow upon her yet a another quirk, Air Walk.

And that was the chapter. Now Nagant having two quirks is absolutely crazy. I imagine she was spending the last month or so practicing with this new power. And I am excited to see it in action. I mean, come on a sniper that can position themselves anywhere in space is completely broken, and I love it. For Negant to be able to possess two quirks is a really,.

Really impressive by the way. Such a thing requires an especially strong will and mental fortitude. For instance, One for All is a quirk that requires an incredibly strong will from his possessors as the original user, Yoichi Shigaraki possessed one such powerful will. And if you recall, he already possessed a quirk before All for One provided him one.

And it's because of this, that he was able to avoid going brain dead on account of said will. For Nagant, this is to me a race against time because if Deku can simply stall for just long enough then the top three heroes can swoop in. And from what I figure, she is the sort of combatant that sees the best results when facing a single target at a time. So yeah, yet another amazing chapter of My Hero Academia.

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