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Deku’s SCARY New Form Revealed!! – My Hero Academia Chapter 413


It's time for my here Academia chapter 413 lump of lead but I absolutely need you all to hear hoshi's author comment for this week I could not believe it I took a bath and was surprised to find a deu slipping up my butt nobody told me he was in the bath bomb he was warm end quote Yeah the chapter begins with all might's vestage we get to see exactly.

What star and Stripes showed him last time and it is a flashback to new order's final moments thanks to her final command it's fighting against all the quirks inside all for one trying to wreck the Demon King's power and all the component bits inside we see her facing off with the old man's best still embedded within the Quirk as New Order.

Starts tearing Into The Quirk proper it is a bleak world within the power an expanse of darkness and endless grasping hands but as she starts to Decay star notices something something is hidden within the darkness even as her eye continues to Decay she still continues staring at this discovery and it is what she is trying to tell all might and the.

Other vestages star points to a patch of Darkness within the shadowy city that makes up all for one all the others can see is a crack but star is positive there really is a little boy in there hidden away tenko shimura really does still exist they just have to find a way to reach that kid buried in the heart of all for one the real all might wakes up.

Shocked he receives her message through his one forall connection but he's still stuck on the rooftop and heavily wounded from his fight against all for one head shot is right there with him nervous about the risk of all might dying if he falls asleep the little hero tries to insist things are not over yet telling all might that it is clear Deku is still.

Fighting with his young disciples Still Standing can the former symbol of peace do any less all mighte can barely hear edshot he's still worried about the vision he liked to write it off as a dream but the feeling was special it's just like the connection he felt at deku's bedside while Deku was in a meeting with the vestiges but it's not.

Clear how that could happen Deku is so far away now that all my can can't see the fight but he can feel the will of the pass wielders flowing through him and that's the problem for the feeling to reach him here there's got to be some kind of division all might looks over the clouds and Rubble trying to process what he's worked out the power of one.

For all honed across Generations is starting to fray with it no longer intact can the power still hold in any form or will it all start to fade away bit by bit just drifting off into the air back in the fight we get an unexpected character moment shigar pushes through the clouds launching Deku far away with an Air Blast but he.

Doesn't pursue his Target there's no instinct to follow up his attack and Destroy his foe just for a moment shigaraki had star and stripe returned to his mind he's not sure why that happened he just stands there trying to work it out he was sure Star had been completely extinguished he got rid of the last trace of new order right what.

Could make him think of her again and while he tries to work that out he remembers star's last words about heroes being able to pass on their Wills and this has to be it his best guess is that this thought of star is an ember a little bit of that passion still burning even after her death star is not totally gone still trying to beat the plot.

Device allegations some part of her inherited will is active right here and nowu meanwhile is still feeling the impact of that massive Air Blast he hits the ground hard he's gasping for air not even able to pull himself up just yet as bad as the pain might be trying to process losing one for all May makes it worse he can still hear all my telling.

Him that he can be a hero that path is slipping away Deku tries to talk to the vessages about their pain asking the second what he means Kudo manifests again trying to get deu to stay calm if he's too loud shigaraki will hear him after all if this plan is going to work they can't let the villain know what they're thinking that crazy mess of.

Vessages and emotions inside shigaraki is like a lump of lead it's built of all his anger his frustration and all all those traumatic memories he claims don't matter to him anymore a whole city a world centered around that house and everything that happened there add on all for one a vaguely sentient mass of evil and angry Quirk factors and you've.

Got something that goes beyond any mental wall the result is the shigaraki they've been fighting this time a demon a creature of pure hatred and willpower but thanks to Star all might's vestage noticed a crack inside the mass of Darkness shigaraki isn't at peace with his past the perfect super villain all that anger and that cold smile is a mask.

Tenko Shima is on the other side they just have to break that mental wall down Kudo thinks that back during the battle with star there was a wound opened inside shigaraki's mind that's where the crack came from and that's not something that any of all for one's quirks can heal deu doesn't get how any of this relates to giving up one for all hudo.

Explains that even if they can't deal with shigaraki head on due to his overwhelming Powers they can still do him mentally they can use the transfer to go after that mental wound if one for all enters shigaraki that crack could increase Until It Breaks allowing them to reach tenko it's everything deu wanted but he's not sure if that's right.

And isn't convinced that this would work it's a massive gamble since by doing this they need to straight up make shigaraki stronger they're going to lose whatever chance they had at taking down Toma just for a chance to try deku's way of doing this Kudo is still hopeful that this is a viable idea it's not as simple as just giving shigaraki everything like.

