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DEKU’S DAD IS ALL FOR ONE, Here’s Why! – My Hero Academia


In a world filled with heroes and villains who knew that the most drama could still come from family many of my hero academia's most dramatic reveals and key moments of character development stem from complicated family dynamics perhaps one of the biggest ongoing family mysteries in the series is that of our protagonist izuka midoriya's.

Father or rather lack thereof the man known as sasashi midoriya has been largely absent from the narrative and his son's life we only know his quirk a mid-tier fire-breathing one and the fact that he is abroad doing business it has now been four years since horikoshi teased the official reveal at san diego comic con while readers wait for deku's.

Father to make his debut a rather interesting theory has made its way through the fan base that perhaps deku's father has been hiding in plain sight in doing so as a primary antagonist to the story all for one while this may be fans extrapolating from horikoshi's known love for the star wars franchise there is quite a bit of.

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Fatherless behavior shown in protagonists lacking or losing the presence of their biological father is nothing new whether it be from patricide like light yagami a training arc style chase like on freaks or an actual international business trip like josuke higashikata but others are simply not necessary in many show most of the time.

Including in my her academia a mentor eventually becomes the father figure to our main character in a genre where the hero's journey is self-discovery is the heart of the narrative the mentor father figure has a more important role in the story than a partially absent father all might have served his role as deku stan and parent effectively if we don't.

Include the reckless child endangerment to the point where shoto todoroki is compelled to acid deku is all my secret love child hell omai even makes a surrogate child a bento box before he goes on a solo vigilante mission sounds like fatherly love to me but this begs the question why give hisashi midoriya a name and an identity if he is going to.

Be non-existent in deku's life we'll explain the importance of teasing a character reveal later on in the video but also rory koshy has yet to fully set up a character and not have at least a bit of payoff toyotaroki's drawn out reveal is a prime example but a father revealed build up as long as this one seems like it is playing into a popular.

Shonen father subtrope within the disappearing dad trope there isn't exactly an official name for this trope so we will tentatively name it accidental nepotism baby it is typically used as an explanation for why a protagonist is both fatherless and incredibly powerful the reason why a father is absent from their child's life.

Is because they hold immense power that makes him either extremely famous or infamous they purposefully separate themselves from their family to protect them an example being grecia jaeger from attack on titan or because a family life would be inconvenient like luffy's dragon in one piece all for one the notorious villain he is probably fits.

Into the latter category because trying to become a supreme overlord and being a present father just don't go together based on how he treated his brother and his protege all for one as a family man feels completely unrealistic honestly i think all for one settling down in the first place would have been a ruse to get the heroes off his back inco has.

Proven time and time again that she is incredibly empathetic so overall for one gave her a little sob story she'd take him in i doubt a child or rather a child with his dna was anywhere in his plan which would explain his swift departure from the midori household the origin story within the story itself the timeline of.

Deku's early life and the downfall of all for one line up suspiciously well we don't know how present deku's father was in his early life but by the time his son turned 5 he was out of the picture it seems deku knows next to nothing about his father because he is such a non-presence in his life the kid who can recite thee my new details of every.

Major pro hero's quirk knows zero details about his biological father we'll get into the possible reasons behind all for one wants to keep his biological son at arm's length later on though his one and only mention in the entire series thus far is by inco in a doctor's office when her son is diagnosed as porkless considering the.

Many many many many times that goes ended up in the hospital after a battle hisashi midoriya's name never coming up is a bit suspicious either deku never thought to add his father to his emergency contacts or hisashi does not want to be contacted to me the most possible explanation is simply all for one being away from inco.

And their son for over a decade inco believes her husband is on international business and deku probably hasn't spoken a full sentence to his father but perhaps the best link between hisashi's indefinite absence and the theory that all for one is deku's father is his current health status the battle that wounded all might and put his arch.

Nemesis on life support happened when deca was around 10 years old it could very well be that this was the final reason that offer one cut contact with midorios with his face completely disfigured and his body dependent on various life support systems there was really no way he could ever come back isashi's indefinitely long business trip.

Would simply be a live report inco who doesn't know she birthed a villain's child from the very limited information we have about both the unconfirmed hisashi midoriya and offer one before he became a hybrid of mana machine there is a bit of overlapping information first is his name horikoshi loves picking names that align with a character's.

Personality or their quirk for example all for one's given last name shigaraki contains characters for death and grip which is his protege tomorrow shakaraki's quirk meanwhile hisashi loosely translates to a long time ago while this is an obvious play on deku's father not being present in his life it also feels like a hint towards his.

Father's identity a long time ago can also refer to hisashi existing for a long time a double meaning that also points at a potential quirk he has also one acquired the quark life force which essentially grants him a supernaturally long life although deku does primarily resemble and act like his mother a pre-life support all for one.

