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DEMON TANJIRO SLAYS NEZUKO!? Full Cinematic End of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


The price of victory as the sun climbs over the horizon the massive form that muzon had taken to defend himself chips away piece by piece his body dissolves as he seconds past leaving behind a chunk of flesh that is yet to dissipate on the ground meanwhile enosuke lies elsewhere unwilling to accept his treatment calmly he chomps on a kakashi.

Member's hand to the point of blood convincing the others taking care of him that he'll be just fine however that's when he also spews out blood from his boar mask and they start to doubt that he'll be okay after all not far from there zanitsu dramatically requested kakashi let his wife know that he loves her his wife nezuko that is adding that.

She should be made aware of how bravely he fought while thinking of her the core members can't help but say this guy never shuts up but that's where the comedy ends giw wanders around looking for tanjiro while the kakashi tried to calm him down so they can treat his deep injuries including his lost arm but before they can pull him away he notices.

Tanjro's slump body kneeling on the ground with his hands still slightly holding his sword despite having no life left in his body the kakashi around tundra look on in sorrow tears spilling from their eyes and kyu can't help but do the same remembering the bright kind boy that fought so hard to get his sister's life back to normal at almost.

The same time that you drops down leading his head against hundreds blaming himself for not protecting this young boy nezuko arrives but this isn't the end far from it before we see how the few remaining slayers handled this situation make sure to drop a like and subscribe to plot on more notifications on to let us know you want to see more.

High quality videos like this the king of demons the shadow of death has always been close to me is how it is revealed that a part of muzon deep within himself and attach a tundra still lives we enter a small flashback showing a baby muzon looking much like his final form and long black arms reaching for him within his mother's womb trying to pluck his.

Life from him when muzon was born he had no pulse and was not breathing reflecting the state that tundra is currently in however because muzan was thought to be dead at birth they began the preparations to cremate him if only they had gone through with it before they started the fire muzon finally moved about crying for his life to not.

Be cut short admittedly muzon's life force remained strong for most of his life allowing him the freedom to do as he wished the only obstacle was his son and people like obiashiki and those who worked under him persistently trying to cut muzon down and send him to the flames of hell rather than cremation with little memory of his victims muzon.

Believes blesh dies and that is the end but their feelings those pesky things stayed behind lingered and held on so tightly that they pulled muzon down into ruin and yet because he learned from them even shedding tears for the strength of their will he wants to now do the same for himself with his dying breath as his clawed fingers reach out.

For a fading tangero he intends to leave his wishes and hopes with him knowing the young boy's body has not fully died just yet unlike his own muzon roughly grabs hondro by the throat but not to kill to sink his fingers deep within his flesh and fill him with his own powers and blood passing on the abilities to become something stronger with that and.

All of tandro's strengths and techniques he will surpass muzon himself and become the king of the demons and that because he not only could overcome the dangers of sunlight but because he knows sun breathing with that we return to the devastating queue kneeling in front of tanjuro and the kakushi standing around them one of the crying members rubs his.

Eyes and notices something is off a large chunk of flesh that had been covering tonjiro's eye is slowly shifting away tandro's eyes snap open and the color matches out of muzon's he is no longer himself before the kakushi can like you know tandro's arm is regrown in a flash completely unharmed tandra attempts to slash at the nearby.

Core members but even courting death gyu quickly gets akakushi away with his body as the next kakushi standing behind a wild snarling tanjuro is too shocked to move you screams for them to get back with the sun having now climbed over the horizon it shines brighter now than when muzon died this demonitandro notices it but he has nothing to cover his body.

Save for his arms which start to catch fire his skin ablaze growling like a beast at the pain the kakashi was aiming to attack survived with just a scratch across their nose and their face covering cut free as always the quick reacting you tells them to move away because they are too shocked by what is happening wasn't the battle over wasn't.

Muzan killed tanjiro still groaning and screaming in pain because of the sun charring his flesh is distracted enough that yusha is for anyone who is able and alive to come face this new threat from a corner yushiro cannot believe what he is hearing he knows muzan has died likewise a bandage zunitsu who's hearing allows him to notice a commotion wonders.

What's happening since he is too far to see it the kakashi around tsunemi also hear goose cries for support but the wind is shira is unconscious from his injuries and cannot lend a hand when you finally says tanjuro has become a demon the look of horror on the faces of bozenitsu and enosuke could stop time the water ashira keeps shouting.

