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Demons Battle in JJK! Maki vs Toji Destroys The Sorcerer World – Jujutsu Kaisen


If there's anything that the last few chapters of jiu jitsukai said have made abundantly clear it is that gege akutama loves his toji Maki parallels in the last seven chapters alone we have seen a whopping six panels directly comparing Maki zainin totally relative toji fushiguro seriously this series is laying this parallel on thick recently.

After exercising the eventual curse Noah zanin Maki is even said to be on par with toji zenen maybe gege just misses wrong toji but I am willing to bet good money that it is not that these constant mentions are supposed to get us thinking about the parallels between the two but with those parallels comes an age-old question after all of the development.

Maki has recently gone through is she stronger than toji that is what we are here to find out why the comparisons first though a word on comparison it's important to know why Maki and tojir so often likened to each other and it really just boils down to one thing Heavenly restriction Maki and toji were both board into the prestigious Zayn and.

Clan but were regarded as failures because they were born into the same unusual condition having the Restriction is a state in which a sorcerer is born lacking something in toji's case Chris energy and imaki's a curse technique in return for an improvement in something else for both of them that something else is immense physical strength while.

We know that maki's Heavenly restricted resulted from her being a twin we are not so sure why toji was born with a condition because of their family history and heavily restricted bodies Maki and toadi's similar backgrounds and abilities in by comparison and as recent chapters have made clear the stronger Maki gets the more those comparisons.

Tend to pop up so how do they compare but listen before we take the series most recent hot button question on subscribe to plot armor notifications on for the hottest anime content on the platform and while you're at it give us a like to let us know that you enjoyed the video toji's feats to answer that previous question we're going to have to.

Start by taking a look at what Maki and toji have accomplished so to start us off how did the sorcerer killer come by his fearsome reputation we don't know very much about toji's early years or how he became as strong as he did so the earliest idea we get of what he is capable of is in the hidden inventory Arc then working as a Hitman toji is.

Hired to assassinate a high-profile Target the star plasma vessel Rico aminai however even though the Target in question is just an ordinary teenage girl this is no easy feat as she is being guarded by two of the strongest Sorcerers alive satoru Gojo and sugru ghetto taking down the vessel would take incredibly careful planning which is.

Exactly what toji did up against two special great Sorcerers one of whom wielded the six eyes technique toji needed both his plan and his executions be Flawless in order to succeed to do that he spread his plan over several days in which he acted to throw Gojo and ghetto off their guard then cause him to drop it all together before we Ambush.

Them and it paid off off he is able to take down special great sorcerer sugru ghetto and many of the powerful curses he manipulates almost without effort and thanks with careful planning and lack of curse energy he's able to do the near impossible he seemingly kills satru Gojo and for a man who could take out such formidable targets as those.

Assassinatingly star plasma vessel is Child's Play now just take a moment to think about that this is a combatant whose abilities are so perfectly honed though without a single ounce of cursed energy only using weapons and his intellect he is able to take down two special great Sorcerers one of whom has abilities that should make him nearly.

Invincible he has both the Tactical intelligence to figure out how to do it and the physical skills to make it happen and were not for Gojo's curse technique Awakening he would have walked away totally unscathed enlisted even when he does face an awakened Gojo he's by no means immediately overwhelmed it quite literally takes being hollow.

Purple into an early grave to stop him however there is one other piece of that puzzle that is worth looking at any strength comparison and that is toji's use of weapons in this battle with the star plasma vessels that score team his combat style is largely based on Weaponry we see him use a cursor to exercise ghetto's curses stab Gojo with.

His cursed technique nullifying inverted Spear of heaven and expertly handle a regular old handgun when his Target is a mere human in all these cases toji uses weapons to compensate for his lack of ability to use Jujutsu it is a skill that he has pretty much refined to Perfection the point that when he's resurrected during the Shibuya incident.

He is able to effortlessly wield playful Cloud a curse tool that is notoriously hard to fight with on his first try he also demonstrates a level of awareness and resilience that are highly unusual even among Sorcerers when the sorcerer named granny ogami revives his corpse using a summoning curse technique during the Shibuya incident he doesn't allow.

His body to be possessed by her grandson's soul I don't exactly know how he managed to retain his awareness and sense of self when he was not so much alive as he was reanimated by a curse technique but somehow he had the strength to resist the very technique that was keeping him this one is honestly just as.