Also shares some characteristics with his alleged son physically there's not a ton to go off since all for one's face has either been partially obscured or completely removed but it seems like the two share similar hairstyles and builds a recent weekly show ninja cover highlights this a little more and all for one seems to be moving in to embrace.

Deku obviously personality traits aren't genetically inherited but deku and all one do share similar interests and personality quirks as well they're both obsessed with these science of quirks spending hours upon hours of research studying the minute details of pro heroes both are also prone to going on rambling monologues about strategizing.

And using their quirks and those of their allies to their advantage though deku's are played for laughs while all for ones are more aligned with evil monologues the similarities might seem coincidental but they're still important to consider introducing the connection between offer one and deku and just as importantly if you want more.

Mike here academia content be sure to subscribe to the channel with notifications on snapchat and upload and smash that like button for some plumber today deku's body all for one suspected parentage would also explain the nuances in deku's anatomy first it provides several explanations for why deku might have been labeled workless as a young.

Child deku's family doctor who just so happens to be all for one's closest confidant the nefarious dr garaki diagnosed his corklessness because he had an extra joint in his fifth toe the vestigial joint is a biological marker of no powers if deku was indeed born without a quirk the statistics of two fourth generation quark uses producing.

Him are incredibly low this is why deku is probably the last wielder of one for all it's not possible for a quirkless child to be born of two 4th gen users yuko yama is a prime example but it is still low however someone born from a fourth generation quark user and a first generation quark user would statistically have a higher chance of.

Being born quirkless this could explain the addition of joint in deku's pinky toe but i'll get into why that evidence is a bit sketchy later on in the video i think all for one is a quirk simply too powerful to be skipped in the gene pool though and his wielder likely knows this as well if deku is all for one's child then there is a chance he might have.

Inherited a quirk that was not similar to the mid-tier fire-breathing inco believes her husband has thaku's birth would be a liability to offer once carefully constructed ruse we have seen all for one dispatch of other quark users like nine who we willingly gave a modified version of all for one that were a potential threat to his malicious.

Plan of world domination an unplanned news revolver one would throw a wrench in his plans especially since he would have a young angry and traumatized tanko shimra as his ward by the time deku was born removing his quirk is a perfect marriage of ensuring all for one's parentage is never revealed regardless of how deku ended up without a quirk his.

Ability to adapt to one for all is uncannily powerful because his body registers as lacking a pre-existing quirk he's able to escape the premature death and bodily decay the first seven one for all users have but even compared to his mentor neku's grasp on his new quirk is unprecedentedly strong and when i say new i do mean new the entire manga.

Has taken place in about 10 months uh would have been reaching the end of the school year during the war arc that means deku was not only acquired but for the most part mastered one for all in under a year he can also directly communicate with these seven deceased users of one for all in the vestige world for reference almighty was also a.

Corkless individual before being gifted once for all i was never able to directly contact all the previous users in the four decades he held the power while deku had to go through the massive learning curve of breaking every limb several times he had an uncanny mental connection with the previous wielders especially the first user yoichi.

Shigaraki perhaps is because he is the first user of one for all and has spent the most time in the message world but considering all might wasn't able to make direct contact with yoichi i think there is another element at play it almost feels that there is an innate connection between yoichi and deku something beyond a mentor-mentee.

Relationship that is more akin to hikage shinomuri and and the fourth and sixth users respectively yoichi is much softer and more opal with deku than all the other users almost as if he can sense a deeper relationship between the two perhaps he feels a familiar connection that the newest member of the one for all ranks is unaware of dr garaki but.

The largest piece of evidence for the all for one is deku's father theory does not involve deku inco or even all for one it comes from dr kyudai garaki while he has gained a lot more notoriety in the manga since he might build an academia arc horikoshi himself confirmed that garaki has been around from the start as previously stated the doctor.

That told deku he was quirkless the older balding man with the giant mustache yeah that was dr rocky the man responsible for no moves as well as shigaraki and nine's modifications to inherit all for one at this doctor's appointment inko and gauraki seemed to be sort of familiar with each other i'd wagered that at the bare minimum buraki.

Served as deku's doctor as a child meaning that the rocky has been spying on deku since around the age of one or two hypothetically if gorak had been interacting with deku for a few years then all for one would have known we can then guess that before diagnosing dekul's quirkless but rocky would be informed that he is all for one son if.

We follow this line of reasoning i think that the x-ray of deku's foot could absolutely be faked or modified especially if all four one removed deku's quirk at birth for extra measure meraki also sent one of his own grandchildren to spy on and bully deku while they were both in elementary school some years later garaki turned.

His grandchild or at least embedded a copy of his quirk into the wing nomu that was taken hostage by endeavour during the battle with the hero killer stain because noma retains some memories of the previous selves and or their queries to retain aspects of the original user's soul this specific violation of nature.