Announcing that they have no choice but to try and burn him in the sun before he kills them all as tandro's body continues smoking from the daylight he decides to flee with a strong push towards a dark shelter which would stop the pain but before he can reach it you tackles him piercing him in the side with his sword to prevent him from.

Reaching the shaded area wild and angry tundra grips you by the hair with his clawed fingers new wounds slicing across gu's face as he cries but it's not the pain that hurts him the most it's the fact that his friend has become this creature that he would have never wanted to be a fanged and snarling tundra suddenly stops burning as he looks down.

At you the singed flesh no longer hurting him begins to heal as he uses that instance of smashing you in the face with a closed fist taken by surprise and falling off balance you can protect himself from the killing slices aiming for his head in that moment enosuke arrives swinging his sword screaming what are you doing demonized.

Hondro jumps back at the attack but you trying to gather his bearings from the extra blood loss he has suffered a nosegape places himself in front of you protecting him from any more damage with zunitsu shouting tandro's name in the distance as well at this tantro drops down like a wild animal his claws on full display and we're gonna pounce on.

Whomever he chooses next his red eyes burn with hunger while the slayer mark covers most of his face zenitsu continues to call his name softer each time and more upset at what his friend has turned into even though he is still dealing with the shock of the situation inosuke refuses to leave you unprotected and spreads his arms when tandra leaps.

At him like a vicious beast they swing at each other inosuke using both swords to fend off tundra's elongated nails but he easily gets knocked back the overwhelming emotions begin to flood in osuki's memories as he pictures all the times they ate together trained together and promised to stay on the right path they had agreed that if one of them did.

Not follow their code they would have to stop them they promised and osu knows that was the deal but even so he can only see the kindness that tandra has always had for him the be snarling and aggressive nothing like tundra is almost at his face and he cannot raise his swords to defend himself tears slip through the boar mask as he watches them.

And end approaching unable to hurt someone who has always been the best person to him let's go home at the very last moment zanitsu and kyu looking on in horror nezuka arrives grabbing onto her brother to keep him from injuring his friend she hugs her big brother tightly desperate for him to regain his gentleness his warmth as a person rather.

Than blaming him for this mishap she is all too understanding and grief stricken by how many hardships tandro has been forced to face this demonification is just another in a long line of nightmare situations she holds him close tears sliding down her cheeks as she squeezes tighter not understanding why this happens to people who struggle every day.

Hoping she can get through to him she reminds him that the worst is almost over and that he can overcome this just like all the other trials he just needs to win once more and they can go home together they can be at peace but not seeming to care tandra unleashes a roar and digs his claws deep within her shoulder trying to throw her aside she.

Clutches in too tightly to be removed though and zanitsu jumps in to protect her body that tantro tries to hurt further holding his forehead back zunitsu tries to keep tantra's teeth from piercing nezuko now that she has been returned to being a human still clinging to him nezuko buries her face in tantra's chest while zunitsu fights.

To keep him away from her reminding him that she can speak again that she called him brother finally out of his trance and nosuke jumps in and whacks andro's head when he unleashes a vile growl just shut up already shout to nosuke still crying upset over this horrific turn of events it was supposed to be easy once muzon died it was supposed to be over he.

Keeps punching tangero swinging his arms wildly with his emotions getting the better of him but instead of getting through to tanjuro it sends him to a new state of anger as he snarls and destroys a ground near them with chunks of concrete flying in all directions only nezuko is left to hold him back the nitsu anosuke and gu have been blown.

Back with the intensity of the attack and he bites into her at this first taste of blood tundra hunkers down like a werewolf bone like limbs suddenly explode from his body whipping around to keep the slayers away from him meanwhile nezuko refuses to let go of him eyes still fill with tears as he pants and attacks his friends with a newfound.

Strength gu rushes in when one of tandro's limbs nearly kills anitsu firing off his water breathing striking tight attack knowing it is too late to recover tandro nether to use consumed human blood gyu considers his options for defeating this impossibly strong demon sunlight and red blaze do not work so what's left to use as tanjiro.

Prepares a massive ball of energy with his mouth that would devastate the area and anyone nearby nezuko pleads and begs for him not to kill anyone going as far as to put her hand in front of the attack thankfully gu is able to move out of the way with zunitsu crying and shouting for the injury that necessarily gained in the process despite wanting to.

End them all tandro's body doesn't seem to hold the same hostility for jessico who argues and fights to keep another attack from being launched zenitsu pleased with tandro to stop while linosuke can only softly utter their names having lost all his strength this surprises you who has been watching closely and notices that tandro is not.

