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Deku’s 6 Quirks vs Omega All For One Shigaraki! – My Hero Academia Chapter 369


Every week it seems like horikoshi sets the bar Higher and Higher and this chapter is no exception there is more Deku vs tomra all for one the reveal of the second user's original Quirk and a surprise appearance from spinner of all people so many things happen so let's get into it chapter 369 titled many years begins with a flashback but not.

Just any flashback it's a look at the final fight between all for one and the second user a ruined City surrounds them countless bodies lay at their feet all for one is holding the second by The Knack yet all for one is crying the second is clearly about to die we can speculate forever as to why all for one is crying he's never really shown.

Emotion like this so seeing him be this vulnerable is bizarre either way let's focus on the second he has been caught by all for one not to mention blood is covering his head truthfully he looks bruised battered and defeated regardless of these facts he does not give up behind all for one comes a speeding bullet fortunately it is easily.

Destroyed by him his inner thoughts show exactly what he thinks of The Quirk in very typical all-for-one fashion you're a pathetic little peashooter of a quirk was fit for nothing then it is finally time the second user's Quirk is revealed it's not what I was thinking but I am also not disappointed although it does remind me of deku's Mom while her Quirk.

Bay attracts small objects the second controls her speed kinda interesting if you ask me anyhow all for one continues his inner narration still belittling the second he's is the one for all holder as pretentious and lesser than himself however the second still has a smile on his face once again we see omi's philosophy in play no matter the.

Situation or danger always be optimistic unfortunately it's lights out for the second as you switch back to the present as tomra all for one is falling Deku is above him with the aura of the second squirk he is enraged it's not just because deku's is equal but because he can see the one for all messages and honestly I've been waiting a while to.

See this we have seen shigaraki all for one and Deku all in the invested world together so purely they can at least see each other's messages that being said tomorrow all for one isn't seeing all messages only the second and yoichi materialize still it is enough to anger him all the while we are treated some more information on deku's new Quirk.

Well new to us speaking of new there has been a bit of a correction as of right now the Quirk is called gear shift and not transmission it is also received a power up like One for All but that isn't all Deku understands The Quirk down to his very selves the combination of one for all and gear shift is insane with it Deku is able to unleash Detroit smash.

Quintuple honestly seeing Deku deliver a smash of Tomar shikaraki was way too satisfying plus the art is amazing horikoshi just continues to prove how talented he is that aside deku's attack leads a massive crater its Force creates dust and debris to explode around them unfortunately even bat isn't going to stop tomra all for one neku knows this.

Too which is why he charges tomorrow for one again no rest for the wicked I suppose meanwhile the amalgamation all for one and shikaraki notices that Deku has picked up speed he is faster than before which is saying a lot his velocity before mimic the second now Deku is on a totally different plane although tomorrow all for one wonders if.

This is related to the heroes limited Aura and I really look forward to this being animated I'm hoping it resembles the lightning we currently see in the anime regardless tomorrow off one believes he can predict deku's attacks how you might ask the Monstrous villain thinks he can foresee movement based on both the angle and timing of previous.

Attacks with his massive mutated arm he makes a fist Dumber offer one flies towards Deku two gigantic Titans are about to clash thankfully Deku shifts into low gear the second is behind him and explains the gear shift ignores inertia while changing speed now inertia is a word I haven't heard since high school with this very big Power Up Deku.

Quite literally lasts in the face of physics and speaking of our young hero his expression is hardened he's still angry but determined and ready this is a title fight and Becky was out to win tomorrow all for one winds up his punch he's also prepared to talk trash but suddenly the attack missed entirely a massive cloud of smoke stream covers.

Tomorrow all for one's view it is a combination of several quirks though smokescreen does not explain why tomorrow missed due to shifting into low gear that kid was able to avoid his attack the surprise even shocks tomorrow offer one he's not falling he's right on the money too the young hero is above him before he realizes it tomorrow all.

For one is whisked higher into the air by black web the action confuses the veteran villain meanwhile Deku is back to his old tricks he talks to himself explaining his combo first locate tomorrow off one via danger sense then immediately blocked his sight with smoke screen right after float using Shimmer Nana's Quirk fourth restraining the.

Ultimate Evil while he's distracted the last thing is a bit of a doozy finally store up the powerful guntapo with third Spa Jin and overdrive what's interesting to note is that Deku is moving so fast that his pupils are blurred I cannot wait to see what bones does with this that aside this moment is spectacular I waited a while to see Deca combine.

Quirks like this after all there are tools in his utility belt however right as Deku prepares his attack we attribute to a rather beautiful panel the aura of gear shift is swirling around him and all the paths users of one for all are behind him once again it is the will of one for all it's also fun to see all previous holders together tomoro offer.

