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Deku’s Reaction to Bakugo’s Death!


My hero Academia continues to not disappoint this week there is more shigaraki more Deku and finally we get decca's reaction to bakugou's death I wasn't expecting it this soon but horikoshi is real so let's Dive Right into this breakdown chapter 367 titled Deku vs all for one begins with a flashback as Deku flies.

Over the ocean we learn exactly what was flying towards him for any Star and stripe fans congratulations why because it was none other than Stars jet Squad heading to Deku which we were hoping for as it felt like a loose end we needed to visit that being said the young hero is surprised to see the Squadron their leader tells Deku school bus here to.

Pick you up honestly I like the comparison to a school bus after all Deku is meant to defeat the ultimate Evil and he is not even a second year yet plus it's good we have finally resolve this Cliffhanger Deku had been flying over the ocean for quite a while now speaking of we went back and forth on whether or not Deku met Friend or Foe.

I'm happy we are indirectly seeing more of stars influence too the last few chapters have proven her sacrifice wasn't just a Nerf for shigaraki thankfully Deku graciously accepts the ride he uses black whip to slingshot himself from jet to Jet honestly this movement reminds me of Spider-Man it's good to see those hero references are.

Still alive and well well as he travels the leader tells Deku something rather surprising that they weren't meant to pick up Deku they were supposed to defend the aerial space around UA hearing this the young hero immediately apologizes but the leader of the Squadron doesn't mind he tells declare that they are all counting on him.

Despite words to retreat they decided to stay in Japan which is brave and shows how dedicated they are the leader then says that they stayed because our sister decided to gamble everything on you once again it is alluding to the shigaraki and starfight although that isn't all of these Squadron leader says he also states that because Alma entrusted one.

For all to Deku everyone will pay the path to Victory right now all Deku needs to focus on is defeating the greatest villain to ever exist and this is where this quick flashback includes we're thrust back into the Deku vs shigaraki fight the ultimate Evil calls him out by name but is met by a shoot style kick the same kick we left off with in the.

Last chapter mirio seeing the final one for all holder arrive begins to form a massive grin on his face and I'll admit I am pleased to see Muriel more Mystic now despite the comedy of the last chapter he seemed genuinely afraid and disheartened perhaps deku's arrival will be the miracle moment that begins to change the tide the heroes have been.

Having a rough time for a while now they need to start getting wins deku's kick makes shikaraki wonder if Deku is gotten stronger plus sugar rocking seems dazed from the attack but spoiler alert he has gotten stronger and I cannot wait to see Deku vs shigaraki the Decay villain is a beast without quirks so The Grudge Match will be amazing besides deku's strength.

Shigaraki notices something else around the hero is the glow of the third user as a refresher the third Quirk is fajin which works by building up kinetic energy that can be released later on it's interesting to see Deku uses again considering fajin can facilitate a faux 100 smash I really want beku to produce a 100 smash before the end of the series.

But we'll wait and see either way there is also a panel of the third user looking rather beaten and bloody it's interesting that shigraki or all for one really remembers either user like that though let's talk about what deku's does it sends shigaraki tumbling back which was satisfying to see chickaraki has been a menace so he deserves being.

Kicked down a few pegs like a fly hitting a bug zapper jigaraki crashes it into the electromagnetic barrier again another gratifying moment right after the UA computer team announced the Mandalay that Deku has made it inside of UA immediately Deku apologizes for being late and asked about everyone's condition finally we have reached one of.

The most anticipated scenes many fans have speculated on deco's reaction but at last at long last we have it he sees a chaotic Battlefield vingers are strung across the ground and Scattered debris but more importantly Deku sees bakugou lying motionless the panel itself is really somber a monster wreckage is a lone bakugou laying perfectly still.

Seeing in front of me like this causes disbelief to watch over deku's face he wasn't expecting everyone to be in such terrible condition nor was he anticipating a dead bakugo yes here we are then Deca notices the bloodied all my card next to his Fallen comrade he turns to see best genus who can't even stand the denim hero can barely use his.

Quirk too the two images cause Deku to realize just how bad things are which is sad his first and certain ones arriving was the other Heroes shigaraki is really trying to break his Spirit like he promised the young Hero's shot quickly turns to horror besides bakugou other heroes are seriously wounded nejude is lying unconscious with a head and torso.

Wound Tamaki is still clutching his stomach no doubt fighting off a killer tummy ache lastly is miruko somehow she managed to get down from the tree sadly our buddy hero is either dead or unconscious like Tamaki we can't see her face however it isn't hidden by hair her expression is blocked out by a shadow and most manga fans know what a shadowy.

Face means regardless I really hope she makes it out of here her fights are amazing and I cannot get enough of them but let's get back to the recap chigaraki adds insult the injury as it begins to berate Deku he must a young hero by asking what's your excuse for being late to the party I will admit it is a bit funny that shikaraki calls This.

Disaster a party weirdest one I've seen that's for sure he comments that toga must have kept him busy it's sad to know that this accidental diversion from toga has worked in the villain's favor to this extent Deku doesn't even respond to shigaraki all he can do is stare at the Carnage before him so the Decay villain continues yes why Deku doesn't say.

Anything and offers examples shigaraki gloats offering excuses Deku could give there was nothing I could do the plan went South honestly both statements are true considering Deku had to literally travel back plus the heroes gave it their all to stall shigaraki speaking of the villain looks as monstrous as ever he still has his hand armor and the.

