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Deku’s SECRET QUIRK Replaces One for All!


To stop shigaraki Deku needs to give him one for all the power that let him be a hero and made his dreams come true from the very beginning we've known that to be a Pro Hero you need a quirk and so by becoming quirkless again deu will be sacrificing his future to save the world but this is not the end for Deku the hero because once one for all is taken.

Deku's secret power will finally emerge Kudo the second user of one for all was the one to give Deku this plan orally he and the third user Bruce refuse to accept Deku as their successor that's because instead of seeing shigaraki as their mortal enemy deu sees him as someone to be saved even now as overpowered as shigaraki may be Deku is.

Practically just as strong shigaraki outright admits that he cannot afford to take a solid hit from Deku and luckily for him Deku is holding back shimana knows that Deku can kill shigaraki with one allout attack at any time butu doesn't want to he insists on saving Shimmer tenko it's the same situation we saw from the toga versus ururaka fight.

Which makes sense since saving villains was the last thing deu and Oraka talked about before this war started killing shigaraki would be the easier thing to do here but it wouldn't help to change his status quo and prevent this sort of thing from ever happening again the night before Deku unlocked black whip he received a flashback through one for all.

He saw moments from the first user yoichi's past and learned more about his connection to all for want and it turns out this ability goes both ways Kudo was able to go through deku's memories doing this helped him understand deku's philosophy that everyone even the worst kind of villain is still human Kudo and the other vestages now have full faith.

In deu and are ready to risk everything for the path he has chosen but the one to point the way forward was not actually deu out of nowhere it was the hand of the late star and strip the former number one hero of the United States died at the hands of sh rocki before the Final War Began he managed to steal her Quirk new order but that did.

Not go very well the power lets a person set two reality warping rules of their choosing and in her final moments star made it so that new order revolts against other quirks this made keeping it impossible for shigaraki and forced him to get rid of it and all for one made it clear that once a quirk is given away its vestage leaves too star also.

Never got the chance to meet deu so how and why is she still involved well again New Order lets its user set two rules she would keep one flexible while the other would always give her super strength and seeing as star knew she was going to die she no longer had a reason to maintain her strength so did star secretly use New Order on deu not.

Exactly it's important to remember that New Order requires the user to say the target's name while in physical contact so applying anything directly to deu would have been impossible it is far more likely that star actually plays two rules on new order one we know about and one that was a secret until now something along the lines of if one for.

All is stolen New Order will go to its former user that's right deku's new Quirk is New Order but wait why wouldn't star just set the Quirk to go to him immediately well she could have but that would have probably killed him shigaraki's body was modified for months before it could handle multiple quirks and on top of that the fourth user died.

Early because he had one for all and his original Quirk danger sense the only reason Deku could use one for all without suffering a similar fate is the fact that he was born without a quirk his metaphorical cup hasn't run over but having both one forall and New Order would have definitely been too much with one for all gone there would be a.

Vacancy and all right but if that's the case why were we able to see something from star and stripe ahead of deu giving up the Quirk believe me there is an answer for that too shigaraki managed to steal danger sense he reached a hand into the vestage world and that is precisely what we received from star and strip New Order will gradually replace.

One for all as more space becomes available and I know what some of you are thinking why do this in the first place deu spent the entire series training with one for all losing it now might sound like a total downgrade but there is actually a ton of potential here nobody is even close to deu when it comes to studying and copying different.

Heroes and their quirks he's been doing it since the story began and has taking it even further with the various quirks of one for all with New Order deu would be able to make use of all that knowledge and experience in totally unpredictable ways it would be like how all might's armor let him mimic the many quirks of class one a right now the.

Entire world is watching and this is a climax to decide it all deu is all my successor and with New Order he would also have the blessing of America's number one hero sharachi will be facing the power of all the heroes Deku has ever admired and listen shigaraki's only saving grace in the fight against star was the fact that she did not know his.

Name deu would not have that issue and that is only one side of the battle because while Deku fights shigaraki with his new power in the vestage world his old Power will be doing the same thing shigaraki insists that shimeno is completely gone but that is not true shigaraki has buried that little boy deep inside his mind but he is still.

There less than 30 minutes ago Murio said something that triggered shigaraki he claimed that shigaraki never had any friends those words managed to reach tenko because of this shigaraki lost it he started talking about how much his childhood friends liked him and cared about him moments later the All For One Consciousness understood that even.