Unbelievable to me as him nearly managing to kill baby Gojo because Granny ogami specifically states that she only summoned toji's body not his soul to avoid the chance that he could try and retake control as toji explains it his special body is so much stronger than the average humans that even without its Soul which is implied to be.

The source of his independent thoughts and sense of self it was able to override the cursed technique that reanimated it it doesn't really seem like it should be possible for anybody to be strong enough to act as both a body and a soul and yet toji's apparently is there is no other explanation for his still being alive.

After he kills ogami somewhat ironically perhapsing strongest proof we get that toji is nearly Invincible is that he dies twice and consider who killed him the first time it was Gojo who is one of the strongest entities who has ever lived and the second time he only dies because he stabs himself the only people capable of taking down toji are the.

Strongest sorcer alive and well toji and doesn't that just say it all marky's feeds okay so now that we know what our competition can do how do maki's accomplishments compare pretty well honestly I mean take the Zane and Clan Massacre for instance single-handedly and with absolutely no premeditation or prep time Maki is able.

To take out the entire Zain and clan that includes the hay her family's most prestigious fighting unit all of whom probably would have turned up the notes at her mere hours before the power up she gets when her twin sister dies taking maki's curse energy with her and effectively breaking the limit on her physical strength is so great that she.

Is even able to deal a fatal wound to these formidable Noah zanin granted she didn't actually kill him but she did beat him in a fight and eventually exercise his curse form when you really think about how much strength speed and endurance it would take for someone to win such a huge number of fights in succession it becomes apparent how.

Dangerous Maki really is though toji could have done these Saints of the Zayden Clan if he had ever bothered we have never seen him pull off anything on the scale in regards to how many opponents he had to days and again I am not saying that he couldn't have done what he did he more than likely could have given the abilities that we know.

Him to have but he didn't so we'll never have definitive proof of that there is also the increase in her innate awareness of her surroundings and her opponents after learning from a reanimated sumo wrestler named Mio during the culling game she's fast enough to keep up with the eventful curse noya's projection sorcery.

Technique and is able to use her height and physical abilities to exercise him we have no idea what level of curse noyah would have been classified as if he had Papa during peacetime and someone had been around to rank him but it is evident by the attacks he is capable of that he is an absurdly powerful curse spirit I would even say that Maki being.

Able to hold her own against him is arguably comparable to toji holding his own against a special great sorcerer but it isn't only maki's success against difficult foes that speak to her strength awareness is another area in which Maki is almost unparalleled she is so in tune with her surroundings that she can see flow of air around her to.

Her own advantage and can see these Souls of objects an ability so powerful and mysterious that I don't think we even really know what it means yet like seriously what is the soul of an inanimate object explain not only does she have a weapon on power toji's inverted Spirit of Heaven in my sword which lets her cut through anything.

Regardless of his hardness so long as she can see its soul but her body itself is now a perfected Weapon It's hard to compare those accomplishments to toji is probably because their jobs and goals are nothing alike remember toji was a contract killer while Maki is a Jutsu sorcerer toji's job required him to build up and menstrual teaching skills.

Then none of maki's greatest accomplishments had ever acquired of her Maki was not only trained to fight curses instead of humans but her most notable battles were totally unplanned of course the scope and nature of the respective accomplishments wouldn't be the same Sophie's alone are enough to measure their relative strength in that.

Case what should be so who is stronger oh boy this question is not only hard to answer but more than a little contentious but as it is the central question of this video we're going to take a crack at it the main problem in any who's stronger debates is that combatants often have different.

Strengths and even though tochi and Maki are similar I would say that is true of them too so I think the best way to compare them is to look at a few different areas that contribute to their respective strengths and see who comes out on top in each one it's pretty tricky to compare their physical strength as both of them have gone so.

Far beyond normal human limitations that is hard to put them on a scale my gut says that toji as Maki beat a little bit in that area but that is not a very objective assessment so what would be the best way to assess their strength one way we could try would be to look at their most notable kills toji's most memorable Triumph by far was of a young.

Gojo although not awakened yet was already unimaginably powerful we have been through this one in quite a bit of detail already but what bears repeating from the earlier summary is just how much planning it took to make that happen Sochi would almost certainly never have gotten close to Gojo if he hadn't figured out a strategy to wear.

Him down and get him to drop his guard that is a level of strategic prowess that we definitely don't get in maki's most notable kill that of the entire Zain and Clan including Alia in the form of eventual curse Maki had no previous intention of committing that Massacre until she witnessed her sister death and therefore no plan she didn't demonstrate.