Striking or biting nezuko even though he easily could using another water-breathing technique you hopes he can break through to tantro and get his senses back as hopeless as it seems yushiro cannot do anything but watch from afar because his son is out in full capacity and he would be dead in seconds he can't believe muzon is still causing.

This much trouble after death just then a focused and zombie-like kanao slowly makes her way to them holding her injured side t is falling for these siblings and all they're going through she approaches with the last of the demon antidote enough to change one of them back to human with one of her eyes lost to her technique she contemplates.

The reason why she was left with one to use and this must be the destined moment although tandro is powerful he is still a new demon and not able to control his powers well kanao uses that to her advantage striking him with flower breathing equinoctical vermilion eye goose spots are running at full speed towards his siblings and before tandro.

Can send her away she strikes him with the attack his fierce claws nearly stabbing her in the darkened eye all he cuts instead are some strands of her hair as she leaps and launches herself over him digging the medicine into his back with his arm having slashed her chest as she went above him she gently tells him to come back to us suddenly a.

Deep pang hits tanjuro as his human self deep within thinks of nezuko and what he is doing to her voices of encouragement seeing his true form finally tanjoy hears his younger sister's wishes for them to go back home now that the fight is over but the flesh is overwhelming him keeping him pinned down and unable to free himself he is too tired to get.

Away from musan's control on his own he too begins to cry praying for god to let him out of this mess so that he can go home as he reaches a hand in the air muzon's demonic stare looks back at him from his outreached arm the demon reminds tantro about all the people who are dead leaving no one left to return home too but that does not deter tanjuro.

Who finally remembers his family and the love they gave him when they were alive muzon tries the only trick he has left he tells tangero that he killed niziko but even in this limbo s space hondro can tell he is lying and the belief in that pushes him upwards is this he's family also aiding to lift him away from musan's hold but it is not enough to.

Keep the demon at bay he insists now that he has hurt his friends and comrades that he'd be better off here and not going to see them because they hate him now regardless tandro insists he must make amends for what he has done he needs to apologize to them face to face and though muzon tries to keep him down he pushes through smelling their.

Worry even from here and needing to see them again at last a full-bodied muzon appears his cold stare matching his words silence you are the inheritor of my will not unlike the anger and aggression he used on his uproaring demons muzon tugs on tundra's hair to get him to listen and obey his commands but tanjuro ignores his worries about.

Dying due to manifesting the mark his eyes are looking forward beyond muzon while the demon tells him to live forever tandro only wants to be human and die like anyone else he wants to see and be with everyone he cares about with more harsh words not only insulting tanjuro but accusing him of being selfish tandro's will begins to chip.

Away tears falling from his eyes he isn't alone though never not wanting him to give in his fallen comrades rengoku gyome genya muichiro shinobu obenai and khan roji prop him up and help lead him upwards again encouraging it to be free of this tug of war finally smelling wisteria and freedom so close that he can nearly touch it two arms reach.

Through and take hold of him from above tonjiro grasps that hand firmly realizing it's nezuko muzon's hold refuses to loosen though gripping him by the head and body trying to drag him back down with a final push condro knows he is doing the right thing despite all the others who lost their lives they knew what their work entailed they.

Wanted to save others and risk themselves for that cause if anything they would want him to be happy now that he can be knowing he won't win muzon is but a torso clinging on to a rising tanjiro floating upwards as if going to heaven more hands joined nezuko's keeping tantra on the right path leading him to them and away from muzon's.

Desperate pleas for survival with a final pull muzon can no longer reach him or get through to him and tangero feels as if surrounded by flower petals as he slowly opens his eyes once he can see there are over a dozen people around him including nezuko at his side the first word he hears is his name from his sister's lips his now human sister and.

Seeing her injured more than anything pushes tandro to tears as he apologizes for hurting her everyone suddenly cheers at that hondura is back to normal and no skate blowers next to him trying to put on a brave face when it is clear how worried he was from the tears slipping through his mask a moment later zid vows to make tandro paid for hurting his wife.

Which clearly catches neziko off guard giw wobbles in place as he relief overcomes his body and his injuries catch up with him a beautifully touching embrace is shared between these siblings as they begin to cry but with happiness this time around nearby kanao is informed about the medicine having worked and turned tandro back to normal.

She watches tanzra with tears in her eyes as he smiles back with a nose k clinging to him like a child and you know what yushiro could not hold back his tears either so glad for tandro's return but also carrying a great sadness for tamayo's loss as he cradles her pin at last it is over for real this time as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all.

So much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you