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DEKU’S FUTURE QUIRKS! Every One For All Quirk – My Hero Academia


Now when it comes to power in my hero academia we don't need to look any further than deku from the beginning of the series to today he's been gaining power almost non-stop there were of course bumps along the way but he's seen increased raw power techniques and even just support items.

This man has just continued to grow stronger there is the obvious growth in one for all however there's something more strange that's been going on with little to no acknowledgement in the community something that makes it possible to know all of deku's future quirks and we'd just like to have a discussion.

About it now to do so we'll be diving into recent manga events among other things so if you're not a manga reader and you don't like spoilers proceed with caution and if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to plot armor and turn on notifications to never miss an.

Upload we upload almost daily and would love to have you participate in our discussions with that said let's get into this strange growth deku has been going through since the beginning of the series that allows us to know the future quirks he'll unlock.

And yes this has been going on since the beginning of the series and at first i don't think anyone thought anything of it and rightfully so it makes sense but we've not reached a point where it's worth thinking about and shouldn't be ignored in the manga currently we're in the.

Middle or rather what seems like the end of a war gigantomachia is going night night thanks to a sedative created by momo and shigaraki isn't really functioning anywhere near his norm in fact neither of the two characters are in any position to pose a threat at least that's how it seems and i'm.

Just making sure to say that in case in the next chapter either of them goes off and turns the tide of the whole battle prior to ending up here though we had deku facing off against shigaraki in a very dangerous encounter shigaraki's decay ability alone has the potential to kill all the heroes with a.

Single touch and on top of that he now has all for one shigaraki at one point was ready to try and end this battle with decay a terrifying situation for any ground-based hero when right then and there it happened we saw deku use black whip and a new quirk.

Float to save everyone now up here in the sky deku would put the work in on shigaraki and that's great and all but we would also get a flashback we're back at ua deku would request the help of uraraka bakugo su and they would help him improve his abilities with black whip.

And unknowingly prepare him for float now this was a fun flashback we got to see deku interacting with his classmates and having a good time but we can't forget it was also a little dark with the mysterious truth about one for all it was during this flashback we saw uraraka help deku.

Prepare for his similar but different quirk again they're similar not identical after all while uraka and deku can make themselves float uraraka also has the ability to make other things and people float but in a way this felt like inadvertently making uraraka less.

Relevant deku is now able to do half of what her quirk is able to and to be clear she's not now irrelevant her power is still of use to the story but giving deku some of her power makes her simply less relevant and it continues black whip is essentially a better.

Version of sarro's tape quirk black whip can hold up tons of weight and his overall application possibilities are greater than that of seros again making him less relevant and i remember when black whip was first introduced a lot of people were saying the quirk wouldn't be that good.

And that it wouldn't be better than seros but after seeing it in action a few times now i think we can all agree it's pretty damn good cerro was never going to play a big role through the story let's be honest so making him less relevant isn't too big of a deal and if he's your favorite character no disrespect i'm just.

Speaking my truth but again it continues when deku was having issues with his arms he switched to using his legs and i really shouldn't say issues because i mean it was much worse than just issues issues sounds like a strain or bruise.

But those arms were basically one smash away from becoming dust but i digress deku responded to this obstacle by inventing shoot style a more leg focused fighting style and to do this he needed help from eda a fellow classmate who just so happens to fight with a style like this granted deku didn't unlock super speed.

Or grow engines in his legs but he grew in a similar direction again to one of his classmates just like how he didn't exactly get uraraka's quirk he got an aspect of it he's becoming more like his classmates and you might be thinking well that's only two cases but no it continues in the most recent.

Chapter as of this recording chapter 293 deku copied another classmate in a desperate attempt to save shoutout he used vropi style black whip shooting black whip from his mouth once his arms and legs were unable to do much for him first of all this just looked hilarious.

I mean come on just look at it but second of all i can't lie it makes sense i mean he has a history of his arms and legs failing him so why not have something else to rely on and it worked so i can't hate too much on this decision that is now four classmates i've mentioned and by now i'd.

Like to think it's clear this isn't just a coincidence deku is in fact taking something from all his classmates whether that means an aspect of their quirk or fighting style when i mentioned earlier this has been going on since the beginning of the series i'm referring to his core.

Fighting style coming from bakugo this was shown in that first fight where deku was teaming up with uraraka against ida and bakugo which now feels like forever ago and now for me at least it's starting to feel somewhat nostalgic we've reached that point in the story where the beginning feels nostalgic.

But yeah there were a few key moments in that fight however i'm referring to that one big moment where deku grabbed bakugou and slammed him on the ground bakugou was super pissed that deku had known so much about his fighting style and even used it against him much simpler times but still great to look.

Back on with bakugou added in that is five classmates he's now copied and at this point i see no reason to believe the list won't grow there are of course a good amount of classmates left but if we take a few factors into consideration we can basically predict what will come.

Next the first parameter will set is remembering what bakugou said when he saw the list of quirks these guys didn't really have any strong quirks and he included larry it's black whip when he said this meaning any quirk left to be unlocked is something bakugou would consider.

