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DEKU’S NEW TEACHER!? Stain Trains Deku!? – My Hero Academia


All right guys so if you don't already know stain is back yes hero killer stain has returned with the invasion and subsequent liberation of Tartarus what was once the most secure prison facility in the country by way of an all-for-one possessed shikaraki and a number of near high-end nomu staying along with plenty more of the nation's worst criminals was.

Released back into the world free to do as he's so pleased and with a character like stain having re-entered the narrative in this way the question of his purpose is certainly one to consider and the intent behind this video now the last time staying was a free man the world was a very different place and I mean that in a couple of ways firstly.

Society in and of itself was radically different from how it is today secondly our many characters both mentally and physically have all changed tremendously now when it comes to that first point the overall state of society is all too important to the Betrayal and significance of this character considering his previous motivations and.

Overwhelming impact on it as a whole it's true that stain's Infamous moniker was that of the hero killer but truthfully a title just as fitting would be that of the hero fanatic you see staying was by no means an indiscriminate killer we're talking about an especially methodical and selective serial killer that in essence.

At least directly pose no threat to Public Safety it just so happens that like a lone lion surrounded by a herd of zebras his prey were in abundance But ultimately when taken from the comfort of solitary confrontation he was overwhelmed by the numbers of the hunted and trampled remember that staying in his youth long to be a hero yet as.

Someone who was able to properly recognize true heroes in reality found himself to be in was one that utterly repulsed him and propelled him into a depraved insanity and now going back to our lion analogy in regards to the circle of life without the presence and pressure of proper Hunters on account of all might's influence as a symbol of.

Peace Heroes were in a sense overpopulated and done so by having a number of people who in reality had no business being Heroes at all yet now now we have stayed who has been reintroduced to this environment that has recently shifted to another extreme wherein there are a lack of Heroes and a surplus of villains this is to say that no matter.

What the purpose of staying in the story of my hero Academia absolutely must and will change there is no reason for staying to be the hero killer anymore because in the end the heroes that currently remain to fight the good fight Endeavor Hawks best genus Mount lady headshot kamui Woods Eraserhead wash mirico Deku and presumably a number of.

Heroes in training these few Heroes left aren't doing any of this for the glory or for praise they are doing this to end the conflict and save lives plain and simple furthermore will Society having hit rock bottom here it's not as if stain will need to jump on top of a soapbox and preach to the people once more they have seen the dangers of false.

Savior is firsthand at this point and so it is very unlikely that they would revert back to the pre-established without care now when it comes to our second Point staying has again been out of the game for a very long time this series debut being all the way back during season two of the anime which was chapter 41 of the manga from there his.

Time in the series directly may be Consolidated to around 15 chapters or less it took the combined forces of Deku Shoto and ITA to take him down but comparatively they were nowhere near where they are today Deku at the time had only just gotten the hang of full cowl at a measly five percent Ida was still running around with his baby teeth.

Mufflers and Shoto well shotel's progression has always been a weird thing for me to properly quantify considering the kid has always been able to make entire mountains of ice in like two seconds flat but I guess he is a whole lot better with his fire these days days and has some super moves from dear old dad to go along with it so yeah.

With all this being said staying isn't really that strong at this point but don't get me wrong it's not as bad as typical Shonen escalation where previous villains are ants compared to later ones but regardless we won't be looking at this character as some sort of Powerhouse but even still the power of stain was never his Quirk or combat.

Prowess despite their combined lethality at the time it was and has always been his impact and influence the villainous influence of staying on the story of my hero Academia is second only to all for one himself the legs of spinner Dobby and toga having all joined the league of villains on account of his final address and do bear in mind that these three.

Characters are at this point all that remain of the league and so in that sense perhaps he may have a part to play when it comes to encountering his touring fans but to me at least that sort of point isn't nearly substantial enough to Warrant him being any more relevant than muscular who got locked back up almost immediately from our.

Perspective as readers now since leaving his incarceration we have seen staying a total of two times the first being when he retrieved a sword and the second being when he was listening in on the separation of Deku and all might now at that these two scenes gave me two entirely different Impressions with the first one we have an acceptance of.

Lethality and eager preparation for a confrontation then with the following we have a more reserved and contemplative stain and you'd better believe that his placement here is no coincidence these two are the only characters we know to have been accepted as true heroes by stain himself and although he is armed I don't at all believe he means them any.

Harm if he did Deku would have detected him right away with danger sense but because staying Harbors no such intentions he had no idea of his presence so what is it that stain wants well with our previous chapter discussion I expressed the possibility of staying the serpent almight's role and doubly acting as a presence to.

Correct Deku but upon further consideration I would like to retract that one a bit ultimately as previously stated on what feels like a multitude of occasions the overarching purpose of baraka's character is to save Deku from himself uraka more than anyone will be the one to bring Deku back to the light however this isn't to say that she'll be.

The one to encounter him out in the streets and do so all might is quarkless and cannot protect Deku my belief is that stain will take on this responsibility in his stead but that's not to say that he will exactly be deku's Shield because as we have established Deku is well beyond Stan's capabilities right now but for as.

Powerful as Deku is and how far he has come he is also far from being invaluable Deku needs to be humbled and I assure you that he will be and in the event of such a thing without a means or willingness to communicate with all might or the top three Heroes and the vestiges of one for all being just that vestiges Deku will truly be by his.

Lonesome with nobody to save him and that is where stain comes in and this is a situation the two have found themselves in once already were staying safe Deku from being abducted by a nomu thus exemplifying a willingness to protect this person you see Deku is Dane's hope for society during his encounter with Lady nagan the necessity.

Of an unsavory protectorate in tandem with those who act as Paragons of goodness was expressed yet for as dark and tainted as the Visage of Deku looks to be these days his heart Still Remains true and Valiant and so with that he is a essentially it'll ground between all might and stain a presence that can properly handle both.

Ends of the spectrum and that's a quality I imagine only someone like staying could properly recognize and that is also something I hope he'll be able to convey to Deku directly at some point and beyond that I would love a bit of direct collaboration on the part of stain when it comes to his Origins and backstory we of course have the.

Information provided by the Vigilante spin-off which we covered in a previous video on the channel but as opposed to the story of Eraserhead being a flashback of early Beginnings that one mostly just covered the end of his transition into full-blown insanity and this sort of convention could serve to further deku's understanding of the.

Villainous plight and better prepare him for his attempt to convince and save shigaraki but yeah I'm excited to have staying back in the series and see what he brings to the table now that it's pretty much been flipped let us know what you think about all this down below and be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on to keep up with.

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