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Right now the my hero academia manga continues to delve further and further into some pretty interesting things and with this being the case we were lucky enough to receive a rematch of sorts between deku and the villain muscular now a number of months have at this point passed since their initial encounter and.

In this time deku's growth has been absolutely exponential so much so that if he wasn't attempting to gain information on shigaraki and all for one or dissuade the guy from villainy and test out his quirks i'm willing to bet that fight would have been over.

A whole lot sooner deku was way too sure that there wouldn't be any more casualties our main character is finally a badass but throughout this fight we were able to observe a new quirk entirely one that we received no forewarning about smokescreen what is now the confirmed quirk of the.

Sixth possessor of one for all n and so with such an impromptu addition we would like to take the time out to further explore its potential use and capabilities going forwards now first of all this was a quirk bakagow considered to be unremarkable something that has.

Now been further corroborated by the original possessor himself this quirk by its lonesome isn't all too spectacular but when used in conjunction with his other abilities may serve deku well indeed now something we have to consider is the sort of upgrade inherently provided.

To these quirks thanks to one for all stockpiling ability because with it the amount of smoke deku is able to emit is absurd i mean it's more than enough to thoroughly cover several city blocks and sure deku admittedly went a bit overboard in his emissions but that's not to say that he's done so.

To its maximum capability which to me is absolutely absurd and in conjunction with his other quirks that's the ability to shift just about any and all environments in his favor now the overwhelming majority of combatants rely on site-based detection and so this will be pretty hard to deal.

With considering deku now possesses danger sense which would serve to negate such a disadvantage in his case and admittedly for as cool as this may be it is to me a very solitary benefit this isn't the sort of thing that would necessarily mesh well.

With most potential allies which certainly works well with the current solitary situation of deku and his pursuits but as for how it'll be able to perform later on with the eventual assistance of others is a question i still have now the sort of metamorphosis provided to a quirk.

Via one for all as we've mentioned is majorly in regards to scale as opposed to anything else it's not as dynamic as your general quark evolution we've established his ability covers a whole lot of terrain but with further regulation i wonder if he'd be able to more precisely designate the density of his smoke if so.

This could justify the further use of his mask as for others it would lessen breathability while he remains uninhibited now don't get me wrong i'm not insinuating any sort of suffocation technique as that's not exactly a very heroic depiction.

However when it comes to combat hitting hard is important being able to defend against hard hits is important being able to outright avoid and evade heart hits is important as well however just about each and every facet of such a physical confrontation depends on stamina if you can diminish.

An adversary's ability to breathe while pressuring them all the same the likelihood of them emerging victorious is severely diminished now based on end's outwardly appearance alone i would assume that he likely used his quirk in a very stealthy manner depending on hit and run tactics as opposed to outright assault.

Not sure if that's deku's style exactly but at the very least simply having the option is a major addition for sure fighting deku out in the open is difficult because of his absurd verticality and maneuverability but that does not necessarily mean doing so within an enclosure.

Would be any better now this next application may not be the coolest thing ever but at the very least it's something deku wasn't able to do previously so yeah skywriting in the event that tech-based communication ceased deku could rise above and write out an urgent message.

In the air and with the current situation of the country a lack of communications isn't too hard to imagine a concept only furthered by the existence of the yet unnamed female villain who played a major role in the mass release of several tartarus inmates via her.

Unknown quirk capable of disabling the prison's electrical defenses and if that's too complicated he could quite simply just send up a flare but on the note of those liberated from tartarus it is important to consider how this quirk will fare.

Against the likes of shigaraki and all for one and unfortunately i can't say that it's all that great these two have the ability to send deku across great distances and to an extent he them but of course seeing as shigaraki is currently inactive and slumbering.

Deku cannot pinpoint his location just yet and i'd imagine offer one is far too shrewd to be detected so easily despite his ongoing activity there's also the fact that his current quirk is a duplicate of the original so maybe the connection isn't too strong now with how suddenly this quirk entered the fray.

I can't help but question when the next will come about and at that there's no clear answer to such a thing because it's truly up to the whim of horikoshi and how intense our focus on deku stands to be in the future however at this point i believe we may assume that he is now at the very least.

Aware of what the quirks of the second and third users are because even if they were to refuse him or something of the sort the others could easily just divulge said information in their stead and so we should be able to avoid deku being a complete novice with his unseen quirks.

Deku's smokescreen quirk is just as the name implies unlike what we would label to be smoke manipulation once admitted deku's smoke isn't something he can control or take back because of this good decision making is imperative in the case of this quirk as there is.

Little to no room for error with the levels of air pressure produced by deku's movements and attacks smokescreen may be a bit counter-intuitive as he would either clear an entire area with a single jaunt or straight up expose his own position with all this being said smoke screen may not be a powerhouse.

Quirk or anything like that but it is certainly far from useless and seeing as the quirks of the second and third possessors yet remain a mystery to us still there is still the chance it will receive that sort of thing elsewhere i'm curious how you all feel about this quirk and how it compares to the rest.

For you my own personal ranking would be danger sense up first black whip as a close second smokescreen in third and float in fourth and that's no disrespect to float it's really useful and works well with all the others in one way or another.

But it's just not the most dazzling thing in the world but hey there's plenty left to see and uncover in the case of deku's many quirks and my hero academia in general so hopefully you'll consider joining the plot army by subscribing to plot armor with notifications on now to level with you guys following the.

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