Lame meaning nothing too flashy or similar to his own quirk next we need to remember that the quirk itself will have a key ability similar to at least one classmate but most likely two finally it's likely that the quirks will be related to the more popular powers we're familiar with from western.

Comics for example he has super strength he can float basically fly at this point and black whip which is similar to the webs in spider-man a character horikoshi is fond of now let's get started the most obvious choice we see is some sort of sixth sense in line with.

The spider senses in spider-man deku has taken real damage in this story so far and instead of only being focused on dealing damage it's about time especially after this conflict that he learns how to dodge he learned how to punch he later learned how to kick and with this quirk would.

Come dodging the classmates this quirk would be relevant to are shoji and jiro shoji's quirk dupli arms allows him to transform the tips of his tentacles into other parts of his body for example eyes and ears this quirk has a variety of uses however.

We're focused on the additional perception it provides with a sixth sense deku might initially feel overwhelmed by how much he can sense in fact he definitely will and being mentored by someone who is able to sense more than the average human is perfect for cork training as for jiro.

Her quirk earphone jack allows her to do a variety of things however what we're focusing on here is her ability to hear the more minuscule sounds and vibrations around her again deku would be sensitive to things he's never experienced and what better way to train than working with someone who's always dealt.

With this sensitivity this quirk would be cool as hell to me but remember bakugou would have to consider it lame which i believe he would due to his lack of flashiness up next we believe that we'll be seeing some sort of projectile quirk what would be projected is too much to speculate on as we would have no grounds.

To stand on there however this quark would require help from minetta and aoyama possibly kaminari as well once deku adds in dodging to his list of abilities it'll be nice to have a ranged option after all his end opponent will be shigaraki and the quirk all for one minute's quirk pop off.

Allows him to produce and pluck ball shaped things from his head they grow back and are sticky while not a projectile power in the traditional sense mineta does throw them and this requires high accuracy something deku will certainly need as for aoyama his quirk is naval laser.

Which shoots a sparkling beam from his navel a quirk that again requires high accuracy to be effective these two along with kaminari potentially would be the mentors for deku and his projectile quirk and again it wouldn't be anything too flashy but i'm sure it's something we as the fans will find cool.

Up next we believe deku will get a telepathy quirk of some kind this quirk would be mentored by koda and walkart here a member of the pussycats mandalay the pussycats have come up in the story a couple times now and i believe they'll continue to do so from time to time and stay relevant koda's ability is to speak with animals.

And give them commands with its quirk any voice and mandalay can communicate with humans these two together would be amazing teachers for some sort of telepathic quirk it is possible mandalay won't be present but instead deku will consult with his notes about.

Her but i believe she'll somehow be relevant in his training with those three quirks float and black whip there is room for one final quirk we're going back to the basics on this one deku will obtain some sort of hardening quirk not identical to hiroshima's but it might be for example animated energy.

That protects his body or something like iron etc none of the quirks have been identical to the classmates but very similar and i believe that would be the case here kiroshima has the ability to harden his skin with his quirk hardening if there had to be another student helping with this quirk i believe it.

Would be toroki or tokoyami slash dark shadow character is good at taking a hit in the best way possible this quirk makes sense because even if deku's body is able to be restored by arie we would want to never see him reach this point again and some kind of hardening quirk combined with a sixth.

Sense like mentioned earlier would be the key to preventing this physical state from ever being reached again before we go any further with this discussion i'll give myself some insurance here by saying if that whole kirashima bakugo time travel theory.

In any way ends up being true and their quirks are and one for all that would handle the hardening aspect of this theory and the emitter aspect remember not much is known about the second and third user all mike couldn't pull up anything on their quirks so it's very likely that the two flashiest quirks out of the list.

I've discussed are in fact hidden if bakugo saw a quirk similar to his own on that list he wouldn't have gone and said they're no good and his respect for kirishima might hold him from saying that as well so the list of quirks bakugou did in fact see were not flashy but the two he has not seen.

Are the flashiest kind potentially one of which being his and the other being kiroshimas the idea for the prediction of the future quirks only helps the bakugo and hiroshima theory because dodging sensing and telepathy are all in the eyes of bakugou lame quarks but we will still need an emitter quirk.

And a hardening quirk something those two have and something conveniently missing from the list of quirks bakugou saw i am very excited about this video because i believe in some way the contents of it will end up true in the near future what do you guys think we would really love.

To hear your thoughts on all this in the comments would this stack of quirks satisfy you would you feel like deku still has too much in the end or is this perfect you might have noticed there are some characters not mentioned in this video for example ojiro.

And mina among others and that was on purpose the remaining character not mentioned will likely in some way be able to help with an existing quirk or one of the future ones with the connection not being so clear for example how feropia ended up being tied to black whip in some way.

What do you think about the fact that deku is essentially becoming class 1a himself does this hurt the relevancy of the other characters to you or is it just great seeing all these members of the cast be able to play a part again be sure to share your thoughts on all that in the comments we'll be going.

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