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My hero academia hype is back deku's final hero costume is here the ua traitor and offer one are here and the second war to decide it all finally begins with an explosive start from here on out until the climactic end of this incredible series if you are not subscribed to the channel with notifications on you may very well.

Regret it while the plot army waves its banner higher than ever before with the previous chapter all for once sleeper agents had infiltrated ua as our younger heroes after some exhausting search efforts would be contacted by all might sugaruchi and principal nezu who would go on to provide them with the complete plan for their victory against the.

Villains in the second war deku and his classmates would decide to leave the school much in the light of all for one spies as things were going according to their dark lord's desires and so after some heartfelt farewells they would all make their way to the makeshift fortress by the name of troy a name of someone's significance which we elaborated upon.

Further with the previous chapter discussion but it's from here that deku would notice a raka outside by her lonesome deku would take the opportunity to check in with her as she looked out to the greater expanse of the ruined city beyond them deku would then thank oraka for what she had done for him previously leaving her flustered for a.

Moment before resigning back to her own inner conflict she'd admit that she felt odd that back when she advocated for deku stay she couldn't help but think of toga who she had faced during giganto machia's rampage at the time in response to toga she said something that she thought was pretty obvious something that clearly made toga sad and so she.

Was looking at the direct result of the villain's crimes to clear her head and combat her recognition of such a villain being a person as well someone whose perception of things and what's considered obvious are unknown to her because she does not know toga feelings which much to her surprise were of a similar sort to deku's in regards to.

Shigaraki that despite the inevitability of their clash he couldn't just ignore the little boy that he saw within him and elsewhere we would have a similar if not more extreme case of optimism from shoto as when he admitted to not knowing toyo's favorite food which bakugou suspected to be really hot udon shoto expressed a desire to share a meal with.

Him someday either way our heroes were resolute when it came to stopping the villains as all for one would kick everything off with a phone in hand with this latest chapter we would learn a bit more about the insidious villain and one of his many quirks in particular lies do not work on him all for one is effectively a human lie detector where.

Not even the slightest bit of malicious intent is capable of evading him that being said things get even more fascinating as it turns out all for one has no idea what the actual name of this quirk even is as he stole it back when the quark era first began and on account of it mixing with his many other quirks has only grown stronger over time.

Thinking back the original owner was a rather unremarkable man but what's crazy is that even despite this his descendant now fights alongside all might in hopes of bringing all for one down this is of course a reference to detective suka uchi who remarkably enough goes by the name truthman a very peculiar bit of irony all for one would then begin a.

Phone call with oyama's parents speaking as if he was a close relative in code about deku being handed over to him all for one would additionally ask for oyama's phone number to ensure all was well obviously seeking to use this sort of lie detective work on him too which the parents would agree to with no issue and all for one did not sense anything.

Being off until he concluded that she was indeed telling the truth and from here things would only get even crazier first and foremost in a random parking lot deku would meet oyama who had suddenly called him and with this we would have deku's final costume for the series this to me looks like a combination of every previous iteration.

Of deku's costumes minus the mask there seems to be no mask present here at all deku till the very end has no sauce but it's all good because we love him regardless oyama would thank deku for showing up as deku would question what he was doing here he would wonder why oyama was not still in custody but apparently oyama's family has a pretty.

Good lawyer and so he was released i mean they are rich after all deku would then feel the need to immediately let everyone know but oyama would stop him as he wanted to talk he'd find it funny that even in such a broken society the judicial system still managed to exist yet in a world in the midst of such tremendous change as theirs was clinging.

To the ways of old was a futile effort which i think at this point we all agree with as even heroics as they know it will be unable to resume business as usual even if they emerge victorious from this point but to elaborate even further oyama would explain all for one's true plan to deku with the chaotic descent of japan came the collapse of.

The japanese yen almost every one of the country's companies has filed for bankruptcy a state of instability that is only further facilitated and encouraged villainous activity which may now be seen spreading to every other nation across the globe bringing about a sort of great depression or even a situation similar to the first time.

Quirks ever came into the world and in a world such as this with no long-standing guarantees of stability foreign countries would only become poorer and poorer as they were forced to focus on domestic issues alone abandoning japan for the sake of their own survival and so in a new world like this if a country were to perhaps run out of water what.

Would happen if a man capable of generating drinkable water entered the fray and the case would be the same for all manner of things from gas to electricity to power itself this is the sort of world that all for one seeks to create where he is an undeniable factor a god on earth where all others depend on him for their survival really living.

