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Deku’s Worst Fear is Here! My Hero Academia Ending Explained


The end of my hero academia is coming up fast right in the middle of the war arc a major player has seemingly been taken off the board and the final showdown is getting closer and closer with each and every chapter we're all hyped to see the story come to an end and while it's going to be sad to say goodbye to our favorite characters it might just get.

Even sadder what you thought this story was going to have a happy ending you thought you knew what was going to happen next i mean sure some things are pretty much set in stone at this point we're going to see a fight between deku and shikaraki we're going to see the students and teachers of ua give it their all but even this close to the end.

There is one crucial thing that we cannot be sure of what happens to the world after we're done we have spent as much time establishing the setting as we have the cast things like the provisional license exams hero agencies the top 10 list and ua's rival schools this war is in large part over what the world should be on one side we have.

These symbols of peace that want to maintain the hero society that protects the weak on the other there are the villains who seek nothing but destruction of the world that hurt them and everything in it so what's going to be left when the dust clears will anything be left after that final battle well that's what we're here to talk.

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To pick out free samples of your flavor of choice and don't worry shipping is free too thanks to our friends at gamer subs for sponsoring the video but now that we're all energized back to the topic at hand let's kick things off with ending one a better tomorrow first off is what we all expected to happen as soon as the war arc started the heroes.

Win society returns to largely what it was like before the war began that makes sense right they've been coming out ahead so far and even if things get more dangerous later on it's shonan this is a superhero story the good guys keep on going they yell about going beyond and make it home okay they might take some losses have a few heroic sacrifices but.

In the end everything works out for the team right it's easy to see how this ending of the story goes class 1a standing triumphant over all for one and shigaraki we have a brief montage of other heroes to tie things up showing them starting to repair japan then a time skip to 10 years or so in the future everyone's doing well folks like.

Toshinori and grant reno are happily retired the ua staff are still teaching and then we get a montage of this arrow's pro heroes ending with deku standing tall and proud as a symbol of peace for this new world it's a nice ending a happy ending but that does not mean it's gonna happen and what's worse as things are now it probably can't.

Happen look i get it we all want things to work out and hey it's been over 350 chapters of hard work deku along with the rest of class 1a have absolutely earned it we want to see these kids finally achieve their dreams and become pro heroes we want deku to finally get to his place as all my successor and the symbol of peace and hey maybe if you had.

Asked me prior to the war arc i might have agreed with you this is most likely the ending of the story but now it's still a possibility but think it through to get to this point deco will have to consecutively defeat all for one not just in the war but ideologically the fact that the villains got this far caused this much devastation it's.

Already damaged people's faith in heroes we've seen heroes retire die and fade away we've seen civilians willing to throw midoriya to the villains in order to save themselves we've also seen people stand with the heroes despite everything but it does not change how bleak the war has gotten can class 1a's victory restore everyday people's faith.

In the system as a whole winning a fight does not necessarily make people trust you simply being the villains will not renew the people's faith in heroes again it's not clear at this point that anything could the fight in jakku city left a lot of people dead and the breakout from tartarus has made things worse winning now will not bring the.

Dead back or make people feel any safer even that could take him the mantle is all my successor and defeating shigeraki might not change things i mean all might defeated all for one twice and the war still happened would anew all might really be enough to make people feel safe again to restore the world we saw at least start the series we're gonna.

Need to see some sort of heroic act bigger than anything we've witnessed so far something huge that only the heroes as a group could do that shows us why we still need them what we're gonna need is a miracle because if one doesn't happen the alternatives get bad and bad fast now before we get into the other possible endings remember to hit.

Subscribe ring the notification bell and smash that like button to get your regular dose of plot armor because trust me you're gonna need to get through what's coming ending two it all returns to nothing while all for one's victory seems unlikely tomra's objective was to destroy the world that made his younger self suffer first focusing on all might.

Then the heroes as a whole and finally everything he sees if no one manages to win the people over he might just get part of his wish fulfilled even if he loses the fight there are easy answers to a lot of the questions these villains raised would a better hero society have stopped the mistreatment of spinner toga and twice was there anything that could.

Have happened to avert the abuse shimratenko suffered some problems can't be solved with a superhero one of the oldest criticisms of characters like batman or iron man is that they could be doing so much more for society by utilizing their wealth to create societal change backing charities and lobbying governments rather than.

