Alright so this week's chapter of my hero academia wasn't nearly as heavy as the previous but even still as usual it was pretty enjoyable nevertheless the last one however wow what a phenomenal chapter and clearly plenty of you enjoyed it as well so thank you all for the support on.

That discussion but yeah from segregating their children to running from their own son the todoroki parents were struggling big time toya feeling exceedingly estranged from his own family would only spiral further and further from sanity.

However he'd never stray from his training and as such thanks to honing his quirk for several years by his lonesome he came to understand the relationship between his emotions and his quirk this being the transition from red flames to blue now excited toya would ask his.

Father to give him another chance by going to sekhoto peak the next time he has a day off but endeavour never came these overbearing emotions in toyo would go on to cause a sort of volatile quirk instability in the form of spontaneous combustion and with this loss.

The family would only become worse and worse but now realizing that they all may have played a part in the fate of toya have decided to shoulder the burden together as a family once again all while hawks and best genius remain right outside with this latest.

Chapter we pick up right from there as hawks and genius would enter the room after having listened in on the entire conversation now asking if they may also be a part of this family venture now this was a shock to everyone and i'd imagine that for endeavour this was especially surprising for one.

He has no idea how much hawks truly admires him and what's more is that hawks was dragged into their family problems severely with dolby's public address and the state that he has now been left in it's a lot hawks would then convey that he was released the day before and has simply been gathering.

Information with the time that he's had but just then rey would bow before him apologizing for the sins of her son much to the shock of hawks and genus now hawks in a panic would tell her that she doesn't need to apologize and that wasn't what his intentions were for coming here.

Genus would then help her up now saying that they came specifically for information on dobby although their eavesdropping was a bit rude for them to deal with the situation coming to know abdavi's reasoning would be a big help but furthermore they would also like to know how he managed to survive and how he.

Became dobby which just tells me that there's more dobby backstory to be had so that's great and you know i thought i might be tired of it by now but listen after that last chapter i am all for it dabi is right now one of the most believable villains in the series.

And if there's more to the story then that's more that i want to know hawks would then attempt to lighten the mood with his usual probing that tends to make others more uncomfortable by saying that he used to watch videos in endeavor all the time reflecting on how tainted his childhood obsession looks to be now.

An understatement considering how much endeavour meant to him as a child and even now despite it all endeavour would lack the words to respond here but hawks now all chummy would go to the side of shoto and ask a question he'd ask if shoto's burn mark was the handiwork of his father as well.

But rey would be quick to take responsibility shoutout would go to speak but would swiftly stop himself and i honestly wonder what he thought to say and how he feels about it all we know that toya saw his mother to be just as guilty as his father but choto never possessed that sentiment.

In fact he championed his mother for as far back as we've seen so how he feels now is something i'm certainly fascinated by hawks would then be able to put two and two together based on what she had said previously and consider his own childhood situation of abuse as well.

He'd think about how he couldn't face his parents himself and that he simply gave up and abandoned them then saying aloud how cool shoto is and i have to agree that's because without getting into too much i'm more like hawks here and i must say that it definitely takes a certain strength to persevere.

And be like shoto in this case although i'd argue that hawks was far younger and not exactly given a proper opportunity or anyone like deku to knock some sense into him not to mention that at least the figures in shoto's life began to try and improve and make amends for the past transgressions so i feel like maybe hawk.

Should cut himself a bit of slack here anyway hawks would then describe the current situation to endeavor a situation i highly doubt i need to convey to you as it is the very same situation we have come to know for weeks now one key bit of information however being the government's request for aid.

From overseas heroes something that fans have been speculating for quite some time now something that over here on the channel we have said is a necessary convention as realistically the japanese government would not allow the country to be completely dissolved without seeking this sort of foreign aid.

However with the public safety commission being in such a depraved state the process of bringing heroes over has been rather difficult now when images of this chapter leaked over on twitter and instagram we discussed how this one silhouette in particular appears to be electro plant.

The american hero from the first my hero academia film now what's insane about all this is that this is only within the first two days of devastation lord knows how things will look in a week's time if nothing is done and it is for this reason that endeavor has no choice.

But to fight but with that hawks and best genus would again offer their services hawk's then saying that endeavour should just consider it a team up between the top 3 heroes as both men were completely down ride or die trying then asking the man if the support of his family and.

Colleagues is enough to lighten his burden as he would then cry some more in agreeance natsuo not being as strong as shoto in this regard then piping up that is just until he stops toya the topic of handling the press would then arise something that hawks having.

Been a media favorite had pondered for some time but one oddity stuck out he'd then ask endeavour what is one for all a question which absolutely gave me chills now for you me too recognize his term as when they were headed into the building.

The press would say that endeavor during his fight with sugar rocky muttered something about one for all they'd further inquire if it has any relation to the villain all for one and at this point i have goosebumps like crazy hawks then said that they need to know.

What one for all is as he memories would rush back to endeavor the words of deku as he would then begin to share while elsewhere bakugou was screaming deku's name so viciously that blood spewed from his mouth now finally being hauled away by his.

Classmates and as concerning as the situation is to be in his case at least bakugou still had plenty of energy in him at this point tokoyami and kaminari were ready to be discharged and so most of the kids were recuperating pretty well with the exception of deku.

And uraka couldn't help being anxious in knowing this hawks and genus would then go to see deku and be met by the many kids as genus would greet his young protege bakugou with that horrendously long hero name of his ida would then tell hawks that all might requested to be alone with him for a.

Time now come on how is that not weird to any of them i mean as far as they all know almight is just his teacher i doubt anyone would talk back to almighty or anything but yeah strange from the outside looking in something that hawks clearly considered.

As well but inside the room we would see the two as all might could sense it that deku was having a conversation with the previous wielders of the power and that was the chapter and i told you so i don't know why some people doubted me as it wasn't nearly as far-fetched as.

Some of the other predictions we've had proven to be true but yeah deku is communicating with the predecessors the fact that one for all is on the verge of becoming public information has me beyond hype i mean this is something that we have been waiting for forever so yeah wild stuff the amount of.

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