Toge's ability to devise intricate and effective strategies because well she didn't have to Maki could just straight up barge in Kill dozens of highly trained and ranked Sorcerers and get out and while I don't doubt that an awakened Gojo is as powerful as all of Maki Zane's adversaries combined his younger self was a much easier Target not.

Because he lacked power but because he lacked experience a young Gojo would never have been on guard against a bodily attack because at that point he still seemed to think he was invincible and that many told his otherwise nearly impossible job much easier while tochi could have very likely massacred these anans he didn't and that makes.

Feet just a little more astonishing than his she gets this point there's also the matter of intellect and unlike the last category this is one that toji takes handedly not only does this would be murderer or baby Gojo demonstrate his incredible tactical mind but as an assassin he relies on those tactics in ways that Maki as a sorcerer whose jobs.

Don't rely on stealth don't really have to however Maki definitely still has him beat in perception be potential that maki's newly High incentives give her is absurd and while we don't actually know if toji's heightened sensory awareness means he's ever learned to sense his surroundings or these little people and objects in the same way we have no.

Confirmation that he did that means that Maki has a skill that lets her reach her opponent almost flawlessly one which toji probably lied this is another huge point in her favor weapons are another point you kinda have to touch on when comparing the two they are both expert users of cursed tools but this is one I would get to toji too because as a human.

Assassin instead of the Jujutsu sorcerer he had to become exceptionally perfect questions with Conventional Weapons as well as cursed tools while I don't doubt that Maki would probably be able to hold her own if she ever had a reason to pick up a conventional weapon I also don't think we're ever going to see her with a gun that's no knock against her it's not.

Her style but it is a skill that toji has which Maki does it combined with the feast we see him perform with curse tools I think this one has to go to toji and furthermore who knows what Feats we didn't witness I'm pretty sure his curse wound buddy held a lot more weapons than we ever saw him used so at this point we are four categories deep and we have a.

Tie toji has the upper hand in tactics and weapons handling and Maki situational awareness and on-page feat's top his this last category is going to swing the score one way or another so what is it now hear me out on this last one because it might sound a little crazy but I think we really need to look at mental strength when I say mental.

Strength I am talking about resilience the ability to persevere through extreme emotional and mental strain the ability to persevere through extreme emotional and mental strain ridiculous I know but think about how important that really is nearly everyone in this series is traumatized and the xanan Clan's most famous outcasts are no exception to that.

Rule so to an extent the best Sorcerers are the ones who can take the most hits mentally and emotionally and continue moving forward you can't be affected by exercising curses if you are so mired in grief that you can't function and in that sense Maki wins this last category by a landslide both Koji and Maki were sent down their current path by a tragic.

Loss for toji the loss of his first wife and for Maki you loss of her twin sister but how do they handle that very very differently for toji becoming a widower unmoored him it said that her death was a catalyst for his increasing instability eventually resulting in him becoming a contract killer basically it sounds like she was his impulse control.

But for Maki losing her sister did nothing to slay her from the patch he was on or diminish her desire to improve despite having watched my die she was able to carry out her last wish even though she'd barely had a handful of days to process what had happened Maki was determined enough to not let her sister's death be in vain then she.

Jumped straight into the culling game and committed herself to refining her Newfound abilities in short Maki finds closure in action when she finally figures out how Mai wanted her to use his sword that she made for her in her last moments the two have a symbolic dream type sequence in which it is implied the two have made amends in.

Death that kind of closure in only a few days and from a teenager who just lost her twin is almost unbelievable the mental strength it required of Maki not to stray away from the path forward in the face of what I'm sure was intense grief is something tochi definitely doesn't match in his own dealings with loss Maki finds herself in grief toji.

Loses himself in it I'm sure it's not the kind of strength we often think about when we power skill characters but it is hugely important so to cap it off that is three categories for Maki and two for toji not so sure if their raw physical prowess lines up with that assessment but I think we can safely say that if nothing else Maki is stronger.

Than toju right now in several other areas that probably impeded toji's growth and that will one day allow her to become stronger than toji was overall after all she is still only 16 and only just getting started toji is already dead he's stagnant and his power will increase but Maki is only scratching the surface of what she can do that said I.

Think I can confidently say that Maki will someday be the unquestionable winner of this matchup but hey whether you agree or disagree please let us know what your thoughts are down in the comments section below as always I'm celesteobotaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.