Focusing on punching people it's not that crazy to think that horikoshi is going to try and address this with the ending here so if tomorrow gets his way and people still distrust heroes after the war what happens then well even as peace returns to the world this will still be the death of pure society the heroes would like to have japan safe.

With the conclusion of the war but it started with them in control people would want to be sure that the same thing couldn't happen again and the status quo would not be enough to satisfy them they'd want to see more substantive changes there would be no more hero licensing for a start people's worries about displaying their quirks.

Openly would increase there'd be more support for groups like human rights and more prejudice against mutants like spinner as villains waiting to happen we'd likely see a return to vigilante status for those still insistent on acting as heroes the police would need new units and tactics to deal with quirk using threats without the help of heroes.

When people are worried about another shigaraki happening the force law enforcement uses against criminal quirk users is likely to get significantly more brutal with all that being said there's still room for hope in this ending when people see flaws in society some are going to work to change them this is where we'll probably find deku.

In this timeline even if he can't be the hero he dreamed of he's still going to be doing his best to make the world a better place he'll have some kind of hero adjacent job where he's able to make a difference perhaps as a fireman or a therapist something where he can make people smile and i mean if that's a criteria maybe he becomes a clown.

Although his tears would probably mess up his makeup whatever the case may be most of class 1a will be right there with him these are good kids hero uniforms or not i can absolutely see bakugou hiroshima and kaminari ignoring any anti-hero law and becoming a vigilante trio while people like momo would take to civilian life a whole lot.

Better most of the class would likely fall somewhere between those two extremes this would be a bleak way to end the series even in that relatively positive version of events deku would have ultimately failed in his dream of becoming the symbol of peace even if he's still doing good in a smaller way that sort of dream being lost feels very.

Not shonen but this wouldn't be the first story published in junk to have a bittersweet ending like that it is possible and horikoshi has shown us that he could absolutely make it work but that's not the outcome we really want is it this ending is too depressing the good ending isn't going to be easy to reach so what's the alternative well.

There's one fan idea that crops up a lot the any proper discussion of my heart academia's end game would not be complete without even if it's not as solid as it may look ending three doomsday quirk singularity theory this is something the phantom has been talking about for a while an idea horikoshi is laid out repeatedly as.

Theorized by dr garaki all for one's mad scientist over repeated generations quirks will grow in power and complexity to the point where they ultimately become unstable and destructive since more or less the entire human races quirks at this point this would lead to full-on human extinction a lot of theories within the fandom around the.

Ending of my hero academia use the quark singularity as an alternative final boss for the story instead of all for one deku's big final act will be defeating this threat to the world he'll go plus ultra and punch the apocalypse in the face garaki said this would happen generations in the future but it's easy to see how this could kick off early.

With quirks as powerful as new order in play and everyone pushing their abilities beyond their limitations some kind of premature mass evolution event could happen perhaps it would be a fun rebuke from all for one damning the world he could not control or maybe the villain finally bites off more than he can chew pushing his cork beyond his.

Control and dragging the world down with him it sounds plausible but there's three big problems with this idea first off it undercuts the story even if all for one initiates it this big world ending event would upstage him instead of an epic culmination to the hero vs villain struggle these years would end with deku facing off against an abstract.

Threat which then brings us to problem 2. there is no actual way for deku to punch malfunctioning quirks into submission the singularity ending would require some kind of last minute deus ex machina power up instead of a proper final battle it's hard to picture a version of this ending that isn't deeply underwhelming but even if you look past.

All that and think there's a way to make it work there's one final massive issue with the quark singularity ending we are a long way into the final arc and we haven't seen proof garaki was right about any of this now certainly people in the story think he might have a point we've seen evidence of course getting more and more complex over generations.

For example with bakugou's parents his explosion queer combines the effects of both of theirs then with the preschool kids he remedial students were put in charge of ares existence and overwhelming power alone makes it clear that quirks are getting stronger and more complicated fast but that's only half of the theory it's not been.

Established that the increase in power leads to a lack of control bakugou has never been shown to have issues with his quirk those preschool kids were monsters and were using their abilities just fine the only character who has had any issues in that area is erie and frankly the idea her quirk is inherently uncontrollable is dark that would mean.

