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Deku Watches Everyone Die!? All Coming Deaths in My Hero Academia’s Final War Arc


My hero Academia is in its final Saga and with that comes the final war Arc due to the nature of War people are bound to die though there may be characters who won't die this by All Odds bakugou and his damaged heart so today we'll be breaking down who may or may not die in the final war Arc death and War in my hero Academia before we.

Jump into who is most likely to die let's examine what death means in my hero Academia and break down the current War unlike other Shonen seriously Juju kaisen or chainsaw man my hero Academia doesn't feature a smorgasbord of death instead very few characters have died this is even in spite of the previous or are death simply isn't something taken.

Lightly in my hero Academia nor is it something that happens often the few deaths in the series have been impactful they've had meaning and have served to drive the plot for example The Shield hero cross sacrificed himself so that isawa could Escape Rocky's Decay wave or when Star and stripe died and allowed her Court to be taken by shigaraki a.

Look for her Quirk work to revolt inside of him either way death being uncommon is something intended by horikoshi in fact horikoshi said in an interview that while he enjoys stories that don't have Happy Endings he finds that when I'm writing it myself it gets really difficult in the same interview horikoshi knows the internship Arc was.

Difficult to write because of how dark it was so it makes sense that death is in at the Forefront of the series his clear horikoshi has become attached to his characters and their stories which means death only happens if it advances the plot or has significant meaning regardless there have been a handful of deaths within the series it makes sense.

That people would perish in such a large-scale fight yet there weren't many deaths among the characters or rather there wasn't a lot of death in the first war Arc to begin with now that we've established the way horikoshi writes death it's time to look at the final war Arc this is the last Arc in the Final Act of my hero Academia like in the.

Paranormal Liberation War Arc there are massive battles being fought however the fights here have the highest Stakes not only is it a big deal because it's a big confrontation it's because it will no doubt be death everyone is in a dire situation speaking of which let's examine where everyone is currently Endeavor Hawks hero tokoyami and others.

Are at the gungo Villa site facing off against all for one miscellaneous villains and nomu meanwhile at the UA Fortress shikaraki has been fighting Heroes such as best genus miruko and bakugou shigaraki's biggest supporter spinner is most likely near the hospital where periguri is being held currently he's battling Shoji president Mike and.

Coda in the city hall of Troy that gum and oyama are fighting the mysterious everyone hero or villain is giving it their all for their ideals besides for being a battle to the death of villains it is an all-out Brawl for dreams and ideologies but before we get into all that be sure be sure it's not miss an upload and.

Smash that like button for some plotomer today La million truthfully Muriel's death is only something we recently began to believe in we've seen the big three without him for a while but it seemed as if that was for another Muriel reveal unfortunately it may not be just that miria's appearance in both the war arcs feels like a Beacon of Hope he.

Arrives just as things begin to really go south for the heroes Muriel's entrance is like the sun peeking out after a rainy day he is the embodiment of Hope and this war is the final confrontation to decide who will win it all if shikaraki really wants to demoralize the heroes he could kill mirio after all the hero has been.

Compared to the son currently in the manga bakugou's attack was enough for rain clouds to form the sun has been effectively blotted out granted this change of weather could simply be a physical representation of how bad things are for the heroes though I think it's more than that wouldn't it make sense contextually to destroy the Sun by.

Killing me physical representation that is Muriel it's not only something foreshadowed by the weather but it would be a low moment the heroes especially if he died at the hands of none other than chigaraki besides that miro's death would explain what the big three have been seen without him I doubt it was merely setting up another Muriel.

Comeback that would be boring could it instead be a way to foreshadow a future of the big three minus miria so really it's possible one of the big three could die that being said there are villains as well who may pass on spinner Spinners have the same significance to shigaraki as bakugo to Deku he serves as the right hand man to Shake Rocky and even express.

His concern when he's adapting to a stronger body spinner throws away all his convictions for shigaraki as well he joined the villains because he believed in stains yeah later on he completely abandons his to Fellowship Rocky completely The Spooner is also why so many mutant Quirk users join the Paranormal Liberation Front cause he's.

Proven to be useful and an important character this is further bolstered by his narration in my villain Academia regardless of these qualities it's appearing some of the villains may not come out of this War live spinner may be one such villain as previously mentioned his friendship with shikaraki similar to bakugou and deku's and as Margaritas.

Currently know bakugou is dead at least for now either way Spinner's death would actually mirror tobacco goes since it would be the end of another Duo not to mention it also seems that the Spinner's body is under stress from accepting a gigantification quirk from All For One the last time spinner was seen he appeared brainless drooling and overall.

Just very unlikely lizard villain we know his common knowledge that quirks can overload a body the spinner isn't unique by any means nor is his body known to be rather Hardy it's possible his body could give out jizzly strain those core Factor also he's fighting students and present Mike I can't see any of these students or present might.

