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DEKU WON’T WAKE UP! Coma Arc Begins – My Hero Academia


All right so somebody tell me when the pain is supposed to stop because for weeks now my hero academia has been pure pain and that has yet to change with the previous chapter we saw the liberation of all for one and several other villains from tartarus in what was a terrifying turn of events.

With this latest chapter we received even more aftermath content but would firstly be presented with a bit of a conversation between twice and skeptic following the union of their two groups as it turns out redestro similarly to the doctor fulfilled his two roles as two different.

Entities by way of twice his double quirk and so at the same time as the jakku general hospital raid redestro double had engaged with the public safety commission they lured him in with the prospect of a joint venture into support items and despite his.

Better judgment he accepted only to find himself in conflict and with this we would see the president of the public safety commission in pretty bad shape now with her gone that may only serve to further destabilize things and or make room for new rhetoric to take her place and.

So hopefully she's all right now redestro would go on to question their methods but recognize their desperation and necessity meanwhile making it very clear that what the villain saw was complete and utter freedom in other words anarchy but here's where.

Things go from bad to worse and where i have to question when horikoshi will take his size 16 timberland stompers off of the hero's necks because this horse has been dead prisons across the country would be liberated one after another only.

Six hours after the fall of tartarus which is to say that there will be nowhere to bring all of sugar rocky's forces anyways those seventeen thousand soldiers or what have you there's nowhere to put them forget hero versus villain this is the collapse of a whole.

Government and country if they don't call in help from overseas then either their foreign policy is worse than their quirk laws or they want to be taken over with all for one out and about doing whatever evil geniuses do shigaraki in turn would be getting ready for bed after such an eventful day then asking.

The league to watch over him as he does so despite the fact that the flurry of criminals on the loose would cover his trail for a while and in response to this spinner who we now know to be the member most loyal to shigaraki would mention how well the two bonded over video games and the like.

Which is to say that the man ordering them around wasn't his friend or the man he decided to follow as he spirit of all for one would respond by saying that he respects the wishes of shigaraki so there's no need to worry that for now he'll have him rest.

With perfection being the primary objective now having shigaraki's wishes in mind smells like cap to me but whatever he's all for one or at least a spirit of all for one he does what he does two days after all this bakugou would finally open his eyes.

Feeling a sharp pain as he would clutch onto his lower abdomen as some of his classmates would enter the room happy to see that he was all right apparently they were in central hospital and bakugou was believed to be in the most critical state of all as he had a.

Hole in his stomach which is why he was clutching onto it and you know after everything i can't say that i'm entirely comfortable being in a hospital again and also that whole piercing of the stomach thing definitely reminds me of all might's injury but anyways disregarding his own.

Predicament bakugou would question the state of the others on the battlefield to which there was a brief pause gran torino was in rough shape but stable this would be followed by a look at izawa who'd lost an eye and a leg but thanks to the diligence of his comrades was able to make it out alive.

President mike would begin to mourn midnight but izawa could not afford to go down that road and would instead inquire about those who were alive the kids as they too were swept up in the conflict with that we would find ourselves in shoto's.

Hospital room from here we'd see the collective of people gathered outside in pursuit of answers and the expressions of the kids said it all they were all hurting as outside a cluster of reporters would converge on a particular figure as they made their way into the hospital.

Endeavor was currently unconscious but the questions were unending as the public demanded answers shoto would then begin to do a bit of reflecting himself remembering the words of star servant who alluded to dobby's involvement and connection.

To endeavor he'd recognize his brothers burning hatred for their father and the flames of his that were even stronger than endeavors that he done everything up until that point just to scorn the name of endeavor and that ultimately they weren't so different and so it couldn't be endeavour who.

Would resolve this but choto himself from there shoto's family would begin to enter the room but because his throat was so badly burned he could not speak but behind his siblings was another figure presumably that of his mother a major development.

But seeing as how she witnessed the broadcast herself as well is a necessary involvement i feel but elsewhere bakugou was charging forwards like a crazed beast as his classmates would try and hold him back now the reason he was doing this the reason why he was so deranged was because of deku because as it turns.

Out deku is the only one who hasn't displayed any signs of waking up and that was a chapter now as far as my thinking in regards to deku physically bakugou was struck far more vitally than deku ever was even if he messed up his arms and legs beyond repair.

So this is more than that i imagine deku is in the midst of some one for all stuff with the power of one for all it is now or never and in regards to their parallels as successors he is sleeping just the same as shigaraki and at that i am definitely looking forward to seeing.

His growth with the power and in the world of one for all and at that i am also expecting a whole lot of deposition and questions to be answered in the world of one for all by the predecessors so i'll tell you right now you should be subscribed to the channel with.

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It comes to bringing you some of the best my hero academia content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i am slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.