Overhaul was ultimately right her power really is a curse she has no hope of using but there's no proof of that the more likely explanation for aries trouble controlling her quirk is trauma she had a mishap when first awakening her powers that claimed the life of her father and led to her mother abandoning her with her unfamiliar grandfather and.

That mishap coupled with shisaki's treatment of her has left her scared of using rewind izawa thinks she can work it out with training and deku agrees with him and is through that belief that she was able to restore the quirk of lamillion a sharp knife is really dangerous right but use it right and you could make some yummy food so i think.

Your power is really something special it shouldn't surprise us that deku thinks like that he was handed an uncontrollable quirk too a power that broke his body every time he used it but he worked really hard to get it under control and with training encouragement and support of teachers he managed it he could focus it down to his finger in.

Just a few days with help from gran torino he developed a way to safely handle his quirk without risking his body by going all out if deku had any issues with controlling his power folk howling would not be possible we have had tons of opportunities to show quirks becoming hard to use we could have seen one of the kids in the provisional.

Licensing exam had trouble with their abilities we could have seen a villain driven to that point on account of not being able to control their powers but we never have all we're left with is taking garaki's word for it and garaki is a mad scientist who spent decades working for all for one and manipulated the quirk of his grandson for the sake.

Of producing a wingnomou would you really trust him to get this right i mean the whole notion of the masses being unfit for their powers being endorsed by offer one itself may be equated to the villain's own self-righteous delusion that he is the only one suited to possess its capabilities so quark singularity not.

Set up and couldn't be the ending well not so fast there's an alternative option here but it's different and kinda out there it's time to get crazy ending for a million points of light picture it this exciting new development takes the world by storm it seems to be everywhere dominating life growing newer shinier and just playing better every year but.

One day it reaches a tipping point things collapse and the world is never the same again oh sorry my mistake this isn't the quirk singularity this is the real world singularity theory an idea that scientists have been talking about since professor verner vinci came up with the name in the 90s the short version is that with the rise of.

Computing and the internet and daily life technology would keep getting more complex and more powerful eventually ai would emerge actually from it after which according to vinci the human era will have ended this idea shows us an alternate version of the quark singularity one that leads to an ending quite different from garaki's theory.

Quarks are indeed getting stronger with later generations the point that new abilities continues to surprise older characters instead of getting out of control though under a vinji like model quirks would grow more refined more complex at the point that they end up self-aware and hey haven't we seen something like that come up already all.

For one and one for all both have some kind of sentience within them while these quirk minds take familiar forms shaped by their existing wielders and drawing on their memory they are more than just an echo the previous one for all users can express regret and question deku's actions the awful one within tomorrow has full control of his.

Body and can act without him even being conscious so say this is all true what does this mean for the finale well the first change is the identity of our antagonist at this point the person leading the villains in this war is not tomorrow shigaraki or the original offer one it is the quirk offer one itself that has become the central threat to.

The heroes and to the world at large we only had the implication from its phrasing that the original mind of offer one is still in there and in control even if it retains memories of the original it could easily be its own entity by this point perhaps it had been like that even before tomorrow's surgery all we know about offer one has been his.

Quest for power and control he still bears an artificial version of his original quirk where does the man end and his quirk begin this would make our final fight two nascent singularities push to their limits one of which is almost its own being already if this theory holds we will hit the point of a true quirk singularity in that fight one.

Or both of these quirks taking the next evolutionary step and becoming fully independent of its wielder if that happens the very nature of how quirks work could drastically evolve very quickly both all for one and one for all have the ability to affect other perks a boost such as this could make them even more capable of doing so a singularity.

Scale all for one would be able to drink quirks and mass very quickly singularity one for all meanwhile could do the exact opposite transmit the great power of the quirk one final time to awaken and empower the rest of the world and that takes us right back to their names doesn't it either someone takes all the power for themselves or they give it.

Freely to the world all for one or one for all while it's far more hopeful the second outcome might be the more horrifying one this is the pandora's box of my hero academia if it happens there is no telling what sort of chaos is going to come from it or exactly how singularity affected quirks would work all for one and one for all seem to.

Possess an independent sentience but that's after they pass through several wielders from those born with an awakened quirk it might be very difficult to tell where the person ends and the quirk begins it wouldn't be two minds in the same body more like two parts of one mind that work together would someone like that still be human.