Be forced to kill a villain nor does it seem as a spinner could be apprehended so really it's possible spinner could succumb to the overload of quirks on his body instead but on the topic of death it will be in a service to not include oyama oyama Disney Trader reveal oyama has had death flags for example he has served his purpose as a trailer to you.

Way and it stopped working for all for one one could say he is a plot device that is overstayed his welcome unless he's facing miscellaneous villains with backup all while fighting with a body that isn't suited for his work but the most important factor may be who exactly he's fighting oyama is facing a Taurus Escape e the squirk seems to spawn or at.

Least be involved with red spider lilies What's significant about that is the fact that red spotted lilies can be symbolism for death or goodbyes it would be less tragic if fat dumb were to die he's a Pro Hero and doesn't have anything to atone for unlike oyama him dying fits perfectly Into The Narrative of redemption through death he's.

Something Gran Torino originally said about shikaraki but surely it can function as general foreshadowing after all shigaraki isn't the only character who can be redeemed after losing his life oyama fits this quote perfectly because the Betrayal led to two Wars and so does Endeavor but we'll discuss the number one hero next what matters is.

That there hasn't been a student death yet a tragedy that comes from the passing of one of deku's peers and perhaps that outcome is what awaitsoyama he will most likely be ostracized from society and it will feel almost impossible for him to truly atone or move on from his betrayal however you could die fighting the villains and be.

Seen as a hero maybe even die saving fat gum either way it's possible he could meet his end with that being said let's dive into Endeavor Endeavor Endeavor is one of the most polarizing characters in modern Shonen despite that though he's been a big Focus within the series his entire family drama has been an all-encompassing subplot for months.

Without a doubt he is an important character not to mention he has been at the center of the war recently he never is facing none other than a prime all for one all for one was someone dangerous even as him is a potato head in a suit and now he has somehow rewind himself to be a younger stronger self even before off ones miraculous.

Regeneration the fight was still in the villain's favor at least until it never saw the metaphorical future of his son and other students only then do we see Endeavor have the willpower to virtually incinerate all for one but as readers know a little fire doesn't stop ultimate Evil instead off one begins to rewind his body not only.

Does he regain an uninjured body but his original face if the heroes were struggling when all for one didn't have a healthy body it will certainly be hurting now so why will he never die personally I believe the answer to be rather simple but in order to really understand it we must first acknowledge what Dobby's goal is the demented fire.

Starter's end game is to destroy his father Endeavor mentally and kill him afterwards he really and truly is preying on endeavor's downfall his desire to ruin his father is so strong that he loses interest in fighting Shoto if Endeavor isn't there to see the Carnage in davi's own words once I'd burned away all then that thing hold.

Near and dear that'll be the Mark I've left killing shelter isn't worth it to Lobby unless Endeavor can see it in the last war dabu tried to achieve this all while a shell shock to never watched but now things are different Endeavor is determined to stop his son and its own for his mistakes plus he's no doubt exhausted due to fighting offer one and.

Losing an arm both he and David are that store if Dobby can make it to Endeavor is doubtfully Flaming hero just stand by and watch his son fight again it's likely he'll try to put a stop to it as Endeavor himself has said to the public I want all of you to just watch me he's adamant about atoning and stopping his son his true goal is to win the war and.

Defeat Dobby it's the entire end game for the family too however endeavor's honorable goals do play into what Gran Torino told Deku again Branson is quote that killing can be another way to save someone can be applied in this situation for the Fallen Hero Endeavor and is Twisted filling his son Dobby Dobby isn't going to stop which is evident.

From how badly damaged his body is now he's practically just bones yet he still wants to utterly destroy Endeavor meanwhile Endeavor is functioning off a pure willpower and adrenaline between his missing arm and all the significant damage Endeavor is well passing points of overheating due to his Quirk both Hira and villain are worn out and could.

Die therefore it's possible both means to come to each other's Firepower and mutually assure destruction dalby gets his good ending of finally destroying his dad on never and give up the mantle knowing he's done what he set out to do which is stop Dobby also Endeavor would have his Redemption just as rancheria's words foreshadow even in the my hero.

Academia Universe Endeavor is vilified giving up his own life while snuffing at his sons would show that he has grown into his identity as a hero of course it ties into the fact that Dobby wants a final confrontation with the never neither can die until it happens it's something that would complete their story arcs therefore allowing them to.

Both die but this Theory isn't backed purely by Gran Torino's quote it can also be explained by endeavor's own doing and his journey to right is wrongs and never decides to build another house for his family a home he won't be a part of because he realizes the damage he has done it would be the perfect way to wrap up Dobby's story any Todoroki family.

Drama that being said Endeavor isn't the only Pro Hero likely to die the best genist best genus is on an active Battlefield against the ultimate Evil fighting with just one lung battling with that one long is also certainly taken its toll blood covers his eyes and keeps ripping from his face with only one lung he is no doubt struggling to.

