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DEKU’S DANGEROUS NEW QUIRK! Danger Sense Unlocked – My Hero Academia


Guys it sure has been a crazy ride but here we have it the final my hero academia chapter of the year and boy was it one hell of a conclusion with the last one we saw the collapse of a great many heroes whose collective sacrifices had now provided our heroes on the scene.

With a chance at victory as the colossal giganto machia was no longer able to move thanks to the sedative he had previously ingested however then seen to precarious predicament of his comrades in himself mr compressed carved through his own flesh and body to provide himself a means of escape.

From the bindings of best genius and in doing so was also able to free spinner and shikaraki with the use of his quirk then swiftly making his escape and picking up dobby along the way as well all the while monologuing to himself and revealing to us that he is none other.

Than the great great grandson of the peerless thief oji harima a villainous legend as publicly recognized as all for one as he then released spinner and shigaraki proclaiming this to be his final performance as make no mistake this wound is fatal the extent to which.

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We began with a mental voice saying wake up as deku in a cold sweat with blood all over his ruined body would slowly open his eyes as he would then abruptly arise realizing that he'd momentarily passed out on account of davi's extreme heat then wondering where shoto was fearing.

The worst although with a quick visual scan of the scene he was then able to locate him now being very much relieved to see shoto still alive but even then deku would yet again feel a sort of sensation that very much felt like a sharp pain in his head.

And with that just as a ton of you have already commented on our videos and mentioned on twitter we were right not only did we predict that deku would manifest a sensory quirk in one video but with another video after that but days prior to the release of this chapter.

We also claimed that deku already possesses it using the very same evidence provided by this chapter and i can't lie it feels good it always does and it's just so much fun to pick up on things like this with all of you so if you'd like to be here for more moments like that then be sure to.

Subscribe to plot armor with notifications on a bunch of people thought we were crazy and were clowning on us for making a whole video on it but here we are and i think we deserve a bit of respect for that one but anyways yeah this quirk was described in the book all my through.

Together about the users of one for all and is a quirk of the fourth user called danger detection but this was certainly a quirk he unlocked over the course of this battle and similarly to how black whip was when it first manifested this quirk is untamed and is just firing.

Off like crazy causing deku to have quite the headache right now meanwhile muriel would just rush towards the league of villains with the quickness picking up where we last left off as compressed just looked absolutely terrible as muriel's fist would connect with the.

Face of mr compress who would then think to himself as he faded from consciousness that when they first arrived on the scene they'd seen a great number of nomu nearby and because these creatures move at the behest of shigaraki so long as he's around to issue a.

Command they'll be of use so right now if they can manage to wake him up then they may very well be able to turn this thing around in their favor and so yeah he collected spinner and sugar rocky with his very thought in mind and although he made such a big declaration with the last chapter.

Mr compress really didn't have any more surprises to spare this was the chance he was willing to give his life for which is so interesting to receive considering he did so with a chapter that began by talking about the opportunity many heroes provided with their sacrifices he was nothing.

More than a distraction now and had placed dobby inside spinner's scarf everything was now up to spinner as muriel closed in for a hit to him as well and interestingly enough mr compressed described spinner to be the one most loyal to shigeraki now.

If you remember spinner was very upset with shigaraki at the beginning of the my villain academia arc and he looked like he could have been on the verge of leaving but i suppose that opposed to all the other members who had their own reasons for wanting anarchy spinner is definitely more of a follower.

And so with what shigaraki now represents to the perceived vision of staying destroying hero society as we know it is something that spinner is very dedicated to but at this point i think it might be a little deeper than that i think that spinner might admire shigeraki just as.

Much as stain possibly even more having properly be in his presence now while within the marble of mr compress spinner had noticed something on shiguraki's person or remembering the prior sentiment of the man that when he places the hands of his family on himself.

He feels horrible and disgusted yet oddly at peace and what spinner saw was one such severed hand which was now burnt all over thanks to endeavour and in seeing this spinner would clutch onto shigeraki as he felt his heart sink and an uncanny rage well up in its dead and so as muriel left to knock them out.

Spinner was pulling away having already placed the hand on shigaraki's face as his eyes widened and the flesh began to split from there a shockwave of tremendous strength and size that dwarfed even the likes of giganto machia would blow out and be heard by the.

Various nomu abominations our heroes would all go flying and or be pushed away severely as a disturbing yet familiar voice would escape from the sand paper lips of shigeraki commending the dedication of his forces.

Explaining that this is the power of the heart that the more shigeraki leans into his primal instincts the stronger his hold over him becomes equivocally additionally telling shigaraki to never let go of his hatred as his literal.

Face would shift to look like the thumb monster all for one himself and this is scary this is taking that moderate mentality to the next level and in just a moment a swarm of nomu would make their way over all for one then saying that if used correctly.

It is possible to send detailed instructions to the nomu via radio signals although that would be far too complicated for the likes of shigaraki right now as he has only just recently received the power with murio now having been pushed away spinner would question shigaraki's.

Proceedings as compressing toga still needed to be saved too however all for one would stop him right there saying that chikaraki had already been defeated by one for all and endeavor as they were then picked up by the crowd of nomu all for one then smiling to say that the score will certainly be settled.

As everything was for his sake which confused me just a little bit there this chapter was certainly a bit more direct about all for one's intentions of controlling sugar rocky but prior to this despite his sudden outburst from within and literally splitting the man's face.

To show his i didn't get the impression that he wanted this to be the case i was of the belief that he was preparing a successor to follow in his footsteps not that he wanted his successor to become him or anything like that it's interesting and i really want to.

Know why he went to such lengths to do this i mean this is a very calculating man so i imagine that there's something more to this and i'm sure that he's had ample time to circumvent his own demise via some other means so why do this but anyways the heroes now struggling would.

Recognize that not only was dobby also with the villains but that of course they cannot let them escape as it also looks like that shockwave finally knocked bakugo out but now once again using fropi style black whip deku would latch onto shigaraki from there.

All for one would say that once shigaraki's body is perfected they will meet again as he also called deku worthless once again as deku would retort knowing this to be all for one speaking all for one then saying his farewell as he blasted deku away.

With tremendous force then leaving his hand to split a bit with blood pouring out as deku would call shigaraki's name now thinking to himself that because he's killed so many people and caused so much suffering and pain that he couldn't possibly forgive him but even still.

Back in the world of one for all when all for one luck to be consuming him shigaraki his face it looked as if he was crying out for help as a climactic battle of this arc of this war would now clear up in this now thoroughly ruined city and that is a chapter and what a.

Chapter this was wait until the shippers get their hands on the sugar rocky and spinner the two driest boys in the game having some fun but seriously with the villainous forces now being culled even further as they are now leaving gigantomachia as well i have to.

Say i am very surprised that spinner of all people is the one to have survived and lasted this long it is very very interesting like to me he is kind of like the usop of the villains for all my one piece fans out there but you know there is a very clear.

Potential for growth and development from many of our characters past all this along with all that we predicted is to come following this war which we made an entire video on that i suggest you check out and like i said before this chapter was pretty damn conclusive.

And that made it especially good as a last my hero academia chapter 4 2020 but listen we have a whole lot to talk about so even without the anime or manga for a little while you know that of all channels plot armor will still be able to come correct and at that it's kinda unbelievable to.

Be at the end of this ridiculous year but you know what for as troublesome as this year has been on so many levels ultimately this year saw the rise of plot armor and the growth of this community so at least in that way we are ever so grateful we started the year with somewhere.

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