Seems to blatantly target deku because they remember bullying the young hero back in elementary school so for the better part of a decade it seems like dr garaki has been meddling in deku's life directly and indirectly but why would all for one and dr rocky want to meddle with the life of a random quirkless kid all other science points are offered on.

Trying not to interact with this possible child so why would he play such an emphasis on trying to ruin his life well we now know that dr garaki no for one have a long legacy of picking up broken children to rehabilitate in their own twisted way it's how tenko shimra became tomorrow shigeraki it almost happened to toyo todoroki after he deep.

Fried himself on sakoto peak it also happened to at least dozens of other children at dr guraki's makeshift hospital it could be argued that himiko toga fits in this category as well the two find broken children and either groom them into becoming villains or turn them into nomu if they are not powerful enough so making deku feel.

Completely powerless wouldn't make him vulnerable to the joining of villains it's a long-haul plan but in my mind this makes sense first tell a child that presumably idolizes the pro heroes that he's quirkless thus stripping his dreams away from him then have the same child get bullied severely for his entire schooling by the time he's in his late.

Teens the child is so dissolutioned by hero society that convincing him to destroy it is incredibly easy this is when garaki and all for one slide in revealing their identity to the angry and emotionally broken deku and recruit him to enter society and shape it in his own father's image this emperor palpatine move is just one example of.

How star wars inspired this theory is but we'll get into that later now this plan definitely can't work anymore since fate allowed deku to meet all might and inherit one for all and as such all for one and garaki now have to adjust accordingly this is where the ua trader or yama comes in again we know that garaki and all for one are not above.

Using children as spies deploying oyama as he rats again intel on deku makes even more sense if we add the layer of deku being off for one child plot potential from a narrative standpoint all for one being deku's father provides a myriad of interesting layers to the end of the series obviously having an established character reveal themselves.

As deku's absentee father would make more sense in writing a new character at the 11th hour horikoshi has written a few new characters recently like lady nagan and starring strife but their narrative purpose is much different than hisashi midoriya those two were simply newer more powerful obstacles for decades shake rocky to face as well as.

New perspectives on heroes society isashi midoriya is an overarching mystery that has been hanging over the series since its inception having such a huge figure especially a notorious villain as deku's father would seem more impactful as i said before horikoshi is a massive star wars fan and has already included several references to the.

Sci-fi juggernaut i'd argue that all for one himself is a giant homage to darth vader especially with his villain costume and penchant for killing children if all for one is the darth vader of the series becca and all might are luke skywalker and obi-wan kenobi the two have followed the basic student mentor format in a similar way to their.

Jedi predecessors the inevitable final fight between the two would have some darth vader luke skywalker undertones even if the two aren't related although making them father and son would allow for a cooler final fight in my opinion from the way deku and offer 1 have been set up to parallel probably the most dramatic father reveal in media history.

I wouldn't be shocked before because she made the largest star wars homage in my here academia a darth vader style revelation but apart from homages and narrative structure making all form related to deku would add more layers to the inevitable final battle of the series of course the darth vader luke skywalker parallels would be cool for.

The fight between deku and offer one but there is another final battle that would have additional details added with the reveal deku vs tomorrow shigaraki regardless of whether deku was all for one's child or not seeking all out brawl between the fully realized all for one and one for all at their peak potential is going to be iconic but these two have.

Been set up as near perfect narrative foil since shigaraki's introduction from their quirks to their origin stories these two are written to be two sides of the same coin both have a quirk that was initially destructed to both themselves and others and both were horrifically mistreated as children even deku himself recognizes that shigeraki is simply an.

Abused child under all his murderous rage and that is why he refuses shimra nana's request to kill him if deku is revealed to be all for one son i think it would add even more nuance to the dynamic between the two becca could be all for one's biological child that he abandoned and was unable to create in his image while shigaraki is all for.

One's adopted child and the grandson of a pro hero molded into his vessel and perfect image one is a child born of his dna and the other is a child born of his ideology so not only other narrative foils but they would share a tenuous connection through all for one i'd imagine that deku learning he is the son of shikaraki's mentor would make him.

Feel worse for his opponent because if all for one decided to make a baby zuku his protege then he would have been in shigaraki's place and gone through the actual psychological torture he had i think learning his father's origin would make him even more determined to save the remnants left in tanko shimra instead of killing him a surprise father.

Revealed would be an amazing decision from a nerf standpoint and a perfect xena to the continuous parallels between shikaraki and daku and that's all the hints subtle and outright that my hero academia has given us about deku's father possibly being all for one with the series ending in the next year or so who knows how many more hits will drop.

Before the long awaited reveal but what do you think leave us a comment below with any evidence you think we might have missed or any other theories you have about deku's series father as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.