It's that time again chapter 334 of my hero academia was an epic one from the insanely memorable artwork to all for one just getting outplayed by star and stripe it was a wild one but the end conclusion of that was an extension originally the next day was the time shigaraki would have perfected his body but now they have a week before this.

Happens bakugou wasn't too thrilled about this but as a parting gift star and stripe bought them time time that all might made it clear they'll use to their advantage to take down all for one and shigaraki once and for all with this announcement we'd see the students gathered around in hero attire and notably deku in his makeshift hero.

Costume which uses his ua physical education attire as its base this time at least some of it will be used for a training arc as always if you haven't already please be sure to drop a like on this video to support what we do and subscribe to plot armor notifications on to never miss an upload we upload almost daily and would love to have you join in.

On our discussions if you haven't heard we do have a discord server now where you guys the plot army can talk about my hero academia and all your other favorite series link to that will be in the description of this video let's get on with this discussion it's worth acknowledging the possibility that this time could be used for recon and.

Information gathering the heroes could try yet again to get the jump on the villains in the same way they did at the start of the war arc and kind of again with star and stripe versus shigaraki this is possible for sure however if it's going to be done it'll be done by the more experienced heroes not the younger ones we're familiar with at ua.

These efforts are likely not going to be fruitful deku and heroes in general were unable to find anything during the rogarc and not too much has changed since then the advantage created with the surprise during the war was when offer one was not present his intelligence is higher than that of all the other villains he's made it this far.

As a villain because of this there is no one better at staying hidden so it's unlikely to find anything too useful and the search efforts will likely not include these younger heroes this time for them will likely be spent preparing for the fight deku was a lot he could improve on because of the quirks he unlocked bakugou has his recent.

Awakening to develop and the others need to catch up as much as they reasonably can during the rogue arc we saw deku learning his new quirks on the fly he was successful with them thanks to his own quick thinking and guidance from the previous users but this isn't ideal ideally it should be done similarly to the way deku learned how to use the core.

Strength of one for all and really it's just the same way anyone learns how to use their quirks through training and experience the issue is a lack of time so we may see a very creative strategic resume during the remaining week it may even feel like a throwback to the beginning of the story when deku trained his body in unconventional ways cleaning.

A beach basically carrying all might like a weight and so on the difference this time around though is his friends will be involved we observed a long time ago now that daiku's quirks are pretty similar to those of his classmates this is what helped us predict dangerous sense becoming a quirk but yes this may become relevant again as we see his.

Friends try helping him master these quirks this will make deku way more capable during the final battles instead of thinking on the fly he will know what's possible and act accordingly another very exciting thing about this is we'll see amazing quark combinations new super moves for example a combination between smoke screen and.

Danger sense or more black whip float chaos super moves are always exciting and i think we'll be seeing more of that very soon during this final training deku may also reveal his final quirk although it wouldn't surprise me if while he reveals it here and trains it we the readers don't see it and instead just later get the reveal in battle with.

A flashback to him training and similar to what happened with float either way it's exciting of course the sooner the better though because i think we're all dying just to see what that final quirk will be bakugou's explosions changed during the war he was suddenly able to move faster and the explosions even changed to be more like stars during.

That instance during his training he'll probably acknowledge this change and become more comfortable with the change and consider new super attacks possible with his developments as for shoto he will likely focus on his fire side during his training he saw up close just how deadly darby's fires can be and not only that but dobby's comfort using it.

Despite it burning him up so maybe this will give shoto the feeling that he needs to be better and not for his father or brother but for himself the point that is his power to use will be relevant as well this will just start to make the fight between him and dobby all the more better something i think we can all get behind the rest of class 1a will.

Definitely be present and improve as well to go into the possibilities for all of them though would be a bit much we have to ask you guys though is there any character you're hoping to see huge developments from personally i think we here at polymer would like to see another insane moment for kiroshima so development for him would be great class.

1b will definitely be present in the final arc hard to say if they'll train together with 1a but they've proven they can keep up so we can expect them to play a meaningful role here in the end i am personally leaning towards them being a part of the training with 1a because at this point school is hardly a thing and with that classes aren't a thing.

This is a life or death situation so those invisible boundaries may be taken down with this final training an important character to mention here is shinso in artwork for a recent showcase horikoshi drew shinzo with the rest of class 1a leading most of us to conclude the decision has been made regarding his class position although all that is.

Relevant if classes won't be separated now it is a bit sad we never get to see him interact and be a part of the cast in a normal school setting but it is what it is at this point of course what we can bet on though is him being a part of this training arc and in a way play a similar role to erase her head from here on out because after all that is his.

Master putting it out there now that shinzo will most likely get his quirk to work on shigaraki in the end however it will fail because like daiku with one for all shigaraki has an internal will able to help him snap out of something like the brainwashed quirk as for the big three they may be out in public helping keep things in order but it.

Would be amazing to see a call back to when mario destroyed 1a by himself a second round where they beat him or at least make it very close would be entertaining if you guys agree with that let us know in the comments below up next we should acknowledge erie dafu will see much of her during these final days there have been more than a.

Handful of times horikoshi could have brought her up again and he chose not to i'd bet there's something else for her in the story but not during this week most likely unless it somehow involves hirogiri how insane would it be though if the heroes pulled up on the villains for the battle using the warp gate cork that would be hyped at the end of this.

Training we will most likely see new costumes for at least some characters at least deku bakugou and shoto society is a mess but ue still has hatsume this is her final chance to be relevant in the story personally i hope horikoshi teased these new costumes with the crazy upgrades we saw on the popularity poll a while back but with this being the final.

Training arc in my here academia most likely i have to ask you guys what is your favorite training arc in my year academia personally i might have to go with 1a first one b i think when we read it i didn't enjoy it so much but now in hindsight and seeing it again in season 5 i've come to appreciate it more because we got to see those 1b.

Characters in amazing fashion another thing about this being the final training arc you also have to wonder who will be the instructors guiding this we know all might is present but will he be staying there we know eraserhead might be physically able but will he be there you have to wonder about that as well i'm hoping we see eraserhead train them.

Because it's kinda like one last moment for them as a class because this is the end of the story right so to see one more moment where he guides them would be nice but it'll also be good to see a call back to when all might help them originally come up with super moves and all that a little bit of a funny one too would be to see gran torino make a.

Return i know he's in the hospital right now but you never know if he might come back and give deku one last tip whether that's a mental thing or like an attack it would just be nice to see gran torino in one last meaningful moment before the story ends assuming all this really happens this is just gonna be great to see everyone know deku's secret there's.

No holding back and to even hear that maybe criticize him for things now knowing the full truth it's going to be great and i'm just looking forward to see what each character helps him train for example morocco would float or bakugou with more hand-to-hand combat or just propelling himself in general we'll see but yeah those are our predictions.

For this final training arc it has a chance to be one of the best let's hope for the best thanks for watching the video to the end in the comments let us know if you want another training arc your support is always appreciated if there's any other video you'd like to see us make before the final battle begins let us know down below as well if.

You haven't already please be sure to drop a like on the video and subscribe to join the plot army until next time keep that polymer on you i'm kj have a great day goodbye