One's face is uncharacteristically afraid at long last the ultimate Evil has been backed into a corner but before he lands his blow the second tells Deku something important he says that Deku shouldn't be afraid of gear shift what he should worry about is why people use such ridiculous power he finishes by saying power lies in that determination.

Does this mean it is a battle of wills I sure hope so with One for All In All For One exert their will on the user neku prepares his attack all while his teeth are clenched and this expression reminds me of the war Arc again this is deku's Rage yet it is controlled and focused he wants nothing more than to stop tomorrow offer one and if possible save little.

Tenko through this thick anger neku tells Tomah all for one that he is not holding back honestly this fight is going to be one of the best of the series if not the best if Tom were all for one manages to use his quirks too we will be in for a legendary battle but then Deku calls out to all for one he tells the Despicable villain that he.

Won't let him hurt anyone else and it is at that moment we see everyone else Muriel is carrying an injured and possibly unconscious ninja day meanwhile this girl miruko is standing good news for miracle fans next to her is Tamaki he is not clutching his stomach and appears unconscious as well from the landscape it is clear both heroes are in.

A different area than before the last we saw miruko was leaning against a tree how Mickey on the other hand was in a more open area besides his most likely Muriel moved them besides Deku he is the only hero not morally wounded plus his Quirk allows him to easily maneuver the battlefield we also see bakugou fortunately he's still dead regardless.

Best genus is still by his side while headshot repairs the explosive hero internally but let's shift back to tomorrow all for one he yells a Deku Silence You insect clearly the the hero's words have gotten to him and finally the moment we have all been waiting for Deku lands a solid punch on zomera all for one the strength of it.

Causes multiple mounds of Flesh and fingers to fly off tomorrow offer wants a significant damage for the second time a large black hole appears in his chest the mighty villain wears a shocked expression as he begins to fall I must admit seeing the rods for this surprise me I didn't think we would see Deku harmed Homer all for one substantially.

For a while meanwhile the Vestige of yoichi manifests again behind Deku he begins by saying he sympathizes with both one for all and all for one he then speaks directly to his brother yoichi tells him I can see you brother the first goes on to say that mirio was correct or as yorichi refers to him as the young man with round eyes Tomer all.

For one's Unity as one entity has been shaken granted I wonder how yuichi knows that are all for one and one for all more connected than we believe only time will tell either way in tomorrow all for one's chest hole see all for one maybe this will end as a fight in the Vestige world all for one is it being physically separated from shigaraki it is only a.

Mental thing affecting the bond that unites them together as their battle continues the second speaks to Deku again he says that this is where it gets rough and to remember what Shimmer and Anna said meanwhile Deku looks exhausted his face is strained and his pupils are wild the second also tells Deku to not pass out perhaps this is the physical.

Limitation of using gear shift it literally ignores the laws of physics surely this has to have an impact on deku's body but as we know that would very well sacrifice his body to stop homura all for one on the other side of things Homer all for one is insulted he is irritated by Deku saying he won't hold back in his mind he hasn't shown.

His full potential his perfect body has been squandered by Erasure in fact he curses monama Manuel and izawa tomorrow off one also blames the environment it's this damn coffin's fault I will say seeing the floating Fortress being called a coffin again and has me worried several Heroes could kick the dust pun intended if Tom were off one can.

Activate Decay muruko can't stay off the ground and the others are unconscious Muriel couldn't save everyone but back to Deku and tomra all for one because of deku's words Tomer all for one thinks he is being mocked how can he possibly compete against a fully realized one for all if he's quirkless back into his Corner Tomar all for one wonders if.

Everything he has done until now was useless this desperation and despair is a deadly combination something otherworldly begins to happen to tomorrow over one's body he screams while 9 stars that resemble one for all manifest above him his body appears to expand as if trying to contain something everyone around is confused and.

Surprised even Deku for example Asawa mentions the villain has something up his sleeve is this the moment we finally see tomoro off one overcome Erasure will his body evolve beyond the limitations of a quirk personally I hope so he has been the poster boy other doomsday core Theory it would only make sense he could adapt and overcome however tomorrow.

Himself is upset by the change he yells out not yet all while his face is painted with fear and hurt regardless all for one's inner thoughts reveal a surprise he still believes he has a chance to win which suddenly takes us to none other than spinner the beefed up quirked up lizard stands in front of his mutant Army drool literally gushes from.

His mouth and his face is crazed this is very unlikely spinner we have seen before besides that the mutant reptile is also gigantic the flavor text reads it has all been left to spinner honestly I cannot wait to see what this setup is it is about time we get to see some other fights but in regards to this one how do you guys feel about how things.

Are going so far last time there were a good number of you who weren't so enthused in regards to the second's Quirk reveal however I'm wondering how you may feel right now based on how Deku has been able to use it in tandem with his other quirks we will of course have a follow-up video in regards to all things who's quirks so please leave us.

Your input from now before you get to enjoy that one and look out for it as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you