Up to that businessman attire that he has going on and a part of me has to wonder if that's some sort of social commentary on the part of horikoshi especially considering the harshness of corporate work in japan but anyways deku for one refused to believe in the possibility of that ever happening not to mention that the heroes were still.

Here and willing to resist which would make oyama smile at deku agreeing to that last point which was the very reason he would turn to his last resort he would apologize but in the end he really did want to ensure the safety of his parents as from behind him as he cried would be all for one himself in a brand new mask that puts the previous.

One to shame a sight that shook deku to his core all for one was delighted by oyama upholding his promise he understood it must have been painful for ayama to betray his ever so trusting friends that ayama had done better than he expected deku would now prepare himself as a surge of power would emerge from him but.

Offer one would continue to applaud oyama going as far as to clap admitting that the bit about his final plan was pretty great perhaps not entirely accurate but he'd wonder if oyama's parents told him all that stuff which oyama would confirm along with the promise of their future and happiness now this part was quite the relief for.

Me because causing an economic crisis and forcing reliance upon himself is villainous for sure but for someone like all for one it's just too underwhelming for me and i'm sure many others now with that being said i do believe that this is indeed a portion of his plan but in no way does it account for shigaraki all for one's plans for sugar rocky are.

Bound to be far more elaborate than just having a really really strong guy with him forget this retirement plan i want the real master plan and i'm sure that it will come in due time as well deku will yell out to oyama saying that he believed in him but oyamu would respond by saying that he doesn't think that he can feel anguish anymore before quickly.

Spinning around and firing his laser right at all for one referring to him as his dear uncle as per the ruse all for one would easily defend against this but was certainly displeased this was all an act which deku was aware of these two proved to be quite the actors at that deku even felt bad for oyama having to say such things to the point of crying.

But oyama would admit that he was mostly crying because of how scared he was and the fact that he peed himself a little but for the sake of his parents and everyone else he was willing to fight all for one now all for one was rather disappointed by this and internally would wonder how such a thing was possible as despite talking to oyama and.

His parents he sensed no ill intent or deception technically they didn't say any literal lies but again this quirk is not that simple the intent to deceive is enough for detection and with that i have to wonder if perhaps this may have been the quirk of true man at play we know he's apparently a blood relative of the original possessor of the quirk and.

With a name so related to that sort of thing all while his quirk in particular is unknown to us makes me wonder i mean sure the quirk in all for one's possession has grown stronger due to his others but genetically a court descended from that one should have as well considering the quirk singularity doomsday theory if not that there is.

Always deku's mysterious final quirk that is yet to be revealed but it's hard to believe that it would be that underwhelming the sukawuchi connection only makes more sense considering they wouldn't even know about all for one's ability to detect lies if not for some informed warning stemming from such a familial link but anyways even if this.

Was all just a ploy one for all was still very much within his grasp here the search quark is able to track the positions and weak points of anyone it has been used on before and shigaraki definitely got a good look at everyone involved in the first war so he knew them all to be miles away and unable to make it in time which was wonderful as.

All for one was ready to pull up with the gang as with the former quirk of the late no mujani all for one would summon the entirety of his villainous forces the hype is real now this was interesting to me for a few reasons most notably being the fact that shigaraki despite having been poised to take up the mantle as he has in this.

Instance at least feels like another lackey he's here for sure but he's not the commanding presence at all secondly dobby has a new look here all white and icy not literally but we sure hope so but as a bonus bit i am curious about this character in particular just based off their design but things do not stop there as in turn oyama would tell offer.

One that his parents also told him one more thing that the thing that all for one hates the most is the fact that the world knows japan is not done for just yet as there is still hope that if japan can lead the way the rest of the world will follow along as a bit of darkness began to swirl from behind him all for one was shocked this was no doubt the.

Quirk of kurogiri at play but he had no idea how they were using it though he was happy that they had saved him the trouble of getting his minion back however kurigiri was not here monama was and so too were all the other heroes as the second war has so suddenly begun the time is now guys the heroes are outnumbered by a great margin but they.

Will need to overcome those odds to make a real difference as opposed to the first one there is no recovery or public safety team this is all out total war and with this currently revealed heroic lineup perhaps the only surprising inclusion would be one of endeavour's lackey onima whose quirk we don't exactly know past that miruko.

Looks to possess a new prosthetic arm which looks really cool kori koshi is really wasting no time at all when it comes to the final year of this story pacing things far more rapidly than ever before and for more coverage of all the action be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on with this chapter the state of the heroic world is.

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