With new order this can be more of an offensive plan they just need to think about the idea of transferring differently Kudo suggests the others try to think of it like bakugo transferring papers to deu by throwing them at him that's still an attack this is their way to destroy all for one they could even do some physical damage to shigaraki.

Trying to make sure he doesn't just destroy Japan while they're in the middle of this plan and if they put enough Force into the transfer they could damage the quirks their transfer ining making sure shigaraki can't use them trying to prove his point Kudo plans to go first they've already lost danger sense and that's actually helpful.

They don't have to just transfer one for all in one go instead they've got one shot for each Quirk if they do it intentionally this time they can make the crack get bigger bit by bit deu will keep the enhanced strength of one for all just losing the additional quirks and argues that he should go instead he insists that smokees screen is the most.

Useless quirk in this situation search Mak makes it even worse he's the only part of one for-all Deku can really afford to lose Kudo still says no and although I'd agree that smokescreen isn't the best shigaraki having that while Deku is missing danger sense sounds like a death sentence outside shigaraki has reached deu he just glares.

Down at the hero one for all's vessages are out of time to work this out but an hasn't given up his argument they're all completely screwed if shigaraki uses gearshift all his powers and that heightened speed there's no way Deku could survive by that but no Kudo has thought ahead all for one doesn't just copy quirks it transfers them that means.

He limits on gear shift should still be in place deu has already run through its safe uses for the day if shigaraki tries to use it again he'll be hit with the recoil effect even worse than before and without gear shift in his body deu will stop suffering the effects of The Recoil very clever Bruce the third user speaks up he's within as much as he trusts Kudo.

As his former Commander he can't agree with this gamble throwing your power away during a fight seems foolish and Kudo admits that this whole idea is really risky it's a bet but he's starting to believe that it's him and Bruce who had this wrong they fought all for one at the height of his power a dark time with almost no hope of winning.

They had to be cruel at times but this is a different era a different wielder of one for all Kudo wants to believe Inu the boy who hasn't given up on saving people deku's finding this hard to take he flashes back back to a memory of himself the happy go-lucky kid who felt blessed by all of this shimana appears next to him to try and explain something.

To deu they've been together for a while now and she's worked out what's gotten to him deu is hesitating yes but not for a selfish reason one for all is a treasure it was a gift to deu from all might his favorite hero it's only natural that he wants to protect and keep it safe the idea of giving it up letting the treasure that eight.

Generations of Heroes built just f away has to be torture for deu even if it leads to a great Victory even if it's his duty to save everyone by doing this losing one for all will feel like failure and he doesn't have long to try and work his feelings out shigaraki lunges at deu yelling at the one for all group to tell him what they're talking.

About it looks like the group was just quiet enough to keep their PL secret for now but the vestages are out of time to make a decision and so is deu Kudo ask banjo to stay with the N they need someone to help keep him in the fight and to provide a quirk strong enough to keep him going Kudo gives yoichi his final goodbye the first accepts it Colin.

Kudo my hero one last time and you know things are serious when there is a title drop now that he's made peace with his fellow inheritors Kudo calls to deu asking for his permission to begin the transfer and he says yes deu agrees to give up one for all no matter how much it hurts him personally it is what the situ ation needs and he will do it in.

That moment a massive wave of black whips rose out of nowhere ripping shigaraki's arm off that's twice he's lost an arm in two chapters the villain doesn't look bothered grinning at his opponent that whole trick Deku had with reinforcing his body with black whips boosting his muscles that was just step one Deku is starting to look a lot more.

Villainous he's covered in Black whips now way more than he was when he was just reinforcing his arms with them them they run all over his body along with a bunch of tendrils emerging from his back holding him up in the air deu is back to looking more like a vigilante not an inspiring hero his body is being puppeteered by black whip once again.

We've got a new look where you cannot see deku's mouth we are back to a look where he cannot smile our boy looks like Spiral Garo from one punch man or even like symbiot Spider-Man with a bit of Doc O kind-hearted characters going far is easily one of my favorite tropes this power up is interesting one for all's total power stays with deu before it was.

Divided between all its component quirks that's what letu use them all at once by giving up the individual quirks but not the power the user transferred with it is this plan going to supercharge deku's remaining power boost his physical strength even more it's like turning one for all from a club into a sword technically it's smaller but it is far.

More refined I know a lot of you may be skeptical about deu losing one for all but I say we let Hy Koshi cook as always I'm slice Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love.