Breathe like Endeavor it's clear best genus is on his last leg so that raises the question will he die we believe he has a very high likelihood this war is only reinforcing fact that best genus use bakugou as a Persia he's like what Deku is to all might their development is interlaced together as mentor and student growth is built off of each.

Other but right now as it stands bakugou is dead his progress is at a halt however we all know that will not Remain the case but we'll get into that next what really matters is that bashiness has been a mentor tobacco and he is currently severely wounded without a doubt that Gene is being horribly injured and an important figure for.

Bakugou really set death flags flying as we know bestiness would give his life for others he's already done that before at least metaphorically one he was in a death-like state during The Meta Liberation Army ARC Mas genus is willing to do whatever it takes and perhaps I will be giving his lead for bakugou not only this the best genus himself says.

Even now my body is like this us then up ignoring his long situation she and his body still isn't up to par he is not functioning at his best and a true hero would do anything for the younger generation the ninja hero headshot is in the midst of giving his life for bakugos this is a Monumental sacrifice that is sure to impact Vegeta's deeply in fact.

Headshot leaves everything in the capable hands of his former class president I can certainly see this further spuring on but she didn't see if it is all it's all now being his life and as Baka goes Mentor it would mirror night eye's devastating loss that ultimately inspired mirio to continue on and on the topic of enduring Calamity.

Let's take a look at who could survive the final war Arc who could live now there is a possibility that several characters with deaf lives will make it out bakugou is certainly one of them as mentioned the explosion user has seen significant development he went from wanted to constantly compete with Deku and suffering from a superiority complex.

To accepting that he doesn't have to be the number one we could say that historians come full circle so there's no need for him to stay alive but if we go by foreign words that may not be the case for katsuki a hero is someone who can win both goes dimes prematurely wouldn't be winning while it is true he was able to wound shikaraki's eye it.

Wasn't enough to turn the tide for the fight nor was it significant in any way bakugou's death itself was so out of left field that it felt more like a fake out again I remind you death doesn't happen often in my hero Academia and when it does it is foreshadowed for the most part this was seen in not only Night Eyes situation but midnights as.

Well unlike bakugou they weren't part of the main cast either as it stands bakugou has definitely be more fitting for a background character it isn't appropriate for someone who is a deuteragnist of the series therefore one might argue it makes sense why bakugou is cheating death here and frankly we could argue that he did just that during.

The last war arc when shigaraki impaled him but this time around the damage is a lot worse now bakio has no real villainous foil his peers do but bakugou does not even more background characters like Shoji have a big bad to defeat while it could be be argued that bakugou doesn't have a foil because his real enemy is himself I think it's more than.

That bakugou and Deku are heroes who saved to win and win to save they are a packet deal Ergo is not hard to assume bakugou's in-game villain is the same as deku's plus it's good for the theme of not shouldering your burdens alone Deku will be fighting shigaraki with bakugou both Deku and bakugou have been severely underestimated by the All-Pro.

Unconsciousness however in the realization of their utmost potential which is pretty much the backbone of all Shonen they do strike fear into all for one we saw this in the case of bakugou by way of him reminding offer one of the second user of one for all bakugou living is bounces of birthday Hero's expectations and shigaraki are for once.

As well and presents a moment for The Unlucky Street to be broken plus it doesn't really make sense for bakugo to have all that development and overcoming superiority complex only for him to then die in spite of all that it is possible that a student will die maybe it's just not back ago but like bakugou I have my doubts that shikaraki will die yeshimur.

Nana his grandmother asked Deku if he could kill shigaraki yet at the same time it is clear Deku wants to save shikaraki more than anything else he doesn't believe the solution is to kill him he thinks he can get through to him and reach the little tenko underneath besides Maya Academia has always been about saving people who would be a.

Better candidate to save than the antagonist who has been deemed as unsalvageable the young tenko inside chickaraki wants to be saved as well and it's clear this part of him is being stuffed down in favor of the Chicago personas even in his mind tenko is shown suffocated surrounded by a mass of hands it's as if.

The little boy within wants to be saved but can't reach out to Deku until Deku reaches out to him Heroes reach out to help and tenko likely seizedeku as someone who could do it it is once again depicting the theme of not shouldering your burdens alone and having a network of support two things tenko was never afforded I hear Academia has always been.

A story of hope so at what point would someone become irredeemable there could still be a chance for him because of that it is unlikely shikaraki will die unless it were from another person's doing his body is suited for his quirks so a death like what could happen spinner wouldn't make sense the only person who can keep up with shigaraki.

Right now is Deku and I can't see the Eternal Optimus killing anyone even if that person was created to become the ultimate Evil it simply isn't in Deku because he has always wanted to help people to save the and I think that could do just that for tenko but what do you think and who do you expect to die in the final war Arc.

Of my hero Academia please let us know down below as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.