Though their body was complete there was still someone else there who could compete for power Shimmer tenko but just knowing that was not enough to change things he needed to avoid the fight going on for too long because eventually the problem could be exploited and it has been before his temporary death bakugo managed to land a solid hit on.

Shigaraki up until then shigaraki hadn't taken much damage at all but bakugo's hit actually stung a bit due to the All For One Consciousness within him the sight of bakugo reminded the Demon Lord of his hatred for the second user Kudo emotional instability is shigaraki's greatest weakness and to make matters worse the heroes were all willing to.

Sacrifice themselves to save bakugo whom shigaraki believed he had already destroyed the sight of it really pissed the villain off the hero started to remind him of his family this feeling of anger began to shift the tenko Consciousness after all he wasn't broken back then but nobody reached out to help him they wouldn't even look at him now.

Shigaraki's body wants to find the best form to support all of his quirks and adapt to his surroundings in this state of panic the Shima Consciousness took control from the others to protect it itself the inner child manifested flesh Abominations of his dead family their many hands clutched onto his body like a suit of armor besides providing physical.

Protection because the feeling was similar to the severed hands that used to comfort him shigaraki started to stabilize mentally too and from there his words and actions became a lot simpler and more childish it's why murio's butt joke was able to not only distract him but also made him chuckle it was only after he saw deu that the.

All For One Consciousness resumed control contr to the point where Deku had to ask if shigaraki was still in there at all and just like shigaraki's lie about Shima the Demon Lord said that shigaraki was gone meanwhile all for one was actually struggling to suppress tenko he desperately needed to hide the kid from the one hero who would be able.

To reach him which is why he couldn't hide his anger when Muriel told deu how unstable he's been in the face of their resistance and shimana was sure that her grandson was still in there after seeing a flesh version of her late son in truth tenko is he reason shigaraki was able to avoid being taken over by his master shigaraki became smart enough to realize.

That he was being manipulated by all for one they merged together and became one but shigaraki was not a fan of his master's plan so he buried his origin deep within his own soul shigaraki slowly took back who he was from the inside out and empowered his own path he molted both physically and mentally he refuses to flip-flop like gentle.

Criminal and Lady Aon the two villains Deku helped to reform shigaraki beat all for one in their battle for control because his Direction appeals to tenko they both want to see the destruction of everything that came from the house that started it all so once they're taken shimana and the other vestages will have a real chance to save tenko she may not.

Have known her grandson personally but her being a hero had a tremendous impact on his early life enough that when shigaraki got the power another vestage of her was made inside all for one deu can tell that shimana is deeply upset about the condition of her only living family member no matter what she says this offers her a chance to see her son.

Again in some capacity and save her family once shigaraki has one for all the vestages will be able to get into his memories and deal with shigaraki's core directly this offers Shimmer Nana a chance to choose her family this time and see her son again and although aleran lost control of the body because his Quirk persists he is still in there.

Somewhere so we should be able to see everyone for all user be able to fight their arch nemesis one last time everyone in one for all would be able to use the full power of their quirks in this legendary vestage World Clash horic Koshi is a big fan of over-the-top visual metaphors but unlike the toga versus Oraka ones the vestage world.

Would make all these things pretty real and besides shimana having a shot at personal resolution so would yoichi bakugo killed his brother all for one and we didn't even get a response or reaction that is real really weird considering yoichi has been our personal all- forone detector for a while now and forget just yoichi they all gave their.

Lives to stop that freak yet not a single one of them had anything to say yeah no way so I am expecting or maybe even hoping to see their final words come at a later Point whatever the case may be all they need to do is force tenko's Consciousness to surface long enough for Deku to save him and with the help of New Order Deku should definitely.

Be able to call at the tenko and reach him from there he will need to convince shigaraki's inner child to side with him instead of Destruction he will need to convince his greatest enemy that he too can become a hero all for one fear the possibility of New Order and one for all working together it would have been better to steal star's Quirk but taking.

It out of play completely was acceptable too Deku gaining the power poses a serious threat but after shigaraki steals one for all he should be the strongest creature that has ever lived he should be The Quirk Singularity this will not be an easy fight at all and listen I saw a bunch of you guys worried about deu being quirkless again so let.

Me know if this possibility makes you feel any better about it being excited about a my her Academia Theory again feels really great thank you for your continued support and insistence that we continue to cover this series as always I'm slice Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.