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DEKU’S DAD IS ALL FOR ONE!? The Biggest Secrets Left in My Hero Academia!


With my hero academia supposedly drawing to a close this year there are still several questions without answers for example will deku keep one for all and who exactly is all for one gigantic bodyguard giganto machia they are mysteries that have been on all of our minds for a very long time now some may be answered while others are likely to.

Remain unsolved today we'll be counting down the top 10 mysteries within my hero academia number 10 who is shimarana's husband first up we have a pretty tame conundrum as manga readers are well aware shimanana was not only a holder of one for all and a mentor to all might but the maternal grandmother to all for one's successor shigaraki tomorrow.

However there is an unknown variable within their turbine lives chimera nana's husband is only mentioned offhandedly by gran torino all we know is that he was killed by all for one prompting nana to hide her son shigaraki's dad from the world of heroes he is integral to the shimmer family especially to shigaraki himself but like.

Hisashi there is no face unlike asashi nana's husband isn't even named is it possible nana's unnamed husband was a hero i mean it probably is considering nana herself desperately wants to keep her son from harm this is further cemented by the fact that all for one would go after anyone related to a one for all holder however that itself.

Raises a question if nana's husband was a hero why haven't we heard of him why is there no proof his existence beyond a one-off comment by gran torino surely the grandfather of shaykh rocky is important if it were for his marriage shigaraki would have never existed nor would all for one have a tool to use against one for all most likely this.

Hasn't been answered because while we know some things about shimmer nana we do not have the entire picture we don't even know why or how she came to be a one for all holder overall float on its own isn't necessarily powerful but before we go any further into things be sure to subscribe to the channel notifications on his nevermind upload.

And smash that like button for some plumber today it is entirely likely we may never know exactly who nana's husband is the only people alive who know are gran torino and all for one all for one delight in knowing secrets and staying ahead of people nana's husband isn't information he would give lightly meanwhile gran torino is tight-lipped.

About the entire situation to begin with unfortunately shimano's husband may never be revealed but while discussing family let's dive into another mystery regarding a hero number nine who is almight's family omai's family has been an enigma from the start unlike deku it appears he had no one questioning how he suddenly gained a.

Quirk or trying to persuade him from hero work once he gets one for all from shimanana he is able to enroll in ua no problem and goes to study abroad he raises the question where and who are almight's family is it possible that like several other characters he is an orphan he never makes any reference to family not siblings not parents not.

Relatives the lack of his own family is important after all deku was supported by his mom from the start yet the only familiar tie all might has is gran torino and gran torino is not family it is a bizarre mystery in and of itself due to the themes present in my hero academia one of them being the concept of family whether it be found family.

Like gran torino and all might or blood related like deku and his mother not to mention the only people there for all might when he got his life-altering wound or gran torino principal nezu and sir nai in fact almet makes a peculiar statement regarding nana i thought of her as my own mother it's a bizarre comment i mean surely he has a family.

Regardless his mystery probably won't be solved unless it's by all might's own words before one for all he was just a quirkless teenager someone who was a nobody there isn't anyone currently who has come forward staking a relation to him it's only something all mike can explain but it's doubtful he'll go into detail while the heroes are fighting a.

War ergo this is sadly a mystery that will probably go unsolved number eight did overhaul escape all for one's hospital truthfully this mystery was not fully fleshed out until more recent chapters specifically chapter 350. 350 is significant because it features dobby waking up and then escaping from all from one's nursery interestingly.

Enough the floor and wall designs look familiar to illustrate my point let's go back to a certain villain's backstory as a child kai shisaki otherwise known as overhaul was seen in a sort of children's home complete with a distinctive checkered floor and childlike wall decor granted not much is known about overhaul's upbringing there.

Is a panel of him learning about quirks and then later on he meets up with this pseudo father the shii haseikai boss it's not unlikely overhaul could have escaped his quirk is insanely powerful after all yet offer one made no attempt or mention of him if alfond recruited him as a replacement for shigaraki like dobby it is not ridiculous to assume he.

Would keep tabs on one of his failed experiments but perhaps offer one felt overhaul was as uncontrollable as dobby i mean is it possible that the nursery just looks similar to further add to the mystery overhaul would have been 20 by the time dobby burned down all for one's hospital is it possible he escaped and was picked up by his beloved boss if so.

It just further proves the connection between them and the reach all for one has understandably the similarities seem more like an easter egg despite that we have neither confirmation from dobby or overhaul about it however it is important to note that we may never truly get an answer it's unlikely overall has connected the faceless.

Potato head all for one to the man who ran the nursery plus used to say he can even remember to begin with there's no telling how long or even if he was in the nursery number seven who is giganto machia if all for one was victor frankenstein then gigato machia is frankenstein's monster he is unnatural within the world of quirks instead of.

