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DEKU’S ULTIMATE TEST! Can Deku Kill Shigaraki!? – My Hero Academia


All right so this chapter of my hero academia was a very very important one for the character of deku one that served as a refresher of sorts in regards to his ideals and sentiments that to me could be seen as a light in the darkness that has been the tone of the story for.

Quite some time now with some of our most recent predictions in knowing how accurate we have proven ourselves to be in the past many of you have begged for us to use our powers for good and foresee all the good that is yet to come with this story now admittedly things are so bad right.

Now that it's hard to speak irrelevant information without being rooted in negatives but as i've said before although there is a lot of dread in the air the solution the hope to be had here will be found in the younger generation of heroes and with this one deku for me confirmed.

Just that in the last one deku being overseen in his hospital bed by all might would drift into the collective consciousness of one for all here meeting all the past wielders of the quirk over the course of his four months training alongside bakago and shoto.

Under the tutelage of endeavor one for all had begun to grow rapidly allowing for such communication it was here that deku would meet the fourth user shin omori-san the inherent wielder of danger sense shinomaru would explain to deku that he died of old age.

At only 40 years old because of one for all that one for all and his tremendous power may no longer be possessed by someone born with a quirk and that deku is liable to be the very last wielder of one for all furthermore making current events all.

The more pressing as the question would become can deku kill shigaraki tomorrow the very question we would open this latest chapter up with as shimmer and ana would look to him intently beku was taken aback by this sudden shift as nana would now arise from her.

Seat after having been silent prior now elaborating that this wasn't exactly a request but rather a gauge of his will she'd reflect on their encounter with shigaraki not but days ago stating that when deku looked at him what he saw.

Was someone in pain someone desperate for help nana would then explain that all their hearts and minds are interconnected and so they could see these feelings of his which may at first sound a bit high-minded but in actuality it's more or less just a feeling.

That they are able to act upon at their own behest which is further made evident by the interjection of lariat who'd expressed that none of them concur with this thinking of his and actually saw nothing of the sort that they certainly could send shigaraki's pain the suffering inflicted upon him by all for one but.

Even still it's not as if the man was seeking their assistance that what they saw in his eyes was nothing but contempt and malice a lust for the infliction of destruction thus prompting the founder and first wielder to then say that sugar rocky was groomed to be.

As such to have his reaction to anything unsavory and or uncomfortable to be the infliction of further pain at this point all for one has likely capitalized unsaid vulnerability which we know he has and dominated shigaraki's body in order to seize one for all once and for all it would be then that.

Lariat would speak up once more now stating that both he and his successor were subject to all for one's past attempts and subsequent failures to steal the quirk the fact of the matter being that the impervious nature of one for all lies in the ever.

Fortified nature of its possessor's respective wills one must have a virtually indomitable spirit to withstand such assaults that deku must be the same otherwise he's liable to shigaraki taking advantage of such weakness as no matter how powerful one for all.

Stands to be it's all for naught if the power is vulnerable to domination or hostile acquisition the founder would then speak of how one for all has been cultivated over all these years for the specific purpose of defeating all for one a sentiment we have been aware of for.

Quite some time now he then cite all might as a prime example of this seeing as how he dealt the greatest blow to all for one leaving him in his current state however even yet all for one persists and now uses shigeraki to get the better of deku and it's made abundantly clear just how much all for.

One doubts deku as he finds his mere existence to be laughable seeing no merit whatsoever now shiranana would again speak to deku she'd approach also desiring for his spirit to be unwavering as she would doubly recognize her own folly in resorting to having to ask him to act on her behalf however shigaraki.

Was in fact her grandson her grandson who was a byproduct of her failings as a mother her expression then presenting a quivering of the lip as she now stood to place a responsibility of her regrets onto a mere child deku a cruelty she fully acknowledged but.

Would do so only out of sheer desperation as the fruition of shiguraki's potential would spell sheer disaster for all that lives that what is to come would be evil incarnate again providing us with this sort of metamorphic visual of shigaraki.