Family of Meat Puppets sadly the turmoil of the situation is too much our young Heroes overcome with rage it's just like the last war will Decca lose control once again when I first saw the leaks I was concerned this was the case I love deku's rage but I believe he has grown beyond that villain hunt was all about controlling the anger and fighting with.

A clear head though shigaraki is not done roasting Deku he asked Deku why he doesn't try to run since everyone else there has which isn't true every hero there has given it 100 to try and stop shikaraki everyone stood their ground no one ran yet this was another way for the Decay villain to break deku's Spirit he wants to destroy the young Hero's mind.

Body and soul unfortunately Deku thinks back to bakugou's lifeless body and the all my card the angry feels is quite literally flowing out of him it is the exact same way as we saw in the previous war Arc energy Sparks off of them it even flows from his eyes and mouth and listen man before we continue I must say this panel goes hard the energy of one.

For all fajin and black whip are escaping from Deku by any means once again he is losing all control black whip is even coming from his mouth hurikoshi is really out doing himself week after week with this art meanwhile shigaraki thinks to himself The Deco losing control is the best outcome his angry movements are predictable and.

Shigaraki believes that he can use this as an opening and an opening for what you may ask Here Comes our second comic book reference shigaraki wants to break deku's spine Bane breaking Batman's back was one of the most iconic moments in all of comic's history so to see hori coach reference that is pretty neat and I hope the next chapter has more little.

Easter eggs like this and in regards to Comic references shout out to plotomer Comics anyways after gleefully thinking about his next move shigaraki asked Deku how do you like my little present man this guy just loves emotionally beating down his opponent which is exactly why he is so loved as an antagonist however there is a Shining Light unlike the.

Brutality of the last war Mario pops out from the ground and tells Deku it is okay gotta say I'm happy that Muriel is back to being in eternal optimist of course shikaraki is upset by this development he has a young hero right where he wants him the gay villain is so close to breaking his spirit and yet his friend is still trying to help Muriel.

Must be a thorn in shigaraki's Side by now a million grabs Deku and tells him he sympathizes kinda looks like he's shaking Deku by the shoulders clearly trying to bring him back into reality so he can fight he knows how it feels and cannot forgive himself for what has happened though feeling helpless and hopeless is exactly how shigaraki wants.

Him to feel doing that is playing exactly into his hands pun intended by the way the million goes on to tell Deku it's going to be fine everyone is still breathing this may be true for some Heroes but it is good that Muriel is around to ground him Last Time Deku didn't have the support so maybe he won't entirely go berserk this time.

Muriel continues to assure Deku the million informs him the edge shot is saving bakugou's life not only that but Muriel is sure the ninja hero will succeed it is this belief that keeps him fighting the heroes haven't completely lost yet so they cannot give into rage which is exactly what mirio says the Deku and honestly our young hero needs.

Discomfort Deku must think that if you arrive even just a couple of minutes sooner he could have saved bakugou meanwhile Manuel izawa and monama can only watch his affair unfold we do see them but it is simply one panel regardless they don't look as group stricken at least modema doesn't they look determined maybe even hopeful.

Because honestly Muriel's speechodeku is inspiring yes the situation is dire yet they're still standing and Deku is here now no one has officially died the heroes can still win this unfortunately shikaraki bursts their bubble his response to Muriel is simple it's called escapism when you mix such idealistic claims he's not wrong but that's what my.

Hero is it is a story of Hope and optimism and Muriel's words only Echo that Hebert claims that they are heroes they are supposed to turn dreams into reality and be optimistic all the while Deku is still overcome with anger that being said a million isn't wrong time and time again we have seen Deku turn impossible odds in fact we once saw him.

Quite literally change the future if anything that moment proves Deku can do this he can regain control of himself and defeat shigaraki Mira's encouragement causes the young hero to remember all might's words his mentor once told him that Heroes put their lives on the line to uphold their ideals heroism is all about making the.

Impossible a reality finally Deku seems to start calming down he also thinks back to what the Squadron leader told him about star then he envisions banjo who told him that while it is okay to be angry he still needs to keep his heart together all these reminders come flooding to his mind all these memories share one thing in common they show that.

Everyone is relying on Deku so many have placed their Hope on the line and are fighting for the future they believe in suddenly a cloud of smoke covers the battlefield thankfully this isn't caused by shigaraki instead this was smokescreen from Deku black black whip is also uncontrollably swirling around as he does clears Deku apologizes to.

Muriel the optimistic hero fires back that apologies can happen once the job is done honestly this was one of my favorite moments seeing Deku grow from letting his race take over to someone who can control his anger is impressive not only that but his first thought once he calms down is to apologize right now they are the only hero standing and yet.

Deku's Heart of Gold still shines through then he asks all for one if shigaraki is still there somewhere he has channeled his feelings into determination it is written all over his face plus Deku has used Blackwood to create a scarf which reminds me of isawa behind him are these vestiges except all mice and yoichi's strange but there's.

Probably a reason for that either way Deku might be trying to get through the tenko right away despite his utter Fury he still wants to save the little boy inside which is honestly admirable shigaraki has destroyed so much still see him as salvageable is very much within deca's wheelhouse lastly the flavor text reads he's managed to hold.

His wrath at Bay and oh man that time has finally come shout out to Deku please in the comments let us know how you are feeling about this climactic moment finally coming to fruition and how do you feel about how Deku handled all this it reminded me of Naruto and his chakra cloaks in the past and now just emerging just a badass and ready to.

Throw hands I love it as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.