Having one giganto machia possesses five typically multiple quirks have only been seen with no moon in the words of the nefarious dr q daigaraki he could handle multiple quirks without getting remodeled suffice to say gyanto machia is truly unusual that being said gyanto maki is not known just for his insane ability to retake works he happens to be.

All for one's bodyguard yet we know so little about him we don't even know his real name or age but he's been all for one's protector since all for one's rule of terror as the audience we only really know his quirks and relationship to other characters in fact he even serves as a big antagonist to both mina and kiroshima despite that giganto machias.

History is shrouded in mystery so that begs the question why he is an integral part to offer one's group important enough to be passed on in a way to offer one's successor shigaraki however we don't even know his backstory or if one of the five courts he has was his own granted it is highly likely that one of them is after all his neurological.

Abilities seem to be hindered by the amount of quirks speaking of his quirks there is a connection there as well one of his quirks mirrors a famous vintage hero that kirishim admires crimson riot with his connections to heroes as well as villains it's hard to guess why his origins in history are unknown more importantly his own backstory would give.

More meaning to the deranged animalistic man under all for once control unfortunately the series is in its last arc so perhaps we will see this unfold in his penultimate fight against mina and kiroshima but until then we are only left with questions and no answers number six why and how did quirks suddenly appear.

Quirks as we know them are still an enigma in my your academia they appeared many years before the story is set with a baby having the ability to essentially be a night light quarks will fall from there becoming powers that could serve in combat as well as hiding and helping others regardless we still know very little about how they actually came to.

Be dr garaki may know but his belief is presented as a theory we'll get into that theory shortly though the entirety of quirks begs the question why did they suddenly appear man hasn't evolved in so long and yet quirks began to randomly appear to further add to the mystery quarks seemingly evolve over time this is where.

We get into dr garaki's theory quark singularity for example gang orca and miruko both of animal quirks however gang orcas gives him a more animalistic appearance and a known weakness meanwhile miriko seemingly has no drawback from her quirk and only takes the necessary evolutionary traits massive like strength ends hearing with.

Rabbit ears and can sense danger despite being from the same generation miracle's quirk only adapted what was needed why this question may never truly be answered but we can speculate a bit as dr garaki theorized quirks will only continue to grow in power and out of control with each new generation we see this with the masagaki primary school.

Students who possess quirks that are more combative than anything else which is a far cry from the original luminescent baby not to mention being able to emit light like that isn't necessarily something helpful in combat nor in general especially if you consider the quirk cannot be turned off the baby was just born like that it's a.

Power that unlike decay or one for all serves no purpose why have an evolutionary trait that isn't helpful it is a question we may not see answered work singularity has been seen as laughable enough for dr garaki to be shunned in his own words nobody except all for one ever took me seriously yet it is an important question to ask that.

Being said there are other mysteries to cover pertaining to quirks especially pertaining to a certain villain and his damaging ability number five where is deku's dad the age-old question in my hero academia since it began deku's father hisashi midoriya is someone we have anticipated for years now since 2018 to be exact his.

Absence in both deku's life and the story is bizarre to say the least all we know about him is that he is married to inco has a fire breathing quirk and is a businessman abroad regardless surely he could have made the trip back to japan shigaraki's reign made enough national news that other countries declined to help but as we know hisashi didn't maybe.

It was due to travel restrictions or a lack of interest in deku's life either way we know so little about hisashi we don't even have a physical description granted it is clear deku gets his looks from his mom but why hide his sashi's presence in the story like this surely he couldn't be so cold-hearted or busy enough to ignore the multiple hospital.

Visits that goes at there may be multiple answers to this question but there is something rather telling again this deals with all for one just like asashi although one himself is cast into the unknown there isn't a clear shot of his face plus as horikoshi stated at comic-con deku's father will be revealed in the future not introduced but.

Revealed it's almost as if we've seen him but we haven't seen the connection between a known character and hisashi clearly horikoshi is waiting for the perfect time to introduce him after all he is the father of the protagonist that being said it is plausible we may never truly get a satisfying answer the last time masashi was brought up was in 2018.

Hopefully asashi himself has not been forgotten and will play a part in beku's life for better or for worse number four did shigaraki get his quirk from all for one next comes a mystery that has kept me up at night as readers know shigaraki seemingly manifested his destructive quirk decay at age 5. what's bizarre is that quirks typically show up before.

Four now there are people who are late bloomers but it's interesting that just before shigeraki display decay a certain tall businessman crossed his path adding weight to this is the fact that this particular man had his face obscured sound familiar and this is something that season 5 of the anime adaptation left out and i imagine this is because.

They did not know how to properly handle this without it being just all for one i mean face or not if his voice is the same then it is definitive it is conclusive his appearance and then the sudden manifestation of decay which is considered a mutation is odd it's almost too perfect which brings the question was shigaraki cursed with this quirk or.