If they instead achieve independence sentience however what would that mean for the world would those quirk minds continue to support humans would they be bound to the human host at all you'd have a world where every person was essentially two individuals themselves and their powered self how would society deal with that best case scenario is a.

World with the power and ability to tackle literally any problem growing into a new golden age the worst case is utter anarchy rampaging quirks everyday villains with fantastical powers and people with demons in their head there are too many variables in exactly how it starts and how it would work it could be anything from redestro's wildest dream.

To overhaul's worst nightmare but my hero academia is generally a pretty hopeful optimistic story and tends to be pretty positive about people using their unique powers and talents to do good in the world even professor vinji has some hope for a positive future after the singularity that humans themselves will become their own successors that.

Whatever injustice occurs will be tempered by our knowledge of our roots wild cards we've talked about the big picture options let's now take a look at some of the potential wild card factors as we move towards the end of my hero academia there's a lot of the war arc still to go and a lot of people whose final fates are still unclear more than.

Deku or shigaraki their actions could show us what ending we're headed towards let's start with class 1a if the restoration of your society is going to happen their role will be crucial no matter how strong he might be deku alone is not enough to change everyone's minds it'll be the actions of his classmates and younger heroes like him that have.

More of an impact here think of them as a new hero society here to show the people of japan that there are still heroes ready willing and able to keep them safe the symbol of peace is a distant ideal but regular heroes are far easier to empathize with and connect to we'll be getting some moments focused on the younger heroes no matter what but a.

Fight where a large group of them can all work together would be a big step forward in winning over the public a disparate group of more grounded figures like class 1a standing as one against an overwhelming threat is just a sort of moment that shows people yes you too can become a hero if that ends up being witnessed by the public it will be a.

Strong moment for restoring people's faith in heroes defending the refugees in ua against an attack would fit perfectly and seems likely to happen at this point it probably wouldn't be enough on its own but it would certainly be a sign the hero society isn't done for just yet next up is the villains specifically i like to draw attention to.

Spinner and toga both as people who could affect the ending and as a sign of what way it might be going horikoshi has consistently shown us their side of the conflict pushing us to feel sympathy for them even as the war continues while the villains have undoubtedly done terrible things their final fates will show us what the future world is going to be.

Like will they lose themselves in revenge becoming purely villainous with absolutely no regard for the consequences of their actions will we see them start to reconsider their path could they even finally reach a breaking point with all for one even if they die over the course of the war arc if we continue to get content framing their.

Point of view sympathetically it seems like we'll be heading towards a more tragic end with a focus on society changing for the better there's an outside chance of an ending that blends aspects of hero and villain victory a conversation between toga and hawks about the death of twice could lay groundwork for this and a hero like.

Shoji as a fellow heteromorph getting to talk to spitter about what drove him to this point could do the very same it could lead to a world where hero society survives but works to reform the issues that gave rise to the league of villains this might be the most positive uplifting ending we could hope for it gives a measure of validation to the.

Villains issues and grievances while letting our heroes work to build a better world it would be a great way to end the series although it may be a long shot given the magnitude of the war hurt and pain on both sides will make understanding and empathy infinitely harder but it is possible and deku himself wants to take this path so let's.

Not discount it just yet finally if the quirk singularity is going to be a thing we will absolutely be seeing more of both the past wielders of one for all and the all for one inner mindscape setting up the idea of the quirks being separate entities conflict within tomara and offer one is inevitable but an argument between the past one for all.

Users could show their development towards this point we'd also likely get more time with the human all for one setting up any contrast between him and the version of him controlling tomorrow more appearances or involvement from garaki more discussion of the quark singularity or the philosophy behind quirks could also be a sign of horikoshi.

Setting up for the singularity as an ending however we're probably going to get these things no matter what garaki is an important character regardless of his theory he is all for one's lieutenant creator of the nomu and one of the main villains of the story if we spend a lot of time with him or the conversation focuses on the idea of.

Garaki being wrong we could be looking at a sign of this alternative singularity but him simply appearing could go any number of ways but yeah this has been our big overview of what might happen after the war is over as always i'm celeste otaku thank you all so much for watching and an awesome day i.

Love you you.