Shimmer inanna then says to deku that there are those who cannot be forgiven understood or rehabilitated questioning what he'll do if shiguraki is such a case overwhelmed by a motion she grip onto the shoulders of deku in search of his answer further questioning if deku has a.

Resolve needed to stop shigaraki no matter the cost as now everyone would await his response in silence one that deku would slowly but surely provide he would now explain that when shigaraki entered their domain and was told to think of his desires by.

All for one that within the deepest recesses of his mind he could feel it he could hear the crying pleas of a child in need shimmer and are now shaken by this response letting go of deku's shoulders as he would continue with a recounting of his many villainous.

Encounters that they were so thoroughly set in their ways that he had no choice but to quell them through sheer conquest of strength that he never had the chance to learn why it was they were the way that they were why exactly they had become.

Villains believing that if he did know perhaps things could have been handled differently that maybe there was a better solution to be had with the war and beyond so many people were killed and so many people he held dear were hurt but even still.

One for all is to him the power to save people not kill them that all might taught him as such as we would receive a visual of a younger deku approaching a weeping sugar rocky imagery we have seen expressed between bakugou and deku in the past deku would continue to speak of the message almight provided to so many.

People that their efforts were instrumental in the saving of so many people past and present perhaps one for all in its origins was intended to solely thwart all for one but because of their efforts and sacrifices the power has had the opportunity to become so.

Much more than that as he shrouded around deku would leave to now reveal this childlike innocence of his spirit perhaps he will have no choice but to kill shigaraki but at the very least he wants to try saving him first and foremost a sentiment that.

Brought tears to the spirit of all might and seeing as how interconnected they all stand to be emotionally i'm sure this is a feeling that has been felt by all my proper as well the founder was most pleased he was more than willing to guide deku in such pursuits.

Now consoling the vestige of all might he would then express how grateful he is that of all people deku was the one to inherit the power as he shrouded around deku would return once more the founder would then consult shamurana as well as she would in turn apologize to deku for testing his will.

In such a way she then asked him to send her regards to gran torino she began to cry as she now knew she made the wrong choice in giving up her son but at the very least deku was certainly determined to save those impacted by her decision as the chapter would end with the.

Founder turning to those who have turned their backs calling upon them to now join the conversation and explain their quirks to deku now this is to me pretty interesting when it comes to the reveal of future quirks i don't imagine will be made privy to everything.

For the sake of surprise and such but at the same time if these two are in fact the likes of bakugou and kiroshima it's not as if deku would recognize as such only to proceed as if it was not the case now i for one really don't want to deal with any sort of time travel but at this point it's hard to imagine.

Why these two would continue to have their faces hidden if not for the sake of a major revelation in the form of recognition and even if these two are not characters that we know i will tell you this at the bare minimum their quirks will be astounding bakugou made fun of the quirks that deku was set.

To inherit because they all just sound really simple and not too impressive and the reasoning we were provided for this was that one for all did not have the luxury of being able to be passed on to the most powerful of successors as.

This quirk was very much in danger as across the generations there were terrible terrible times and all for one was hunting them down but i would argue that with the first and second possessors this was a new phenomenon this was something that all for one had to recognize was happening.

And so they would have had the opportunity to be passed on to some really powerful quirk wielders and let's be honest here deku really does need some major firepower if he is to go toe to toe with shigaraki but yeah as i said previously this was a major moment for deku as a.

Current wielder of one for all and as our main character and perhaps there are those who would roll their eyes as such naivete but we have to remember that at the end of the day this is still a shonen story and that sort of forgiveness and purity is very much a hallmark.

Of the medium so it is what it is at the very least i'm just grateful that he doesn't seem to have ruled out the possibility of lethal force but it's not premeditated or anything that would sully his spirit so long as we steer clear of a naruto to obito situation i'm chilling but what do you guys think.

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