Is there a more nefarious calculating explanation chicaraki himself was unaware of his own power or memories until my villain academia the origins of his quirk matter my villain academia served as the crux of sugar rocky's development and unlocked his true potential with decay in spite of that we can't even be sure if his quirk was.

Truly an unfortunate genetic mistake or planned it's doubtful sugar rocky himself would know especially because the day he manifested decay was locked away due to trauma besides that it is unlikely all for one or the doctor would indulge in this information shigaraki's own amnesia is exactly how he became the monster he is it's unfortunate that we.

May never know if shigaraki's quirk was acquired naturally or through the intervention of all for one however there is one thing for sure it's one heck of a mystery i'm also curious if shigeraki would even care number three what is a second user's quirk finally one of the mysteries i have been dying to discuss every quirk within one for.

All has now been revealed except for one which happens to be the second user's quirk this meta ability as the second user phrases it was strong enough to break into offer one's prison and free his brother yorichi this power is a mystery in and of itself considering we've received no hint or explanation the second user's ability is as vague as.

It gets we don't even have an official name with that in mind it is important to note that this quirk as it stands isn't what it originally was we may never know what the quirk was originally as the second user explains mine evolved into a particularly unique power his quirk itself is powerful enough the second user notes it is only to be used.

As a last resort a clue might be in the massive gauntlets he wears but we also don't know the exact function of those gauntlets are they a support item or a red herring the second user appeared to use them in combat ready to blast the original holder of all for one away that being said i lean more towards support item sadly we probably won't know until.

The final confrontation between deku and shikaraki in fact the second used hints at this in more recent chapters despite that it is still a massive question especially considering the quark that has been inside one for all the longest meaning it is the most powerful at least in theory a grand finale to deku's arsenal the quark itself will likely be.

The key to deku's victory maybe somehow nullifying shigeraki's infamous decay number two where is koichi unfortunately very recently my hero academia vigilantes ended it left readers and myself curious as to where and when koichi will appear in the main story gracity is not super significant to the main plot but there is no reason he.

Wouldn't try to lend a hand i mean we are talking about a guy who became a hero in spite of his rather uninteresting quirk he would certainly like star and stripe jump at the chance to help all might i mean the guy wore in all my hoodie after all he is a big fan even being influenced into vigilante work by the guy so his absence is noted.

Where exactly is koichi he was the star of vigilantes which saw a cameo from several heavy hitters from the main story koichi was also a fan favorite the fan art online is anything to go by a beloved character by all we can make assumptions but surely he'd want to lend a hand during the final showdown between the ultimate evil and heroes he risks.

His own life time and time again as the series being recognized for it due to the ending of vigilantes it is unlikely we will know his current status that is unless shigeraki or offer one displays quirk which would be unfortunate to the highest degree it is also plausible koichi managed to return to japan despite the travel bans we could.

Speculate about it forever but there is one thing for sure until koichi's status is confirmed we simply won't know what he is up to especially considering in more modern times star and stripe is the number one hero while koichi is a sidekick of captain celebrity we also know another thing the author vigilantes hinted at koichi possibly appearing in.

My hero academia the manga itself ends with a thankful and hopeful message of thank you for reading the story continues in my hero academia so despite these series having sadly ended there is a little dream that we may see koichi once again number one will deku keep one for all at last we have come to the biggest conundrum.

Within the series it has been hinted several times that deku may lose his arms but do we know if he will keep his quirk to illustrate how dizzy situation is let's talk about his arms with them one doctor outright tells him if i can be honest the damage was beyond words his quirk itself is so physically damaging that in a way it is like tiny.

Explosions within the body not only that but it is such a ridiculously strong quirk when combined with other abilities within it if that could were to keep it surely there would be no need for other heroes a hero with one for all to its fullest extent could replace the outdated hero commission as it stands however it is doubtful deku could.

Support japan like that omaha couldn't and the story itself focuses on teamwork but let's get into deku and what keeping or getting rid of one for all means neku began as a quirkless middle schooler with a big dream he refused to let go of one for all is bigger than life within the series it is the only power capable of stopping offer one and returning.

Japan to odor and stability the weight of this quark narratively is huge that being said it is extremely likely we will find out in an epilogue deku will either continue to be a hero with one for all or come full circle and become quirkless personally i love the concept of deku going back to being quirkless due to the idea that one for all is a.

Tool and not a long-term weapon plus deku deserves a rest for all the heroics in store for him but man all these mysteries and yet no answers i'm sure some of them will be solved during the final arc but some of them probably won't while others will continue to be a hot topic of discussion for readers the unresolved questions are what makes the.

Series so engaging that being said what's your favorite mystery within my here academia if there's one that we did not cover let us know down below as always i'm celestia otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you